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(38.77 KB 400x300 c3piou45iou.jpg)
masturbation addiction / no fap general Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 09:08:05 No. 650
What's the longest you gone without nutting, and when is the last time you fapped. >just yesterday >about 3 months Me I know full well how completely better life is when I don't do that. Problem is I don't have the means to actually change my life, so when I have all this energy and masculinity from semen retention, but nothing to do except go outside and do nothing or try to do something productive on the computer, eventually I get bored and frustrated, and return to the excitement of fapping. My addiction is much worse than normie addiction to fapping and/or porn because I'm not using it to fantasize about sex, for me, jerking off to porn is the fantasy, and when I manage ot not do it, I don't fantasize about sex anymore, I fantasize about jerking off to porn. I don't even want to have sex, and couldn't even if I wanted to, so that solo activity is the highest form of hedonism.
>>650 >December 1st >One and a half months Usually I fap when I really don't have anything else to do. But recently I picked up some hobbies that help keep me doing stuff and I stopped fapping. I stopped needing to fap. It's been really good now, and I've been able to keep the streak since the 1st
>>650 I think it's been two weeks now or so. I am feeling good and motivated. I also take kratom everyday almost, and it's very hard to cum on kratom, and reduces my sex drive which I am happy about. I don't like being super horny all the time. However last night for some reason I could not stop thinking about sex for like an hour laying in bed. I had a massive boner and eventually I passed out. But yeah I am going to try to just not fap ever again. Just sex. I feel more motivated and less dirty.
>>650 20 some odd days. After about 10 or 15 days I get really depressed. I'm much better until then, though.
>>650 4 days is my longest without nutting.
>>650 >yesterday >about a month and a half tried to talk with friends to organize an online game, took them 3 hours to finally get online after they already agreed to play. got bored and jerked off. I got a guitar recently so I'm going to try and focus on getting better at it as a way to distract myself. to be honest, my base emotion at all times is depressed and unmotivated and when i don't masturbate im angry a lot but more motivated. Better to be angry and sad, so i guess it's back to building the streak. good luck bros.
>>815 >Better to be angry *THAN* sad.
(150.93 KB 1024x922 1568669555821[1].gif)
Longest was around 70 days which I managed a few times. Last fap was 10 hours ago. I thought that by this age I'd be over fapping addiction and looking at porn, but instead, I just fap regularly and don't give a fuck, genuinely enjoy the hobby with zero shame for being literally the 30 year old coomer.
>>650 Intermitent fasting could help you to take no-fap effortlessly
(373.00 KB 1037x1597 ClipboardImage.jpeg)
One month/ 2 days ago Urges each time are less and less and I’m mostly doing it because of quarantine
(179.58 KB 576x564 「I'm so fucked up」.png)
I just fapped to some terrible shit op how do i fight this?
(150.19 KB 648x852 ClipboardImage.jpeg)
>>900 Different strategies for everyone One tip I’ve heard is whenever you get the urge do pushups until you are too exhausted to fap Most of all keep at it when you fail don’t fap several times in a row And don’t edge that’s a trap
https://m.imgur.com/gallery/g4eGH Just dropping by with the good shit Stay strong kings
>>650 threads like this need age group beside opinion it's one thing to be a horny teen and another an adult
go out and run that helps
when i was in prison. i did eventually do it just had to be safe
about 2 weeks. Haven't fapped for 3 days now, but that's because I am depressed that I can't find any good softcore porn I like in high resolution.
(124.08 KB 1080x1080 1563401097772.jpg)
>>650 >be me about 2 years ago >decide not to fap not because some autismo conspiracy just didn't feel like doing it >didn't jerk off in 3 months >after 3 months be lurkin cuckchan >see sa pic of a hot girl >decide I'll jerk off now >can't get hard It took me like 10 solid mins of jerkin my flaccid cock lol, has this ever happened to someone else?
(117.72 KB 774x1032 1532930214965.jpg)
(494.91 KB easypeasy.pdf)
Fallen kings, get up and use this. I think the whole "PMO" shit is weaksauce, but the PDF has helped. It got me going from going COOMing once at least 2 days, to once a week at most.
>>1014 its called a flatline. if you are hardcore addict it will take 6months to a year to get your cock back.
>>650 i no joke went 8 months nofap the first time i did it though now if i make it 3 days i count myself lucky


no cookies?