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(155.76 KB 693x598 may10th.png)
OPERATION: PRIDEFALL - Begins June 1st Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 18:00:28 No. 45542
>What is Operation Pridefall? It's quite simple. every June, hundreds of massive corporations band together to smother social media with posts in favor of "Pride Month", a code word for the degeneracy that is LGBT activism. Many of these accounts are rather small and get very little engagement, yet they continue to post without backlash. Beginning on JUNE 1ST, The goal of Operation Pridefall is get on discord, twitch, etc. and drop a shitton of disturbing redpills on homosexuality on the comments/channels of the lesser known pages. The bigger pages are ok targets, but posts tend to get unnoticed in the sea of other comments. Commenting on smaller pages (~100 likes or so) means anyone who views it will see the posts, and companies will reconsider their posts afterwards >How do I do this? 1. Get a shitty free vpn: There are a million addons on google chrome/firefox that give out a free vpn, pick one. 2. Get an email: https://temp-mail.org/en/. 3. Sign up for twitch using steps 1 and 2 to verify. 4. Go on any game category and look under a LGBT tag, sort it from the lowest viewers to the highest, so you can get more attention 4. Post away! (Please note that you might get shadow banned on twitch, often this causes only you to see what you commented, the way to fix this is to re-register using a vpn which will work 99.9% of the time, if it doesnt work try cleaning your cache and cookies too.) There many different companies to target each year, we will use these threads to coordinate and post salt afterwards. See below for a folder of all my memes saved so far + the ghostbin >Have we ever done this Exactly 1 Year ago the Operation Thread was made (5/10/2020). However The Operation failed miserably we can do much better this year. >Any specific guides? Keep it normie palatable/friendly. This means no Nazi/Hitler shit, the goal is to make them question whether what they are supporting is really the right thing. Just like IOTBW, THERE IS NO PHASE 2!!! >HURR YOU TRIED THIS LAST YEAR AND IT FAILED Shut the fuck up you double nigger it got the faggots and trannies scared shitless so we are doing it >Resources https://archive.is/pyxda >Meme Dump https://mega.nz/folder/Oq4nlAbS#hZGqGL-UOwqT1k3Dfbg2Dg >Statistics https://archive.is/2X7xA Good luck anons, and good hunting.
(37.38 KB 438x578 1601738973400.jpg)
Previous Thread >>>/pol/28296
(8.49 KB 220x229 download.png)
dead thread
(137.53 KB 353x466 1535225019169.png)
>>45556 >t. butthurt tranny
(361.86 KB 523x612 1615354958749.png)
(246.38 KB 541x513 xy.png)
(48.02 KB 617x626 1615229543281.jpg)
(157.45 KB 1024x1024 1610906204295.jpg)
(183.67 KB 1064x1072 1601732783850.jpg)
(3.02 MB 2048x2015 M - Copy.png)
(626.33 KB 1581x977 Male.png)
(230.27 KB 1080x1160 1605567351629.png)
(350.97 KB 1467x674 1605566539200.png)
>>45542 Gimme links, and I may spam.
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
>>45542 i have a friend who is a homosexual. primarily hes an electrician, but happens to be gay. him being gay isnt primary, its just something that he is. its not his identity. i spoke with him about trannies and lgbt nonsense and he hates it himself. i thought this was quite interesting. we discussed it being pushed by actors and celebs and theres very few percentage homosexuals who actually want or appreciate it. them being gay isnt an identity to them. it just is something they are. i thought that was quite refreshing. made me think maybe we should get some gay anti-LGBT activists to shut it all down
>>45922 Your friend gets off by sticking his penis in another man's asshole, or by getting his asshole filled with cock. Why would you associate with a sodomite? My mantra has always been if you associate with a degenerate, you are a degenerate. Your friend is an abomination against Nature and its Laws.
>>45926 Ah, guess that guy must be a degenerate. Still makes a decent enough point, information can be handy.
>>45926 So anal sex with a woman is still considered taboo or what?
>>45928 Anal sex is degenerate. Penis is meant for vagina, vagina is meant for penis. Putting the penis in a hole meant for excreting feces is depraved
(53.76 KB 659x441 B9g2ZH-IcAEdPFJ.jpg)
>>45922 >theres very few percentage homosexuals who actually want or appreciate it. Perhaps in a smaller town or red state, but in most major cities and blues states this is not the case. From a numbers standpoint, "Most" are all for pushing globohomo narratives. There may be a few redpilled faggots out there, but they are few and far between Redpilled or not they all get a pinkstar and/or the rope
>>45934 There's no difference, poop-eating faggot
>>45926 > My mantra has always been if you associate with a degenerate, you are a degenerate ahhh yes, the famous mantra by a literal who. fantastic. what he does in his bedroom is not my concern. i dont care. much like no one should care what happens in my bedroom. its no ones business. what happens out in public, is the issue
>>45936 >I don't care that my friend has his cock smeared with poop You yourself are a degenerate
>>45935 >There's no difference, poop-eating faggot you are insecure closet homosexual. why are you thinking about what gayboys do in their private life? why are you concerned? i couldnt give a shit.
>>45937 >cock smeared with poop thats the image in your mind. that is the thoughts circulating through your brain. not mine. whos the degenerate here?
>>45938 >wh-what do you mean that what you do in your private life has a ripple-effect on a larger society Funny how you call me a homo when you are defending anal sex. You subconsciously know that homos are degenerates and depraved. Your kind deserve the gas chamber.
(107.75 KB 1200x700 what should happen to faggots.jpg)
>>45940 >Funny how you call me a homo when you are defending anal sex the thoughts dont circulate in my brain. i dont even consider it. you should stop thinking about men fucking other mens asses. its like i dont think about my friends fucking their girlfriends. or your parents fucking eachother. you are a retard and a raging faggot. maybe even jewish
>defending faggotry then accusing someone of being jewish
(582.80 KB 790x1100 pride family.jpg)
>>45942 >ur gay because you call out faggots as abominations Oldest trick in the book, Chaim. Not gonna work here.
>>45943 you are the one who has homosexual acts circulating through your mind. not me, faggot.
>>45944 Faggot.
Look humans tend to have weird thoughts/urges from time to time. But the thing is you need to suppress it and learn how to contribute to society.
>>45542 the mega link is down "This file / folder link has been reported to us because it contains depictions of abuse of minors or propaganda of extremist acts of violence. The associated user account has been blocked. The user details, including the IP address, have been forwarded to the relevant authorities."
>>45971 Holy fucking shit, I thought you were bullshitting. Unless this guy had plans to actually do glow tier shit in this mega.nz link, i encourage everyone to find an alternate website to host content on. That is fucking unreal.
(38.95 KB 1200x800 Great-White.jpg)
>>46004 kikes are on their heels trying to censor the internet and prevent people from socializing normally at the moment. blood in the water


no cookies?