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(75.17 KB 1007x1024 1608734972020.jpg)
Don't give up Anonymous 01/02/2021 (Sat) 06:13:38 No. 1685
You cannot seppuku anon. We love you. You are needed for the Final Battle. Survive and wait for the sign. Your leader lives.
(101.89 KB 674x667 1606709285022.jpg)
Thx fren this is just what I needed after my 99 year old great grandma just died of covid. The med kikes wouldnt even let me fly in to see her one last time, and they kept promising me she would live through it just fine. The fucking kikes, I will never forgive them.
(28.48 KB 474x474 pepe.jpg)
Thank u fren, this actually gave me goosebumps.


no cookies?