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I like that "space song" one a lot.
I've been listening to a lot of 80s Japanese funk recently..
Haha I was listening to some Junko on the way from my wagie job. Pretty comfy tbh fam. You got some good taste anon.

This song fills me with a melancholic hope.
I like her voice a lot.
I swear I just heard that song recently too. :o

Here's a nice jazz fusion piece that I found recently and really liked.
A few others that I liked

Enjoy :)
Unrelated but comfy:
(23.96 KB 670x447 Stansfield.jpeg)
Ludwick Van!
Synthwave mixes are always a fav
(14.23 MB 1280x720 party animal scene.mp4)
4 the /r9k/
>>44 does this count as dubs?
Yes 100% 44 is dubs.
(762.07 KB 498x250 155365700715965.gif)
(97.53 KB 475x717 Nattramn.jpg)

Dankest BM album ever made

FLAC can be found here :
(9.06 MB 240x240 onlytommorow.mp4)
my nigga the ultimate robot music
im currently taking piano lessons and i've been tasked with a bach 2 part invention
i'm going insane
just listenting to some old eminem songs
(436.39 KB 1102x967 f3Gr1Ac.png)
(40.61 KB 640x634 1567894179580.jpg)
Fuck anime.
Didn't expect to find a fellow DSBM fan here. Nice surprise. It's an acquired taste I'd say, the repetitive riffs and screaming isn't for everyone.
(51.64 KB 960x959 1545801918560.jpg)

Hey fren, just popping back in. DSBM was love on first hear for me. I always liked Doom and Brutal DM but nothing ever spoke to my soul the way it does. The enraged, misthanthrophic screams and pain-filled howls of pure hatred are deeply relatable. I can and often do literally listen to it all day.

> 464
Great taste! I have all of those bands in my playlist. Check out Kalmankantaja, Xasthur, Wehmut, Nortt, I'm In A Coffin, Suicidal Psychosis, Morodh, Make A Change, Kill Yourself, and Wintercult.
I'll check out Morodh and Suicidal Psychosis. The rest I've heard.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxwJ1q7cIck Used to listen to "$uicideboy$ - Kill Yourself Part 3" during this time exactly 3 years ago, it was before the song went mainstream and was overused by 14 year old eboy normies (FUUUUUUUUCK). Anyways I have always been able to express all my anger and grief over my life in the song lyrics itself. As I listen to this song I always imagine about jumping off Brooklyn Bridge and falling in slowmotion while memories of my life begin to play in my head just before reaching the water on a cold and sunny autumn day.
>>431 I don't like this wrist cutting Swedish kind of DSBM if you get what I mean But I like doom and some black metal Have been listening to this on repeat for the last couple of months or so. Extremely underrated. At least I haven't heard it being mentioned anywhere: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Flm36a3y_M
(89.63 KB 507x540 download (5).jpg)


no cookies?