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(415.61 KB 1552x873 earthbound2.jpg)
Welcome to Video Games! 663 Board owner 09/13/2019 (Fri) 00:05:10 No. 1 [Reply]
Welcome to /v/ - 16chan's Video Games Board.

This board is dedicated to the quality discussion of video games, and retro video games.

Please check the global rules and board rules before posting:
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(33.56 KB 640x360 640px-PSP-2000.jpg)
PSP Thread Anonymous 02/02/2020 (Sun) 06:48:41 No. 441 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to the Playstation Portable, also known as the PSP.
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I saw you can play psp games with psvita if you install a custom firmware on it. Any experience with that. Would you recommend buying a ps vita?
(129.05 KB 1200x900 Adrenaline-1.jpg)
>>736 I have adrenaline installed on my Vita. If you already own a vita it's worth hacking it and using adrenaline. If you don't already own a Vita then I wouldn't recommend buying one if your main goal is to play PSP games. It's anecdotal and I didn't measure it but I noticed a lot of lag when playing PS1 eboots through adrenaline back in 2018. I'm talking like a subjective feeling of 2-6 frames of lag. It was enough to make THPS2 feel laggy and un-fun, a game that is usually pretty accomodating of lag since it's 30 fps and not a fast-reflex game in the first place.
(401.88 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>750 I'm not getting a vita after all. I just noticed it's all just gay consumerism. It's all so tiresome. My brain somehow wanted to convince me that I need that shit. But I only want to play street fighter and some light novels which I can do plenty on the psps I have. Got even more broken psps. 10 as of now for 50$. Already managed to fix two of them without buying any replacement parts. So that would already be some revenue. Ordered some replacement parts and then I should be able to fix even more. Was thinking of keeping one of the 1000s because they just feel so nice. Found this mod: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=619246511078 https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=566519935820 https://youtu.be/sxC0dicgo5s It's only ~10$ including ribbon cable. would have to create a tabao account though... this would also go trhough an agent or something. would end up pretty expensive in the end, I guess. There were some japanese psps in the bunch mint green. I hope I can find a 3000 mint green sure is a nice color
>>751 Damn, that shit looks awesome, right up my alley. But yeah I'm the same as you, can't read moonrunes and not willing to go to taobao. If that shit makes it onto ebay or vaguely western-compatible retailers like funnyplaying then I'll be all in >keep me posted

Video game music thread Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 02:45:16 No. 120 [Reply] [Last]
Post some links to some great/favorite video game music, I'll start.


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(3.98 KB 420x47 play-time-limit.png)
forgot to mention that you should enable the "song play time limit" if you don't want to get stuck endlessly on certain songs. I set mine to 0, so it will skip any song that doesn't have a known song length in songlengths.txt , this way I never have dead air

(29.09 KB 494x599 dmg.jpg)
Gameboy Thread Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 02:27:47 No. 94 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for discussion of Nintendo Gameboy hardware released between 1989 and 2003, as well as games and accessories released during that time.

How are you guys doing? Enjoying the new backlit screen mods?
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Beat all but the last level of Gameboy Wars Turbo (English translation patch). It's from the Wars series, which didn't get an english release until the "Advance Wars" games for GBA and DS. It's a little clunky but great fun on an old DMG. Also been playing a bit of Harvest Moon on the old DMG.Seems alright so far, I'm early on with a decent field of turnips and potatoes. Hopefully I won't let grandpa down. I really liked "Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town" for GBA but right now I'm in a DMG mood lately.
Playing a bit of Pokemon Pinball on a flash cart. No rumble but also the cart doesn't stick out and have a AAA battery that eventually leaks flaky alkaline crap all over your stuff. Fair trade off. Anyways it's pretty fun, but also frustrating, Always interesting to revisit the games you played as a kid with fresh eyes, I could never figure out how exactly to activate the evolve pokemon mode but with the power of The Scientific Method™ I've now realized you have to shoot the loop to the left three times to fill the meter then it opens. Still a pain in the ass because it's a pretty narrow angular window to hit and I keep accidentally activating "change location" mode. overall pretty good, A+ music
>>95 I never understood the appeal of adding some 21st century hardware in an ancient retro console. At that point you could go for a chink clone much cheaper or just use an emulator. the appeal is that it is primitive, shitty hardware (even back then). that completely destroys the retro feel in my opinion
(25.53 KB 250x251 Donkey_Kong_94_box_art.jpg)
>>752 >unmodified original hardware >modded out original hardware >chink emulator devices >hacked switch with retroarch >laptops and gaming PC with emulators I'm the king nerd so I have all of those things. They all have their own purposes. I have sort of a noah's ark for old handhelds and consoles, I keep one totally stock just like the one I grew up with, and then I pick up another one that I do a bunch of upgrades and mods and shit if available. The main reason I actually keep old hardware around is for the tactile feeling as well as the 100% authentic lag experience. The tactile hand feel is huge for me, it feels so much better to play with the same feeling controller in your hands instead of some modern nu-shit like an xbox controller or whatever. You can technically play a SNES game with a playstation controller or whatever in that it has all the buttons but it just feels wrong, uncanny valley. The other is the lag situation - some console games still have lag built-in (i.e. Super Mario World has two frames of input lag even on original hardware), but the main thing is you know when you're playing on original hardware and an original style display (CRT, CPLD LCD mod) that you're getting the exact same lag situation that the game originally shipped with. If I die on original hardware, it's my fault, I just need to get gud. If I die on an emulator, then there's always second-guessing how much extra lag the total system has and if the game is really meant to work difficulty-wise with a couple extra frames of lag (i.e. twitchy shmups). Retroarch now has some cool anti-lag features that are built in which are great, but then you can also get into autistic arguments with yourself over how much compensation you're supposed to use (since more always make you play better but at some point you're not just removing added lag, you're cheating). but yeah. I play all kinds of RPGs and slow games on my chink emulator devices, fuck around with n64 games on my switch, and play 1080p+ gamecube games on my pc. The gameboy screen mods are just kind of nice when you want to play Donkey Kong (1994) with the exact same bootup screen and comfy brick feel that you remember, just minus the squinting for good light and maybe the motion blur depending on the mod.
>>753 used to play that one all the time. wonder if my cart still works.

Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 23:35:10 No. 745 [Reply] [Last]
When I play Skyrim, I kill every non nord I meet outside the towns. Blood and soil.
>>745 I only play high elves. They're god's chosen.
>>746 they literally want to destroy the world and primarily worship demons.
nvm i got the point now
>>745 Yeah, I did the same thing. Just cut them down with a power attack from my axe. Based and samurai-pilled. The gay shit is that the game should have ended right after liberating Solitude. Instead there's still some dumb shit about magic and dragons and all that bullshit. Trve Nords don't fuck with that shit, not even healing magic.

(68.85 KB 456x320 one_for_the_chairman.jpg)
Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 12:15:49 No. 744 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone following the clusterfuck that is Star Citizen? 10 years in development, no progress. What's the deal?

(1.08 MB 960x540 unknown (1).png)
Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 02:47:22 No. 743 [Reply] [Last]
mc.enchantedsword.net 1 rule. no server lagging, thats it. besides that, this is a roughly 6 month old anarchy server with a small handful of active players. runs compatible 1.12 - 1.16 for all that are interested i really hope to see you online.

(752.34 KB 1478x484 QUmls5w.png)
Anonymous 12/21/2020 (Mon) 16:21:08 No. 701 [Reply] [Last]
wtf was i going to buy, lool.. is all this shit alrready fixed? or do we have to wait? https://youtu.be/smvu5Bu7bks Can not do anything but cry and laught loud.
1 post omitted.
(3.30 MB 1280x720 1607737924283.webm)
(6.79 MB 1280x720 etw70BkpdCULZY5_.mp4)
>>701 Is there any reason to purchase this game?
>>701 Is there any reason to purchase this game?
>>701 the game crashes every 5 minutes even after all the fixes i tried + removing overclock. It makes it impossible to progress, even skip a cutscene. can you imagine if i had paid 60$ for it?

(1.10 MB 1080x1317 1610005737086.jpg)
Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 10:28:31 No. 740 [Reply] [Last]
Imma looking for Angry Goy and Angry Goy 2 game. If somebody does not know this title, it's basically shoot them up about trannies and shit.

(68.35 KB 607x721 steam pozzed.PNG)
steam is pozzed Anonymous 12/30/2020 (Wed) 03:28:33 No. 705 [Reply] [Last]
friendly reminder that steam is pozzed and bans user for speaking truth. use alt accounts
6 posts omitted.
(172.56 KB 775x438 s1.png)
(103.18 KB 420x401 s2.png)
>>717 Why aren't you developing bots to infect dipshit chink and pajeet computers? If they are so stupid, why are they calling your grandma to scam her and not the other way around? I know it comes across as defending these people, but I'm just trying to point out that we must be more clever going forward.
>>719 >If they are so stupid, why are they calling your grandma to scam her and not the other way around? Never said they were stupid, just that they are handed everything and only "work hard" at being immoral jew wannabe human trash. I don't give a shit about developing bots or any of this anti-human technoshit anymore, I just want this diseased system to be burned to the ground and any and all who support it to be held accountable and punished accordingly.
>>720 Hey, I couldn't agree with you more. It doesn't even occur to me to scam people in other nations.
>>714 How quickly did you forget that Steam made the skyrim mod shop. They have fucked you every possible way they can get, including holding your games hostage if you the holocaust never happened. Tomorrow they can prevent you from playing online or simply lock your account. And yet you still continue giving them money instead of pirating for free. Could have bought your dad some cigars and vodka, or your girlfriend something with those money mate, shame on you. company fucks you with paid mods, you dont even own the games and you continue giving them money. what are you a cuck? IF tomorrow i set your car on fire will you forgive me after a week? you forgive steam.


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