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(690.96 KB 1095x771 -welcome-.png)
/agatha2/ General Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 02:11:47 No. 641 [Reply] [Last]
8chan /agatha2/ refugee's welcome! Post your rare Aggies or anything Agatha related.
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anyone has current pics of her?
>>648 she did nothing wrong
>>729 Oh you silly sub-human Mutt be real careful with you’re word’s Mediterranean’s are white what you imagine will never happen you will never have children you’re brothas won’t do jack shit and you will die alone
(992.10 KB 280x186 tenor (3).gif)
i miss aggy :( the sadness is unreal

(225.44 KB 1200x1163 1568778871727.jpg)
Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 07:06:09 No. 1327 [Reply] [Last]
Did you forget about this cutie?
>>1327 Who?
>>1328 https://archive.fo/LaiHe An 18-year-old Oklahoma woman was arrested for making terroristic threats against her former high school, according to a Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office arrest report. The report says Alexis Wilson purchased a new AK-47 and took photos and videos of herself with the weapon. Wilson allegedly showed a co-worker the videos and told her "that she was going to shoot 400 people for fun and that there were so many people at her old school that she would like to do it to," according to an arrest report. Police said Wilson was making threats against McAlester High School in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, about 90 miles south of Tulsa.

(1.43 MB 4032x1960 20200916_191758.jpg)
(32.60 KB 509x411 1600146865482.png)
Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 23:48:26 No. 1323 [Reply] [Last]
The rage I feel at the poisoning of my skies by commies out west is almost unbearable. I live in the mountainous regions of north central massachusetts. The usual red pink orange beauty of out sunsets are now marred by disgusting grey yellow haze of communist revolution. It's all so tiresome...
theirs already a thread about the coming revolt anon also >one liner you could of posted this in meta or something tard but yes it is tirsome i like in California and it was pretty bad a couple days ago but now is just smoggy
wait im not on pol what the fuck is this place what is all this suicidal degeneracy?

(176.93 KB 623x702 16goax4ggyw11.jpg)
Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 07:13:32 No. 167 [Reply] [Last]
Is this /ourhome/? Are the mods here more lenient than other places?
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it will be if those fucking nine year old niggers can lay off the trap anime porn spam.
(149.54 KB 643x456 2020-07-21_17-13.png)
>>167 Apparently
>>167 /ourhome/? Stupid question but who does that entail?
>>1291 This places is kinda dead tho
>>1321 damn straight it is faggot

(35.60 KB 640x535 oh.jpg)
Have you ever doubted your own existence? Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 03:30:16 No. 1250 [Reply] [Last]
I remember being a child and watching my own reflection on the mirror and feeling somewhat confused as why that was me, even today it feels kinda strange I mean I'm pretty sure I exist is just that Im not convinced my concience actually lives inside this body.
Yup, used to do that frequently when I was younger. Would look at my hand and question if that was a fake version of me restrained by society, that my "true" conscience have never fully been awakened

(5.75 KB 200x252 sly.png)
You owe them no protection, let whatever happens to them happen Anonymous 08/30/2020 (Sun) 15:38:56 No. 1297 [Reply] [Last]
If you believe women in society don't want you, its time to stop performing the role of being provider and protector. You need not concern yourself with what happens to them because afterall they are not your 'women'. Let 'Chad' bear all the weight and if he can't fight off whatever enemies come its his own fault as well as whoever chose him. Let the migrants come in and do what they please or foreign men during a war if you believe that's what will happen. Shake hands with their enemies or open the gates for them. Focus on making life better exclusively for males only and creating male spaces. Then when the time comes, artificial reproduction. Think about it. You are the gatekeeper to being provided and protected for, exercise bodily autonomy.
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>>1297 Fuck that, I'm an incel not a cuck, I'm not gonna help niggers or muslims fuck white women just because I can't, what kind of fucked up cuck mentality is that? You can rot in hell, with the rest of the normalfags.
>>1314 They are not 'your women', they won't date you ever in your whole life. How is that 'cucked'? If you protect them while they offer you nothing that is more like being a cuck.
>>1314 Protect a 'white woman' if she offers you something.
>>1314 Serve your 'country' if it offers you something, same for anything else. Stop being a simp. Are you going to call mercenaries 'cucks'? Because the idea behind being one is you never left a hand to help or serve anyone unless they pay you and promise you something in return.
>>1314 I meant protect that specific white woman who offers you something. Not 'all white women' expecting nothing in return. You do realize that men who became mercenaries have always been the ones who thrived while simps have always fallen? When Rome fell the men who became mercenaries got together and demanded 'chads' give them enough stuff or else they would do nothing to help with the barbarians. Those 'mercenaries' who you yourself think are 'cucks' became feudal lords.

(312.56 KB 900x814 ddddddddd.png)
Barely any posts here, Where are you robots most of the time? Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 13:19:59 No. 1146 [Reply] [Last]
The main reason i barely post here is because i'm mainly playing osrs and i sometimes just go on 4chan /r9k/ and try to revive the place but it always ends up failing since too many normalfaggots and foids have entered. This place is a nice alternative, however the post rates are very slow hence why i think this place is dying, any solutions to make this place active frens? but even if we do, do this i have a miserable feeling of normalniggers finding this place out and destroying it like 4chan /r9k/.
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>>1303 >same people You have to go back
>>1304 Sure, just looking for the lost robots that may have scattered after the various sites r9k was on got nuked. If none are here then so be it
>>1305 Noticed a couple newfags recently, so it is possible but management is not the same
>>1305 I'm still here and interested in other /r9k/s.
>>1311 >>1305 I found two /r9k/s for male virgins, and I think at least one of them is implied in this thread. (I'm >>1311.)

(460.41 KB 1920x1080 ceep6.jpg)
Multiple Shotgun Shell Suicide Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 18:48:31 No. 1235 [Reply] [Last]
Long story short, I am a loser robot who was able to rebuild myself, but then sustained a freak weightlifting accident to my spine which has left me in 24/7 terrible physical pain and no hope for recover after 2+ years of physical therapy and pain management. So I am now 22, been disabled since 20, no skills or trades,no friends, family hates me and I am almost homeless, and thanks to the constant physical pain I feel like at this point, its not giving up, it is giving in. Anyways I was looking at lostallhope.com and discovered, to no surprise, that a shotgun to the head is the most lethal and painless method of suicide, but one thing surprised me. Turns out after shooting myself I'd still average about 1.7 minutes before I expire. The thought of risking being conscience while my brains gush out of my head for almost 2 minutes makes me feel horrible. To remedy this I figured I could double my odds by rigging several guns to go off at once, but lack the mechanical aptitude to make a suicide helmet or something. how could I rig multiple shells to go off at once?
i kinda regret indulging you, but isn't helium asphyxiation the most peaceful way to go?
>>1237 >>1237 too long for my tastes would rather it be over in a flash
>>1235 >only two years I was really fucked up for ten. Don't just give up because things are hard. Never give up.
>>1238 What I'd recommend is this; You wait till Halloween, head over to an apartment/park/front yard, and find a place to hang yourself. It can be a tree, a stair well, the side of a building. Before hanging yourself, cover your body in a white sheet, tie the rope around your neck and jump. People will think that you're just a prop. (it's best to do this in a neighborhood, or in the stairwell of a large apartment where people living there will eventually find out you're a dead body) Once they find out you're not a prop, and that you're actually a dead person, it will cause major lolz and trigger a lot of people. This is a good way to spite your enemies.
>>1307 Or just man up and don't commit suicide like a faggot.

(54.24 KB 720x480 womenarecruelandevil.jpg)
Anonymous 08/31/2020 (Mon) 12:14:14 No. 1302 [Reply] [Last]
this is how bad its getting. i cant get a girlfriend looking like this. i would fucking work out if gyms were open. my rooms too small to work out in. ive lost all my money from covid and am gonna have to catch the virus to not starve by working at walmart.

(1.21 MB 1200x630 OG-image.png)
/BPDfeels/ Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 02:11:24 No. 231 [Reply] [Last]
Thinking that Everyone i know ghosted me for absolutely no known reason when they've only not spoken to you for a day.
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It is a mind sign that you are being nicer to people than they deserve
Fill me in on the mental disorder of the month totally caused by chemical imbalances of humors in the brain.

Bipolar disease?
Borderline personality disorder?
Blunt penis disease?
borderline personality disorder is shortened to bpd
If being a ghost hurts you, then be a ghost on purpose. Embrace what you seem to reject, so you may find peace in it.

March towards loneliness and prepare yourself against the filthy predatory world that surrounds thee.
>>531 >Blunt penis disease that one


no cookies?