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(102.87 KB 728x810 1590015223798.jpg)
Trade skills Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 21:53:17 No. 1151
Any other robots in trade skills at all? Considering for a few years to start finding a job in the electrical or welding fields. Tired of being a neet fuckup.
>>1151 trade skills seem pretty good since you are being useful to others which i think is good personally, however i am not in trade school as i prefer neet lifestyle since it is comfy and i am literally in neet country so it's ez af for me. Additionally, i believe doing something like trade school could potentially open new paths for you and you could create new frens which are always good if you can get along.
>>1152 Where are you from anon, I am in the US and currently living on unemployment, neetbux.
>>1153 I am from the Uk :^)
>>1154 That is nice, how is the UK? Do you go outside a lot on night-walks, is there a lot to do there right now.
>>1155 everyone is quarantined and is literally another day for me, my place is relatively small and the weather is sort of like spring but sometimes rain, also i do not do night walks unfortunately even though i would love to but my area isn't that safe.... and i can't carry a gun unlike you
>>1156 That is nice, I live in the Northwest and love the rainy weather. Have wanted to move to an area where it is snowing or at least raining and cloudy. You also live in a non-safe area, I have always felt unsafe on walks and almost shot a few times in muggings. Oh I do carry, though no anymore. Guns are overrated really, to me.
>>1157 sorry to hear about you almost being shot, i always wondered what feels you get from nightwalks though. Are they worth it? also are nightdrives similiar or more different than nightwalks?
>>1158 They are very enjoyable, usually the serve to clear my head of stress. Being able to go outside and be the only person there and not even bring any electronics and take your time is very relaxing. Drives are okay, they go by a bit quicker and you are a bit more on edge as you have to pay constant attention to your surroundings.
>>1161 ahh it does sound very comfy, so do you not listen to music during nightwalks? If i ever did a nightwalk I'd probably listen to vaporwave while walking.
Ive done plumbing, heavy equipment operation and welding. Never got any certs in it or got in a union though- honestly go for it man its the best thing you can do but for me i was already working making money so the cert and union bullshit just seemed like a waste of time
>>1151 Idk if this counts a trade skill, but I'm a fabrication technician that makes silicon wafers for a fortune 50 company.


no cookies?