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(11.78 KB 220x188 220px-Kg99.jpg)
TFW NO GF movie/documentary Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 19:10:59 No. 984
i just wanted to say that this doc is complete shit and doesnt represent anything well at all. it made me fucking pissed watching it. first off they dont even use actual people who are robots, one of them even has a friend, is smart, probably makes a bunch of money from verified Twitter posts, look at all the guns he has oooh wah, mother fucker im so poor i can only afford one gun. so sick of the medias representation of incels or r9k or whatever the fuck this miserable existance is. my dad left when i was 3, my mom got 17 years in prison for trying to poison me as a child. i grewup with miserable step parents and incessantly continuing abuse. sorry for my poor grammar i droped out of 8th grade. KV wizard that now. lives in a group home with other retarded folk. im 5'3, born with cleft pallet, no skills, should be on medication for my schizophrenia but i have no helth insurance and cant afford it. i say all of this bc movies like this are wrong. things wont be okay, sure maybe they will be if you pick the glamor boys in the flick but most of us are not like that. im so fucking tired of jews and globalist scum in media talking shit acting like they know shit about my life style. they can fuck off. and now that these leaders have fucked up the economy with this wjole social distancing control bullshit. ive had it up to HERE (points to elongated forehead) with these film/media/government scum. im sorry but this fucking shit needs to end rant over. and im sure you all bought the narritive and buy this shit that they feed you but sorry, fuck you i dont. you're part of the problem of you disagree. i fucking hate myself and i hate you too
shut up u fucking pleb
>>984 Watched it, as far as robots go...I dunno anon. There could be a wide range of robots. What pissed me off seem to be more about Twitter fags.
i liked the music honestly. why the rage bru?
basically just about a bunch of normalfag twitter crabs the only good thing was the music
>>984 OP, you definitely need those meds if you think the Jews have any interest in making robots look like they are actually OK. If the Jews are actually conspiring, which is actually unlikely considering how busy they are fighting themselves, they would villainize you.
haven't seen it but yeah I could see how it's about less successful normies rather than robots
>>984 You watched an incel documentary made by a normie female? That's the exact opposite of the culture they're trying to document. I've been seeing posts about this doc for a while, and I chose not to watch it, I had the foresight to see it would be shit.


no cookies?