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(15.58 KB 480x300 cyka-blyat.jpg)
/hbg/ - Homebrew and Hacking General Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 05:15:31 No. 562
OP STOLEN FROM QUARTERCHAN EDITION Discuss hardware and software modifications of game consoles in this thread. OP template and News Archive: https://pastebin.com/4Dr3NxsS -SAFE FIRMWARES- 3DS: all Switch: HW exploit (old units): all; SW exploit (new & old units): 4.1.0; v2(Red Box) & Lite: Soon™ Wii U: all Vita: all PS4: 5.05 PS3: all (CFW only for older models) -GUIDES and POST SETUP- https://pastebin.com/N6ttYBtA -RECENT NEWS- (check the archive for more news) >Switch [4 Apr] Kosmos v15.4 https://github.com/AtlasNX/Kosmos/releases [19 Mar] Atmosphere 0.10.5 https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere/releases [4 Mar] SX OS 2.9.4 beta https://sx.xecuter.com/download/ [11 Feb] Test release of the new SX line https://team-xecuter.com/sx-lite-sx-core-pre-production/ >Vita [21 Dec] 0syscall6 1.2 https://github.com/SKGleba/0syscall6/releases [2 Sep] Firmware downgrade https://github.com/SKGleba/modoru [26 Aug] h-encore2 https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/h-encore-2 >PS4 [10 Mar] kexploit teased by theflow https://twitter.com/theflow0/status/1237646511388930048 [1 Jan] FFVIIre demo leaked and backported to 5.05 (link in archive) [19 Dec] fw 7.02, still no hacks >DSi/3DS [7 Apr] Twilight Menu ++ 13.1.0 https://github.com/DS-Homebrew/TWiLightMenu/releases [6 Sep] Install games directly to the SD from your PC https://github.com/ihaveamac/custom-install >PS3 [1 Apr] Rebug 4.86.1 LITE, supports fw 4.86 https://rebug.me/official-rebug-4-86-1-lite-cobra-8-2-toolbox-2-03-04-april-fools-2020/ -F.A.Q.- >READ THE THREAD AND THE OP BEFORE POSTING (ctrl+f is your friend) >Freeshop (for 3DS) is 100% kill >ALL SYSTEMS: the OP Archive has download links/sites for games >If you have an issue you probably have an outdated/messed up setup, make sure to read the guides before asking questions >Switch: https://pastebin.com/CAMZ2eVr >This general is not affiliated with the /hbg/ discord, subreddit or 'shop', they just stole the name and gif
(18.11 KB 667x230 me-on-the-left.jpeg)
Anybody got a good resource for softmodding and upgrading the hard drive in an original Xbox? I modded mine a few years ago but I don't remember the exact details or have the files saved any more. Trying to do a friend's for him now. I see a bunch of low-effort instructables but none seem to be very high quality. I think instructables is a rulecuck site so they don't link to files directly. I still have splinter cell, the usb cable, a flash drive, and I probably have something for the drive power if I look around hard enough. Anybody else hack an OG Xbox in 2020? Pic related, it's me and my bitch.
(526.06 KB 672x1351 shitty-menu-ui.png)
>>563 okay I used this guide: https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-softmod-the-original-xbox.385064/ some notes: When I hacked my xbox originally, I bought the xbox-to-usb cable and the flash drive preloaded with the file from some guy on ebay who took a nice margin off it. It might have also came with Splinter Cell as well. - Xbox to USB adapter - about 4 bucks on ebay. You want one with a male xbox port and a female USB port. You can also make one yourself by cutting and soldering a controller extension cable and a USB extension cable or some frankenstein bullshit but I don't think it's worth it for $4. -flash drive - The guide says it needs to be 4gb or less. The 4gb sandisk blade that came with the kit I bought originally worked, whereas the 8gb sandisk fit I had around was not recognized by the xbox. -Game: I used Splinter Cell. it seems there are a few other games that also work. So you need to make sure your xbox will recognize your USB drive and offer to format it for you. That's the first hurdle that will check if your usb cable and flash drive are compatible parts. The next part is to transfer the save file onto the USB drive. The xbox uses a system called "fatx". I didn't have success under GNU/Linux after trying a couple different ways so I gave up and used an old windows box to put the files on. Copying the files from the USB to the hard drive ended up being the hardest part. The UI is retarded, see pic. This is what the gbatemp guide refers to by " You must highlight the right side in order to copy it to the Hardrive. " . Hopefully this saves you anons some frustration. After that it was smooth sailing, I followed the instructions in the guide exactly and everything went smoothly. I can now boot to the UnleashX menu. I will post an update later when I swap out the hard drive for a somewhat bigger one I have laying around.
>trying to clone the hard drive >powering the second hard drive with an external molex power supply (no Y-splitter on hand) > it's not working > realize I get a tingly sensation when touching things in a particular way > find a THREE VOLT DC offset between the first and second drive enclosures >loch ness monster swallows me up whole
in hindsight I don't think I would have noticed just 3V DC so there was probably some fatt AC waveform riding on top of it too. but as soon as I saw my grounds were fucked I just cut shut everything down and threw away that external adapter. normally I'd just go to the electronics store and have a molex splitter in hand in an hour but this dumb lockdown shit means I have to get it online and wait.
(26.47 KB 291x350 gfci-outlet.jpeg)
It may not have been the power adapter's fault, after all I'm pretty sure it's the one I used a few years when I hacked mine. I looked at the outlet I was using and I'm pretty sure it's not actually grounded. It's got a GFCI plate on the front (good) ... but there's only two wires entering the box and neutral seems to be tied to ground ...... standard unloicensed bodge job it looks like. At least with the older-style two-prong outlets there's no pretense of safety. No obvious place to add a ground (stick framed house) and I don't feel like fucking with the breakers so I suppose I'll leave it. Also looking back I have noticed odd sensations from my soldering iron so I think the power is just fucked at that outlet. Ordered one of those little outlet testers because I can't find my old one. In the meantime I guess I can run a not-to-code extension cord across the room to the bench but if that outlet's all fucked I'm not sure the others will be any better...
(11.24 KB 480x360 dvd2xbox_screen.jpeg)
okay, xbox all hacked up nicely with the molex Y-splitter. I was able to rip a bunch of original games using DVD2XBOX. I found a couple good torrents for basically the entire NTSC catalog on rutracker, search "XBOX HDD ready". I wasn't able to get FTP working very well, was transferring at 40 KiB/sec and would die partway through transfers anyways. I switched to just burning DVD data disks (not pure isos) with the folders from the torrent, then moving them over manually into the games directory with the file manager built into DVD2XBOX. This works well and I can boot the games.
(69.64 KB 1200x732 ps-vita.jpeg)
adventures in Vita land Poking around at the vita. Never did too much with it but I like to check in every 12-18 months to see what's new. Unfortunately it seems retroarch snes still kinda sucks, same crap where you have a choice between snes2002 that's glitchy as hell visuals with weirdly bent sound, and snes2005 that looks nice but also has fucked up sound since it chugs all over the place. It seems like now there's a plugin to do overclocking, so maybe that will finally make 2005 playable. Aside from the main crap about the snes emulator, I've encountered a couple minor frustrations that have generally reminded me of why I've left this thing to sit in its case for so long. I popped out the memory card to put some files on, but realized it's some proprietary shit. So then I went to FTP, but got frustrated at the very bad performance. So then I managed to get USB file transfers working on linux (fuse-exfat doesn't work, have to build exfat-nofuse and run manually). but THEN I found that the files are getting silently corrupted in transit, even after updating to the latest version of Vitashell. I check the md5, transfer it to the vita, then transfer the file back to the PC and find it has a different hash. shit's fucked. Occasionally a ~30 MiB file will get through fine but anything larger than 100 MiB or so gets fucked. So I set up a dedicated wifi N router on my desk and I can now FTP reliably, but it's only averaging ~900 KiBs. Takes a full hour to put on a game . and now I'm fucking paranoid so it's going to take me a whole another hour to transfer it back so I can check the hash, since "vita homebrew checksum" isn't returning any results. fuck this gay earth
(42.05 KB 500x500 fuckk.jpg)
alright well I've had a few md5sum failures as well on FTP. wonder if the flash on the memory card is all fucked up? I ordered one of those SD2Vita devices in the meantime, they've now been out for a while so the hardware and software should have all the kinks worked out. In the meantime I'm going back to USB since if both USB and FTP are fucked then I might as well use the faster of the two.
(34.95 KB 675x176 fucking-sonyggers.png)
okay fucking hash errors left and right. transfer a ~3 GiB game three times, get three different checksums. I bought the fucking 64 GB sony proprietary crap card and apparently those stupid nip zipperheads were too dumb to implement wear leveling correctly. it's a known issue. fuck this gay earth.
(50.92 KB 963x409 4kuk-hbg-neutos.png)
I was having some trouble after upgrading my hacked switch from 6.2.0 to 9.2.0 so I could play newer games. As the first step, I upgraded newest atmosphere when I was still on 6.2.0 . This broke every single one of my games other than retroarch and made them unable to launch. That's when I knew it was going to take more digging to deal with this bullshit. Upgrading to 9.2.0 through Choi still left everything broken, instead of fixing it. Fuck. It turns out my problems WERE caused by my tranny pozzware and changing to NEUTOS did fix it. Thanks, based NEUTOS spammer. I guess the tranny squad started putting in extra work to sabotage those evil pirates or something. Some packages show up as 'bad nca signature - possibly malicious" when you try to install them with Tinfoil. About half of what I can find online don't trip this error, I think they are clean, signed nintendo eshop nsps. For most of the recent, in-demand games I can only find packages that trip this NCA signing error, I think these are converted XCI -> NSPs. It's always a bit of an annoyance to update, which is why I try to only do it about once a year/18 months to play the accumulated new releases. The problem with dropping out of the scene and not paying attention in those 18 months can mean that you miss out on a bunch of context when it is time to upgrade though. For now I'm set since I'm on a reasonably-recent firmware now, all my old games work, and I can install new games.
(347.69 KB 888x473 ns-atmosphere-dongle-switch.png)
I've had an NS-Atmosphere dongle for a while now, but never used it. I just got it working now for payload injection for my current setup and figured I'd share. By default this shipped with ~something~ on it, it would succeed in launching a payload but the switch would just display some error message. So I set about looking to upgrade the payload on the dongle. The website offers a download for an updater that works on Ubuntu AMD64, a nice surprise. I downloaded the file 'ns-atmosphere-programmer-ubuntu-64bit-v01.zip', extracted it, then chmod +x and ran it from terminal. It wouldn't run barfed out some bullshit message about not finding libpng12.so.0 - "libpng12.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". Poking around in /usr/lib, it looks like I have libpng16 but not libpng12. I attempted to make a libpng12.so.0 that was a symlink to libpng16 but this didn't work. So then I found and manually installed an old version of libpng12-0 that works. links and sha256 hashes at end of post. Now that the application launched successfully, the rest was easy. I followed the instructions on the website to put the dongle into programming mode - make sure the dongle is charged up ahead of time, turn the switch to 'on', make the usb connection with my linux PC, double-press the reset button and the led turned pink. shows up in /dev/ttyACM0. Then I selected /dev/ttyACM0 in the program settings, and used the 'payload.bin' from NEUTOS. It uploaded just fine and the dongle now boots me straight into working NEUTOS. I personally don't mind using a computer to launch payloads all that much, but a dongle is much more convenient, especially if to sell it or gift it to a normal person who doesn't computer much. Files used: >http://www.ns-atmosphere.com/en/ >ns-atmosphere-programmer-ubuntu-64bit-v01.zip >sha256sum: 9ba56be566c021512aff8a3301d1910b66d816218d858b09dbc14cc439ba8705 >https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/15108504 >libpng12-0_1.2.54-1ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb >sha256sum: 9d938a376dafd1668827ceeb742f18b164c390e53774b06eaaf644713b6ffb25


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