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(73.60 KB 775x581 gaming laptop.jpg)
Is PC gaming the best Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 17:10:51 No. 682 [Reply] [Last]
Mods, being able to torrent PC games, being able to upgrade, being able to play tons of older games, it seems like PC gaming is the master race am I right?
>>682 There really isn't any debate

(41.48 KB 677x600 677px-PS2-Versions.jpg)
Playstation 2 Thread Anonymous 10/01/2020 (Thu) 17:29:52 No. 677 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for discussion of PS2 games, hardware, and homebrew. Looks like prices for hardware are slowly starting to tick up from rock bottom so now's a good time to stash one or two fat's with firewire ports away in the closet if you think you'll be interested at some point.
(12.13 KB 474x355 freemcboot.jpeg)
>>677 For the uninitiated, here's a QRD > LAUNCHING HOMEBREW: Easiest way is with "FreeMcBoot memory card". This is a set of specially crafted files on a PS2 memory card that automatically runs an exploit at boot-time with no user input. From here you get a modified system menu that can be used to launch whatever executable you want, i.e. backup loaders and other homebrew. >how do I get these files on my memory card easiest way to get started is to just buy a memory card from someone on ebay that already has the files. once you can launch homebrew it's an easy process to copy the exploit to other memory cards, so if you have a friend who's already running homebrew he can hook you up too. There's also some long annoying process with disc swapping or something if you refuse to buy another memory card but I only recommend that if you have serious autism.
(36.97 KB 232x233 sonny_network_sata.png)
>>677 >GAMES FROM HDD ON FAT PS2 The easiest way to play games is to get a fat PS2, because it's easy to mount an internal hard drive. >HARD DRIVE FOR FAT PS2 OPTION 1: OEM SONY NETWORK ADAPTER with IDE HDD. The original OEM Sony network adapter has working network support but only supports IDE Hard Drives. This is a simple setup but IDE hard drives are all slow spinning rust, small capacity, are probably going to die soon, and are more expensive per GiB than modern SATA drives since they stopped making IDE drives a long time ago. OPTION 2: CHINESE SATA NETWORK ADAPTER These things work just fine and provide SATA compatibility out of the box. They don't come with a working RJ45 port though. There's still a port on the back but I think it's dialup/phone line or something. I've used one of these in the past and it works just fine. I've never used the network for anything so I wasn't bothered by the lack of network. OPTION 3: OEM SONY NETWORK ADAPTER WITH INTERNAL MODDED SATA BOARD I use this now, pretty cool. It's a little internal board that goes into the OEM adapter and replaces the IDE interface with a SATA one. I think these boards are pretty recent, I don't remember them being around as of a couple years ago. Pic related. OPTION 4: OEM SONY NETWORK ADAPTER WITH EXTERNAL IDE->SATA board. This was the happening thing a couple years ago, but I never managed to get it to work. I bought the right startech adapter, modded the power cable etc, and still nothing, drive not recognized. The physical constraints make this a pain in the ass and it never worked for me anyways so I can't recommend it.
Apparently there's now a DVD boot exploit as of a couple months ago. Haven't tried it out yet but will report back when I do. Could take away the need to get a memory card on ebay or do the tedious shit to get an entrypoint if it really does work as advertised.
(180.34 KB 379x263 Super_Mario_64_box_cover.jpg)
Managed to build the super mario 64 port for PS2. saves and everything. a few of the shaders and special effects like bob-ombs exploding are mildly glitched but it really runs well all things considered. feed me a (you) and I'll upload it to some anon sharing site. as built currently it's an ELF you put onto a USB stick and launch from ulaunchELF, same as any other homebrew ELF feed me a couple (yous) and I'll try to combine it with freeDVDboot to see if I can just make an ISO all you non-modded fags can just burn and boot straightaway. no promises on if it will actually save this way though

(17.40 KB 450x316 dsFamily.jpeg)
Anonymous 02/15/2020 (Sat) 03:58:10 No. 464 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to the Nintendo DS. Say something nice about it.
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
PuzzƖе Gαmes
psp is better
My old flash cart (Acekard 2) is busted. Might get another one, but only if it can natively run GBA games.
(350.56 KB 994x876 twilight-menu.png)
It's moderately old news by now (two years?) but you can now play roms on DSi and DSi XL without needing a flash cart. Use TWiLight menu ++ or whatever plus some other stuff for coldboot, there's some guides out there. Pretty cool, compatibility doesn't seem all that great but it still seems to be like 80% or so. Flash cards aren't that expensive but the mainstream sites like ebay are always trying to block them so you end up on suspicious oriental sites. -Also this allows you to play DSi specific games, I think this is the only way to play these besides emulation. I like "Advanced Circuits", kind of fun train puzzler. - You can play GBA games too, even on DSi and DSiXL which don't have the slot. Compatibility seems to be again only about 80% or so with some minor glitches, but hey man my test rom of Metroid Zero Mission seemed to run just fine so seems pretty good to me

(38.89 KB 256x256 wine-icon.png)
WINE gaming thread Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 06:12:11 No. 666 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is exclusively for discussion of running Windows PC games on GNU/Linux through the use of WINE. Not really interested in discussion of Proton (Steam), go make another thread for that. I view it as sort of an awkward middle ground, if I'm willing to run steam I might as well just boot up my dedicated windows pc
(3.12 MB 1920x1080 tfw-tipped-over.png)
>>666 >repeating integers I've got GTA: San Andreas working pretty well. I had it all set up and working on my windows pc and just transferred the files over, I was pleasantly surprised that it mostly just worked. here's some notes: FILES: I downloaded the Steam copy of the game. I then downgraded the game to the 1.0 version, this allows mods to work and in the process rips out the steam drm/cd check. At this point, you can just drag and drop the folder out from your steam directory into another folder (I put it with my GOG games), then uninstall the game from steam. Then I modded it just a bit, I grabbed Silent's ASI Loader, Silent's SilentPatch, and Silent's GInput plugin from his website. That's the setup that I've been using on my windows pc, so I have a working portable copy of the game I can install anywhere just by dragging the folder around. There are also similar WINE-SPECIFIC: On first run, the game didn't work at all. It basically put up a frozen copy of my desktop that I had to alt-tab out of. I had to use winecfg to set a virtual desktop , a pretty common first step for troubleshooting stuff. Then the videos don't work, so I have to click once inside the blank wine desktop to skip through the videos, then the menu pops up and the game works as normal. Another oddity is I have my file manager setup so I can usually just run .exe's with WINE by clicking on them (auto-runs " wine %f " in a terminal), but in this case it only works if I run it manually from a terminal. In game I adjusted the resolution to 1920x1080 (my desktop res) and the game successfully expands to fill the whole screen. (Not all games work well with this, some still end up showing the taskbar and dock and thus cropping off some of the display area) COMPATIBILITY: Seems pretty good so far, only have a couple nitpicks. I don't have pressure-sensitive buttons on my DS3 working, on my windows PC that was accomplished through an old version of SCP in conjunction with the GInput mod and I didn't even try setting it up SCP here on my Linux computer. Vsync: on Windows I turn the frame limiter off (game defaults to ~25/30 fps with it on) and use NVidia settings to turn vsync on and lock it to 60 fps. On here I don't have an easy way to lock framerates so currently I'm just running with the frame limiter on and dealing with the consistent 30 fps. It's on intel graphics anyways so I'm not losing much fps. The only other things I can't get working are the intro movies (mpeg1), which I don't care about, and the user track player for any formats so far, tried mp3 and wav. not a big loss.
(142.83 KB 504x379 Vice_City_Setup.png)
>>666 Managed to get GTA Vice City working as well, very similar process to San Andreas, just grabbed the Vice City versions of the mods instead of the SA ones. All three games run on pretty similar engines so I expect GTA III will work the same way too. Oddities I've noticed: The widescreen HUD textures don't actually work through WINE, even though I'm using the exact same files that work on Windows. Also I've noticed that both on Windows and in WINE the fans spin up a lot harder when the frame throttle is set to "on". Are they doing something dumb like a busy idle loop instead of going to sleep? It made me motivated to try to find a plugin/ mod that could replace the frame throttle, but I haven't been successful yet. The game plays okay with the frame throttle off, but there's no vsync which is a bit unaesthetic and I got stuck in that stupid milkshake hut in the northpoint mall a few times. Had to toggle the frame limiter on for a quick second just so I could escape it, fucking entrance acts like a one-way valve when frame throttle is off.
has anyone managed to run Illusion games on wine? I've been trying to run Play Home without success, the installer won't even launch.
>>673 begone coomer
>>666 very nice

(1.44 MB 1443x1077 DOOR STUCK.png)
I tried to make it through the door man Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 16:06:03 No. 50 [Reply]
just shoot at the random lady walking on the street.
the phantom. exterior like fish egg's. interior like suicide wrist-red. I could exercise you, this could be your phys-ed.

(810.39 KB 766x580 wesnoth.png)
wesnoth thread Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 01:57:45 No. 657 [Reply] [Last]
first wesnoth thread
open source, so that seems pretty cool. shill me on this game with some more screenshots or webms or something. is it a tactics-type game like fire emblem or final fantasy tactics?
(514.60 KB 558x413 wesnoth 2.png)
>>659 yes it is a tactics game,turn based.the main campains are ok, and there are plenty of user made ones that you can download.But for me the best part of the game is the multiplayer.where you can play as diffrent races and factions,on multiple maps and get add ons for more off them as well as more maps.

(1.44 MB 1186x1180 1519080184327.png)
Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 16:53:38 No. 30 [Reply] [Last]
This board might look fine now but it is only a matter of time before it will turn into casual shit. What should be the requirements to be able to post on /v/?
12 posts and 6 images omitted.
let's repace that disgrace with planescape torment and /thread
Make it so
That's a good choice but what about non-rpgs?
>>226 posts that have aged poorly
>>30 go back to plebbit you faggot

(25.18 KB 800x307 pc_gamingg.jpg)
PC Gaming Thread Anonymous 04/03/2020 (Fri) 07:59:24 No. 534 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for discussion of PC games. The focus will be on x86 games released in the last 25-30 years but feel free to discuss older x86 games or games for classic computers such as 68000- or 6502-based platforms. What are you playing these days?
16 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>646 You can't ally with Dagoth Ur. He will fight you even if you answer that you intend to continue his plan. Also, you could see gaining favor with the nigger elves as jewing them to the Empire's advantage. That's essentially what happens lorewise anyway, since you're aided by the Imperial spy network. Some of the nigger elves are actually cool, too, like Divayth Fyr (although he is very easy to upset and you have to kill him if you want a full Daedric set since I remember him having the only copy of one of the pauldrons). There is a lot of great optional content and the expansions are a lot of fun, if you're adamant about not completing the main quest. Maybe check out some mods. I was trying out a city mod while hosting multiplayer for some friends. I had to can it because it was doing something weird to OpenMW, but the town with the buff, shirtless Imperial grandpa was denser and larger. Lots of cool mods exist for Morrowind on Nexus, though. I can't remember if OpenMW is compatible with the GOG version, but updating the game engine could be a good idea if so. Just make sure you look up mod compatibility documentation for OpenMW on their wiki.
REMOVE N'WAH remove n'wah you are n'wah s'wit. you are the n'wah fetcher you are the outlander smell. return to cyrodiil. to our cyrodiil friends you may come our contry. you may live in the zoo….ahahahaha ,n'wah we will never forgeve you. dunmer rascal FUck but fuck asshole nord stink outlander filthy s'wit.. outlander genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead n'wah..ahahahahah OUTLANDERS WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget resdayn .empire we kill the king , argonia return to your precious hist….hahahahaha idiot lizard and kadjiit smell so bad.. wow i can smell it. REMOVE N'WAH FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. vehk+almalexia+sotha sil+dagoth ur=kill n'wah… you will zero-sum/ vehk alive in morrowind, vehk making album of resdayn . fast rap vehk resdayn. we are rich and hlaalu gold now hahahaha ha because of vehk… you are ppoor stink n'wah… you live in a hovel hahahaha, you live in a yurt
Games I have enjoyed recently on a half-recent intel graphics laptop running lunix: - Morrowind (OpenMW) - Strife: Veteran Edition (WINE) - System Shock: Enhanced Edition (WINE) - Duke Nukem 3D (eduke32 sourceport) also semi-enjoyed Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II but it's buggy enough through WINE that I'm not sure it's worth playing on linux
played a bunch of tis-100 and some shenzhen i/o. main limiting factor is the absolutely tiny program length requirements. basically every challenge would be dead simple to write in c/c++/python/whatever as a 40 line program with 3-5 variables but you've got to figure out some way to split the workload across multiple nodes. most of the time it's not even really true multithreaded, just figuring out how to split the program flow cleanly. fun but it makes your head hurt, especially when you know you could just cheapshit jam it all out on one node if you only had 1-3 more lines of code available. I'm working on a program that draws a windmill of peace in the TIS-100 image scratchpad. I'll post it here if I get it figured out well.
Finished my Deus Ex playthrough. ending notes: based and tedpilled . Feels kind of like they ran out of money at the very end though, I would have liked at least a ~10 second shot of how the future ends up, sort of like how Fallout 3 gives you a quick rundown at the end. Overall my save file has me at only the ~22 hour mark but I'm pretty sure I spent about double that thanks to all the saving and reloading. It felt much longer than the 22 hours of content anyways since everything is so intense. very, very good.

(54.97 KB 1024x454 N64.jpg)
N64 Thread Anonymous 08/28/2020 (Fri) 03:25:09 No. 651 [Reply] [Last]
Nintendo 64 thread
>>651 I hooked up my N64 for the first time in a while. Been trying out a few romhacks to see what boots on actual hardware. So far: -Animal Crossing English Translation ( Animal Forest/Doubutso No Mari) -Super Mario 74 On Console -Zelda Ocarina of Time Randomizer Been mostly playing the randomized zelda rom. It's about 2/3 fun and 1/3 frustrating. Since crucial items like the bomb bag can be literally anywhere and I don't remember the location of every single crate/etc and exactly what prerequisites are required to reach it. There's a million settings when you run the randomizer though so maybe checking "one important item per dungeon" would have done that. It took me a couple false starts before I found a set of options I was mostly happy with and I don't want to restart again now. Just felt a little lame having to check the spoiler log for some random shit but whatever. The main two options I had to toggle that weren't defaults were setting Z-targeting back to "toggle" mode, like in the vanilla game, and hiding the D-Pad item HUD, again like the vanilla game. I wanted it to look and feel just like the original for the most part, except for the bizarro item locations. I'll probably beat it then let it sit for a few years until it's fresh again. If I do another playthrough I'll probably go balls to the wall and randomize as much as I can. Overall pretty good experience.
>>652 O cool, what is SM74 like? I've been meaning to get myself a modded cartridge to try all of the romhacks out. Also the various console mods are crazy nowadays, full RGB, HDMI N64's!
SM74c seems pretty cool. The levels are a bit... bland or empty feeling and not as aesthetic as compared to the vanilla game but they're all new to explore and find stars in so I can't complain. It's just about right on the difficulty level too, at least the 10 stars I got - a bit harder than the usual game but doesn't require you to know every single speedrunner trick or retry jumps 100 times like some bad SMW hacks I've tried. The patching process to make it work on console was a pain in the ass though, you have to patch the original patch with the 'on console' patch, then apply that patch to the rom. took me a while and a bunch of reading READMEs to get ir right. >RGB N64. This is an easy mod, I did it myself. Just get a ~$12 little circuit board off ebay, install it over the pins and run three wires. Pretty much anyone who solders can do this, and it's pretty forgiving even to beginners. Then get a SNES euro-scart cable (includes the wires for RGB). The hard part then is finding something to plug it into. I run the RGB modded N64 into a 15 khz RGB->YPbPr converter on a ~2000 era trinitron when i'm running an analog setup. End quality is great but it's a real rats nest of cables and hard-to-find adapters to get it there. it's worth it though, fuck chrominance blur right in the anus. >HDMI N64 Got this one too, but I was a pleb and paid for a premodded one. I think I could handle the soldering myself but I didn't really see anyone selling single copies of the mod kit, the guy was mostly selling quantities of 10 minimum and I didn't really feel like doing that and reselling. This is what I've got plugged in right now into a big flat screen. Quality is better than the framemeister since the signal stays digital the whole way. Image quality looks best at the 1080 mode (box fills pixels) but adds one frame's worth (~16 ms) of lag. I use this 90% of the time. "Direct mode" at 480p doesn't add any lag/only a few ms of lag but most tvs will have some garbage "upscaling" bullshit that fux with your pixels. So I only use this for games or parts in games where lag is absolutely critical. Overall the HDMI mod is pretty sick and is becoming more and more relevant now that lots TVs are dropping analog video inputs altogether or annoying adapters. My new flat screen only has a CVBS input, no s-vid or component and it needs an adapter that didn't even ship with the tv so I had to order one separately. >Flash carts. These are great, just have to pack a single cartridge with my console these days, saves tons of space. I had one of the offbrand ones that you have to reset before turning off to save, worked just fine except if you forget to press reset before turning off. Gave that one to a friend when I got my everdrive 64. Has a fullset on there, every game works and boots right up. shit's tight, no complaints.

(29.09 KB 494x599 dmg.jpg)
Gameboy Thread Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 02:27:47 No. 94 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for discussion of Nintendo Gameboy hardware released between 1989 and 2003, as well as games and accessories released during that time.

How are you guys doing? Enjoying the new backlit screen mods?
23 posts and 13 images omitted.
(20.07 KB 300x259 lsdj.gif)
I have two everdrives. I noticed something weird with LSDJ. My older-style Everdrive made in 2014 seems to only be able to hold one song at once, and there's a "reset memory" option where the "save/load song" option should be. When I boot up the exact same lsdj rom on my 2018 everdrive it gives me the option to load and save multiple songs. I thought I was going crazy last night when I couldn't find the save/load option until I figured this out.
(40.74 KB 961x320 rikzone.jpg)
Just started in on Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Alter. It's a full conversion of Aria of Sorrow with the map changed up. I like it so far. At this point I have the original map basically memorized so this brings back the exploration feel to the game. Get it at romhacking, use an IPS patcher. I use lazy_ips.py on GNU/Linux, works great for me.
Beat all but the last level of Gameboy Wars Turbo (English translation patch). It's from the Wars series, which didn't get an english release until the "Advance Wars" games for GBA and DS. It's a little clunky but great fun on an old DMG. Also been playing a bit of Harvest Moon on the old DMG.Seems alright so far, I'm early on with a decent field of turnips and potatoes. Hopefully I won't let grandpa down. I really liked "Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town" for GBA but right now I'm in a DMG mood lately.
Playing a bit of Pokemon Pinball on a flash cart. No rumble but also the cart doesn't stick out and have a AAA battery that eventually leaks flaky alkaline crap all over your stuff. Fair trade off. Anyways it's pretty fun, but also frustrating, Always interesting to revisit the games you played as a kid with fresh eyes, I could never figure out how exactly to activate the evolve pokemon mode but with the power of The Scientific Method™ I've now realized you have to shoot the loop to the left three times to fill the meter then it opens. Still a pain in the ass because it's a pretty narrow angular window to hit and I keep accidentally activating "change location" mode. overall pretty good, A+ music


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