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(82.95 KB 640x640 1594075480843.jpg)
Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 21:14:31 No. 1223
Sometimes i feel lonely. Outside my relatives, i don't have any frens and forget about a gf, never had one. Sometimes, the wound burried inside opens up and it hurts. I do manage, i am religious and have faith in the Lord so that keeps me going. But one these days, like today, my spirit is letting a moan of agony. Please don't bully religious anons.
(175.04 KB 762x1024 1593306930140.jpg)
>>1223 Bless you anon. I hope your day goes better. Much love, fren.
>>1223 No bullying religious anons. Pinky promise, okay? People find often friends through education, employment or training. So that's one way. I guess you can make some digital friends on video game servers, particularly the chiller ones with voice chat.
>>1223 having a gurllfrend is not always synonymous of happiness


no cookies?