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(9.65 KB 375x375 10211125.jpg)
about to be 23 and still a virgin Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 15:28:17 No. 406
How do you not just fucking kill yourself hearing your normie friends and their active sex lives? Every year just keeps getting worse, how do you cope? I don't think I will even make it to 30.
you're a stupid piece of shit that has no idea about anything because you're unfit for survival

you are depressed because you continue to try to follow a paradigm that doesn't suit you and you refuse to do anything to make your own way

just do it you dumbfuck nigger
(91.01 KB 800x800 YC788L_8 - Copy.jpg)
23 y/o doomer here, been contemplating suck starting my shotgun.

As of late though I've tried watching less porn and studying more, tbh just keeping myself occupied with school and work has kept the thoughts out of my mind. Not sure if I'll ever get the qt asian gf but this at least keeps my mind off of it.

Was thinking about maybe trying to move out from where I'm at right now too, going somewhere completely different from where I'm at now like AK or HI.
Was a virgin till 25 or so. I got into redpill and all that and had a slew of girls, and it was so 'sick/cool' at the time, but looking back it was degenate as fuck. Would have prefered to stay a virgin honestly.
(75.43 KB 313x640 Jurkuviene 107.jpg)
>dude sex lmao
have kids or nothing. cooming in some pink sock is worthless, just ignore that. also don't save pics like that on your hard drive, they're worthless. redirect your sexual energies towards 6/10 tradthots.
>whoa dude I totally COOMED in 10 birth-control sluts at kollege
ignore those people
If you're thinking of moving I'd recommend North Idaho/Montana region or Alaska. Stay away from HI, projected to only be 11% white by 2035.
A shotgun can be put to much more useful purposes btw
its so hard to find tradthots in these degenerate and hedonistic times
>23 and still a virgin
Half way there faggot.
You will either ascend to the status beyond that of wizards to become a god, or cuck out to join the other animals.
You have mastered self - they have not. They are apes.
You can see things happen before they do. Pity them not, nor wish to become them.
There is a reason why the attached PDF was classified knowledge (page20).
You could use the gun to rape someone instead of killing yourself.
Stop comparing yourself to others, seriously. Go your own way.

Sex really does suck, believe me. I wish I stayed a virgin, and TBH I feel like killing myself because I'm no longer one. I've learned the hard way how fucking disgusting women are. Their holes stink and are full of nasty bacteria, disease, and DNA from all the men they've fucked. Moreover, as soon as you fuck a bitch you feel like pure shit afterwards and just want the whore to dissapear. It's hard to explain, but it's very unfulfilling. More draining and soul sucking actually. It's like the take a part of your vital essence when you stick you dick in their nasty goo cavities. I used to think I enjoyed it, because women, media, and my peers brainwashed me from a young age into believing pussy was the the greatest drug on Earth. Drugs are actually less harmful to you and your future than women.

Also, a woman are are fucking retards and the so-called "trad" or "intelligent" woman is a myth. Propaganda to keep us chasing an elusive bait we'll never catch. All of society is gynocentric, and women control the entire narrative, thereby controlling male psychology.

Any woman that is not a young virgin is incapable of pair-bonding and thus incapable of non-selfish loyalty or love. No woman will ever truly love you except maybe your mother - and even that is rare. Most mothers simply brainwash their sons from birth to fulfill their roles as future female servants in the global feminist agenda.

Read the book I attached. I wish I did a long time ago. Yes, it was written by a woman, but she reveals the true nature and goal of woman.

My best advice. Pretend like pussy doesn't exist. Because as in your ideal or fantasy it really doesn't. What you see on TV, porn, and magazines, and the internet, like the cake, is a lie. Don't evaluate your self-worth based on what women think of you. Stay a virgin, wear it as a badge of valor, and don't give it up to some worthless thot that only wants you as some resource to use up and throw away.
here's the book I mentioned

fuck, 16chan why u blocking my upload?
Your upload seemed to work fine. Maybe was bug while BO changed file icon last night or user error?
Smoke marijuana friend. Just dont eat and get fat.
The very issue is just letting yourself crash under this social pressure. It's what makes women define our honor and I rejected that way long ago.

For when a woman reaches virginity, nothing is above her head about it, so I won't let it be above mine. I did rejected society for it only causes feelings inside you, that are like some alien parasite which shall feed on you unless you feed it with something else (women, success, frinds, whatever).

If ever lose it, no one needs to know, I find normfags who go to them despicable. It's women who may start the first approach, and we decide among them. That's a balance of power...

on the other side you get insulted once and again from people who never deserved to be even looked at. Oh, if every men in the world acted like me... they would just tear away their hair in distress about it (see MGTOW reactions on YouTube)...

but temptations are added to pressure, and women won't ever leave the throne we let them have inside our minds. We can only aspire to shake them off there... with all odds against.
That's not the original version from Esther Vilar, stop uploading this made up crab-work

This is the original one: https://www.naturalthinker.net/trl/texts/Vilar,Esther/The_manipulated_man.pdf
>shotguns, white percentages

While communists and salafists were crating their propaganda, where were all the people who knew what really happened at WW2? Getting drunk, showing off, fighting like apes for fun or animal rage.

Hitler could be having diarrhea inside his tomb today because of whom inherited his legacy.

If you want to grow, EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE, CREATE PAMPHLETS AND LEAVE THEM AT SCHOOLS or likely... you may be inducing some real hope every one, five or ten or more young students who take the redpill before they go astray.

But no, it's better (according to some ppl here and there) to shoot some latino peasants near some supermarket coz muh inmigration.

Why isn't this getting printed and being distributed near youngsters? https://i.imgur.com/BOPCFgg.gif
>He doesn't autisticly obsess over hobbies instead of a nonexistant sex life
I am 26 and don't really care.
>>406 Anon you're prioritizing sex too much, it really doesn't matter too much and you should try to get into a relationship before you have sex. If you get into a relationship with someone and you like the person you have sex with it's meaningful and deepens the relationship as opposed to the pure hedonism of fucking someone that you met the same week and is consequently more enjoyable. Not to mention you will be happier in the long run and won't just be happy for an hour or two. 23 is still very young for a guy and even for a woman (doubt you're a woman though you're on 16r9k) so don't give up. There's a lot of whores out there but there's a lot of good women too.
>>406 dude quit whining, i don't know if i'll make it to 30 without getting over lyme disease and i'm stuck in bed most of the day. Enjoy your faps. I can't even do that anymore.
>>406 24 and virgin here it's not something I care too much about tbh
>>406 I'll be 23 on 7-11, am still a virgin. If I don't get the woman I want after studying and getting a good paying job, I will quit my job, and say my goodbyes to my parents and go to an abbey I know and be a virgin monk until I die. I don't understand why you'd hate your virginity when almost all of the people our age are not virgins, don't feel bad brother. Here's a message from a saint. St. Cyril of Jerusalem, A.D. 350: “While you maintain perfect chastity, do not be puffed up in vain conceit against those who walk a humbler path in matrimony…. Because you have a possession of gold, do not on that account hold the silver in contempt.” (The Faith of the Early Fathers, Vol. 1: 818c) What you have is gold, don't go for silver. Know your value. Crave not the Flesh, but the Bread.
>>468 Nice.
blog from suicidal anon >Be ulgy loser from childhood, typically robot shit >get the shit bullied out of me for 12 years >start lifting >Get thicc and strong (285 bench, 465 deadlift, 365 ass to grass squat) >Get kicked out of college cause deadbeat parents won't sign FASFA, try to join military but get jumped and defend myself, which leads to year long legal battle >blow out my back because i was unaware of my buttwink when i squat deep >22 years old, 2 years later, 2 ruptured degenerative discs, spinal stenosis and constant pain >few dates (with surprisingly beautiful young women) but no sex, and even if I could get it I wouldn't enjoy from, and have been ghosted every single time due to having a bad reputation. >despite this carry on and throw a hail Mary and land something close my dream job (Professional Guitarist for a Military Band, would get to travel all over and get back to college and healthcare for free) >Spinal pain is still to bad to get through basic to do what would otherwise be a pretty sedentary job TLDR,ugly loser tries to lift himself out of depression and permanently cripples himself. Planning on shooting myself with a shotgun
>>1231 >few dates (with surprisingly beautiful young women) but no sex, and even if I could get it I wouldn't enjoy from *my fucked up spine Its seriously fucked. I can't sit in a chair comfortably, can't sleep at night without an icepack, and have a constant burning sensation. Doctor told me it would be a lifelong process of managing the pain. At this point I truly have nothing and the only reason I am not homeless is because i live with mommy. Its not giving up, its giving in for. If your only fucking problem is that you can't get laid you're not doing that bad. I would trade anything to have my strong, athletic, pain-free body again.
(2.07 MB 219x186 1596226728844.gif)
>>406 If you're gonna kill yourself, that means you've given up on life. If you've given up on life, then you could probably just threaten some whore and make her fuck you. Easy.
>>1231 If he got dates with beautiful women he's a normalfag, don't compare yourself with normalfags, everything comes easier for them.
>>406 I still have my v-card. Feels good. >>1227 It’s good to know there is another person who shares my sentiments. I’ve been contemplating whether I’m cut out for convent life or not. The idea of living on the outskirts of humanity in a quiet community seems increasingly more appealing as the world seems to decay more each day.
I am 20, my gf is 18. We are together for over a year now. She is a virgin just as I am, we had some sexual acts but no PIV sex. For over 50% of the time she is lovely and 50% of the time she is awful, starting arguements over nothing, threatening that she will take some pills or cut herself (she did it many times). She also seems to have very high sex drive, much higher than mine. Maybe it's normal that it dropped, when I was 14 I could coom 7 times a day and nowadays I hardly ever coom more than once a day and I am doing nofap since I am 17. My best streaks were from 2 to 2,5 months. We gave head to each other and pleased each other with hands many times and we tried tittyfuck and anal with only my glans entering her butt. But still we haven't tried PIV. I am sure that would make things much worse. When we are arguing over some stupid shit she frequently says something like "I sucked like this and you don't respond to my messages? U such an asshole 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃", of course I don't respond to her shit after she is insulting me to the point I can feel my heart hurt, changing messenger color, saying we are not together anymore and demanding me to beg her for forgiveness. She is also ultrajealous, she has problems with me saying "hi" to femoids I know and she always liked to accuse me of cheating on her with someone from school or work. She claims that I am immature but I believe she is immature. She even likes DDLG shit and dumb lana del Rey memes about being bitch. I love her but frequently I am also angry at her but I always cumulate my emotions in my mind, rarely let them out. I don't wanna have sex with her, I don't care about sex anymore, I don't even want to fap. We have a major arguement for few days now. Sex is big gay. My mind is broken although it has hardened a lot over last year


no cookies?