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(117.72 KB 337x424 22.png)
(76.66 KB 452x599 1586587807189.jpg)
(1.79 MB 814x1018 Monet, title unfound.png)
(90.74 KB 437x600 Dore, Elijahs Ascension.jpg)
Alchemic Journal Volume I Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 05:23:25 No. 1345
I am here to post my further inquiries into the one, true christian mystic art. Also I have decided starting tonight I will sleep every two days, since sleep evades me, so I will exhaust myself and then fall in that manner. Even so the time between I will spend reading and studying divers alchemic and religious texts. And am here to answer any and all questions regarding any topic whatsoever. I will curate this for while, I have the sense that through my devotion here I can draw a population to 16chan and create a truer environment. Current reads as of now: The Book of Isaiah and The Secret of the Golden Flower. Thread theme: Transcending this barren rock and finding solace in elysian fields
Theme Hymn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oyFuepFX_0&list=PLTweOPYeD0cEFh5CN66H6_lXDEy7N61aD&index=136 as well this is a name I have fashioned for myself out of the Greek. No simple translation will suffice to reveal its meaning. I grant you all the best in determining its meaning. I'll post daily updates and check back for any and all questions on any and all topics. I seek only to guide to light, for those in dark, have my love.
Is that last image made with pen and ink or with carvings?
>>1348 Its gustav dore, hes a famous illustrator, im unaware if he did any work that wasnt a carving he illustrated paradise lost, dantes inferno, and the bible, as well as don quixote i believe
(51.92 KB 477x600 Dore, The Wrestle of Jacob.jpg)
>>1348 Trust not a man whose spirit dwells in his nostrils. The Spirit is manifold, yet still One, as many limbs constitute one body. There is the Spiritus Domini There is the Spiritus Sapientiae et Intellectus There is the Spiritus Consilii et Fortitudinis There is the Spiritus Scientiae et Pietatis These are Seven in Number The first proceeds from the Lord God the Father The second and third proceed from his Bride Sophia, σοφοσ The fourth and fifth proceed from The Son of Man, Ιησούς Χριστός The sixth and seventh proceed from the Holy Spirit, whom himself proceeds from the Father, yet they are equal I am signing off for now, those were just the gleanings of my art and method for this night, tomorrow night, or perhaps this evening, I will post more.
(158.28 KB 1244x850 1583085155725.jpg)
My Lord is White, yet for my lot I'm black, as coal, as desolate skies of waning stars, what waxeth for their wane? it's surely pain, the way is narrow as the iota's breadth instruct me as a lynx, whose pass is sure, whose dreams aren't filled with rue, who looketh not again, again, again, to check again, whether they lay in wait, to snare my soul, and crush my head, as roe doth rape a roe, for lynxes' path and pass is far from wrath, he knoweth all the content of his steps, and even more contentness held within, and such I envy, jealous, mad at God, that I should be forlorn, even as his Son, even as his Bride, the wisdom I'm devoid, even as his Church, who hideth in the earth, whos precious pearls before repulsive swine the Spirit of the Breath of Father's Wind will not consent, not for a while long, that She be subject to unrule, deflowered, for She be Bride of He that be of God, and thus Her dignity is one in the same, I pray to all, consent that I be lost


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