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(9.88 KB 180x179 wojak.jpg)
Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 23:36:06 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
>tfw no gf
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we all know that feel
Eat less (once or twice a day, within the most close schedule possible.
Cold showers.
Deep breathwork.

You must first have a strategy against such Fel energies.
My greetings. May God make your blessings contagious
>>3 If you are in need of emotional energy a gf is the solution but emotional energy is overrated. Sex with escorts do the physical part.
>>599 >lies above more lies

(49.79 KB 650x650 download (11).png)
MysteryXX 12/21/2019 (Sat) 12:10:08 No. 683 [Reply] [Last]
My virginity is inevitable... sadly.
>>683 Maybe if you stopped consuming soy media it'd be less inevitable?
>>683 The only sad thing is you considering it is a sad thing. >values according to female standards >fail

(253.29 KB 1440x900 26196-1-1278042145.jpg)
Antagonism Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 10:08:15 No. 828 [Reply] [Last]
I have a quest for you all, playable characters. >go towards some succubus video where these singers are just mixing their porn with their songs, ex: "Becky G - Me gustan mayores" >open a comment >write some sentence like the next one: "When you are an attention-needy useless parasite without any fear or shame about it because every man around you is a babbling zombie onanist" >write these sentences in Taco in case that most comments were also in that language >be discreet with your profile if you feel this could generate some heightened reactions >be sure your comment has been attached and remains visible >expect for comments and reactions >come back here and report

(153.77 KB 1000x1000 doomer.png)
Fucked up Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 18:01:55 No. 103 [Reply] [Last]
>Failed HS
>Parents divorced
>Homeless in 3 months
>Can't get a job nor can I support myself

how's life for you all anons ?
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>>103 It's dogshit. >>124 Abhorrent option. Only dicks are ex-military. Normalfaggots are meant to be the dicks not robots. I've always chimped out over this bullshit back when any channer suggested it to a loser. Fuck off. If we can't get along with normalfaggots your option you'd choose is just be FORCED to not be able tot leave them? They take away your rights. Fucking faggot.
>>106 This is my situation right now but I finished uni and got a wortheless degree.
>>106 Single mothers are the perfect catalyst for creating a robot/incel/wizard ect.
>>124 CIAnigger post
(278.18 KB 470x455 pekka gun.png)
I did not come to a barley living image board for 4shit memes leave

(2.60 MB 480x360 AVGN episode 300.gif)
Mens choices in life Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 08:40:20 No. 711 [Reply] [Last]
1. You work 4x as much as Lisa Su to make 10x less 2. Kill self 3.Become a beta Belle Delphine style egirl worship 4. Rot and hope to god something gets fixed
Oh I forgot 5. Become a tranny
>>711 Asians have the smallest genitals
>>711 God be praised at every circumstances

(62.90 KB 598x536 area 51 suicide.jpg)
(2.05 MB 534x1706 wiz - Hecked nature chaos.png)
r9k jokes Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 19:06:14 No. 821 [Reply] [Last]
How can you actually make memes or jokes about the virgin's ride and it's systems of perception? I happen to never come across not a single one

A shitpost from 4chan AnonInfinity 09/27/2019 (Fri) 03:12:43 No. 237 [Reply] [Last]
I'm sorry for posting something so stupid here
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Let’s do what they did with nigger and start calling each other incas
>>329 yo inca
>>774 my incanigger
(297.50 KB 591x549 aborti0n (2).png)
That was a stupid shitpost and so are you.

(241.19 KB 1414x680 christmas_apujista.png)
Merry Christmas Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 17:02:42 No. 693 [Reply] [Last]
I hope all you anons are having a comfy Christmas.
>>693 Merry Christmas, Anon.
>>693 I wish I had seen this when I was blue during Christmas. Hope everyone had a good one
>>693 Thank you kind anon.

(47.75 KB 409x409 1561738367060.jpg)
Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 07:48:35 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
nice, no trannies. also r9k is for comfy boys only, no faggots please
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>>21 can confirm am faggot here too lurking in str8 robot board. i have no where else, ill be staying here now. thanks.
>>26 This shit was absolutely real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iId00EavFQY
>>17 >faggots Faggots need their own board. Preferably in an oven.
I am german and I agree
>>17 genderqueer genderqueer genderQUEEER i enjoy being HEEERE op is the true 100% faggot

(9.65 KB 375x375 10211125.jpg)
about to be 23 and still a virgin Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 15:28:17 No. 406 [Reply] [Last]
How do you not just fucking kill yourself hearing your normie friends and their active sex lives? Every year just keeps getting worse, how do you cope? I don't think I will even make it to 30.
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>shotguns, white percentages

While communists and salafists were crating their propaganda, where were all the people who knew what really happened at WW2? Getting drunk, showing off, fighting like apes for fun or animal rage.

Hitler could be having diarrhea inside his tomb today because of whom inherited his legacy.

If you want to grow, EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE, CREATE PAMPHLETS AND LEAVE THEM AT SCHOOLS or likely... you may be inducing some real hope every one, five or ten or more young students who take the redpill before they go astray.

But no, it's better (according to some ppl here and there) to shoot some latino peasants near some supermarket coz muh inmigration.

Why isn't this getting printed and being distributed near youngsters? https://i.imgur.com/BOPCFgg.gif
>He doesn't autisticly obsess over hobbies instead of a nonexistant sex life
I am 26 and don't really care.
>>406 Anon you're prioritizing sex too much, it really doesn't matter too much and you should try to get into a relationship before you have sex. If you get into a relationship with someone and you like the person you have sex with it's meaningful and deepens the relationship as opposed to the pure hedonism of fucking someone that you met the same week and is consequently more enjoyable. Not to mention you will be happier in the long run and won't just be happy for an hour or two. 23 is still very young for a guy and even for a woman (doubt you're a woman though you're on 16r9k) so don't give up. There's a lot of whores out there but there's a lot of good women too.
>>406 dude quit whining, i don't know if i'll make it to 30 without getting over lyme disease and i'm stuck in bed most of the day. Enjoy your faps. I can't even do that anymore.
>>406 24 and virgin here it's not something I care too much about tbh


no cookies?