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(857.98 KB 1600x1597 1479357532120.png)
Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 15:42:14 No. 558
>can finally put coke can sized stuff in butt without bleeding
Where do I get my sadistic anal fisting gf that doesn't care about my tiny dick?! I have an appeal now, this time I won't stop and will keep going bigger and harder!!
(488.60 KB 551x551 peroid.png)
>>558 >11 months, 4 weeks, 1 day later had to stop again on account of rectal problems scaring me the cycle continues until suicide no gf was had either there's never any gf
>>1428 Your self-worth is not dependent on other people. That's why it's called SELF-worth. Killing yourself because "no gf" is peak cringe.
>>1475 Not actually what I said. You get bored and you do shit, like drugs or alcohol, or hardcore anal, and then it harms you. The cycle will continue until you can't take the downs anymore and then commit it. It's more than a gf issue, but without a gf nor friends (they go hand in hand) you end up jobless too and basically have no life and are a robot due to this. It's why [tfw no gf] was so powerful. Without one it paints a big picture of a shit life in general. It cascades.
>>558 Holy shit you're a fucking degenerate. Go back to reddit faggot


no cookies?