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(25.18 KB 800x307 pc_gamingg.jpg)
PC Gaming Thread Anonymous 04/03/2020 (Fri) 07:59:24 No. 534
This thread is for discussion of PC games. The focus will be on x86 games released in the last 25-30 years but feel free to discuss older x86 games or games for classic computers such as 68000- or 6502-based platforms. What are you playing these days?
(3.07 KB 256x256 settings-icon.png)
The main things I care about are high frame rate, high field of view, and xbox controller compatibility. I didn't put these in the OP since I know that saying you use a controller instantly triggers everybody. whatever fags I'm comfy on my couch with my big tv. so you can feel free to post about whatever shit you want but I'm going to be sharing my experiences with games with these three points in mind and any special settings or mods that are needed to accomplish these three points. perhaps this information will be of use to someone.
(275.72 KB 930x542 far-cry-3-logo.jpeg)
Far Cry 3 - LAUNCHER BULLSHIT - Requires some dumb Ubisoft account. annoying. I was so annoyed by this that I didn't play it at all for about 2 years after I bought it on Steam because I felt hoodwinked and didn't want to make another account. but, whatever. honestly at this point every single game publisher basically pulls the same shit so it's normalized. just gave it my designated spam email, made up some dumb username with a fake birthday and off we go. HIGH FRAME RATE - Yes, supports 120. By default, the game has 60 hz max with vsync turned on. I turned vsync off in the in-game settings and set the vsync setting to "fast" in the nvidia settings and it now works at 720p/120hz on my mid-range pc. SETTINGS: I left the draw distance maxed out because I hate pop-in and ran a little AA but I lowered a bunch of the other graphical settings because they didn't do much and I like to keep some headroom so I don't drop many frames. FOV - Yes, built in adjustment from 75 (default) to 110. The default of 75 is awful but I experimented around and found 105 to feel about right. It's nice to have a good range built into the menu, no need to play .ini hunt or mod it. pleasantly surprised. XBOX CONTROLLER - Built in support, no configuration needed. This game shipped on PS3 and XB360 as well, so it was designed for controllers from the start. no complaints
(11.44 KB 652x347 telixscreen.gif)
I compiled AlephOne on my ARM board, but it crashes when plugins are enabled. So I turned them all off, but apparently a plugin is used to make the HUD and now I can't tell what my health & ammo are. I made it to the 2nd level of Marathon, but it's just too hard to play this way. Maybe I'll try to build a newer version. The main download link on their site is AlephOne-20150620 for some reason. https://alephone.lhowon.org/
(117.21 KB 288x680 Marathon.png)
>>537 Very nice. I've heard good things about the Marathon trilogy in retrospective/looking backwards posts. It makes sense that I never heard of it the first time around since it was mac-only. good luck with your compiling GNU/Chad
(31.50 KB 284x350 RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2.jpeg)
Red Dead Redemption 2 - windows only. LAUNCHER BULLSHIT - Requires a rockstar account. same bullshit. no real presumption of privacy on a windows gaming pc anyways. just fuck my shit up, whatever HIGH FRAME RATE - Yes. Supports 120 hz natively with no tricks required. That said, it's a recent game and is very demanding so I had to crank the settings down hard in order to maintain about a ~110 fps average at 720p. Not as silky smooth as I prefer, but I've only got a mid range PC. Perhaps this will get better in the future if and when hardware gets cheaper and more powerful. FIELD OF VIEW - not great. The field of view adjustable in game but only within a very narrow range. They didn't bother to label the actual field of view in degrees which leads me to believe they knew it was inadequate and were going to get slagged for it. I find it perfectly fine when playing the game in third person mode, but horrible in first person mode. There is a mod out there that lets you increase the FOV within a wide range but it's an .exe that needs administrator privileges. It's okay but I prefer simple .ini hacks. The mod works okay but I think there is a performance impact from running it. Hard to tell exactly because none of my frame counters I have work with vulkan, but it seems to stutter a bit more. XBOX CONTROLLER - Native support, no problems. Was originally a console release so everything feels just fine. I lowered the sensitivity and turned off auto-aim and we're off to the races.
(82.74 KB 960x960 mass_effect.jpeg)
Mass Effect 1 -windows only LAUNCHER BULLSHIT - another publisher, another launcher. HIGH FRAME RATE - no, capped at 62 fps. I see some online commentary for uncapping ME2 and ME3 framerates through mods/hacks, but nothing for ME1. I have not had any luck trying to mod games that are locked like this to break the fps cap. I think this usually means they're only ticking forwards the physics system at a locked rate. When I've pushed games past this they tend to just run at a proportional speed (i.e. 120hz and double game speed) or just massive fuckup bugs. So this game does not meet my HFR criteria. That said, I don't mind a smooth 60hz for a game that is relatively slow paced and third-person. I mostly only feel like I need 120hz when playing first-person games with sudden head and camera movements. So I still find this game playable as-is. FIELD OF VIEW - hackable through editing an .ini file with notepad. you map an unused key to a command that basically emits a SET CAMERA FOV 110 command, then in game you press the key once. simple enough. Default is nauseatingly close but I'm at around ~110 degrees now and it feels good. XBOX CONTROLLER SUPPORT - yes, but needs mods. This is sort of a clusterfuck because this game was originally an XBOX360 console release. From reading around, I guess they couldn't get it to work well enough or something so they just said fuck it and disabled the x360 support for the release. there's a 50 MiB (!) mod on nexus that re-enables controller support along with appropriate button prompts etc. I'm only about 10 minutes in on my current playthrough but it seems to work well enough.
(12.22 KB 220x271 Doom3-BFG.jpg)
Doom 3 - BFG Edition - I think the original Doom 3 runs on linux but the BFG remaster which I'm playing seems to be only on windows. LAUNCHER BULLSHIT: I bought it through Steam, and it launches just fine without requiring an additional launcher or account. Apparently there is also a GOG.com release of some form or another. This probably also means it's easy to pirate, but I can't imagine they're asking more than 20 bucks for it at this point. HIGH FRAME RATE: Yes. It plays at 120 hz just fine for me, just change some settings in the menu. No hacks or mods required. The graphics are undemanding so I get rock-solid 8.33 ms frametimes. FIELD OF VIEW: Yes. The game provides a FOV adjustment in the menu. It tops out at 100 degrees which is slightly less than I prefer, but is still very good. I don't feel the need to try to mod it to be even higher. XBOX CONTROLLER SUPPORT: It works fine with my Xbox 360 USB controller but I can't get it to recognize my Xbox One controller. Most other games that I play work with both. I had to bring the sensitivity way down and turn on the pleb auto-aim, but now it feels pretty good. There doesn't seem to be any aim-down-sight type functionality, which usually helps controller aim (i.e. turn fast by default but slower when aiming). I am a little slower turning around to respond to jump scarie guys behind me but other than that it feels pretty good. Switching weapons is mildly annoying since not all weapons are accessible through the d-pad quick select. LB and RB cycle through the weapons but take some valuable time in the middle of a space zombie fight. OVERALL NOTES: Pretty fun. Apparently the BFG edition is slightly more pleb than the original version as you can now use a flashlight and a weapon at the same time, unlike the original which forced you to chose. I find the BFG edition spooky enough as is, since I'm using a controller and can't turn around so fast. It would still be nice if there was a setting or a difficulty level that allowed to restore the original behavior. I'm fairly happy with the BFG edition at the moment anyways but if you are a diehard purist you'll probably want to track down the original 2004 release.
(73.51 KB 772x582 ME1-uncap-FPS.png)
>>540 The good news: I managed to make Mass Effect 1 run uncapped by following the instructions in pic related. (Edit the file in your Documents section, not the ones in program files). Then turn off vsync in game and set to "On", "Adaptive", or "Fast" in NVidia settings like normal. So far the glitches seem pretty mild, the visual animation of your character behind cover are weird, and something is wrong and extra blurry with the motion-blur/post processing effects but I was able to complete the first mission just fine. The bad: I'm only 20 minutes into the story mode and I'm not sure it's worth another playthrough. just a whole lot of micro-poz moments throughout + unskippable dialog segments. The star trek Forward Progress future that seemed somewhat achievable at the game's ~2007 release now seems hopelessly anachronistic as we descend further and further into Piss World 2020. I'm 20 minutes in and I've already been hit with us humans wuz the real immigrants. women in combat meme, can't kick that stupid bitch out of your squad, mystery meat ashley bitch yells combat tuff-girl shouts in the middle of battle. Commander is a nigger, white pilot is a smarmy nerd. Tried to make my character look white and made him an engineer but he ends up just looking like a mischling blond yid and he's still got the same meathead John Shepard voice. also the worst part is everyone in space seems to have a canadian accent they're trying to suppress that pops up from time to time. it's all so tiresome.
(64.65 KB 260x370 Doom_2016.jpg)
Doom (2016) I think this one is Windows, Linux, and Mac. Currently playing on windows. LAUNCHER BULLSHIT: Launches through Steam with no additional launcher or account required. HIGH FRAME RATE: Yes. Runs at 120 with no settings needing to be edited or modded in. Graphics are semi-modern/demanding so I left on a bit of AA and turned most other settings down so I get a minimum of framedrops, as usual. FIELD OF VIEW: Yes. The game has a built in slider to change the FOV from 90 degrees through 130. The default value of 110 feels just fine to me. XBOX CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Yes. ID software provides a default steam controller mapping that works well enough. The default setting is extremely sensitive, but I lowered the sensitivity in "mouse settings" in game to 1.8 or 2.0 and it works fine now. OVERALL NOTES: Back in 2016 this was a breath of fresh air as a relatively fast, straight forward action-first game at a time when seemingly every other game was balls deep into mandatory crafting side quests, long storyline exposition, plodding 30fps cover shooter crap etc. The game is great but as someone who only played the single-player mode I don't think I spent quite enough time on it to justify the full price I paid for it. I made it through about 1.5 playthroughs before drifting away from it, I estimate about 20 hours total in-game. By now it's surely cheaper though and it's a blast to romp through at around the $20-30 level. (I hear DOOM Eternal is also really good but I'll be waiting until it hits a similar price point based on my short but enjoyable experience with this game).
(17.03 KB 474x237 Doom-64.jpeg)
Doom 64 (remaster) -I think this remaster is windows-only. The original is an N64 game. LAUNCHER BULLSHIT: Bought through Steam. Game launches without prompting another launcher or requiring another account to be created. On first launch there was a popup that asks you to create a Bethesda account but I just closed out of it no problem. Still annoying but that's CURRENT YEAR for you. HIGH FRAME RATE: Yes. This game has such simplistic graphics that it doesn't really need it, but it's there. There's an in-game setting to toggle max frame rate between 60 and 119 fps. It's overkill but it's nice and smooth, stays very crisp even when you're running and turning full speed. FIELD OF VIEW: Yes. There is a slider that seems to go from very good (seems to be ~100) all the way up to 'holy shit' (probably around 140/150 degrees). The slider defaults to the minimum setting, which I found very reasonable. I only bumped up this setting by a little bit. CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Yes. Supports my Xbox One controller just fine. Controller support is mostly why I got this, I've played the original on N64 but it's from the goldeneye age of shooters and has a similar control scheme IIRC. This remake has conventional FPS controls without vertical look. OVERALL NOTES: I'm pretty happy for the 5 bucks I spent on it. The only thing is it seems like it may be lacking the music. Typically with the dumb "Intellectual Propery" laws we have each part of a compiled work has a different copyright. fuck that shit, whatever. It's not too much of a loss since the Doom 64 soundtrack was very ambient and creepy, not really melodic like the classic Doom MIDI soundtrack. Perhaps there's some way to mod it in, or else I can just play the soundtrack with winamp or something. It's also possible it's included but is just so ambient and subdued that I didn't notice it. Overall pretty good, and this should run great on even the most potato of old laptops.
(22.00 KB 220x312 ass2ass-creed.JPG)
Assassin's Creed II - The PC port is windows only. Original game shipped on XB360 and PS3. LAUNCHER BULLSHIT: Ubisoft, same as Far Cry. Game can be bought and launched through Steam and it auto launchs the Ubisoft launcher then the game itself. HIGH FRAME RATE: No, locked at 62. I have seen mentions of a "glitchy unlock" around on various forums but have not been able to dig one up in the ~30 minutes I looked around for it. It's a slow-paced third person game, so locked to 60 is tolerable enough and I don't really mind for this game in particular. Way better than the ~30 with framedrops that the console versions had. I can live with it. FIELD OF VIEW: No. The view is too close and I can't find an adjustment anywhere. It's semi-tolerable as a third-person game but it's still rustling my jimmies a bit. We'll see if this ends up as a deal-breaker on the big tv or if I can get used to it. It would probably be okay on my smaller PC monitor that fills up less of my vision. XBOX CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Yes, after some fussing. This was a console release where they managed to fuck up the controller support in the porting process. Game claims to work with an X360 controller but the triggers don't work. I tried messing with some x360ce instructions I found but couldn't get it to work. The best solution I found was to use somebody's steam controller remapping to map the xbox 360 controller to the keyboard, which feels fucking retarded but it works now and seems to play just like the xb360 version did. OVERALL NOTES: It's okay. I really like sightseeing around historical Italy, so I'm willing to cut it a bit of slack. Would be nice if it ran at 120+ but it's not essential for a third-person game and I'm willing to cut it some slack seeing as how it's an older game. The main issue that I'm not sure I'll be able to get used to is the field of view.
microreviews: F.E.A.R. - on sale for $2.50 on GOG right now. Pretty good, I already feel like I got my money's worth. Minor compatibility problems, fixed with a dll and compatibility mode. Would probably pay $5 and maybe $10 for it no questions. Far Cry 1 - Paid $10 on Gog. not sure it's worth it. no nostalgia since I never played it the first go-round. maybe I'm just pleb but I can't get the stealth to work properly. It's realistic but no fun when a tiny flash of hitscan out of a guard causes him to raise the alarm. If I'm just going to rambo it up I'd rather just play Halo or something better from this time period.
(60.34 KB 258x361 FEAR_DVD_box_art.jpg)
F.E.A.R. Full review time. LAUNCHER BULLSHIT - purchased through G.O.G. - no launcher needed, no DRM HIGH FRAME RATE - yes. plays fine at 120 for me after fixing bug #1 below. turn off vsync in game, set nvidia settings to 'fast' vsync as usual. there's some minor glitching with enemy corpses but I think it also happens at 60 hz. FIELD OF VIEW - no adjustment, but the default is pretty good. I think it defaults to about 90-100 or so. I haven't felt the need to hunt for a mod or .ini to change it. CONTROLLER SUPPORT - no native support. I was able to make a pretty good profile with xpadder. It's gotten me through a couple of levels now and I don't think I'm going to run out of buttons. I was being stingy and mapped reload and use both to x, and only mapped 'next weapon'. I also didn't map lean left and lean right. I still have three dpad directions unmapped but it doesn't seem like I'll really need them. I also set separate horizontal and vertical look sensitivities in settings so now it feels about right. Only real annoyance is that the aim-down-sight functionality in the game is an on-off toggle instead of a hold function as is usual for COD/Battlefield type games, so it's taken a bit to rework the muscle memory. BUGFIXES AND COMPATIBILITY - 1. There's a bug where the game framerate drops dramatically after a couple of minutes of play. This is a known issue and I dropped some .dll in the game directory and it's fixed now. 2. The renderer is a little weird and gets juddery in some areas. not major, just a little annoyance. 3. I just hit a spot in the game a where my frametimes suddenly went from ~2ms to 3000ms. reloading the save from that exact point had the same 3000ms BS but loading a checkpoint a few minutes earlier got me through that corridor just fine. so, save often OVERALL: This is great.
(159.07 KB 800x530 morrowind.jpeg)
Morrowind - GOG edition Windows only. Runs well in WINE though. Also there's OpenMW which uses the assets. LAUNCHER BULLSHIT - None. Bought on GOG. Doesn't need any account or internet crap to launch and I have an offline installer for putting it on my other computers and backing up to my NAS. HIGH FRAME RATE - I modded it with MGE XE and it does 120 fps fine now. Looks like you can set it up to 240. I don't know if vanilla was locked or not. I couldn't deal with the low FOV so I immediately modded it. 120 fps is not really necessary for such an old, slow-moving game but it still feels nice. I get occasional dips into the low 60s now that I used the 'distant land' option in MGE. I have the distance setting at "5" which is the default for the mod. It's nice to be able to see so far away but I could probably pull back on this or play around with lowering settings if I wanted to. A little 60-ish chug is okay for a game like this, it's no twitch shooter. FIELD OF VIEW - default is awful. 75 degrees horizontal at 4:3. Might be alright if you're playing on a small screen across the room but I couldn't tolerate it. No menu option, no console command, no .ini. seems the only way is to mod it. Grab the MGE XE mod. I'm at I think 100 degrees at 16:10 ratio and it feels pretty good. XBOX CONTROLLER SUPPORT - No native support. Plays pretty well with xpadder. only nitpick is navigating through item menus is pretty tedious. really miss the controller-bound shortcut for 'take all' when harvesting plants. OVERALL THOUGHTS - Pretty great. The combat system is a little annoying with the frequent misses but it's okay if you go into it knowing what to expect (use weapons you're skilled with, hold attack until fully charged, set 'use strongest attack' or pay attention to attack type). I remember the first time around I spent ages getting frustrated just clicking as fast as I could. I don't really like having to mod a game to fix it but the MGE XE mod lets you toggle on settings individually so you can just fix the field of view and/or draw distance and leave everything else vanilla, according to your preference. Nice game to wander around in.


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