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(8.72 KB 645x773 wojak.png)
Welcome to ROBOT9001! 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:39:42 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /r9k/ - 16chan's ROBOT9001 Board. This board is dedicated to the discussion of virginity, inceldom, and magic. . Please check the global rules and board rules before posting: https://www.16chan.xyz/.static/pages/globalRules.html https://www.16chan.xyz/r9k/rules.html Terminology Robot: A autistic socially awkward male. Incel: short for involuntariy celibate a person who is not in a relationship nor has had sex in a significant amount of time, despite numerous attempts. KV: short for kissless virgin, someone who has never kissed a girl KHV: short for kissless hugless virgin, someone who has never kissed or hugged a girl KHHV: short for kissless hand holdless virgin, someone who has never kissed or heled hands with a girl before Apprentice Wizard: a human male virgin who is at least 20 years old and lacks the will (or capacity) to lose his virginity

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Anonymous on 01/25/2021 (Mon) 01:51:39.

(136.41 KB 608x633 popsicle.jpg)
/r9ka/ thread Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 03:27:45 No. 325 [Reply] [Last]
I hate normalniggers.
Post any robot/wizard approved animu and manga.
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>>1516 anime website
@1516 disguisting normalcattle like you should be driven out and shot en masse no survivors
(376.01 KB 1600x1200 fuckanime_00255797.jpg)
>>1516 based
started blood-c last night, seems pretty good (well someone kinda spoiled the end with a certain gif so it should wind up pretty edgy i think)
>>419 retard. They don't watch good anime, only mainstream shit. They can't even critique it properly and they still make fun of people who watch it religiously.

(51.73 KB 736x736 ight.jpeg)
Is late age virginity related to IQ? Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 01:57:49 No. 1478 [Reply] [Last]
Still a virgin. What causes this to happen to an average IQ? religious misconceptions, social barriers, complexion, government brain washing? Nothing to be ashamed of if you're a secure sine thinking individual. It is clearly obvious you are keeping yourself safe. You are logical because you've thought about the consequences of irrational behaviour towards any opportunity. But this is sometimes not convincing enough. Society has put a lot of pressure on young, males in particular, to "get layed". Why would they do this if it is already naturally instinctive to reproduce? Something marketable perhaps, they need more babies. But why wouldn't they just import more immigrants? Sorry I'm rambling.
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>>2072 >Men can't be virgins you normalnigger. you must be trolling if not I've seen the most low iq post on here.
>>1744 It's more about your looks. Good looks provide positive social validation which is what provides good social skills.
iq is for redditors it doesnt mean shit i have 148 and im still a high school dropout and an alcoholic drug addict
IQ z-score averages around +3. ASVAB easily Category I. Virgin until 31 when I gave up my wizard powers. See the Inappropriately Excluded article: http://polymatharchives.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-inappropriately-excluded.html?m=1
>>2094 You're the redditor. Reddit is full of pansies who think IQ is near useless when in fact the opposite is true! You dropped out because school really does suck and rewards diligent little worker bees and social pyramid climbers. I am sure you are exceptional at the things you put a bit of effort in; high IQ gets you to point B faster than a low IQ. Low IQ can also be a barrier!

(71.55 KB 779x219 download_20210403_113259.jpg)
Anonymous 04/03/2021 (Sat) 15:33:30 No. 2166 [Reply] [Last]
lol wizchan died
3 posts omitted.
It's for the best. It was comfy back in the day, but it was really a shadow of its former self.
gonna miss it besides for all the discord faggots and their failed normalnigger loser nobody soap opera bleeding into the boards.
was nice for dwelling in my autism induced depression and seeing there are even more worthless human than me
Anon nails it on paragraph 3
it's back niggers

(209.64 KB 498x589 1569624086544.png)
General Feels thread Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 06:55:43 No. 316 [Reply] [Last]
Let's sit down and type the most feels story here

or dump some whatever that makes you tear up
44 posts and 9 images omitted.
There once was a man. He had a hard life and it had embittered him. He was one of six children, fathered by a stern and godly man and his alcoholic wife. When he was young he ran away from home to join the military and be with a girl, but she betrayed him and their four children. She had claimed he had raped her and their daughters and demanded money and that he leave so she can raise her children with other men. He left. He wandered the country searching to find belonging as we all do. He found more comfort in alcohol than he did when he was young. He eventually returned to the state he left his family, leaving a trail of slime in his wake as he attempted to fill the void that girl left. He took a job at a local power plant, finally having severed ties to the military. Time goes on and the man climbs the latter until one day he met a girl he liked that worked directly under him and promptly knocked her up. The girl never wanted children. The man didn't want to be a father again. Above all else, they feared god, and they kept their daughter. They married with a shotgun placed squarely between his shoulders by the girls' father, and a belly nine months pregnant. Their daughter was wild and full of life. Time continues to pass, the girl becomes a full time mother, and the man takes on a new role at a new job: Correctional Officer. This was where the man thrived. His anger could be concentrated and unleashed with the pretense of providing for his family. He gloated of his endeavors against men bigger than he, but he would never tell you that he never once fought fair. They have another child. A boy. A difficult and painful birth that fell on the date the Branch Davidians were disbanded and their leader dead. A cursed child that got stuck. This child tore his mother to the 4th degree and had his scalp nearly removed by the suction being applied to the top of its head. For the first ten years of its life it bore a hairless mark upon the top of its head roughly the size of a silver dollar, which drew the attention of cruel children, of course. His first memory was lying at the bottom of stairs because his sister couldn't stand the thought of sharing attention. Neglect is what happened. His next memory was being burned on the face by a cigarette. Not intentionally, they just weren't aware of his presence. His last memory for now would be pulling a scalding coffee pot off the counter and onto himself. Apparently, when a toddler receives a third degree burn on their arm, the wound needs to be treated periodically, and an amnesiac is administered to keep trauma at a minimum. All that remains from that point in life is the smell. The family eventually moves to a new home together. The father is tyrannical and abusive, the mother makes excuses to the children. The daughter beats the boy. The father rapes the daughter. The mother attempts to kill herself and is sent away. The kids are left alone with him. The daughter defends the boy. The father rapes the boy. The mother cheats her way out "save them." Instead, she teams up with the father and begins beating the daughter. The daughter begins to self harm and is sent away. The daughter is villainized for nearly twenty years for her supposed lie. The boy is angry and medicated and underdeveloped. Adderall took his teeth. thought it fixed him. The mother is dependent on him. The father drinks and lies. The mothers death approaches and the boy, now an adult, tries to take care of her while fighting the fathers attempts to undermine him. The father was drunk every time the ambulances came. He punched the boy when the mother fell out of bed for pushing him out of the way as he attempted to drunkenly drag her frail body back into bed. The father tried to convince the mother to buy him an RV instead of seeking treatment so she could die with him-alone- because fuck everyone else and fuck her too I guess. He tried to drive a wedge between the boy and his own wife, as she made him question his father. He called the police when he told the boy it was his fault when she died and he rightfully got socked for it. He made them drive in a foot of snow in a smart car without hesitation. The father will to this day claims he has never done anything wrong. The man sits and drinks and lies and will outlive us all. He locked my mothers ashes in his bedroom to keep for himself. My sister still chooses to keep in contact with him because she's convinced that he's family and indispensable because he's our father, but I see him as our rapist and tormenter first. He caused so many fights between my mother and I when I should have just been good to her. One of the fights he started and fled from led to her disowning me not a couple days before she died. The day she died? "Bad day" That's it. That's the only info I got from him from the hospital while she was still alive. I hate my father.
(150.79 KB 483x378 crying pepe.png)
I am tired of sitting in my basement and doing the same shit I always do. I am wasting my life. I already know that I will not live until 30. My time is running out. I really need to pull a Christopher McCandless one day soon.
>>876 tl;dr from the first 2 paragrapgs it sounds like a sad story bro.
>>1688 made me lol
>>2177 lol

(92.60 KB 600x432 drugs.jpg)
Anonymous 03/18/2021 (Thu) 00:32:37 No. 2139 [Reply] [Last]
(420.03 KB 460x460 makeup cheater.webm)
>>2139 Bullshit. A psychologist's job now is for the most part making you a little bit better and then come back. Prescribe dope. That's how they make money. Talk with your dog or family or friend. If you can't do that then try to treat yourself unironically. 99% of the time. Psychology used to be a respected field based on the clinical, but since ridiculous kike freud's ideas was propped up and accepted psychology was tainted and has been rendered almost worthless and distorted. Besides Insanity is (((normalized))) now in society at large, no amounts of drugs or shrinkers can change that. Only change in circumstance which means the society itself must be changed to something healthier, less corrupt. Which means less semitic.
>>2139 I don't know, it's not scientific, it's an agenda designed to drug and oppress certain categories of people. Doctors shouldn't be trusted, muslims shouldn't be trusted, chinese shouldn't be trusted.
mental illness isnt real. if anyone ever tries to put you on pills deny them. you dont need pills for adolescent depression. shitty doctors drug up kids and get them dependent on drugs for life, making them believe that there is something wrong with them. mental illness isnt real, people diagnosed with "mental illness" like bipolar are just depressed. this depression is either caused by personal choices they make or something in their upbringing. real chemical imbalances are incredibly rare, and there should be stricter methods of determining if someone needs medication for their imbalance. their goal is to get the entire population on drugs. they start young (i was put on drugs for adhd and depression at 12) and get you hooked and brainwashed into thinking there is somethinng qrong with them, and that they need these meds to function. they dont attack the root issues of trauma, or the lifestyle issues. they solve everything with pills. psychology and psychiatry is questioned on chans, just not as much as it should be.

(19.40 KB 656x527 9e1.png)
Anonymous 03/28/2021 (Sun) 09:39:36 No. 2159 [Reply] [Last]
Why no one sees the real losers: >people living in totalitarian regimes >people with severe genetic defects >people living in pathological environments and suffering harm there. I may be a loser, but compared to that, it's nothing.
There will always be dictators so long as the spineless walk among us.
(5.28 MB 256x256 tralala tranner.webm)
you are just a dumb frog posting nigger gorilla that's the problem

(324.88 KB 382x417 1616601518120380506.png)
Anonymous 03/27/2021 (Sat) 23:03:41 No. 2156 [Reply] [Last]
I wake up every morning and I can't believe how fucked up my life is and how fucked up in general is. It also turned out that the concept of "civilization" is a troll and a deception; there is no civilization, people, like all animals, despise the weakers, use them; instead of helping them, they abuse them, even those who are professionally destined to help. I wish i could die quick.
You'll never be a real woman though. Sneed.
(333.76 KB 861x877 1614807749624.png)

(50.88 KB 484x254 1614947647903.jpg)
Anonymous 03/27/2021 (Sat) 18:19:08 No. 2155 [Reply] [Last]
im on my third day of nofap

(58.49 KB 800x513 877.jpg)
Normalfags Hate Thread Anonymous 03/21/2021 (Sun) 02:57:35 No. 2148 [Reply] [Last]
Normalfag Hate Thread ITT things you hate about normalfags the most. >When they say oh just bee yourself bro or just stop being depressed bro lol >When they tell you to get a job as if that will solve all of your problems >The type of threads they make on this board and the fact that they call themselves robots and try to fit in even though they aren't If you aren't a socially awkward virgin male with autism you're not a robot >Their constant partyfagging and degenerate behavior like casual sex and recreational drugs >The constant need they have to complain about their relationship problems >The fact that they are so judgmental and judge you for every little thing because you are not like them and not as successful as them >The fact that they don't know anything about internet culture and kill memes like pepe and wojak and they turned wojak into soyjak >The cringe YouTube content they make and the constant need for validation and attention from social media and how narcissistic they are >When they use words incorrectly like incel robot Nazi racist sexist NEET Hikikomori and treat them as buzzwords or change the meanings of the words to try and make them more inclusive terms >The fact that they never STFU about politics >The fact that they say oh i feel so sorry for you or you should get help when they don't actually mean it they are just being polite >The fact that they bully actual social outcast while at the same time larp as nerds because nerd culture became mainstream

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Probably the partying and how they generally socialize too much. Ironically they don't want you to "bee yourself," they want you to find your rung on the hierarchical ladder. The faux concern is very annoying, too. They only pretend to care about people in a rut so others witness how much of an upstanding person they are.
(43.85 KB 384x500 160574794386.jpg)
>>2148 They repeat the last popular words and is fucking annoying. "LOLOLOLOLOOL YOU SIMP KEKEKEKE LAMOOOO SIMP SIMP SIMP"
>>2153 I just stuck with "whiteknight" or "cuck". Where was "simp" even first said? I heard it was some nog who said it on twatter or somewhere else.


no cookies?