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(8.94 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20210108_175007.jpg)
Anonymous 01/08/2021 (Fri) 17:25:26 No. 1705
Is this normal hair loss?!!
>>1705 No. Hair can be tied to drop in T levels. As if you needed another reason, might want to start hitting the gym. Also T levels replenish only while sleeping, so make sure your getting enough deep sleep.
>>1706 >might want to start hitting the gym jews shut everything down. I barely go outside anymore. What does this have to do with hairloss anyways? I thought increase in test would cause hair loss?
(100.03 KB 1024x975 1598572919808.jpg)
don't tell me I'm balding
>>1707 Low T can cause hair loss, and low E in women can lead to hair growth on face and arms etc. Search "testosterone hair loss" You will see tons of sites backing claim, there is also many peer reviewed studies on the matter. There are other causes for hair loss, but low T is the only one you can do anything about. >There are three main causes of thinning hair or balding in men: -This is perhaps the most common reason for baldness and hair loss. If hair loss runs in your family and you are genetically predisposed to baldness, there isn’t much you can really do to stop nature from taking its course. -Hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone levels, can lead to a number of hair issues and they can cause coordinating health issues as well. -Age is another one of those common causes that you simply cannot do anything about. The older you are, the more likely you will experience thinning hair or hair loss. In fact, by age 45, 1/3 of men will begin losing their hair and nearly all men experience some form of hair loss by age 70.
i dont get why balding is such a big deal. worst case scenario i can shave my head if i personally dont end up liking my balding pattern when it happens to me.
>>1710 but I'm a low T beta autist loser. Is there some kind of cream or something I can put in my hair to stop the balding?
>>1711 I can cover my face with it. It keeps warm. It was the only thing I liked about myself, now I'm losing it
>>1712 anon if youre too lazy to workout you can still help your T by eating proteins, taking vitamins, getting sleep, and fucking women
(505.12 KB 500x375 1505938194341-1.gif)
>>1729 I alway feel rage and release it with my seamon I feel like a weak faggot. I want to stop but cant help it it helps me sleep. most of the time I'm too lazy to even grab a cumrag and just cum in my boxershorts before sleeping and just after waking up. when the gym was open I was able to release this excess energy with physical exercise but those fucking kike subhumans closed everything down. fuck em


no cookies?