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(41.48 KB 677x600 677px-PS2-Versions.jpg)
Playstation 2 Thread Anonymous 10/01/2020 (Thu) 17:29:52 No. 677
This thread is for discussion of PS2 games, hardware, and homebrew. Looks like prices for hardware are slowly starting to tick up from rock bottom so now's a good time to stash one or two fat's with firewire ports away in the closet if you think you'll be interested at some point.
(12.13 KB 474x355 freemcboot.jpeg)
>>677 For the uninitiated, here's a QRD > LAUNCHING HOMEBREW: Easiest way is with "FreeMcBoot memory card". This is a set of specially crafted files on a PS2 memory card that automatically runs an exploit at boot-time with no user input. From here you get a modified system menu that can be used to launch whatever executable you want, i.e. backup loaders and other homebrew. >how do I get these files on my memory card easiest way to get started is to just buy a memory card from someone on ebay that already has the files. once you can launch homebrew it's an easy process to copy the exploit to other memory cards, so if you have a friend who's already running homebrew he can hook you up too. There's also some long annoying process with disc swapping or something if you refuse to buy another memory card but I only recommend that if you have serious autism.
(36.97 KB 232x233 sonny_network_sata.png)
>>677 >GAMES FROM HDD ON FAT PS2 The easiest way to play games is to get a fat PS2, because it's easy to mount an internal hard drive. >HARD DRIVE FOR FAT PS2 OPTION 1: OEM SONY NETWORK ADAPTER with IDE HDD. The original OEM Sony network adapter has working network support but only supports IDE Hard Drives. This is a simple setup but IDE hard drives are all slow spinning rust, small capacity, are probably going to die soon, and are more expensive per GiB than modern SATA drives since they stopped making IDE drives a long time ago. OPTION 2: CHINESE SATA NETWORK ADAPTER These things work just fine and provide SATA compatibility out of the box. They don't come with a working RJ45 port though. There's still a port on the back but I think it's dialup/phone line or something. I've used one of these in the past and it works just fine. I've never used the network for anything so I wasn't bothered by the lack of network. OPTION 3: OEM SONY NETWORK ADAPTER WITH INTERNAL MODDED SATA BOARD I use this now, pretty cool. It's a little internal board that goes into the OEM adapter and replaces the IDE interface with a SATA one. I think these boards are pretty recent, I don't remember them being around as of a couple years ago. Pic related. OPTION 4: OEM SONY NETWORK ADAPTER WITH EXTERNAL IDE->SATA board. This was the happening thing a couple years ago, but I never managed to get it to work. I bought the right startech adapter, modded the power cable etc, and still nothing, drive not recognized. The physical constraints make this a pain in the ass and it never worked for me anyways so I can't recommend it.
Apparently there's now a DVD boot exploit as of a couple months ago. Haven't tried it out yet but will report back when I do. Could take away the need to get a memory card on ebay or do the tedious shit to get an entrypoint if it really does work as advertised.


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