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(244.54 KB 600x400 1595974931943.gif)
ways to fuck with a leftists home. Anonymous 11/13/2020 (Fri) 06:31:41 No. 36856
Can you list ways i can mess with someone's property? i know the address of a leftist scumbag who caused hundreds of thousands $ of damage to a building, and got away scott free. I already know i could slash his tyres, smash some windows, even pour weed killer on all his garden and trees, make the property look barren. Want to know more things that dont cost a lot of money, not stupid kid stuff like TP, nor anything like burning his house down. Be interested to know any creative ideas. Cut telephone wires? something that will instill maximum fear or inconvenience/damage without potentially killing him.
anyone? or is this site dead?
>>36861 >>36860 thanks based sameposter. i do know where they work. Any ideas on the top of your head out of creativity? :)
>>36862 Accuse him of rape. Make up some elaborate story of him inviting you over to fix his computer and claim he drugged and sodomized you Call his work place, claim to be blac, claim you will never use their company again because he used a racial slur or some shit .t Not sameposter
>>36856 Can you glow any harder?
>>36856 Burn it down like they like to do to normal people. Do it at 3 in the morning. Burn all thei shit down.
>>36856 >>36856 Definitions can=shouldn't you "can" wedge nail against front of tire, they roll forward it goes in When they get it fixed its obvious at the tireshop because flats at the tireshop look 100% just fucked up debris jammed in tire, not a nail straight in You "can" do that hotdog poison one lady did putting wieners, I think she just filled it with toothpaste or something. put it on her property line that pwned trespassing dogs you "can" build a micro wave array and cook them in their own home, but really you'd probably microwave yourself doing that basically an LRAD except with microwaves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi3WBwR8yeo the commies did this to cook an embassy and it gave them all cancer after a few months basically this is what 5g is going to be doing from the 5g towers. beam right to you. But really these things are just LARP's and the wrong thing to do. You should be grabbing your bible and serving the lord and working to convert them to Christ. A conversion is double the win of a removal.
>>36980 Violence is always bad, even if you are being beaten to death or your children are being raped in front of you. Violence under any circumstances is always WRONG... unless the violence is committed by a government or by communists. Then violence is always right. But a civilian who holds non-conformist views should NEVER engage in ANY violence no matter what circumstances. And among the things which you should never even think about doing is wearing gloves and learning how to pop open the gas port opening (you should never practice on your own car first until you could do it in your sleep) and then pouring a liter or more of bleach into your neighbor's gas tank in the night. When you do not do this, you should not be wearing a mask or some other form of disguise in case of cameras which are cheap and plentiful. A fake beard works great. You should not be wearing shoes which you never wear again. Alternatively, you should simply just avoid purchasing a next of termites and releasing them on a wooden part of their house. But seriously, you know more about how not to fuck with your neighbor than we do. You know if he has an external air conditioner unit or a garage or a propane system which you should avoid at all costs.
>>36869 Shut the fuck up, jewfag And also just call the cops on him for having CP on his computer, if hes a true lefty prick he will have cp anyway- Or go hard sneak into his house and install some.
>>36856 Depends on your level of risk tolerance. There are a lot of tried and true tactics for (illegally) fucking with people provided you know their address. You could try ordering drugs to his house off of a darknet marketplace and then call the cops over to his house when the package is due to arrive. Similarly, sending prostitutes to their house or insulting/challenging people to fights while impersonating them could also make for good methods of harassment, although not much lasting damage would be inflicted. Just don't get arrested over pranks, anon. These are only thoughts.
>>36856 Spy out when the person is at work. Not like stalking but simply driving by every day at a different time to get something from the grocery store. If you wanted to do anything illegal (which I totally don't support and I have to say DON'T do anything illegal), simply drive up with a few buddies, remove his Front door (not like break open but literally just fucking steal his Front door). Imagine coming home and your Front door is gone. Nothing else, JUST the Front door. They didn't take your money, your TV, your precious necklace you got from your grandpa, just your FUCKING door.
put a trump flag in their yard


no cookies?