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Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 20:13:58 No. 27
>tfw 8/r9k/ is the only refuge on the internet I could find any joy in, and now it is gone
>tfw all /r9k/-alts are only marginally better than 4/r9k/
Sure this r9k is dead but at least there are no trap posters or fag dick threads
yeah...... 4chan r9k right now is so fucking unbearable.... ENDLESS faggotry, trannies, normies, females, sexually explicit threads with no original thoughts or content

its like things just rot over time. when communities start out, they're beautiful and unique and special. i remember 4chan r9k since 2008 before it was deleted, and when it came back. it was radically different than what it is now

things just decay over time, probably including us. i dont know.... i cant seriously post on wizchan because of the fucking mods. the mods there are LITERALLY, LITERALLY i swear on my mothers life, i swear to GOD, LITERALLY homosexuals and females. i swear to god if i insult someone and just flame them, my post will be deleted simply because the mod doesnt liek me, but if people make fun of me, and the mod sides with them, nothing happens. my posts on that website regularly get deleted and i get banned, even when i didnt break any of the fucking rules. my threads get deleted simply because the admins hates vegans and

like for over a year, LITERALLY all the time on /b/ there was gay threads of faggots roleplaying there. and i'd bet my life atleast one moderator is a female

there isnt anywhere you can post, honestly. even in 8chan r9k the board owner was a non-virgin who also power abused and randomly banned me when i didnt break any of the rules. but atleast in 8chan r9k i could go off on people and express my mind with more freedom than wizchan

4chan actually has a lot of free speech oddly enough, but thing is, its like having free speech in a glory hole party. you're just surrounded by this sea of sexually depraved horseshit. your thoughts and ideas fall on deaf ears as they all suck eachothers dicks. but atleast you can express yourself, even if nobody is really listening

i dont even know... i dont think theres any good imageboards left, it just kinda died
4/r9k/ used to be such a fun board and there used to be actual discussion now 1 in 4 threads is a discord thread, or a tranny thread, or a femboy thread, or female dom thread. It's fucking disgusting...
Like 4chan/r9k/ but without women. Weebs trannies from reddit, that's what you are.
To be fair, being vegan does in fact make you a dumb faggot
any r9k alt is better than 4r9k, doesn't seem like we'll ever have a permanent home though.
anon use 4 chan X plug in filter out that tranny shit with a filter list
I am missing 8chan too, anon. It looks like something is going on with imageboard forums recently
Have a (You) 4chan Burger King Avatar Nigger.
(146.75 KB 700x1008 1412412421421.jpg)
4chan has become a fucking nightmare, the same repetitive garbage reposted over and over, it's fucking sad. all the effort, all of the great threads, all the anons in the world. but some lame assholes decided to ruin that too, Hopefully 4chan dies and it left to rest in peace, fucking faggots and they're raiding ruined the entire goddamn website.
>>557 Imageboard could also have twin forums, where the same content is reproduced...
>>557 that pic looks like a beksinski painting. he was a great guy and i hate how the only time i see his shit shared is that creatura/amerimutt/whatever edit of one of his paintings.
>>88 >Heil'd
(826.51 KB 2404x1260 degradation.jpg)
every fucking time;.
>>660 >Original members have a group >It prospers >Newfags join in >Newfags take over, change the rules, and destroy what the group was about in the first place >Newfags say "Well if you don't like it, leave and go make your own" >Original members do that >Cycle repeats
>>660 Who plays games for women. What an absoultley autistic graph. TF2 for example died because Valve deicoded to stop updating or balancing it and CS:GO because it got so autistic that people got bored and left. >inb4 soy boy xd
>cuckime >8/r9k/ Yep, OP sucks cocks
(469.19 KB 1762x1463 5b0dcd6fc1c4a.jpg)
>>629 It is a beksinski painting indeed, though I disagree, I like his memedits, just as much as his paintings. A shame how that guy died.


no cookies?