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(92.61 KB 1600x1178 Xbox-360-PS3.jpg)
Some Good 360 Games? Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 04:37:52 No. 20
All I have right now is an Xbox 360. I have the following games and will rate them according to how much I've enjoyed them

Batman Arkham Asylum - 7/10
Dark Souls II - 4/10
Deux Ex: Human Revolution - 7/10
Devil May Cry 4 - 6/10
Diablo III - 3/10
Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion - 2/10
Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim - 6/10
Fable II - 7/10
Fallout 3 - 6/10
Final Fantasy XIII - 8/10
Halo Wars - 6/10
MGSV - Ground Zeroes - 5/10
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - 5/10

Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm going to come off as a total pleb, but almost NONE of these games are fun. THEY SUCK. THEY SUCK SO FUCKING HARD. I groan when I look at my abysmal selections. The most fun I had was with FF13, but there's nothing left for me to do except grind out my weapons/accessories. Diablo makes me want to slam my head against the wall until I die, it is such a miserable boring piece of shit.

Skyrim/Fallout feel a mile wide but an inch deep, and after the first 100 hours everything feels the same, I'm not remotely interested in playing all the quests. I like lore, but I prefer reading it online when a specific subject intrigues me, I am not at all pleased with the dialogue heavy presentations of most of these games. That's what spoils MGS and Deus Ex for me, despite their interesting gameplay. I have nowhere near the patience needed for Dark Souls anymore.

What I really want to play is a good RPG or RTS or action RPG. I want something with satisfying core gameplay but with LOTS of attributes, skill trees, abilities, and a sense of growth. Oblivion sucks because the gameplay isn't even fun, and the stat growth system requires a tedious amount of micromanaging.

An RTS would be nice but Halo Wars feels too arcade-like for me. I want to LARP as a king with heirs and concubines and alliances, preferably set in the real world. I don't mind reading text if it's for making decisions, but I could not care less about fictional world-building like what MGS or DE demand.

Fable II was amazing at first, but the amount of things to do ran out quickly. I don't like the fact I've maxed out all of my skills without trying.

So, to summarize what I'm looking for:
-RPG with satisfying gameplay and lots of stats/skill trees that doesn't require paying attention to plot/characters/dialogue?
-Action RPG with the same as above?
-RTS based on real world, with empire/alliance/family building?
-God games? Ie city/world building

And finally, are there any good anime games like Dragon Ball, Gundam, Bleach, Naruto, etc.? I know they are fun on other systems, but what about 360? Is DBZ Xenoverse worth it? It's like $20-$30 used; that's my whole budget pretty much. Some of those Naruto games look great. Gundam is always kino.

I like to play games while I listen to political, history, creepypasta, or internet history podcasts/YouTube channels.

Can anyone else me with my very, very specific needs? I know it's very tempting to tell me to "kys faggot".

Thank you all very much, and I'm very sorry for being such a pleb faget, I mean it really.

Pic related. Wish I had a fucking PS3 or PS4. Hell even a Nintendo system would be better than this tedious hellhole of a selection.
(531.25 KB 1920x1200 tropico4_13.jpg)
fun xbox360:

tropico series
fallout nv
skate 2 & 3
first person mathematics
bridge simulator
mass effect 1
red dead redemption
gta series
forza motorsport 4

tropico series is most likely to be your thing (city building)

also FYI you should just sell your xbox360 and all your games. Get a ps3 + hard drive upgrade for the money and hack it. super easy these days.
I don't have a 360 anymore, but in all honesty the best possible value game you could probably get is the MGS HD collection. I don't think the Legacy Edition is on the 360 only the PS3.

I don't really play console so much anymore, but in all honesty the best series ever made on console probably has to be MGS.
(45.77 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
If you want some good RPG's on 360 I would probably recommend Dragon Age if you haven't played it already. If you loved the original KOTOR it's really similar and old BioWare is honestly the best when it comes to high quality story and gameplay.

I know it's memed by FF13 is pretty decent too if you like story (the memes about it being on autopilot are sort of true) but if you like epic JRPG story games then it might be worth a try.
Oh yeah, I am so down for getting Tropico. Maybe RDR too. I don't know Limbo or Trials. I'm a bit burned out on Mass Effect games, I just want to fuck Liara, that's all I care about. Minecraft and those Bridge and math games might be alright, I enjoy a good puzzle.

Also my uncle has a PS3 but it's in the living room and I never get a chance to play it. Not with much consistency. Oh well. You're right though. I got stuck with a 360 because it was gifted to me and then I bought a bunch of games that turned out to be meh at best, save for a few. Would kill for a PS3/4. Will definitely get a PS4 when I decide to upgrade to current gen, but it'll probably be post PS5 when I do. Bummer. Gotta get those Kakarrot and OPM games.

MGS is something I'll need to really sit down and focus on the story to enjoy. I'll get into it someday. I love all the conspiracy references.

Oh yes, I've crunched out some hours on both those games, but DA:O back when I had a PC. FF13 is great, I just wish there was more to do post-game. Maxing out my roles felt too easy. Would have preferred if there were more expansive alternate paths to take. FFX sphere grid was the right idea. Wish 12 and 15 were on 360. Never got to play those.

So has anyone played DB Xenoverse or any of the Naruto games for 360? I think it's one where you can play as Naruto/Sasuke in story mode, and everyone else in versus mode.

I'm dying for a good anime game, but Xenoverse doesn't seem like a good Dragon Ball simulator. I want to be able to 1HKO someone if they're several leagues below my character, or at least have an option/mode for it --- having a balanced mode makes sense, but not alone by itself.
Dragonball Xenoverse is pretty solid. It's a fighting game but it's surprisingly laid back. Like you don't have to be sweating and sitting on the edge of your seat to do decent and have fun. Though the sequel is FAR better than the first and you won't miss much story wise so I highly suggest skipping straight to it. It has decent rpg elements too.
Go pick up a copy of Blue Dragon and have some fun. It's like a hybrid of FF3 and Dragon Warrior.
>Playing Dragon Age: Origins on X-Box 360
Kill yourself. If you're going to play DAO you want PC if only to install the fanpatch mods that fix a couple hundred broken quests, make combat skills function properly, and restore broken dialogues and missing cutscenes that are in the game but don't activate for some daft reason or another. If you play DAO, you want mods.
>Some Good 360 Games?

cave explorer
>>20 Your taste is wierd but try Kingdoms of Amalur, or even Dragons Dogma, if youlike shooting try Far Cry 3 or even 4, is a pretty decent xbox360 port. No good RTS on 360 if you didn't like Halo Wars you won't like the others, you could try Supreme COmmander 2 but its worse than Halo wars imo.


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