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(171.38 KB 1134x1276 1556460972183.jpg)
Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 13:39:23 No. 74
All /transgirls/ welcome on this site!
Low quality content. Back to quarterchan.
No they are not
Burn in brimstone faggot.
Fuck off no one wants you here. You already have a board
A board? they got the rest of the fucking internet.
We need to kill those unholy monkeys irl
Go back to 4chin
these buttfucking child rapists are a godamn pandemic

day of the rope when?
(1.37 MB 496x360 Day of the Rope.webm)
Making a reference to the god tier meme?
(485.95 KB 1620x1080 1566857493451.jpg)
Shouldn't you be hanging from a tree somewhere?
commit gravity pavement
Holy shit mods that actually do their jobs
Thanks janitors.
Get the fuck off my board you mentally ill degenerate
Im so fucking happy that the tranny suicide statistics sky rocket kek
(7.50 KB 662x309 TFs2i68.png)
fuck troons
(130.14 KB 577x1024 deadtrannoid.jpg)
Based Mods
Off with your pink pill shilling you fag
Nah trans sucks, cuteboys are better.
>>74 and degenerates like you belong on a cross
(89.75 KB 1384x1112 1566755905158.jpg)
Fuck trannies and your rights. You don't have rights.
(458.85 KB 575x2025 1571399254313.png)
Reality pill
Fuck off this site isn't for you.
How about no? Go back to reddit.
>>420 but they do! aids, hell, and suicide!
(2.32 MB 960x540 1577124009528.webm)
Trannies are such dumb weak losers they don't know muslims or kangz would curbstomp them if they saw there disgusting visage, loser weak male cucks
(2.93 MB 2075x1893 trannies .png)
>>387 why is it that everything is always worse than you think it is when you look deeper? this whole world is rotten wherever you look. Shit's fucked.
>>424 Based.


no cookies?