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(64.52 KB 1200x652 frontloader-nes.jpeg)
Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 03:00:45 No. 147
This thread is dedicated to the Nintendo Entertainment System, its games, and accessories.

What's the last NES game you played?
(135.30 KB 800x534 nesrgb-board.jpeg)
(204.64 KB 600x450 nesrgb-comparison.jpeg)
(98.78 KB 1280x720 smb2j.jpeg)
Just got my NESRGB installation finally sorted out. Shit is pretty cash. Pics aren't mine but give an idea of what it does. I went for the multi-av port as my output, so I can use the same cables for NES, SNES, and N64. Haven't cut the hole to mount the port yet though, so for now I'm just playing with the lid off. Still very comfy.

Time for Super Mario Brothers 2J!
Multi-av port all mounted in, NES is all buttoned up now.

Also SMB2J is fucking hard, there's some total bullshit moments that start on World 2. I'm kinda pleb so I'll probably just savescum it on emulator for the first playthrough.

Batman is pretty cool. Bionic Commando would be pretty neat if it had a real jump, kind of lame to fall literally straight down when you walk off a ledge instead of carrying momentum with you. Had some good times with Breakthru and BurgerTime as well. Maybe will do a run through of SMB3 next.
playing with the real nes -> crt has now officially ruined my switch-retroarch setup. even on my desktop+gaming monitor+usb controller I have to set runahead to 2-3 frames before it feels as responsive. 2 still feels a tiny bit sluggish while 3 feels great but seems to overshoot it a bit. I'm gonna have to make space for a PVM on my desk now, pain in the ass. It's too bad that they didn't really make small consumer crts with s-video or better.
none. i started off with pc engine and then snes. nes is crap imho. i prefer c64.
cleared off my fukn desk and put the 20" on it. very nice. I'd also forgotten that I can savescum on my flash cart so I put a little bit more time into SMB2j. feels way better than that runahead crap I had to use on emulators and I can still pleb it up. Going to check out Dragon Warrior II next.
Chip's Challenge proto is kinda fun
>What's the last NES game you played?
Umm, none. Duh? I mean I game on PC.
(58.14 KB 1024x1024 NES-Advantage.jpg)
Zanac is a pretty cool shmup for being on NES. Also had some fun with 1943.

I just picked up a NES Advantage, but my initial testing isn't very positive. I'm sure it needs a good cleaning, but it doesn't use microswitches so there's a limit to how good it can get really. The only page I can find about modding a sanwa into it has dead links for the photos. The NES Advantage actually isn't very thick, so I can tell right away that there's going to be huge problems between the stick and the case at the thin edge. There's a third party stick that came out recently that's pretty drop in for sanwa upgrades, but it's no longer 'authentic' and it has a pretty gay "retro-bit" logo on it and no turbo. I already have the Emio stick for NES classic which I think you can mod sanwas into, but again not 'authentic' and I'd have to arduino mod it to work on the NES. I also might not do anything other than clean out the NES advantage and resell it idk

"Nes Emio stick"
"SNES Emio stick"
Pic related was the last I remember playing. I need to get Retroarch running, as I've recently discovered it supports a lot of internal overclocking of different emulators to overcome slowdown that plagued a lot of games. IIRC this game had some atrocious slowdown on the most accurate NES emulators I was using, so it'd be nice to see what it's like with a constant frame rate.
(3.31 KB 250x250 retroarch-icon.png)
installing it is pretty easy on ubuntu, I think there's a version in the default repos but I like to use the nightly builds from PPA.
<sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libretro/testing
<sudo apt update
to install every thing
<sudo apt install libretro*
I usually use synaptic GUI package manager to pick and choose only the subset of cores that you're interested in, otherwise updates take forever.
Lots of people get frustrated on first launch because it has 10 billion options. It's kind of a pain to get started, then it's the best. You only have to learn the UI once then it's exactly the same on your Wii, your 3ds, your switch, your PS3, your x86 computer, your raspberry pi, etc. It's complicated but worth it. Frequently point-and-click winbabbies don't put in the time to learn it and end up ragequitting and posting garbage on retroarch threads. Don't let this be you, sweety!
The best part about retroarch is the 'runahead' feature found under "settings -> latency", as you can use this to counteract lag, even lag that was originally built-in to the game. It's nice.
(2.45 KB 512x448 metroid-fds.jpg)
FDS Metroid is pretty cool, it has a real save system instead of a password. Only problem is you have to die to use it. I didn't realize before that the Everdrive N8 can play FDS images even on frontloaders, pretty nice.
Mostly, I just already had dedicated emulators that were just as good as Retroarch and "just werked;" but this was maybe a couple of years ago. I think it's gotten a ton better recently and loads of support for advanced features, like the frame rate overclocking, and modern monitor scaling.
(59.42 KB 646x759 74hc165.jpeg)
Even after a cleaning the NES Advantage still sucks balls. LMAO at all the low-effort blogspam out there that calls it a better controller than the default NES pad. I also found out that the controller wiring is literally and actually just a 8-bit shift register, so I'm going to try to turn the EMIO NES classic stick into one that works on the regular NES. The EMIO has mounts for a sanwa style stick and buttons are 30mm compatible after some sanding. I've got the Seimitsu LS-40 on the way as my first real arcade stick so we'll see how the install goes.
i played Dragon Warrior 1 and Ultima 4 Quest of the Avatar a lot when i was a kid.

Super Mario 2 and 3 were also favs. There was a few good RPG, mystery games too but i can't remember the name, Shadowfall or something
(60.13 KB 474x648 Batman_NES.jpg)
If you haven't played Batman for the NES, you're missing out. The music is superb. The walljumping is the most satisfying I've ever played in a video game. Feels so good and you're given so much control.
>>309 it's been a while. I did end up finishing my joystick controller project. ended up just stuffing the guts of a third-party nes controller with turbo into the emio stick. put in a seimitsu ls-40 with an oct gate, shit is so fucking cash. I never really understood why people use joysticks until now. arcades near me all used beat to shit happ and fighting game mouthbreathers use those fucking awful floppy sanwas. seimitsu ls-40 for life. it's kind of annoying how tall it is, but there's no free lunch I guess. Not really much in the way of shmups on NES but the super precision with the oct-gate helps me pleb through games like metroid etc. I still have the NES Advantage. I've got some woodworking tools now so maybe I can figure out how to cut a properly-sized spacer so I can mount an ls-40 in that and keep the adjustable turbo knobs.


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