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(17.37 KB 300x380 JamesTKirk.jpg)
Voyage to the Crystal.Cafe Planet NEET 06/26/2020 (Fri) 00:10:24 No. 1529 [Reply] [Last]
Captain's Log, Stardate 2020.6. Starfleet has intercepted signals from a planet that appears to be a mirror opposite version of our universe, we have been sent to investigate with orders to maintain the prime directive at all costs.
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just learned the original owner or something of asherahs was a scrote. femoids on suicide watch.
(140.55 KB 1024x768 crystal chan femoid.jpg)
Fascinating Captain. One of the so called femoids has outed herself, evidently she has no fear of being made into a so called Lol-Cow. Shall we notify our allies on Kiwifarms.net?
There's more, Captain. The same femoid started a thread full of angst about being lonely and hormonal. They are visiting wizchan and saying based. I do believe this constitutes a direct analogue of a normal image board users, the parallels are striking. https://crystal.cafe/b/res/72683.html
(806.13 KB 1008x470 1567106064362.png)
>>1672 >pic Holy shit. Imagine getting your relationship advice from that thing
>>1672 >when you overdose on sonic inflation porn

(460.41 KB 1920x1080 ceep6.jpg)
Multiple Shotgun Shell Suicide Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 18:48:31 No. 1235 [Reply] [Last]
Long story short, I am a loser robot who was able to rebuild myself, but then sustained a freak weightlifting accident to my spine which has left me in 24/7 terrible physical pain and no hope for recover after 2+ years of physical therapy and pain management. So I am now 22, been disabled since 20, no skills or trades,no friends, family hates me and I am almost homeless, and thanks to the constant physical pain I feel like at this point, its not giving up, it is giving in. Anyways I was looking at lostallhope.com and discovered, to no surprise, that a shotgun to the head is the most lethal and painless method of suicide, but one thing surprised me. Turns out after shooting myself I'd still average about 1.7 minutes before I expire. The thought of risking being conscience while my brains gush out of my head for almost 2 minutes makes me feel horrible. To remedy this I figured I could double my odds by rigging several guns to go off at once, but lack the mechanical aptitude to make a suicide helmet or something. how could I rig multiple shells to go off at once?
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>>1237 >>1237 too long for my tastes would rather it be over in a flash
>>1235 >only two years I was really fucked up for ten. Don't just give up because things are hard. Never give up.
>>1238 What I'd recommend is this; You wait till Halloween, head over to an apartment/park/front yard, and find a place to hang yourself. It can be a tree, a stair well, the side of a building. Before hanging yourself, cover your body in a white sheet, tie the rope around your neck and jump. People will think that you're just a prop. (it's best to do this in a neighborhood, or in the stairwell of a large apartment where people living there will eventually find out you're a dead body) Once they find out you're not a prop, and that you're actually a dead person, it will cause major lolz and trigger a lot of people. This is a good way to spite your enemies.
>>1307 Or just man up and don't commit suicide like a faggot.
Get a double barrel and pull both triggers at the same time

(104.04 KB 538x717 elliot rodger.jpg)
Elliot Rodger Thread Anonymous 12/07/2020 (Mon) 13:18:42 No. 1590 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think of this guy /r9k/?
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>>1614 no he's just a dead retarded faggot stuck in the closet perhaps
>>1641 >I'm not a normalfaggot, and you're being a zoomer at this point to even use wojaks. Wojak isn't a strictly zoomer meme and it was millennials that popularized Pepe and Wojak and they are apart of robot culture you newfag.
>>1647 Get the fuck out normalfag .
(1.57 MB 969x1286 1607835877305.png)
ITT normalfags who don't realize that even though Elliot failed his mini beta uprising still caused normalfags to get triggered and discuss it in the media thus leaving his mark on the world.
>>1669 >only decent response in this thread The constant psychologizing people do on Elliot and related/similar characters is self-serving and feckless. <Warning, about to psychologize It is unsurprising an individual like Elliot percolated from the mire that is contemporary American gender relations. I would argue that while Elliot was a product of his environment (a proto-incel), his mental makeup was what eventually led him to go on a killing spree. Today, many share Elliot's situation, but Elliot was (relatively) unique in that he appears to have been unable or unwilling to question his own views. Rather than pay for a prostitute to break himself out of inceldom or any number of other routes he could have taken, he chose to kill normies. Surely there are many SMV 4-8 incels (well within pre-2014 mating range). I'm sure plenty of these come from upper-middle class families like Elliot's. Why don't these incels kill themselves and/or kill others in greater numbers? They have more self-critical capability than Elliot did. He had very strange behavior which he was unwilling or unable to change. Much remains to be said about the Beta Uprising, a far more interesting topic than Elliot himself. Love or hate him, Elliot is a part of the "manopshere," a subject that has unfortunately taken a backseat in 2020 along with the Beta Uprising. In fact, the events of 2020 are not disconnected from the Beta Uprising. Using our 20/20 hindsight, we can reclassify Elliot's 2014 Isla Vista killings from a revenge spree shooting primitive insurgent behavior. I would posit that Elliot's subconscious was picking up on emergent phenomena within Western society, and he chose to take action against it. While it is not my intent to lionize Elliot, I would say his killings took a certain amount of bravery, testosterone, and agency. Elliot made a plan and took action. At 22, Elliot was not mentally mature enough to form a detailed plan, and he lashed out at the world around him. A year later, this can be contrasted with Dylan Roof's Charleston Church Shooting where he managed to kill a state senator at only 21 years of age. It is through this new lens of fourth generation warfare, white insurgency, that we can extrapolate outward toward Brenton Tarrant's Christchurch mosque shootings which ultimately led to the shutdown of 8chan. We are witnessing a growth and progression of ideology within the white incel community. White millennial Americans have been full-spectrum disenfranchised and are in the process of being erased entirely as we head into 2021. Hopefully I have written enough of interest in this post for someone else to latch onto and run a few more yards with, I am having a rare drink and need a moment to further gather my thoughts on this topic.

(8.70 MB 4200x2800 aisha04_suitHD.png)
Finding Catgirls Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 15:24:11 No. 1048 [Reply] [Last]
Where do I find a catgirl around the East Coast of the USA I can court?
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(9.84 MB 1034x1080 senko-caramelldansen.mp4)
(26.25 MB 1264x1080 senko_nyan.mp4)
(58.38 KB 743x675 senko1.jpg)
(220.26 KB 1150x400 senko2.jpg)
(308.87 KB 1200x675 senko3.jpg)
>>1048 FOXGIRLS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CATGIRLS
You don't want a cat girl my man.
>>1082 <3 senko
(262.14 KB 850x1202 1597362472441.jpg)
>>1065 I remember when I posted this a year ago. Boy, it was a different time. We live in a twilight world.

(68.89 KB 680x680 1606827281051.jpg)
Anonymous 12/02/2020 (Wed) 18:36:31 No. 1524 [Reply] [Last]
I'll be 20 in a few months the only memories I have about life is going aimlessly through the forest and feeling sad about life and sitting in front of my computer feeling sad about life I despise myself and everything i have done I'm made not to function
its easy just kill yourself
i have found the cheapest way to stop being sad is find humor in everything
(483.68 KB 498x298 1575461937433.gif)
Take the mathpill. Grab a book on maths and start learning. You'll get incredible angry and frustrated at times, that's for sure-- but once you grasp the concepts you were studying you'll feel an incredible rewarding sensation.
>>1648 Not OP but interesting suggestion. I have been wanting to relearn math to reawaken that part of my brain. I made it to differential equations in college but I'm certain I couldn't do basic algebra at this point due to years of bodily abuse and atrophy. Do you have any recommendations on books or where to start? Unfortunately the library near me is closed due to the coof.
>>1649 Given that you once knew up to differential equations, I would suggest you Mathematical methods for physics and engineering by K. F. Riley. The first chapters are on algebra and basic calculus, you can use those as a refresher, after that, well, you're free to advance in the book as you wish. Here's the link: http://library.lol/main/7BAA06C90D48DE1C4619B8A94040395B

(1.36 MB 2124x1044 'finished' autism kit.png)
INNAWOODS Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 22:32:51 No. 1359 [Reply] [Last]
You should have an autism kit too. They often call them go-bags, bug-out bags, etc, but in reality they are a vagabond thing of negativity and angst. 'Autism' thus is a good name for them, and they are kits more so than a bag, so here is my latest one. I have approximately everything in the image.
28 posts and 14 images omitted.
(187.73 KB 1200x1600 IMG_20151126_013431.jpg)
>>1618 >beta vs omega A loooong time ago I/OP bitched about this. Robots are hermit tier, omega. Omegas would do a shooting more than some alpha/beta personality. Obviously. They say 'beware the lone wolf' and such after all. >le five years ago image of me during a yandere period after my only friend left the area
(1.47 MB 2132x1032 'finished' autism kit - Copy.png)
>>1598 Also some stuff can fit into the duster trench hybrid (it's a hybrid coat of the two) as it has fairly large pockets. The solar can be worn like the bag can, though that makes you look more homeless. I COULD shove it into the bag's last empty compartment, but it'd make the bag look even moar round while risking damage of the items, namely the solar panel. The dell bag is very sturdy though, so it can do it, and for some reason it has soooo much room in it. Too much room for a dell laptop. I wonder why it's so big but I got it used. Also some things can go into pockets in general. My primary phone I keep in my shirt pocket. Then there's the larger front and back pockets of normal clothes. The canteen is designed to be outside, it's not that odd, but it has alice clips that allow for belts to go through it so I could have it beneath the duster on my belt if i wanted, but as fat as I currently am it'd look silly and feel silly too. I have more items now. I should retake the picture. Then again, you get the idea. What's the point of posting the size of a tiny life straw that you could wear on your neck, or a new camping knife, or the silly stool, assuming it's in one of the versions of the images I posted. I also have that maxam knife, it's too big really. I would keep it behind me on the belt if I were to have it hiding beneath the duster. Most comfortably I throw stuff over my shoulders though. The canteen, the stool, the knife, solar panels, but everything else is in the bag or a pocket. Some of it is smaller than you'd think. Like the bucket is really small, so are those bivvy things and foil bags. It's really all small. Also, my first panels there fit into the duster's pocket, but are too tall, though who would guess my cardboard package is for doing some homeless things with? It's the canteen that gives it away, but one could put it into, the outside stuff, a secondary bag. I have a large tier duffel bag but it rips easy, and looks more bum tier in my opinion. I suppose I could wear the solar under the jacket while on my shoulder. Less obvious that way. Also the stool isn't really worth it if I were to carry all of that stuff outside of a city. In the city it would be. Makes you look less "is he about to sleep there" when you're on it. Less drama from pigs and such that way I figure. >pic related as I contemplate the setup further tl:dr: most fits to the point of concealment actually
>>1595 Can that solar panel really charge the laptop? I've read that some can. I was going to buy a 70 usd solar panel but got a half powered one instead as I wouldn't have the wattage either way for my older netbook. It's 19.5v so I'd leave it behind when the panels I've seen charge like 18v. Then again some inverter could fix it like I have for my ham radio, 5v becomes 10v at half the amps. Is it that sort of thing with that one? Anyway, it looks like a good start. Are you going to cook the ramen in the steel cups and sanitize water with the kettle? Or cook the ramen IN the kettle? Do the mre's cook themselves and or the kettle with the chemical that gets hot when broken up or mixed? What is to the left of the cups?
>>1596 >superglue I'm afraid to even have that in my bag in case it erupts.
(1.24 MB 1712x1048 'finished' autism kit - Copy.png)
My actual bag is now pic related once the ussr canteen griddle kit and usb soldering iron gets to me. It's nearly complete. Then I can finally name it finished autism kit without the air quotes.

(43.62 KB 599x445 1533555223127.jpg)
Old /r9k/ Anonymous 11/07/2020 (Sat) 09:25:48 No. 1377 [Reply] [Last]
Do you miss the old /r9k/? If yes what do you miss the most? I miss when. >Tranny shit was around but it wasn't a huge problem like it is now >The beta uprising meme >When /r9k/ was the beta male virgin board and not a normalfag hive >Tfw no gf and Feels threads >When women hate threads used to get over 100 or 200 replies >When you could joke about going on a rampage without getting banned or reported by normalfag SJWs >Blackpill threads >Wizard threads >NEET and wagecuck threads Even though some of this stuff is still around i don't see it all that much anymore what do you miss about the old /r9k/ robots?
22 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>1572 calling people a nigger is normalfag shit? youre so fucking stupid. youre not a loser, youre just an idiot. you dont belong here, you belong at the long end of a shotgun held by a nigger you love so much
>>1603 > youre not a loser, youre just an idiot. Look who is talking it is you're not youre.
lets just get back on topic please....
(32.73 KB 1512x1072 1537237063351.png)
>>1606 >lets just get back on topic please.... This anyway 4/r9k/ was a place i used to call home but ever since 2017/2018 it has been absolute shit it was going downhill before that but it wasn't so bad before 2017/2018.
(375.48 KB 792x475 1599099463758.png)
its not important dumbass this isn't class now seethe more over my lack of proper punctuation

(63.21 KB 406x344 1602870943249.jpg)
Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 22:35:34 No. 1364 [Reply] [Last]
I cant wait for the secret santa threads on 4chan to pop up so i can ask for a dildo. What will you ask for?
5 posts and 3 images omitted.
(140.45 KB 1920x1040 Screenshot (1797).png)
>>1368 This is my Tor browser
not sure why it's hidden, but it's definitely not on purpose. never had dates disappear in my firefox fork. >>1368
>>1364 your agonizing death. kill yourself, faggot
will we ever able to recover from dead end faggotry after going full degenerate?
>>1364 your slow death. faggot. kill yourself

Join the /robowaifu/ Revolution Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 21:50:28 No. 1085 [Reply] [Last]
Let's face it anon, modern women just aren't worth it. Feminism and modernity have made relationships into nightmare for men, but we have a solution. Our multidisciplinary team of robowaifu technicians is working tirelessly to make robot wives into a reality. Join us in our charge to build and design the women of the future. Join us at julay.world/robowaifu
13 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>1096 I'm inclined to agree with you. I think many of our guys waaaay under-estimate the overwhelming complexity facing researchers working on artificial human gestation. Our robotics and even our AI systems are coming along nicely and should be quite doable in a reasonable timeframe. Artificial wombs however, I'm fairly skeptical about. OTOH, there are many forces besides ours that want to see them. Even the feminists do haha.
>>1098 It's all well and good until everyone who is actually fucking evil, governments, corporations and especially glowniggers who are just dying to get that shit as MKUltra has demonstrated, has access to fucking mind-control. Not just good ol' mind-control, but mind-control dangerous, extraordinarily capable and powerful beings far superior to humans. Incredible idea 10/10. I think it must be borderline unhackable, with no internet connectivity, completely free software and even with separation between the organic and computer parts of the brain for it to even be halfway passable.
(103.87 KB 748x985 1591451264610.png)
The ultimate evolution would be to simply attach a machine to the hypothalamus and have the "mind" slowly get siphoned into radiation-hardened SSDs. Also, if I may sperg out like a true tard, those who want moeshit/dollshit can fuck off, only actual robos are allowed.
>>1092 Update: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/ >>1093 Why would there be such clamps? If so, maybe to prevent use by someone unauthorized, they would need to be engineered in a way to prevent such malfunctions. >>1120 Animated dolls with a mind are fembots/robowaifus, not dolls. Dolls don't move around and think, except in horror movies.
>>1085 Julay died last I checked.

WEAR YOUR MASK Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 03:29:22 No. 1356 [Reply] [Last]
>Be me >Order pickup >Go in with no mask because fuck a mask >Manager gets upset >I flip her the bird as I walk out >Man in his plumber truck sees me do this with a smile >He gets enraged >I call him a faggot >He gets out of the car >I leave >Plumber follows me to my house >Plumber says I fucking know ware you live now >I cold cock him in his car >I walk up my stairs while he recovers >Plumber follows me >Plumber gets kicked down the stairs >Plummer comes back for round three

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post omitted.
>>1356 This story could have gone like this >be me >order pickup >wear a mask because I'm not a faggot edgelord >get my food without pissing anyone off >go home and eat is that so hard
>>1361 They could just not get upset like the faggot children they are. >>1360 It really was a good time
>cold clock >ware
>>1361 Cringe
and then they all clapped


no cookies?