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(52.87 KB 570x428 SwitchGeneral.jpg)
Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 11:00:07 No. 48
Switch General

Should I get Botw or Astral Chain?

Or Xeno 2?
Hack it and get all three
Sadly my switch is the new version.
Get both BotW and Xenoblade 2 plus Xenoblade 1 remake when it comes out next year. No opinion on Astral Chain because I don't have it.
I'd get botw. I skipped the other 2. For various reasons
None of the above. The Switch sucks ass and is a waste of money.
It definitely has plenty of issues but I wouldn't say it's a waste of money if you like nintendo games. Especially seeing as how there's no readily available way to emulate switch games
astral chain and xenoblade 2 are optional, still good games.
botw is an absolute must have
anybody get the Switch Lite? Anyone planning to get one?
nope, what's the point of buying an inferior model that goes against what it promised? (play on tv or on the go, motion controls, handheld portability)
yeah, I'm not planning on getting one for those exact reasons. If I can't plug it into a tv then what's the fuckin point? It's still too big to be a real handheld (easily pocketable), and now it can't even be a console.
As a hardware type of guy I'm always interested in new console launches though, so I'd still like to hear if anyone else gets one. Personally I think the "Switch Lite" should really have just been a gameboy-color sized emulation machine for 2D VC titles like the ones they sold for Wii and Wii U. The chinese market for little emulation consoles has taken off.
What would make the switch lite worthwhile would be a tiny weeny dock to at least allow playing on a bigger screen.
Why do switch games refuse to drop price. I refuse to pay $79.99 for a 2 year old game.
post 1:
supply and demand. the same thing happened with wii and 3ds games. my pet theory is since nintendo is always the 'kids' system, many of these titles are bought by price-insensitive customers. i.e. little andy bitchtitt's dumb mom buying some shit and doesn't realize it's supposed to be cheaper cause it's 2.5 years late

post 2:
<paying money for games
you should have been smart enough to buy a system near launch. basically every modern system except xbox gets hacked for full piracy eventually, the trick is to just buy a model near launch then leave it in the closet not-updated a couple years until the free game hacks come out. If you're willing to play games always >5 years behind the times you can play almost every game cheap

t. hacked wii, wii u, switch
>>48 owning a botnet vidya console just screams how much you like it up the ass.
Have you considered analogue.co?
>>48 can you still install android on that thing?
(65.40 KB 450x222 Pokémon_Sword_and_Shield.jpg)
Pulled the switch out and downlooooooaded some new games for it. (For free cause fuck moralfags). The new pokemon actually seems alright. I was very unimpressed with the 3ds games and didn't manage to make it in more than 30 minutes before I got overwhelmed with japanese slice-of-life gayness. These new ones seem okay, like they sanded down some of the nipp shit to appease a western audience. There's a lot of minor quality-of-life improvements included, the biggest one seems to be that you basically default to having an EXP ALL in your party. I don't know if I'd pay money for this or what the online is like, but it seems fun enough for now on one-player.
Other reviews: >Animal Crossing Renders the world as a stupid cylinder. Completely destroys the immersion for me. Would have rather they just straight ported over the Gamecube version. Glad I didn't pay money for it. >Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening - Seems alright. Wish there were options to disable/tone down some of the bokeh/toy-like rendering, feels a little excessive at times. I am a big fan of the original and play it every couple of years. Not sure if I'll do another playthrough on here or stick to to the original hardware. The game itself is great, just not sure if I want to play with the SOUL or NO SOUL graphics. >Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Warriors Got bored after 10 minutes. Cool soundtrack though. Might be fun for an hour or so with a friend. >Fire Emblem Seems alright. Wish you could turn off the stupid avatar markers over the characters, maybe there's a setting I haven't found. Tons of storyline crap but it's all skippable. Will put some more time into this and probably update later. >The Witcher 3 - Got bored after 10 minutes. Apparently it's a cool game but the olden-times settings don't appeal to me and trying to platform at 30fps on a little 7" screen doesn't appeal to me much either. If I decide to play this game it will probably be at 1080p/60+ on PC and even then I expect it might be boring. Deleted it for now because I'm not sure it's worth the 30 GiB on my SD card.
>>367 >'hey guys, what game should i get for my switch?' <'LMAO WHAT A SOYBOY CONSOOMER HAHA CONSOOOOM' imagine making fun of someone who is literally just asking what game to play between two they are thinking about. find another hill to die on anon
Get something that won't have commie spyware.
>>625 the switch is faggot shit simple as
>>48 Breath of the Wild is very good. It definitely gives you the feeling of actually free exploration. It's not without its faults, but I would say it's absolutely worth playing. I'm looking forward to the sequel quite a bit.
(74.51 KB 1280x720 bbw.jpeg)
>download Super Mario All-Stars 3D when it leaks so I can relive some classic bing bing wahoo sunshine >original games all had inverted camera with no option to change it >rereleases are are all uninverted, no option to change it >realize some soyim out there actually paid 60 dollars for this garbage well, at least it was free I guess. maybe they'll patch it at some point. Jedi Knight was the same way at launch, then fixed in a patch. I know patch 1.0.1's out but I can't find it for download and I can't confirm it fixes this anyways so I'll wait.


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