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(38.89 KB 256x256 wine-icon.png)
WINE gaming thread Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 06:12:11 No. 666
This thread is exclusively for discussion of running Windows PC games on GNU/Linux through the use of WINE. Not really interested in discussion of Proton (Steam), go make another thread for that. I view it as sort of an awkward middle ground, if I'm willing to run steam I might as well just boot up my dedicated windows pc
(3.12 MB 1920x1080 tfw-tipped-over.png)
>>666 >repeating integers I've got GTA: San Andreas working pretty well. I had it all set up and working on my windows pc and just transferred the files over, I was pleasantly surprised that it mostly just worked. here's some notes: FILES: I downloaded the Steam copy of the game. I then downgraded the game to the 1.0 version, this allows mods to work and in the process rips out the steam drm/cd check. At this point, you can just drag and drop the folder out from your steam directory into another folder (I put it with my GOG games), then uninstall the game from steam. Then I modded it just a bit, I grabbed Silent's ASI Loader, Silent's SilentPatch, and Silent's GInput plugin from his website. That's the setup that I've been using on my windows pc, so I have a working portable copy of the game I can install anywhere just by dragging the folder around. There are also similar WINE-SPECIFIC: On first run, the game didn't work at all. It basically put up a frozen copy of my desktop that I had to alt-tab out of. I had to use winecfg to set a virtual desktop , a pretty common first step for troubleshooting stuff. Then the videos don't work, so I have to click once inside the blank wine desktop to skip through the videos, then the menu pops up and the game works as normal. Another oddity is I have my file manager setup so I can usually just run .exe's with WINE by clicking on them (auto-runs " wine %f " in a terminal), but in this case it only works if I run it manually from a terminal. In game I adjusted the resolution to 1920x1080 (my desktop res) and the game successfully expands to fill the whole screen. (Not all games work well with this, some still end up showing the taskbar and dock and thus cropping off some of the display area) COMPATIBILITY: Seems pretty good so far, only have a couple nitpicks. I don't have pressure-sensitive buttons on my DS3 working, on my windows PC that was accomplished through an old version of SCP in conjunction with the GInput mod and I didn't even try setting it up SCP here on my Linux computer. Vsync: on Windows I turn the frame limiter off (game defaults to ~25/30 fps with it on) and use NVidia settings to turn vsync on and lock it to 60 fps. On here I don't have an easy way to lock framerates so currently I'm just running with the frame limiter on and dealing with the consistent 30 fps. It's on intel graphics anyways so I'm not losing much fps. The only other things I can't get working are the intro movies (mpeg1), which I don't care about, and the user track player for any formats so far, tried mp3 and wav. not a big loss.
(142.83 KB 504x379 Vice_City_Setup.png)
>>666 Managed to get GTA Vice City working as well, very similar process to San Andreas, just grabbed the Vice City versions of the mods instead of the SA ones. All three games run on pretty similar engines so I expect GTA III will work the same way too. Oddities I've noticed: The widescreen HUD textures don't actually work through WINE, even though I'm using the exact same files that work on Windows. Also I've noticed that both on Windows and in WINE the fans spin up a lot harder when the frame throttle is set to "on". Are they doing something dumb like a busy idle loop instead of going to sleep? It made me motivated to try to find a plugin/ mod that could replace the frame throttle, but I haven't been successful yet. The game plays okay with the frame throttle off, but there's no vsync which is a bit unaesthetic and I got stuck in that stupid milkshake hut in the northpoint mall a few times. Had to toggle the frame limiter on for a quick second just so I could escape it, fucking entrance acts like a one-way valve when frame throttle is off.
has anyone managed to run Illusion games on wine? I've been trying to run Play Home without success, the installer won't even launch.
>>673 begone coomer


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