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(93.32 KB 959x639 960x0.jpg)
Anonymous 12/30/2020 (Wed) 10:55:30 No. 1676
I got drunk and called my country suicide hotline Guy on the phone was literally rude and 2 police officers came to me in 2 am I yelled at them and cursed at them and lied that it was a false call, they left I then got in a fight with my father and he kicked me out and now im at my moms house What is the best way to kill myself? Best i van think of is buying some shit car, dtiving it as fast as i can and crash myself Or jumping from a skyscraper but problem with that is that i cant enter the roof or that building if i dont know anyone who lives there
(82.90 KB 1400x1050 2323.jpg)
Whatever you do, make sure your mom finds your body so she can live in depthless trauma, depression, and guilt the rest of her life. Nothing says goodbye for a lifetime like a fiery crash or brain on the concrete. At least take out a huge loan and bet on a options trade or some shit. Come back and tell us how much debt/millionaire you are.
>>1677 Why are you so cynical
>>1676 buy some life insurance. or move, change your name, disappear and restart. if you fuck up again then just use the car method, alone.
>>1676 perhaps the realization that no one at all cares will lift some weight off your shoulders viz. "i dont know what to do with my hands" no one is watching your fucking hands
>>1738 >didn't answer question so here u go buy hemp rope and do calcuations on decapitation height, cost $30 can't fail also dont have to hang there, much faster
>>1676 >want to suicide >dont do a shooting or punish others who deserve it >dont jew the banks for free money they will neve rget back >just die like a loser so you have the guts to kys but you dont want to take advantage of it?
>>1676 if you are that sure about suicide at least take a loan first and go live life like a renegade, fuck everything. punish those who are rude, those who deserve it then a quick bullet to the head. no strangling yourself like a loser.
>>1741 This, and accept Jesus Christ into your life before you kill yourself because the poor guy died on the cross so you might as well use what he died for, also he is God with the Father and the Holy Spirit so he kind of knows what's up. Unless you are a Satanist in which case you should kill yourself as soon as possible.


no cookies?