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(17.40 KB 450x316 dsFamily.jpeg)
Anonymous 02/15/2020 (Sat) 03:58:10 No. 464
This thread is dedicated to the Nintendo DS. Say something nice about it.
All members of the nintendo DS family have two 256X192 pixel screens. When considering both screens together, the total pixel count is 256x384. This corresponds to a 2:3 aspect ratio. NINTENDO DS: (OG DS): Reflective TN screens, frontlit NINTENDO DS LITE: Transmissive TN screen, backlit NINTENDO DSI: Transmissive TN screen, improved time constant, backlit NINTENDO DSI XL: VA/IPS type screen, good response time, backlit now you know
(205.83 KB 620x563 jfNdV1L.jpg)
>say something nice about it -flash carts are cheap and generally available -tons of games released, with basically the entire system library is freely available for download. -file sizes are generally manageable (most games 16-64 MiB, some games up to 512 MiB) -good amount of RPGs, tactics, and puzzle games -a handful of full 3d action games, including Super Mario 64 and Tony Hawk Proving Ground and finally: The OG DS uses a reflective screen, so it is easily viewable in direct sunlight. As far as I know, the OG DS is the most recent gaming device that is fully playable in direct sunlight. The only other things that come close are Panasonic toughbooks and hacked e-ink e-readers. The DS is very comfy for a nice little morning sunbeam warmup session.
3DS is easy to homebrew and get free games. Although the only actually good ones are New Leaf and Smash and those are both dead. DSi - The rich kid's DS it has a camera DS Light- It can play GBA games. DS - It exists.
PuzzƖе Gαmes
psp is better
My old flash cart (Acekard 2) is busted. Might get another one, but only if it can natively run GBA games.
(350.56 KB 994x876 twilight-menu.png)
It's moderately old news by now (two years?) but you can now play roms on DSi and DSi XL without needing a flash cart. Use TWiLight menu ++ or whatever plus some other stuff for coldboot, there's some guides out there. Pretty cool, compatibility doesn't seem all that great but it still seems to be like 80% or so. Flash cards aren't that expensive but the mainstream sites like ebay are always trying to block them so you end up on suspicious oriental sites. -Also this allows you to play DSi specific games, I think this is the only way to play these besides emulation. I like "Advanced Circuits", kind of fun train puzzler. - You can play GBA games too, even on DSi and DSiXL which don't have the slot. Compatibility seems to be again only about 80% or so with some minor glitches, but hey man my test rom of Metroid Zero Mission seemed to run just fine so seems pretty good to me


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