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(485.22 KB 1280x706 1598464645286.webm)
Kyle Rittenhouse Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 19:46:19 No. 34513
Still don't have full story, but the (((victims))) are shown attacking Kyle, and he is seen retreating before opening fire. MSM is already portraying him as some kind of neo natzee who was walking around shooting "peaceful protesters"
(21.09 MB 1280x720 0UaSghS-6zi01xtQ.mp4)
(2.18 MB 1280x720 8cjc9hjhvzWV_Qgl.mp4)
(475.65 KB 592x1280 1598464296780.webm)
(427.03 KB 1479x1465 1598465572825.jpg)
(234.39 KB 1500x1200 1598464911098.jpg)
Some on 1/4 chan claim first guy shot had thrown molotov (webm) at Kyle, others claimed it was just the plastic bag of "looter supplies" that were handed out to (((protesters)))
(20.94 MB 1280x720 ivuyQjwEB6GDeWaF.mp4)
Best video (so far) of first shooting Kyle appears to call 911, and claim he just shot someone
Next videos show Kyle being chased down the street by a mob yelling "He just shot somebody" One person knocks Kyle to the ground, second (((victim)) hits Kyle with skateboard. From the ground Kyle No(copes) him Third kike runs upto Kyle, with a Glock in his hand, Kyle manages to perfectly blow half his arm off, rendering him a non treat. Kyle then runs towards LEO to surrender himself
(1.53 MB 1230x824 1598464551845.png)
(2.22 MB 2048x1365 1598464368694.jpg)
(137.32 KB 1126x875 EgWwZ9uXYAEWCST.jpg)
(114.04 KB 1024x683 1598464789379.jpg)
(6.74 KB 160x160 EgWgcFPX0AA-OXI.jpg)
>>34518 >Third kike runs upto Kyle, with a Glock in his hand, Kyle manages to perfectly blow half his arm off, rendering him a non treat. Apparently this kike is an EMT and a felon and should not have had a gun. Runs up to Kyle with it drawn
(1.12 MB 1404x1398 1598465177452.png)
(3.51 MB 2048x1365 1598465487487.jpg)
>>34518 >second (((victim)) hits Kyle with skateboard.
>and then one day, for no reason at all....
(117.10 KB 1024x1024 1598451605099.jpg)
(570.54 KB 1379x708 1598450309122.jpg)
(1.30 MB 1664x1523 shooty_bang.jpg)
(271.47 KB 828x450 1598465370727.jpg)
(134.12 KB 863x1024 1598465299100.jpg)
(37.10 MB 640x360 dnero4.mp4)
Multiple angles timeline
(8.58 MB 960x540 ptxCK4Q.mp4)
Poor kid getting chased by niggers and commies.
(687.36 KB 478x270 Hthe-FcICFBc_8CX.mp4)
slow mo
(1.96 MB 1280x720 doom.mp4)
musical overlay
(7.28 KB 241x255 check em swastika.jpg)
>>34522 checked!
(24.38 KB 381x678 EgXkw4aWoAIfvV62.jpg)
(169.31 KB 1125x1394 EgXkw4YWsAEo2zC.jpg)
Race War Canceled
>>34533 that doesn't mean shit. its quite common for law enforcement agencies to record the wrong the race. there is no national uniform standard in data recording, so its possible the arresting agency didn't even have the option to pick White, or Kyle is aware of optics and picked hispanic when asked what his race was. or he's a spic, which doesn't change anything because (((media))) will say he's White anyway. take a look at the FBI's top ten most wanted, I guarantee you will find at least one person that is labeled as "white" that is actually middle eastern or african
(94.68 KB 309x249 rubingnoses.png)
>>34520 This symbol is hilarious. At first glance I thought it was rubbing hands and noses. I'm surprised the ADL hasn't already declared it a hate symbol.
(17.95 MB 640x360 KYLEWAVE - Kenosha Uprising.mp4)
Salute! Russia is in place. I made this video for all of us. Not give up.
(149.16 KB 989x932 EgZTypWVAAAowIK.jpg)
(211.56 KB 1125x1558 EgZT0OOUEAEIxFl.png)
Turns out Kyle went 3 for 3 Victims of Kyle Rittenhouse: Convicted pedophile (left). ('Shoot me Nigga' jew) Convicted child abuser (right). (Skateboard jew)
(188.19 KB 304x304 T53PIpXWBW3Iw162.mp4)
Kenosha Police Chief "They Fucked Around, They Found Out" https://archive.fo/SrsxI
(293.89 KB 592x683 1598487972958.png)
(372.93 KB 532x665 1598485788439.png)
(817.03 KB 960x764 uSo4Cj9z.png)
(539.00 KB 2048x1896 EgbY_5QXcAEALk9.jpeg)
(289.78 KB 1712x1598 EgbWxb5WsAEOUOE.jpeg)
I wonder if any legal anons here know any Wisconsin and US law? I've seen many people make the argument that self defense argument is null for Rittenhouse because of a "criminal activity" clause. Some fags or concerned fans say that the fact a minor committed a misdemeanor weapon offense then he has no right to self defense. I'm curious to wonder how many way you could interpret "criminal" and the context. I highly doubt some man being beaten after Jay-Walking would remove your self defense rights. How about a misdemeanor? Clearly a felony would do it. Would it matter the context? What is the current legal precedent and is there any similar cases, especially in the manner Rittenhouse acted? Could a new precedent have to be established if this case becomes high profile? I'm just thinking out loud. I'm only guessing this law is a thing because too many felonious niggers have been shooting each other but I don't think this should reasonably expand to Rittenhouse's case if he has a good lawyer. http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2011/related/acts/94 The clause in question.
(158.48 KB 295x585 kyle and mom.png)
>>34570 It has not been established that he committed any "misdemeanor weapon offense". Faggots made issue with Kyle's age of 17 Kyle lives in Illinois so his FOID would be from there, but Wisconsin has Reciprocity Laws so they would have to recognize his valid license >Laws on Purchase, Possession and Carrying of Firearms >Purchase >A buyer is required to show his Firearms Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) when purchasing any firearms or ammunition. >Requirements for FOID >Application for a FOID is made to the Illinois State Police, FOID, P. O. Box 19233, Springfield, IL 62794-9233. Application forms can be obtained online at http://www.isp.state.il.us or by calling the Firearm Owners Identification Program at (217) 782-7980. An applicant is entitled to a FOID if he: >(i) He or she is 21 years of age or over, or if he or she is under 21 years of age that he or she has the written consent of his or her parent or legal guardian to possess and acquire firearms and firearm ammunition and that he or she has never been convicted of a misdemeanor other than a traffic offense or adjudged delinquent, provided, however, that such parent or legal guardian is not an individual prohibited from having a Firearm Owner's Identification Card and files an affidavit with the Department as prescribed by the Department stating that he or she is not an individual prohibited from having a Card; Seeing as Kyle was in a gun club and some police cadet program it's logical to assume with mom's consent, he had a firearm license and purchased and carried his AR15 legally The clause you cited does not apply at all in this case. (yet) >(2) Except as provided in sub. (4), an actor is immune from civil liability arising out of his or her use of force that is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm if the actor reasonably believed that the force was necessary to prevent imminent death or bodily harm to himself or herself or to another person and either of the following applies: This has nothing to do with whether or not he can be charged, but whether or not he can be SUED (civil liability)
https://twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1299092138026766342 Twatter seething >>34578 >Seeing as Kyle was in a gun club and some police cadet program it's logical to assume with mom's consent, he had a firearm license and purchased and carried his AR15 legally Yeah, that's a safe assumption
(1.44 MB 720x480 Luke Starwars.mp4)
>>34578 Thanks for the explanation.
(63.80 KB 481x710 Egdbsz3UcAACpt0.jpg)
(336.03 KB 971x1491 1598656195549.png)
>>34570 >I wonder if any legal anons here know any Wisconsin and US law? Not my graphic, but saw this posted on 1/4 chan
(2.40 MB 1271x1148 thankyoukyle.png)
(2.25 MB 1642x6835 1598655517309.jpg)
(1.20 MB 3412x3036 1598696485614.png)
>>34588 if she lost like 100 lbs., she would basically be Sarah Connor
(145.84 KB 252x593 1598699392972.png)
(211.38 KB 680x340 1598706917749.png)
>>34668 >>34570 The video of second shooting says everything. Nigger jump kicks, Kyle fires round in air Skater swings board, hits Kyle then grabs gun, gets shot Gaige raises his hands, Kyle hesitates, Gaige begins to circle behind Kyle, then raises the Glock Kyle fires one round. Gaige retreats. Random guy closest to scene raises both hands and makes no move towards Kyle. Kyle doesn't shoot him Imagine, when Kyle approaches cops, they (not realizing he was shooter or recognizing him as a friendly from earlier) simply dismiss him and yell at him to go home.
Conservative attorney Lin Wood has taken on the case of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who has been hit with 6 charges stemming from a Tuesday night bloodbath where he shot three men, killing two, during a night of chaos, anarchy and looting. As the lawyer goes about shaping and implementing his legal strategy, Wood told reporters that he plans to argue his client acted in self-defense during the fatal shootings. Wood, who is based in Atlanta but will be arguing the case in Wisconsin, where his client is set to be extradited, told reporters that video footage of the altercation would vindicate Rittenhouse. He also slammed the mainstream media for spreading "misinformation" about his client. >"Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Murder charges are factually unsupportable. An egregious miscarriage of justice is occurring with respect to this 17-year old boy," Wood said on Twitter. An Illinois judge on Friday postponed Rittenhouse's extradition to Wisconsin so the 17-year-old defendant and his family could arrange for a private legal team. He didn't appear during Friday's virtual bond hearing, where it was decided he would be held without bond. As Reuters pointed out, the criminal complaint filed against Rittenhouse cites as evidence several videos recorded by witnesses, including one where Rittenhouse can be heard calling a friend and telling them "I just killed somebody". Coincidentally, Rittenhouse spoke to a reporter earlier in the evening and said he was there to help keep the peace, and that he had brought a medical kit, along with his AR-15, just in case. Wood won notoriety for his work representing Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann in his battle to seek compensation from the mainstream media outlets, including WaPo and CNN, that he argued defamed him. Though he isn't a criminal defense lawyer, Wood has helped assemble a pro bono legal defense for Rittenhouse. >Ayanna Pressley just got condemned to the World of the Blocked. She is no Elvis. And I am not a criminal defense lawyer but I am going to see what I can do tomorrow to help Kyle Rittenhouse. If a private defense lawyer steps up to defend him, please notify me of his or her name. https://t.co/I6IVnKZ6JT — Lin Wood (@LLinWood) August 27, 2020 >I will be speaking with Attorney John Pierce later today about Kyle Rittenhouse. John has taken lead in helping form #FightBack Foundation. >To help or provide information about Kyle, please contact John Pierce at [email protected] or @CaliKidJMP. >Enough is enough. — Lin Wood (@LLinWood) August 27, 2020 >Michelle Malkin @michellemalkin is also assisting so please DM Michelle also. >This young man needs & deserves courageous legal counsel who will fight for him. John is ready to do so & others will join him. The fight is for Kyle and for ALL Freedom Loving Americans.#FightBack — Lin Wood (@LLinWood) August 27, 2020 https://fightback.law/ https://fightback.law/products/donations-for-kyle-rittenhouse?variant=36065873854631 Pierce has confirmed to other media outlets that he will be working on Rittenhouse's defense. He has also represented former Trump campaign aide Carter Page and Rudy Giuliani. >"I and my colleagues at Pierce Bainbridge are representing Kyle Rittenhouse," Pierce said in a statement. "We will obtain justice for Kyle." Many in the conservative media world have already speculated that Rittenhouse acted in self defense.
>The man suspected of killing anti-police brutality protester Garrett Foster in Austin on Saturday has been identified as an active U.S. Army sergeant named Daniel Perry. >Perry’s lawyer also confirmed to The Texas Tribune late Friday that his client wrote tweets that have strengthened activists’ concerns about the shooter’s frame of mind, the validity of his self-defense claim and Austin police officials’ handling of the investigation. >Perry was initially confirmed as the Austin shooter in a press release from his attorney, first posted by KXAN-TV on Friday. The statement said Perry acted in self-defense after he “reasonably perceived a threat to his life” because Foster raised a rifle at him after he unknowingly turned his car into the crowd. >Other witnesses at the scene disputed that Foster raised his weapon and said Perry seemed to use his car to instigate the violence. >Perry’s attorney, Clint Broden, said the tweets are being taken out of context. He told The Texas Tribune on Friday night that Perry was agreeing with Trump in speaking out against violent protests as a military man, but “anyone who thinks he went to Austin with an agenda” is very mistaken. >Perry, who is also white, has not been arrested, and has been cooperating and speaking with law enforcement, his lawyer said. Austin police said Friday they could not confirm Perry was the shooter and declined to provide new information about the case. A police spokesperson previously said the shooting is under investigation. >Protesters on the scene told The Texas Tribune that a group surrounded Perry’s car after it hit a traffic cone, and in video from the scene, the sound of a car horn is quickly followed by three gunshots. >Texas’ so-called “stand-your-ground” law allows people to use deadly force against someone else if they feel they are in danger. It also prohibits an individual from arguing self-defense if they provoked a threat from someone else. >“The simple fact is that Sgt. Perry reasonably perceived a threat to his life when, as has now been confirmed by independent witnesses, Mr. Foster raised his assault rifle toward Sgt. Perry who was sitting in his car,” Broden said in his release. U.S. Army sergeant named Daniel Perry is still a free man
(319.67 KB 360x638 1598722561928.webm)
>>34666 Alexander William Blaine hobo in the background cocking his cheap glock
>>34678 That should seem very relevant for the jury.
>>34686 Its obvious there is a lot of gunshots from unknown sources in the videos, goes to Kyle's justified fear of serious harm.
Another compilation timeline video including newly release Gaige "I need a medic" Grosskreutz POV cell phone during chase File too large to upload https://www.wmgchan.com/static/incident.mp4
(126.73 KB 349x516 smokey kyle.jpg)
>>34578 he reminds me of smokey
>>34697 Should have used his volunteer firefighter pic
(121.63 KB 474x711 Smokey.jpg)
>>34697 On second thought, the Trooper hat was more fitting
>>34690 File removed. Re-upload?
>>34738 He was posting links on 4chin, I noticed he also did edits(as more info/clips came in, then would reupload with new links. I did download the two compilations but there were too large to upload here. Looks like new edit is at https://www.wmgchan.com/static/timeline.mp4 Just go to his homepage https://www.wmgchan.com/ as links may change again I guess
>>34738 Anons page was archived a day ago, and again just now by me. Just in case site gets shoah'd https://www.wmgchan.com/ https://archive.fo/REBVh
(635.86 KB 728x833 1598684097831.png)
(645.27 KB 1080x2246 1598705877632.png)
(1.89 MB 1024x2077 1598701600770.png)
(93.82 KB 873x692 1598704834862.jpg)
(157.02 KB 1072x527 ashley krueger.png)
>>34666 >>34678 Persons of Interest Alex Blaine (Clyde Barrow) and his GF Ashley Krueger (aka Bonnie Parker) Is believed to have fired the first pistol shot(s) at Kyle just before the manlet pedo Joseph (((Rosenbaum))) was shot Alex Blain's FB page https://archive.is/QQU8a https://archive.vn/TeYdU Ashley Kruger's FB page https://archive.is/XDotB 4chin digging threads https://archive.vn/AHbMc https://archive.vn/6AufI https://archive.vn/UOt3J https://archive.vn/xgtFL https://archive.vn/FBLLj https://archive.fo/Pa2vF
(1.76 MB 1982x1798 comp.png)
(2.28 MB 1080x1080 antifa gunman.png)
(64.21 KB 1007x565 1598704050446.jpg)
(918.38 KB 1005x727 alex blaine porn2.png)
(1.15 MB 1217x677 blaine porn.png)
(117.00 KB 1080x1080 antifa gunman1.jpeg)
(222.25 KB 1848x943 1598706161489.jpg)
(1.19 MB 925x752 y6e4k87ciuj51.png)
(707.07 KB 1038x830 antifa gunwhore.png)
(427.13 KB 864x590 1598697879427.png)
>>34750 Maybe their is a use for gay anons after all. kek
(They) are really going after Kyle, donations and lawyer's Lügenpresse, Lind has had twitter suspended for saying "Kyle did nothing wrong" https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/09/02/twitter-mistakenly-censors-lin-wood-attorney-to-kyle-rittenhouse-nicholas-sandmann/ https://archive.fo/CUZi5 They dug up dirt of criminal lawyer John Pierce https://www.thedailybeast.com/john-pierce-the-lawyer-raising-money-for-kenosha-shooter-kyle-rittenhouse-was-sued-for-unpaid-debts https://archive.fo/utX2V https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2020/08/27/us/27reuters-global-race-usa-lawyer.html https://archive.fo/ABjUt and most recently Credit card issuer Discover blocks donations to crowdfunding site raising money for Kenosha shooter Rittenhouse's legal defense Discover declined to say what regulations the Christian fundraising site violated, saying it “makes no judgment about customers' use of their funds” https://www.forbes.com/sites/karenrobinsonjacobs/2020/09/03/discover-blocks-credit-card-donations-to-christian-site-collecting-for-alleged-teen-shooter-kyle-rittenhouse/ https://archive.fo/FMRcI
>>34594 never realized how close vader came to getting his head cut off there.
An attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse has released a video he insisted shows the teen acted in self-defense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4dhPM99i4I&bpctr=1600891065
(550.39 KB 720x1333 Acid Reflux.jpg)
(457.60 KB 130x212 Dancing Israeli.gif)
>>34513 Oy Vey Do the shekel shuffle Goyim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVa0NwaQpiM
(128.73 KB 1242x734 1610201433746 - Copy.jpg)
(69.01 KB 480x887 ErPbOmFXAAEwxhf.jpg)
(34.56 KB 828x460 ErPbNFVW4AA3FIb.jpg)
Free as Fuck
>>39208 >Rittenhouse -- who just turned 18 -- hit up a bar in Mt. Pleasant, WI earlier this week with his parents and enjoyed a beer ... according to our sources. As you can see ... he was sporting a shirt with the phrase, "Free as F***." >If you're wondering how he was allowed to drink alcohol, you're not alone ... but it's actually allowed per Wisconsin law if a person under 21 is with a parent, guardian or spouse of legal drinking age
(266.66 KB 1637x1265 5fff931ec8bb6.image.jpg)
(187.67 KB 1637x1265 5fff91f24da65.image.jpg)
(204.67 KB 1637x1265 5fff8d43aefd3.image.jpg)
(210.00 KB 1637x1265 5fff940e12f31.image.jpg)
(205.92 KB 1637x1265 5fff922fa9cb7.image.jpg)
Plaintiffs drop federal suit in Kyle Rittenhouse case >The plaintiffs in a civil suit filed against Kyle Rittenhouse, Facebook and the Kenosha Guard dropped their suit this week. >The suit, filed in September, had sought to use Reconstruction-era federal law inspired by the rise of the Ku Klux Klan to seek damages from: Rittenhouse; the Kenosha Guard militia and its “commander” Kevin Mathewson; the Boogaloo Bois, a far-right, antigovernmental organization; and a West Bend man who identified himself to the media as a member of the Boogaloo Bois and said he was in Kenosha during the August protests. >The suit alleged that Facebook was negligent in allowing Mathewson and the Kenosha Guard to put out a call for militia members to come to the city, and alleged that the defendants had conspired to violate their civil rights >Plaintiffs in the suit included Hannah Gittings, the girlfriend of Silver Lake resident Anthony Huber, one of two men killed in the Rittenhouse shootings on Aug. 25. Also named as plaintiffs were three people who were at the protests who said they were harassed and threatened by militia members. No explanation provided >Jason Flores-Williams, the attorney for the plaintiffs, filed a notice of dismissal with prejudice this week. Being dismissed with prejudice means it was dismissed permanently and will not be refiled. The notice does not give an explanation for withdrawing the suit. “In concluding the case we have agreed to no comment,” Flores-Williams said in an email. >Earlier, Flores-Williams and the attorney he originally worked with on the suit had a public spat over the case, with attorney Jennifer Sirrine withdrawing. In her motion to withdraw, Sirrine accused Flores-Williams of harassing and underpaying her. In that filing, Sirrine wrote that Gittings and another of the plaintiffs emailed her saying they wanted to end their attorney-client relationship due to “broken trust.” >Other possible suits in the Rittenhouse case are still pending. Earlier this month, attorneys for Huber’s family and Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, who was seriously injured in the shootings, filed notices of claim indicating they will sue the City of Kenosha and Kenosha County, alleging that law enforcement negligence contributed to the shootings. Reading between the lines, guessing (((FaceBook))) convinced the lawyer to drop the case https://www.kenoshanews.com/news/local/plaintiffs-drop-federal-suit-in-kyle-rittenhouse-case/article_8fda21ff-b5f7-5ae6-a762-9ef0a0ca3dfa.html https://archive.fo/i3I48 (pics State Evidence) >>39208 >>39209 (((Cunts))) went to bar, and got the video surveillance from that night >Kyle Rittenhouse is shown during a Jan. 5 visit to Pudgy's bar in Mount Pleasant. Kenosha County prosecutors are now seeking to modify his bond, asking the court to order that Rittenhouse should not possess or consume alcohol, that he be restricted from associating with known militia members or known members of white power or white supremacist organizations.
(174.55 KB 1280x720 Streets-of-Rage-2.0.0.jpg)
Kyle Rittenhouse single handedly defeated the entire antifa-burnlootmurder terrorist mafia.
(363.86 KB 764x432 ClipboardImage.png)
The prosecutor in Kenosha, Wisconsin is seeking an arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse–claiming that he violated his bond conditions by failing to update his address. On August 25, 2020, amid the Kenosha unrest, Rittenhouse is alleged to have shot and killed two rioters. Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with multiple counts of homicide and unlawful possession of a firearm. His attorneys say he acted in self-defense The court document filed by the District Attorney Wednesday, reads in part: “It is important to note that the $2 million came from a dubious Internet fundraising campaign, and the defendant and his family did not post any money toward that bond. As a result, the defendant is free from custody with minimal incentive to comply with his bond conditions. He posted no money so he has no financial stake in the bond. He is already facing the most serious possible criminal charges and life in prison, so in comparison, potential future criminal penalties are insignificant. Indeed, the defendant has already demonstrated his carefree attitude by going to a bar immediately after his arraignment on January 5, 2021 and drinking 3 beers in the company of known “Proud Boys” while flashing white supremacist signs and wearing a ‘Free as (expletive)’ shirt.” “Rarely does our community see accused murderers roaming about freely. As a result, the defendant’s bond requires him to update the Court in writing within 48 hours of any change of address or telephone number.”
https://twitter.com/barnes_law/status/1359957684670263296?s=20 KENOSHA, Wis. — A Kenosha County judge has denied two motions from prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse and raise his bail. Rittenhouse, now 18, appeared virtually before a judge Thursday afternoon. Prosecutors said he violated the terms of his bail by not registering his current address with the court. "We've got a bond violation here," District Attorney Thomas Binger said. "There's no dispute about that. The defense has acknowledged that. They've acknowledged that they've failed to update the court within 48 hours, he moved a couple of months ago." He asked the judge to issue an arrest warrant and increase Rittenhouse's bail by $200,000. The judge denied those motions. "Most people out on bond, we don't know where they are," Judge Bruce Schroeder said. "To issue a warrant now for a defendant who has appeared at every hearing, that would be breaking the law, and I'm not going to do it." He did require Rittenhouse to register his current address with the court, but it will be kept under seal. Binger asked the judge to allow his office access to Rittenhouse's address. "It has nothing to do with you," Schroeder told Binger. His defense attorney said Rittenhouse and his family were staying in a safe house after receiving death threats. Mark Richards provided the court with a P.O. Box where Rittenhouse receives mail. "We've provided the threats," Richards said. "All it takes is one crackpot and there's a problem. My client has appeared for every court appearance. He has done what he is supposed to do." Binger told the court that P.O. Box was not located in Wisconsin or Illinois. He argued the Kenosha County Sheriff cannot track Rittenhouse because he does not live in the county. "What consequence is there going to be for this? Are we just going to turn a blind eye to this and let this go by?" Binger asked the court. Binger said it was highly irregular for the court not to share a defendant's address with his office. Richards admitted he failed to update Rittenhouse's address and said it would be shared with the judge by the end of the day. "My client will appear," Richards said. "He looks forward to litigating these offenses in your honor's courtroom. We have nothing to fear. The truth will set my client free." Attorney Kimberley Motley, who represents the shooting victims, asked the judge to place Rittenhouse on electronic monitoring. That was also not granted. Rittenhouse was released on $2 million cash bail last year. He was charged with several felonies, including first-degree intentional homicide. Prosecutors said Rittenhouse shot three men during protests after the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Two of those men died. Rittenhouse has claimed the shooting was in self-defense. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison. A jury trial is scheduled to begin next month.
(1.57 MB 1920x1040 kylebasedhouse.png)
>>40904 Thanks for the detail Anon. I pray God protect this righteous man.
(64.11 KB 634x483 ClipboardImage.jpg)
TRIAL JURY SELECTION Stream links Austin_Zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wMJ6eG7ec0 Jewhoo news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXjS684l-x8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UTo6KubpoA
(2.36 MB 640x360 pewpew.webm)
Hopefully Kyle is acquitted. The others involved most certainly had it coming. In the future, I'm not so sure about putting oneself on the line to defend mini-marts owned by subcontinentals. They certainly would not stick their neck out for you.
(519.71 KB 522x774 lets go.png)
(354.31 KB 720x1024 1602791347218.jpg)
(458.69 KB 1920x1080 Kenoshawp.jpg)
(369.47 KB 624x622 1598525086417.png)
(140.90 KB 621x621 1598549242073.jpg)
(241.71 KB 962x616 1598657714854.jpg)
(1.20 MB 623x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
(136.65 KB 704x724 1635190453864.jpg)
Kyle did nothing wrong.
(96.23 KB 604x536 1635509674871.jpg)
I don't know why but I believe that the kid will be found guilty and this will signal the end of the second amendment for America and will usher in the Communist in power in America forever. Plus the kid will have BBC up his ass forever in prison. America is dead. The kid should just hero himself in order to not rot in prison with BBC up his ass forever.
retard doesn't see existing thread on page 1
>>51603 Opening Statements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDHChbhfYM4&ab_channel=RekietaLaw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANeVreVTW2M&ab_channel=AustinZone Prosecutor did decent job of laying out his case Jury takes a break Prosecutor then calls on Judge to disallow Defense plans to use video and stills in his opening statement Judge overrules say Defense is allowed to present exabits during opening. Defense shows everything we have seen, including the "SHOOT ME NIGGA" video and pics of him armed with a chain after setting fire to garbage bin and a trailer. Then when narrating he reiterates ChoosenBaum saying "Shoot me Nigger" The look on the court assistant is priceless.
Joseph Rosenbaum, Sex offender [CRIMINAL COMPLAINT] The 11 counts include: COUNT ONE: (PUBLIC SEXUAL INDECENCY TO A MINOR UNDER FIFTEEN, A CLASS FIVE FELONY) On or about the month of February, 2002 through the 27th day of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed public sexual indecency to a minor by intentionally or knowingly committing an act of sexual contact by masturbating, while (name removed) a minor under fifteen years of age was present. COUNT TWO: (SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR UNDER FIFTEEN, A CLASS TWO FELONY, A DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN) On or about the 27th day of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed sexual conduct with a minor, by intentionally or knowingly engaging in an act of sexual intercourse with (second victim), a minor under the age of fifteen years, by penetrating the victim’s anus with his penis. COUNT THREE: (FURNISHING OBSCENE OR HARMFUL ITEMS TO MINORS, A CLASS FOUR FELONY) On or about the 27th day of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM, with knowledge of the character of the item involved, recklessly furnished, presented, provided, made available, gave, lent, showed, advertised, distributed an item harmful to minors, to (second victim), a minor under eighteen years of age, to Wit: photographs of nude women including their genitals. COUNT FOUR: (PUBLIC SEXUAL INDECENCY TO A MINOR UNDER FIFTEEN, A CLASS FIVE Felony) On or about the 27th day at March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed public sexual indecency to a minor by intentionally or knowingly committing an act of sexual contact by masturbating, while (second victim), a minor under fifteen years of age was present. COUNT FIVE: (SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR UNDER FIFTEEN, A CLASS TWO FELONY, A DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN) On or about the 27th day of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed sexual conduct with a minor, by intentionally or knowingly engaging in an act of sexual intercourse with (third victim), a minor under the age of fifteen years, by penetrating the victim’s anus with his penis. COURT SIX: (SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR UNDER FIFTEEN, A CLASS TWO FELONY, A DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN) On or about the 27th day of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed sexual conduct with a minor, by intentionally or knowingly engaging in an act of oral sexual contact with (fourth victim), a minor under the age of fifteen years, by inserting his penis into the victim’s mouth. COUNT SEVEN: (SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR UNDER FIFTEEN, A CLASS TWO FELONY, A DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN) On or about the 27th day of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed sexual conduct with a minor, by intentionally or knowingly engaging in an act of oral sexual contact with (fourth victim), a minor under the age of fifteen years, by placing his mouth on the victim’s penis. COUNT EIGHT: (MOLESTATION OF CHILD, A CLASS TWO FELONY, A DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN) On or about the 27th day of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed molestation of a child by intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual contact with (fourth victim), a child under the age of fifteen years, involving the genitals, by touching the victim’s penis with his hand. COUNT NINE: (MOLESTATION OF CHILD, A CLASS TWO FELONY, A DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN) On or about the 27th day of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed molestation of a child, by intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual contact with (fourth victim), a child under the age of fifteen years, involving the genitals, by causing the victim to touch his penis. COUNT TEN: (MOLESTATION OF CHILD, A CLASS TWO FELONY, A DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN) On or about the month of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM committed molestation of a child, by intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual contact with (fifth victim), a child under fifteen years of age, involving the genitals, by touching the victim’s penis with his finger. COUNT ELEVEN: (INDECENT EXPOSURE TO A MINOR UNDER FIFTEEN, A CLASS SIX FELONY) On or about the month of March, 2002, JOSEPH DON ROSENBAUM indecently exposed his genitals to (fifth victim), a minor under the age of fifteen years, by showing the victim his penis. https://archive.fo/y1C5o
(153.83 KB 1029x1166 ashkenazi pedofags.jpg)
(54.16 KB 400x494 pedo jew.jpg)
(153.10 KB 1158x1158 your mom supports this.jpg)
(2.31 MB 640x360 Gay_pedos.webm)
>>51608 Daily reminder that fags reproduce by molesting children. This kike probably ruined a bunch of these kids lives and turned them gay.
(83.67 KB 640x407 1635799761960.jpg)
>>51611 Off topic, but indeed
(656.90 KB 827x503 Dominic Black.png)
First Witness called by Prosecution DOMINIC BLACK (pic) Kyles (ex)friend from Kenosha who bought the AR15 Kyle used that night During direct Dominic tries throwing Kyle under the bus. Basically infers Kyle took the the gun without his knowledge, that the first time he saw Kyle with gun was just before they left his house to go downtown to protect CarSource. Prosecutor makes point of stating he is facing two charges that carry 6 year sentence each for providing the gun, and that the Prosecutor has never talked to Dominic about a deal (Though doesn't take a genius to know the Prosecutor has made deal with Dominic's lawyer) On cross examine Defense destroyed the witness poking holes in his story. Earlier in the day Dominic and Kyle went downtown to meet with the owner of Carsource to discuss coming back that night to help protect the car lot. They then went to buy 2 slings for the rifles. Clearly they planned to wear the rifles later that night while protecting the lot. Defense also brought up the fact (to be established later) that after the shooting, when they went to Antioch Police station to turn in Kyle, Dominic discussed with his exGF, McKenzie (Kyles sister), what his story would be about the gun and him providing it to Kyle Defense asked Dominic if he and his lawyer met with prosecution last week and again this morning. He said, Yes. Defense also asked about if Dominic was aware Defense had asked to meet with him. He replied "No", he wasn't aware of that. Defense also brought up the Dominic's trial, for providing the gun, was scheduled for a month ago, but Dominic and his lawyer had asked for it to be put over till Jan., 2022
(8.18 MB 960x540 FBI FLIR.mp4)
BREAKING: Human Events Daily has obtained never-before-seen aerial FBI FLIR footage of the Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1455579165739167752 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/human-events-daily-with-jack-posobiec/id1585243541
(1.19 MB 925x752 y6e4k87ciuj51.png)
>>51615 Related (((Joshua Ziminski))), 35 was the shooter that fired the pistol rounds just before Kyle shot the pedo, ChoosenBaum He was seen with the pedo Kike, on multiple occasions that night https://nypost.com/2020/10/14/man-charged-with-firing-handgun-in-air-before-kenosha-shootings/
>>51614 cont.'d 2nd witness was protected, no audio no video. Maybe a Fed but more likely was a minor 3rd witness called Jogger streamer from the gas station. Laid foundation for the nights events. (Paraphrasing) "Mostly peaceful march to the courthouse earlier in the day, but then things began getting rowdy after dark" Lighting fires breaking windows etc. Jogger mentioned that he tried intervening when rioters tried to napalm the Dinosaur Museum. Said he was a father and had taken his kids there. Prosecutor then began playing the live stream Jogger could be heard on stream confronting some rioters but backing down when pressed. So far seems an honest witness. Went on for about 30-40min, then they recessed for the day.
(786.12 KB 2372x1584 1635891189751.jpg)
>>51617 >streamer from the gas station pic rel
(168.97 KB 484x270 shootmenibba.mp4)
>>51604 >Opening Statements
>>51604 >Judge overrules say Defense is allowed to present exabits during opening. Exhibits* used during opening
(749.38 KB 962x544 ClipboardImage.png)
>>51617 >2nd witness was protected, no audio no video. Maybe a Fed So it turns out it was in fact Federal Agent Brandon Kramer. He authenticated the FLIR footage seen >>51615 here On cross examine it came out that the prosecutor had the footage for the last 5 months AND the FBI fucking DELETED the unedited HighRes copy. So instead of tiny white specs running around, conceivably it would have given us close ups and made it clear of the fact the ChosenBaum had ran right up on Kyle and even grabbed his gun. Knowing that the FBI would have been aware that the footage had captured a shooting, the idea they would have deleted the footage, deleted the back up, deleted the cloud backup, is clearly bullshit
>>51617 >3rd witness called >Jogger streamer from the gas station. This piece of shit nigger was clearly coached overnight. If I'm being very generous maybe he caught some flak from his lefty fan club and is afraid of getting 'canceled' about framing the events impartially i.e. "Rioters, arson" etc etc More than likely he got a call from (((BLM))) heads. Today, he had little opinion, framed half of his answers with "Well too be fair..." and answered he didn't know didnt remember, was tired because he had been live streaming for days so now even after rewatching his stream in court, he couldn't remember anything from that night. etc etc After the lunch break Prosecutor brought in the lead Detective. Got him to testify that as part of his investigation he went on twitter, FB, and jewtube and downloaded a bunch of videos. Then then showed like 50 vids from that night. Many of them containing hearsay. There was like 4 vids of dead ChosenBaum sucking air from the hole in his back. After the first vid that showed the shooting the rest should have been objected to as cumulative. Defense objected to one video where the streamer kept referring to Kyle and Frens as "Militia" Judge went over and above backing Defense up, arguing with the Prosecutor making legal arguments for them. Defense was asleep at the wheel, missed a ton of opportunities to object overall. On cross examine Richards did a good job showing the Detective as mostly inept ie they recovered the shell casings from the scene 4 days later when a citizen called to say there was some casings under one of the cars. Also got him to admit that despite having a search warrant for (((Gage Grosskreutz'))) cell phone videos when Detectives met with Grosskreutz, Grosskreutz's lawyer and the DA, they decided not to serve the warrant. Cross exam will continue tomorrow
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(399.50 KB 693x858 Bruce.png)
(641.89 KB 1080x576 Jack® & Coke®.webm)
On a brighter note Judge Bruce Schroeder seems pretty based. Seems to personally feel Kyle is innocent of murder and was acting in self defense, has made many calls in the Defenses favor. >(CNN)The judge in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, made headlines last week by reiterating his longstanding rule of not allowing prosecutors to refer to people as "victims" before juries in his courtroom. >At the same time, Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder said at a pretrial hearing that the men who were shot could be described as "looters" or "rioters" if the defense can show they engaged in such activity during protests after a police officer shot Jacob Blake in August 2020, leaving Blake paralyzed. >"Let the evidence show what the evidence shows -- that any or one of these people were engaged in arson, rioting or looting, then I'm not going to tell the defense they can't call them that," Schroeder said in a closely watched pretrial hearing a week before the start of jury selection on Monday.
(718.33 KB 800x396 sneed.webm)
Morning shake up Juror #7 dismissed Yesterday it came up that the juror had made a joke to an officer of the court. This morning it came out that while being escorted out of court at the end of the day, he said to the officer >"Why did they shoot Jacob Blake 7 times?" >"Because they ran out of bullets" Juror told the Judge that it wasn't in relation to THIS case Needless to say, Prosecutor kicked up a fuss and Judge said that the case was too high profile and any appearance of bias from the juror was inappropriate and in regards to public confidence of justice being served he believed the juror should be dismissed. Its a shame, you know this old fart was never going to vote guilty if he made it into the final 12 There is now 11 women and 8 men in the jury pool
Defense wrapped up with lead detective. Basically just pressed the issue about not serving warrant on Gage's phone Prosecutor then called Daily Caller reporter Richie McGuinness Richie torpedoed the States case clearly stating ChosenBaum and others started chasing Kyle, that he believed pedokike had the intention of taking Kyles gun. Said that Kyle ran into the lot and after the pistol gunshot, turned just as pedokike lunged to grab the gun. Then Kyle raised the rifle and fired 4 quick shots. Defense just bought the ball over the line. Kyle was in danger. Was forced to defend himself.
(157.39 KB 1896x441 checkem.png)
(162.30 KB 1116x744 Balch.jpg)
(284.52 KB 771x429 gravy seal.png)
(38.75 KB 474x237 ryan.jpg)
Next Witness called Ryan Balch aka Gravy Seal Six Green Buffet Spec Op Balch stated that earlier in the night he had noticed ChosenBaum on multiple occasions starting fights with other protesters and those that were there defending the property. Stated he also saw him with (((Joshua Ziminski))) and GF and saw Ziminski with the gun in his hand with his finger on the trigger. Stated that at one point when he step in between ChosenBaum and another guy that ChosenBaum said to him and Kyle that "If I see any of you alone, I'm gonna fucking kill you"
Thanks for the updates I assume 4chan is covering this but I don't go there, and so wouldn't get this info otherwise
Where’s the best place to find trial clips of this? I enjoy reading anon’s coverage though too
(42.62 KB 714x506 1636062230514.jpg)
>>51678 No prob. likewise I havent been following the threads. Though admit I have stopped by the /KRTG/'s to grab a few memes. As you would imagine they are flooded with faggot redditors shitting up the threads >>51679 Not sure about clips, I have just been listening to the streams while at work and passing on the QRD when I get home. The FBI FLIR footage came from @JackPosobiec and I noticed he had some trial video clips in his feed. I assumed some of the rightwing rags like gateway pundit would have good coverage but all I see there is a synopsis of the day https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/tough-day-prosecutors-kyle-rittenhouse/ and like 3 pages of the regular governor elections crap
Another Juror Dismissed Complained of discomfort from pregnancy Jury of twelve will now be random selection from pool of 10 women and 8 males
>>51694 I'm willing to bet they'll be as politically biased and corrupt as Derek Chauvin's jury was. American and Western jurisprudence is out of place when it comes to issues/cases of this magnitude. People undeniably aready know a solid year in advance the events that occurred (the MSM's lensed version at least). As shown from Derek Chauvin''s jury, which consisted of a BLM supporter, any citizen that lives in the shell that is modern America who's picked at random will see the American governmental system as too weak and a joke to take the vows to be fair in judgement serious.
>>51697 True, but half the population views BLM unfavorably and the events of 2020 as Riots. Despite the msm pushing peaceful protests, many saw them for what they were, an excuse for niggers and commies to burn it down. Wisconsin despite have blue cities has a midwest gun tootin' red state mentality. During jury selection many had stated the owned guns and/or had experience with guns. When you pick an US citizen "at random" your pool is off set by high population cities and states filled with leftists. The random population from a town like Kenosha makes jokes about running out of bullets while shooting niggers >>51672 In this case it would be safe to assume that he has at least a 50/50 maybe 60/40 jury
>>51699 >many had stated they* owned guns
(989.22 KB 1167x656 Jason Lackowski.png)
(1.44 MB 1167x656 Corey Chiraifsi.png)
>>51700 Next witness called was Jason Lackowski another armed ex-mil that was at the car lot with Kyles group, had very little to say about the nights event aside from he noticed ChosenBaum being aggressive and belligerent. Also mentioned the "Shoot me, expletive" as well as "false stepping" from six feet away. When asked if he considered him a "threat" he was clear that he did not. Thankfully Defense Lawyer, Corey Chiraifsi had an excellent cross examination He asked if ChosenBaum had threatened him, "No" He asked if ChosenBaum had said, If I see you alone, I'll fucking kill you, "No" He asked if ChosenBaum had chased him that night, "No" He asked if ChosenBaum had tried to grab his gun. Jason Lackowski responded "No that would have be a threat to my life"
(1.04 MB 1167x656 DNA evidence.png)
>>51701 DNA Expert called Bored the fuck out of jury, reading her qualifications and the likelihood or not of the three DNA sample from Kyle, Huber and ChosenBaum matching the swabs from the gun "trigger", "barrel shroud" and "magazines" QRD Kyle compared to trigger, was 1 in a quadrillion compared to population However numbers like 1 in 70K and 1 in 200 came up for the other two when compared to barrel shroud. And were inconclusive. Another homerun for Defense Defense asked if ChosenBaum touch the barrel, would there be DNA on the barrel shroud? "No." Defense then showed two pics showing Huber with skateboard in one hand and other hand on gun. Got her to admit that it did in fact appear Huber is touching the gun. Then list the myriad of reasons why they might not have found the DNA
(1.23 MB 1167x656 Aunt Huber.png)
>>51705 >>Next Auntie Huber Prosecutor called Huber's Aunt, to try make the case "He was a gud boi" After asking if Anthony was the type of person to "run into danger" (Prosecutor trying to set up Huber was acting reasonably by attacking Kyle as him thought he was "an active shooter") The defense objected as this called for 402 Character Evidence. Character Evidence is very touchy because it may or may not open the door for things like ChosenBaum pedohistory, restraining order from GF, and/or the fact he was walking around with a hospital bag after being released for an attempted suicide Likewise Huber has a two instances of criminal history of domestic violence for assaulting family members. Defense then told judge if this is character testimony is used then he bring up his history when he was charged and entered a plea where he held a knife to his brothers throat and told him he would kill him then held the knife to his gut and said he would gut him. Prosecutor is now arguing, Defense says Huber attack Kyle, so now we can introduce Character Evidence saying he was a gud boi. Defense says they have not brought up charater only his action Judge overruled, but then after getting lip from State dismissed the jury for break, listened to more arguments then broke for break to go read some law books and come back with good reason to BTFO the state again
>>51707 >Judge overruled, but then after getting lip from State dismissed the jury for break, listened to more arguments then broke for break to go read some law books and come back with good reason to BTFO the state again After break, judge was still leaning towards defense' side, then agreed that if Prosecutor tried claiming "peacefulness" then that would open the door to Huber's history of extreme violence Needless to say Prosecutor withdrew the question "If Anthony was the type of person to run into danger?" and had no further questions for the witness Defense declined the opportunity to cross examine, and Auntie was dismissed without having a chance to tear up and cry "He wuz a gud boi"
(1.04 MB 1167x656 Ms. Pedokike.png)
>Next ChosenBaum's crackhead girlfriend During direct it came out he was at Hospital for the past week and "on medication" She was never able to established anything that painted the pedo in a good light. State knew after the getting BTFO'd so hard on the Granny, they didnt go anywhere near ChosenBaum's Character After a Voir dire and during cross, it was established he was medication for Bipolar Disorder and antidepressants. Bit of a missed opportunity to destroy the pedo's reputation, but door has been opened a crack, and issue may come up again later.
(893.05 KB 1167x656 Sal.png)
(934.53 KB 1167x656 Sam.png)
>"Sal" and "Sam" The two "owners" of the car lot Prosecutor called both of them with the intention that they would testify they never asked Kyle or his Friends to "protect the car lots" Both of these dunecoons claimed they never met Kyle never talked to Kyle. Never requested ANYONE to come protect the property. The first brother Sal said he didnt even work there, the last time he worked there was in 2015 Sam said he didnt work there that his Dad owned the place and he was just an "Inventory Manager" that went to auctions and bought used cars ect.
>>51716 >"Sal" cross examine <You never met Kyle? >"No" <You never talked to Kyle? >"No" <You never asked Dominick's brother Nick, the guy that used to work at the car lot to get some help to protect the place? >"No" >"No not me I don't even work there, my brother Sam works there" ... <Umm This picture was taken on the Tuesday night that this incident took place. <Is this You? or your brother Sam? >Oh that's me <Do you know these people? >No >Well Kyle is here and the guy in the white hat with red cross used to work for you >Yeah well he worked for my brother <And these armed men are on your dads carlot, and you never asked them to leave? .... <Do you own a BMW >Yes <And did you give Kyle a ride from this Carsource 2 location down the street to Carsource 3? >No >No, I own 10 cars Defense was clearly bit flustered at the fact this guy was lying on the stand but kinda shrugged it off like maybe there was a misunderstanding or Sam would help clear things up.
(560.99 KB 1167x656 Kyle text to Sam.png)
>>51716 >"Sam" cross examine Things didn't start off well Sam didnt know these people, never talked to Kyle, never asked him to help out. Never payed Nick for finding some armed men to come out and help. Defense attorney Chiraifsi didnt let up and kept grilling him, while Sam never admitted to perjury, it was very clear to both the jury and the State's obvious discomfort that the witness was lying on the stand. It came out that "Sam" had given a reporter an interview that the night before when the the first car lot had burnt to the ground that insurance had denied their claim of 2.5 Million dollars in losses. In the begin of testimony when asked about hiring protection he said "No they had insurance on the cars" He was asked how is it possible that two former employees of yours where there on the property AND they had keys to the buildings to go inside and set up a post, if they where not there with consent? Sam claimed didn't know After first claiming he never even talked to Kyle, he later admitted to giving Kyle his phone number because Kyle had "offered to do some fund raising" He still stuck to story of not hiring Kyle, Defense then brought up the fact that IF they had hired Kyle AND Kyle had KILLED someone (ChosenBaum was shot at the third location) ON THE PROPERTY, they might be open to being sued for that death. Sandnigger obviously had dug his hole and there was no way he could admit to these facts. I doubt anyone on the jury bought the story that these armed men just showed up at random. State looks like a piece of shit for putting false testimony in the record
Next three Kenosha Officers >CSI At twelve o'clock he was called out to the scene of a shooting to recover evidence He testified to finding Three(3)40cal casings, and a Nine(9)mil casing He never found the four casings from Kyle's AR15. He never found the plastic bag ChosenBaum threw while chasing Kyle. He never found the fire extinguisher lying by the truck >Evidence lookup Got a call to meet Detectives at 9am the next morning. Was given 1 AR15 belonging to Kyle and 1 AR15 belonging to Dominic. He took DNA swabs from the trigger, barrel shroud and magazines. Then sealed the guns in an evidence box. On cross examine he was asked that after new facts of the case were discovered, could he have gone back and taken DNA samples from other parts on the gun? >Yes Did you? >Was never asked to >Patrolmen Cruise He was driving the squad car Kyle had approached and tried to surrender himself to Stated the "usually when someone wants to surrender they get down on their knees and lie on the ground" These suspects probably are the same ones that put the cuffs on themselves too tight and beat the shit out of themselves while in custody Was asked if he instructed Kyle to do this? "No." Then stated the his partner sprayed Kyle with tear gas when he approached the passenger window. After Kyle backed away from the car the drove down the street, help put Gage Grosskreutz in the bearcat, then escorted them to the hospital. A Doctor then informed him that ChosenBaum had died, so he collected the pedo's clothes and stayed with the body till the Detectives came
(461.49 KB 538x772 1636150838657.png)
>>51701 >>51703 >>51707 >>51715 >>51716 >>51720 All in all, this was a great day for Kyle. The only thing State had going for them was the car lot owners, and after it became obvious to everyone they both committed perjury, this day was basically a slam dunk for the Defense Jury gets to spend the whole weekend thinking about how this poor kid, who just wanted to help protect his community, is being railroaded by the State for political gains
(369.87 KB 553x596 1636043432989.png)
(478.59 KB 566x438 1636148626345.png)
(443.55 KB 776x540 1636153012545.png)
(687.31 KB 1087x615 1636148600431.png)
(280.33 KB 963x310 1636144512980.png)
>Videos and testimony indicate an angry Rosenbaum was shot as he chased Rittenhouse and lunged for his rifle seconds after another protester/anarchist had fired a handgun into the air nearby. Earlier that evening, Rosenbaum had threatened Rittenhouse and his fellow vigilantes, one witness testified. >In his opening statement, prosecutor Thomas Binger said Rittenhouse “chased down Mr. Rosenbaum and confronted him.” But the evidence so far hasn’t really backed that up. https://chicago.suntimes.com/columnists/2021/11/5/22765491/kyle-rittenhouse-jury-self-defense So far after one week of testimony, the State has not produced a single piece of evidence that Kyle did not act in self defense
too bad the dindu claim doesnt work for whites, even ones like kyle who really dindu unlike criminal nigspics
(1.06 MB 1092x1319 1636211498043.png)
>>51719 https://youtu.be/Yn64jr6pxhg?t=21607 Timestamp 6:00:08 Literal transcript below How much inventory from the 23rd and 24th, in terms of loss of money, did your business lose? >I cannot give you an exact number at this moment Can you give me a ballpark? >I'm sorry I can't remember More than $100,000 >Yes More than $250,000? >I do not know, sir Is this your family... is this the business that feeds you family? >I work for my dad And you're the inventory manager? >Yes And you don't know what your loss was from those fires? >I personally never calculated it, my dad does the money part Do you know... did Car Source and Car Doctor, did they have insurance for those vehicles that were burned? >Yes https://youtu.be/Yn64jr6pxhg?t=22396 6:13:16 Now, at Car Doctor, you have a ladder, is that right? >Not that I can recall Do you have a ladder at any of your properties? >No, I don't think so, I don't believe so Have you seen video of on the night of the 25th, of people at your property? >I have Ok. They're on the roof, right? >Yes Do you have a way to get to the roof >They made a way Oh, were you there? >No So I want you to tell me what you know, not what you guess >Yes, when I brought up the pickup truck, on top of the pickup truck has a cab, we had about over, you can say, at that time, probably 250-280, less than 300 tires in the back shed >And we keep them in the shop, so they are stacked on top of the pickup truck, on the cab, towards the roof So it is your belief that these men climbed up on the tires and then climbed up on the roof. That's your belief? >I just told you what I saw, the next day on Wednesday morning https://youtu.be/Yn64jr6pxhg?t=22659 [Embed] 6:17:39 Agree that the next day, Wednesday, there's no damage to any of the doors on your building - no locks busted, correct? >Which location? Any >Car Doctor, there's damage To the locks? >To the back, to the glass, to the garage doors You don't know who did that >I do not And have you watched the videos of people walking in and out of the Car Source that evening? >Yes I have You've seen that? >Yes Did Nick Smith have a key to your building? >No Did you give him a key that night? >I did not How about Dustin Hamilton - I'm sorry, Justin Hamilton? >No I didn't But you saw on the video them walking in and out of your store >I cannot tell who was - or who these people are That wasn't my question. My question is you saw people walking in and out of your store >Yes Did you ever ask Kyle Rittenhouse if he could help protect your business on Tuesday the 25th? >I did not You never asked and you never asked Nick Smith, and you never asked Justin Hamilton >No I did not I'm gonna ask you this, and I'm not trying to be offensive - Were you just willing to let your property be damaged on the 25th? >After seeing the destruction, there's nothing I could do So you kind of resigned yourself to the fact that whatever was going to happen on that date was going to happen. Is that what you're saying? >I do not know https://youtu.be/Yn64jr6pxhg?t=22841 [Embed] 6:20:41 Have you provided interviews as it relates to the damage to your property? >I may have I'm looking at one of those interviews right now and what I want to ask you is, if this sounds about right to you I'm taking it off of your interview - 137 vehicles were burned on your lot. Does that sound about right? >If that's what it says Judge: That's not the question >I do not know the numbers off the top of my head, I'm sorry, I don't have the Would you challenge that it was 137, or is that something that sounds right? >Close 2.5 million dollars in losses. Sound about right? >I cannot... I do not... I don't know, my dad handles the money part of the business Your family had to hire a lawyer because your insurance wasn't going to cover the damages >That is not true That's not true? So if you said that you're working with a lawyer to convince your insurance company to cover at least some of the damages, that's not true? >(sigh) I did not have to hire an attorney (editor's note: NOT WHAT WAS ASKED) Did you tell, in this interview, did you tell the writer "Our insurance company is finding their way out so they don't have to pay for all this arson" Did you tell them that? >Well, there was no acceptance from the insurance company so there's... My question is, did you tell this interviewer that "Our insurance company is finding their way out so they don't have to pay for all this arson"? >I'm sorry I do not remember You don't remember saying >I do not remember, and to add to that, they also said that I was dead, that was in the media too I'm asking what you said, ok? >I do not remember, sir You don't dispute the 2.5 million? >I cannot tell you... I don't deal with the numbers, my dad does, I'm inventory manager, sir
(28.26 KB 332x272 fucked.jpg)
Prosecution ✡️Star✡️Witness Gaige Grosskreutz gets raped on the stand
(16.04 KB 580x197 bleach bit.png)
In other news this morning... Trial opened this morning with the State announcing they FOUND the DELETED High Resolution HD copy of FBI FLIR footage taken from the overhead drone and turned it over to the Defense It was made clear at one point during testimony that the State not only had knowledge of this copy but in fact had SEEN it . At one point while questioning Richie McGuinness they ask if the footage showed him running with his phone held out in front of him. The thing is, with the low rise copy, you would have to use your imagination to know he was in fact running with his held out. The video played in court for the question, Richie was just a blurry tiny dot moving.
Entire panel of lawyers from diverse branches of law (including a former Prosecutor of 15 years) all agree, the state has failed to make it's case. Unlike like states like Louisiana or Florida where the defense in stand your ground cases have to prove self defense, Minnesota law is written that the STATE must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that self defense was NOT a significant factor in the commission of a murder. To date the STATE witnesses have provided direct evidence that Kyle was acting in self defense. Multiple witnesses have testified to this. STATE witness Richie McGuinness said that Rosenbaum was shot AFTER he lunged for the rifle. Multiple STATE witnesses stated as a matter of FACT, that Huber was shot AFTER striking Kyle with a skateboard. Today Gaige Grosskreutz himself stated that when he raised his hands Kyle did not shoot. When asked "In fact it was after you lowered your hands, and pointed the gun at the Defendant, it was at that moment you were shot. To which Gaige replied "Correct." Defense as a matter of course will likely ask for a DIRECTED VERDICT. That is they will ask the Judge to dismiss the murder charges as the state has utterly failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Kyle DID NOT act in self defense. Given the Judge has shown himself to be very sympathetic to the Defendant, where normally directed verdict are extremely unlikely, they all agree there is a chance that THIS Judge may in fact grant the motion and dismiss the murder charges.
>>51785 >Minnesota law Kenosha is in Wisconsin.
>>51785 >>51787 >e-lawyers commentating i have never been exposed to this particular niche of youtube but i cannot say i am surprised. in fact, i should have known.
>>51788 Heil'd Sorry obviously meant Wisconsin. Self Defense instructions were read to the jury by the Judge on day one >Wisconsin State Statues 939.48  Self-defense and defense of others. >(1)  A person is privileged to threaten or intentionally use force against another for the purpose of preventing or terminating what the person reasonably believes to be an unlawful interference with his or her person by such other person. The actor may intentionally use only such force or threat thereof as the actor reasonably believes is necessary to prevent or terminate the interference. The actor may not intentionally use force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm unless the actor reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself. While there is a later clause that states there is a prerequisite "to retreat" the STATE has clearly shown that Kyle during both killings was in fact trying to retreat Richie testified that Kyle ran "basically a dead end" created by the cars and crowd beyond it before turning to face ChosenBaum As well STATE has provided video evidence that Kyle was retreating before being knocked to the ground, preventing further retreat before firing on Huber
>>51789 >e-lawyers commentating Rekieta is the most well known and the only one I had really heard of. Mainly due to his coverage of a few high profile cases, as well as covering other ecelebs like Josh Moon(kiwifarms), Ralph "the Gunt" Retort, Christine Chan etc.
🎼🎵♬🎵 🎶🎵🎶🎵♬♬
>Poll from jewtube LAW and CRIME chat at the end on trial today
(498.86 KB 887x825 FDswKXaWYAMuoj8.png)
>>51789 They've been pretty comfy to listen to. I had them on in the background while I worked and they do give some good insight into the actual legal ramifications going on. Based on my impressions of the trial, and their commentary, I think Rittenhouse has a good chance at walking. That being said, this is taking place in Weimerica, and it is definitely possible that jury will STILL convict, if only to show that white men cannot hope to defend themselves without getting assraped by the (((law))). MSM coverage lends credence to this take.
I usually run a couple streams at the same time, on occasion they would get a little 'too chatty' for my taste, talking over the lawyers questions and some witness answers. But then would switch back to commentary during breaks I agree, Kyle is still in hot water, but after the last 3 days of trial, he has really made some ground, and at least stands a chance of at least walking away with a slap on the wrist. He really lucked out having the Judge join his Defense team Pics, yeah saw AP reports to the same effect. They only report half of the story. Looks like Zerohedge has finally noticed the case today. >https://www.zerohedge.com/political/rittenhouse-witness-blows-case-prosecution-admits-he-pointed-gun-advanced-first Longer 1min video of the Gaige exchange here https://rumble.com/vowssj-gaige-grosskreutz-forced-to-acknowledge-he-pointed-gun-at-kyle-rittenhouse-.html https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/witness-gaige-grosskreutz-forced-admit-pointed-gun-kyle-rittenhouse-got-arm-blown-off-video/ https://rumble.com/embed/vmamo3/?pub=4 https://www.rt.com/usa/539718-rittenhouse-witness-grosskreutz-self-defense/
(11.91 MB 1280x720 Gaige.mp4)
>>51809 >Longer 1min video of the Gaige
>>51809 > I usually run a couple streams at the same time, on occasion they would get a little 'too chatty' for my taste I definitely agree on this one, sometimes they need to stfu and not speak over the court case. The purple haired one is the worst at that. > He really lucked out having the Judge join his Defense team Yea, the judge has been really fair, I think he knows this case should have never made it to trial.
(363.85 KB 720x973 ACLU.png)
(403.12 KB 500x281 6tlu7m.gif)
Big day today but I didnt get around to a qrd for yesterdays events. Video is not fresh in memory but will relay the gist as I remember it. Gaige spent a ton of time on direct, bragging about his EMT qualifications (he work for a private medical transport company, shuttling old farts around for one year, not a "real" paramedic dealing with trauma) as if he was something special. He went on forever about the injuries he sustained and all the surgeries needed to repair his arm, and had a cry about still not having full function. When it came to nights events he claimed he heard shots, and being the hero he was, started running towards the gun fire. On the way he saw Kyle and thought he might be an "active shooter" so he went up to Kyle and asked him what's going on. He said he thought Kyle said "I'm working with the Police" and thought "That's odd" so began to follow Kyle. Then he said Kyle shot at protesters and killed Huber so he tried to go in and grab Kyles gun. That he had no intention of ever shooting Kyle. and despite drawing his gun, he would never take a life because that goes against his moral of 'do no harm' It is worth mention that aside to speaking fairly well, Gaige had a very smug and swarmy testimony. He also had a very unnatural way of looking at the prosecutor, then turning towards the Jury to give his answer, all the while being very careful not to leave his mic. It was very pronounced, and obvious he was prepped, but it didn't execute well >gif Keep in mind this is by no way an exaggeration, and at times it was even more unnatural than the gif During cross two points of contention were the fact that he would always deny he ever "chased" after Kyle. Any statement to that fact, despite it being on tape, even on his own recorded video, he kept denying. The other thing was his foggy memory was about when he pulled his gun. He said he didn't remember despite it being on video that while running after Kyle, he reach behind him, to the small of his back where the gun was holstered concealed in his waistband. State witness Jason Lackowski had already testified that after the shooting, he ran to Gaige and began giving medical care. He said he saw the gun on the ground, immediately picked it up, removed the clip and cleared a round from the chamber. Defense zeroed in on that and asked him if he was sure there was a round in the chamber on the gun. He stated that without any doubt. The STATE never bothered to contest this fact. However on cross Gaige couldn't recall ever racking the gun, and wouldn't admit the gun was ready to be fired when he pointed it at Kyle Aside from the clips something else of note was how it came out that at no point, before the trial, did Gaige ever admit to having a gun. In his two statements to police he told them he dropped his gun and holster at 'some' point and failed to tell them he had it in his hand at the time he was shot. It also came out that Gaige has a 10 MILLION dollar lawsuit against Kenosha and the Wisconsin. Could go on and on about this cross, but could never do it justice. He is impeached and completely discredited on multiple points of his testimony. It's a must watch Cross Exam https://youtu.be/SBXHes8DcVE?t=8579 Starts at 2:15:15
(969.30 KB 1167x656 Ballistics.png)
(1.00 MB 1167x656 Patrolman Gomer.png)
(795.95 KB 1167x656 RUNDOWN LIVE.png)
(1.03 MB 1167x656 Detective NoBody.png)
The rest of the day was a bit boring The STATE dug up a Tiffany Dover look alike ballistics (with the most annoying nasally valley girl voice) expert to testify the 8 shell casings recovered matched Kyle AR15 Then the other patrol officer from the squad car Kyle tried to surrender to at the end of the night stated Kyle walked up to the car with his hands up, so of course he sprayed him with pepper spray and told him to get off the street Then the guy that recorded the "RUNDOWN LIVE" video testified but didn't have much of anything to say Then another Detective who basically said most of the same shit we already heard. The only thing new was concerning the search warrant for Gaige's phone. He said that he attended the questioning of Gaige and Prosecutor Binger was there via ZOOM along with couple other lawyers He said it was Binger that suggested they not serve the warrant for all the phones contents.
CORRECTION The HD drone footage that was "FOUND" on Friday was this random civilian drone footage that just happened to launch record 40 seconds of the shooting then panning away. It had appear on an episode on Tucker Carlson last year in grainy format and has finally turned up in HD 1080p 30FPS video An expert for the state today some cropped and zoomed and slowed versions of the video He also testified that he was the one that created the close ups up ChosenBaums plastic bag as well as doing the annotations for the FBI FLIR drone video I have a shitty webm here, but I am also downloading a high res video of the days trial from jewtube and will cut the video in question from there to get a better version of video Of note is this section https://youtu.be/KfjuFgaQ0r0?t=1896 seen at 31:25 of todays trial
(1.26 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot 1).png)
(1.25 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot 2).png)
(1.25 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot 3).png)
(1.24 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot 4).png)
>>51829 >seen at 31:25 of todays trial 1) RoseENBALMED closing distance to Kyle 2) Kyle must hear footsteps super close Maybe the "FUCK YOU" Begins to turn his head behind him 3) From 3-4 feet it seems the first shot is fired 4) RoseEMBALMED is already falling to the ground and hidden by smoke and/dust and the cars obstructing view
(1.01 MB 1920x1080 CSI 1.png)
(1.05 MB 1920x1080 CSI 2.png)
(1.06 MB 1920x1080 CSI 3.png)
(1.06 MB 1920x1080 CSI 4.png)
(1.07 MB 1920x1080 CSI 5.png)
>>51830 *Queue CSI Music "Zoom Zoom Enhance"
(27.13 MB 1920x1080 50% SPEED video.mp4)
>>51830 Clip from drone slowed 50%
(15.46 MB 1920x1080 ZOOM 50% SPEED video.mp4)
>>51831 >Zoomed clip from drone slowed 50%
STATE Pathologist testifies to Huber exam While I heard commentary and testimony I didn't get to watch all of it while I was at work. So some of the pics I am seeing just now >"Mr Huber had an entry wound here" "It is under that patch that was applied in the field" then And in this picture? >This picture you see a purple mark on the right shoulder. That is where the bullet ended up just under the skin" Um could you go up to the big screen and use the pointer to point out the area you are talking about? Clearly this exchange was completely uncalled for everyone in the room, including the jury can see the purple mark that shows the area where the bullet is. Asshole just wanted to keep dead Huber pic up on the screen for 5-10 min to milk the image for what it was worth.
(634.03 KB 806x507 1636501290631.png)
(1.62 MB 1144x768 1636506662435.png)
Pathologist testifies that pelvis and thigh wounds and possibly hand wound are from the first 2 bullets The gaze to head and shot that entered the top of his back down to his liver were likely the last two shots While the examination is not generally enough to tell him the order of wounds, he said that as part of his report he usually reviews crime scene photos and/or video in this case, in oRder to help him put together a full picture of what transpires On cross exam admits to gun powder stippling on the pelis wound telling him the shot was "within 4 feet" (could be 2 or 3). Also admits the there is a lot of "soot" as well as gunpowder residue on the hand wound, telling him of an "very close" barrel. Also saying it is possible Rosembalmed hand was ON the end of the barrel when the round was fired (2nd hand after dirt and blood had been cleaned showing 'soot' and gunpowder residue on the left hand) There was a "the glove doesnt fit moment" when the STATE tried to do a demonstration with the gun. The ME had already said, the first shot was "within 4 feet" but when Prosecutor stood with the Detective holding the rifle from about 6feet away saying "So if I was here and the gun is there" to which Defense objected and asked for a tape measure. The Judge agreed and said they were more that 4 feet apart. After defense did their own demonstration show how the hand and thigh injury were consistent with being close enough for Rosembalmed's hand being on the gun Before lunch the STATE announced the were ready to dismiss the case The defense immediately put forth a motion to have the curfew charged dismiss as the STATE had failed to provide any actual evidence that there was a lawful order of curfew ever given. While there was a state of emergency in effect due to covid, at no time was anything written saying there was a curfew. The city of Kenosha simply 'declared' a curfew. Meanwhile earlier this year another Judge in Wisconsin had already thrown out a curfew charge as he saw nothing put forward the say legally the was a lawful curfew. The STATE tried to claim "Well the Detective said on the stand there was a curfew, but Judge said that is not sufficient, and dismissed count #7 of the charges
STATE Closing Arguments
>>51860 >While there was a state of emergency in effect due to covid, at no time was anything written saying there was a curfew. The city of Kenosha simply 'declared' a curfew. they're not sending their best
(1.05 MB 720x406 vpDzep-3ctym6Em-.mp4)
>>51862 Not to shit on the parade, but Kyle Rittenhouse isn't the most Germanic name either. Kyle is often claimed to be of Scottish origin but there also exist a Yiddish variation of that name, hence Kyle Broflovski from South Park. Rittenhouse is the anglicized version of the German name Rettinghausen, there is no place in Germany called Rettinghausen and the name translates to simply "swamp house" or "house in the marsh". Some English name sites claim the name comes from Austria, but the German state where the name is most common is North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany. This makes more sense, as Austria doesn't have much marsh land, compared to the German low land. It's a strange name, because people in Germany who cultivated the marshes where poor people but they got special rights and where pioneers who where proud of their achievement. They wouldn't call themselves or let anyone just call them "swamp dwellers". Kyle also was seen wearing a T-Shirt from Black Rifle Coffee Company, which is owned by jews.
(15.95 KB 474x266 nelsooon.jpeg)
>>51869 any one remember nelson?
>>51875 Thanks for the history lesson, Moshe. No one has made the claim he is German. He is just a spic kid who happened to kill some kikes while trying to prevent his town from burning to the ground. Black Rifle Coffee made a large donation to the 2 million dollar bail fund and had shown up after his release with the shirt for a photo op
(72.36 KB 1080x522 EnfBhoXVgAA6_w8.jpg)
(24.78 KB 509x453 29520950.png)
(268.77 KB 1266x688 25627627838.jpg)
>>51880 >calls me Moshe >defends jewish company with false claims No reason to get butthurt about the truth faggot. >No one has made the claim he is German. He is just a spic kid who happened to kill some kikes while trying to prevent his town from burning to the ground. That isn't the point, the point it what is the truth? At the moment the case is just a funny shitshow because some Pedo Jews got shot during the BurnLootMurder riots and it is simply more funny if Kyle gets away with it, because of all the salt it will create on the Internet. But I find it strange that they go so easy on him for having killed a couple of the (((chosen))) during their sanctified "peaceful protest" in the name of Saint Floyd. You would think they send better men against him who don't make so obvious mistakes if this was the (((chosen)))'s vengeance against some goyim kid that dared to touch some of them. If this was a case of jew on jew violence while they tried to play both sides during the riots, it would be even more hilarious. The happening of this case was basically predicted by third-pic-related scenario A.
>>51881 not everything is planned to the letter schizo
(758.99 KB 900x1110 ClipboardImage.png)
>>51881 >defends jewish company with false claims I never denied your accusation about Black Rifle COO. I was misremembering the tweet event from last year, that there was people from Black Rifle that made individual donations to the bail fund. But after looking it up the photo was taken with members from the BLAZE. BlazeTV obviously had coverage the events and spoken up for Kyle as well as promoted the bail fund on Kyle's behalf on air. >Shortly after his release, a photo with Rittenhouse wearing a Black Rifle Coffee shirt was posted to Twitter by Elijah Schaffer, a Blaze contributor, and host of the Slightly Offensive podcast. https://www.roguereview.net/black-rifle-coffee-wants-to-distance-itself-from-kyle-rittenhouse-and-proud-boy-ish-customers/ The Blaze had a sponsorship deal with Black Rifle and they gave Kyle the t shirt and asked for a photo op. Immediately faggots on twitter began tagging in Black Rifle saying they had a sponsorship deal with Kyle The second tweet you are posting is from that when tBlack Rifle took the (((corporate))) route and tried to distance themselves from Kyle >But shortly after the tweet, Black Rifle petitioned Elijah Schaffer to delete the photo, according to the NYT. Schaffer eventually did. Once the tweet was deleted, a company executive released a video explaining, “we’re not in the business of profiting from tragedy.” The tweet is talking about whether or not there is an legal relationship where Kyle is being PAID to represent the company. The type of relationship NIKE might have with athlete on a sports team. >At the time, some influential conservatives were disappointed by the company’s actions, seeing the response as a slight to Rittenhouse, who many view as one of the only people willing to stand up to the BLM mob’s terror in U.S. streets. >The partially anti-Rittenhouse stance by the company, claiming to represent the right to bear, keep, and use arms in self-defense, did not go over well. The company told the NYT that the Rittenhouse debacle cost it thousands of users. >If this was a case of jew on jew violence Why are you still trying to promote this absurd idea that Kyle is a jew and there is some ebil plot. Everything so far points to this being a random event where a kid was forced to shoot some faggots during a riot. If you have something substantial to put forward then do so, otherwise stop shitting up this thread.
>>51885 His English is a bit off in some places. Hebrew might be his first language.
Sole Survivor of the "Rittershausen Pogrom" gives his first Interview
>>51887 kill all media
(27.66 KB 677x405 ClipboardImage.png)
(639.05 KB 677x1125 ClipboardImage.png)
Someone needs to tell the retards on twitter. there is no i in BASED
If Kyle was a nigger I'm definitely sure he would no fucks would be given around here.
(540.45 KB 825x660 1627533740371.png)
>>51891 Most posters here are white.
>>51885 >Why are you still trying to promote this absurd idea that Kyle is a jew.... Because it would be hilarious as hell. Like Israelis getting killed by falling debris from the Iron dome rockets. I am in this thread for the laughs and salt this trial brings. Instead of running damage control and acting like a faggot, you could have simply dispelled my suspicion by showing information of Kyle Ritthousen family history. Your behavior itself is just feeding the flame. >...and there is some ebil plot. The whole BLM movement IS an evil plot, as was the way the media covered their riots and how they treated anyone who defended themselves. This was clear from day one for anyone who is redpilled, so all people who still went to these events either fall into the category of ignorant bluepilled NPC or agent provocateur. The only except to this rule are the people who actually live in the neighborhoods that were set on fire and had to fear for their lives. We already know that Kyle has participated in police cadet programs and is a thin blue line supporter. >Everything so far points to this being a random event where a kid was forced to shoot some faggots during a riot. All just a coincidence?
>>51917 He looks nothing like a jew.
>>51917 Besides, you know nothing about jews if you think a jew would ever engage in the kind of action Kyle took. There's nothing about his appearance or behavior that suggests being a jew even in the slightest.
>>51917 >so all people who still went to these events either fall into the category of ignorant bluepilled NPC or agent provocateur. Not either or. There is a third group that was at this event are the people of Kenosha and area, like Kyle and his frens that went out that night to try and stop their town from burning down. And not just the group at carsource. There are other photos of a lot of other Wisconsin residents that showed up at other locations like those at the gas station or those at the cafe/bars earlier that night. >All just a coincidence? That a bluepilled kike like Huber was there, a kike that had lived in Kenosha for at least 10 years (all criminal charges are from Kenosha police), would go down to a riot in progress, then try to pull a hero and attack what he probably perceived an rightwing nazi kid with a gun seems very plausible That Gaige who testified to going to other riots in Portland, Washington, and Minneapolis turned up in Kenosha is not a coincidence either That an off his meds, bi polar, and suicidal Chosenbaum who had lived in Kenosha for at least the past two years was turned up trying to pick fights with multiple armed individuals was there is not surprising either inb4 >Why didnt any niggers get shot? Look at the demographics of Kenosha there are a lot of niggers to begin with. The crowds that night seem to be about maybe 20% nog. Even though this protest is for Jacob Blake, nigger with a knife that got shot in the back 2 days before, most protesters and counter-protesters are White. Had Kyle sprayed the crowd he might have not hit a nigger. Kyle took two shots at the "jump kick" nigger but shear luck, of having a boot firmly planted in his face at the time, missed
>>51928 >there are NOT* a lot of niggers
>>51928 >Kyle took two shots at the "jump kick" nigger but shear luck, of having a boot firmly planted in his face at the time, missed You can bet that if Kyle had hit the nigger, conservatives would have thrown him under the bus. They desperately wanted to do it, anyway, but they were beaten to the punch in terms of a narrative coalescing and there was video evidence.
What is your prediction, /pol/? I'm fairly optimistic about the outcome. It seems like the media and leftists are becoming nervous over this case as well, and are preparing people for it to be decided as a clear case of self-defense. I think it's possible that Rittenhouse might get some prison time, but he's not going for life, he's going to get off largely.
>>51940 The simple fact that this 'trial' has been allowed to take place is a grave miscarriage of justice and shows that America is a lawless banana republic.
>>51942 >America is a lawless banana republic. Pretty much. That this trial went forward has probably been determined by the (((powers that be))) to be another good way to stir up discord and unrest.
>>51891 whites aren't supposed to give a shit about non-human shit-colored apes. kys fag.
(520.37 KB 1105x769 Bigfoot sighting.png)
>>51940 I was extremely optimistic all through the Prosecutions case, everything pointed to self defense and an easy walk. But the last two days, the blurry photo being entered, and today during arguments for charges, lesser than's, and instructions I am not nearly as confident. I won't be surprised if he is convicted on the reckless charges and being sentenced to 6-12 years
>>51948 <b-but hitler had beelack natzhees!!!!1 The things people will say to justify non-whites.
(80.57 KB 641x787 kyle rittenhouse enhanced.PNG)
>>51953 ENHANCED
(7.06 MB 1280x592 z2alfr.mp4)
(6.78 MB 1280x592 sy9fqt.mp4)
(14.22 MB 720x1280 TpksBJjNfUukNXBq.mp4)
>>51959 >>51962 Rebuttal twitter.com/DefNotDarth
>>51959 Zoom on pixel 125x433! We need to look closer.
I find it hilarious how these instigating kikes tried to rile up the negroes and failed so they had to start shit themselves and got shot because of it. Best shit that happened all year.
>>51970 >TpksBJjNfUukNXBq.mp4 Is my jewdar off today? That looks and sounds like a jew to me.
>>51970 Hopefully people are getting this to the defense ASAP
Wow this thread got to derailing fast. No one cares about muh based nonwhites. Those who cry of that are nonwhites themselves. They want two things from doing so: 1. They want validation from White people because they know deep down they're not useful to the development of the Earth 2. They want White pussy because their own women stink. Notable scientists/visionaries of the past like Lovecraft have indicated that the inferior races would've been exterminated by the superior White race in due time. However due to jewish subversion, the nonwhites are still alive today. Makes you think, doesn't it? On topic of discussion, is Kyle fully White? He has a bit of a mutt face.
>>51998 kill yourself shitskin. nonwhites are nothing.
>>51999 I think there's a right to be scared (which turns to anger) since literal nigs/browns are actually on here. They found out what NS is and want to act like White people
>>51997 >He has a bit of a mutt face. The father is spos to be Scott/German. The mother certainly looks a bit Hispanic. iirc Kyle's Antioch arrest sheet said Hispanic but Kenosha and court records list him as White
>Nov. 13 (UPI) -- Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has authorized 500 National Guard troops to support local law enforcement in Kenosha as jurors go into deliberations next week in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. >Evers signed the order Friday as lawyers on both sides of the case prepare to deliver closing arguments Monday. >"We continue to be in close contact with our partners at the local level to ensure the state provides support and resources to help keep the Kenosha community and greater area safe," Evers said. >"The Kenosha community has been strong, resilient, and has come together through incredibly difficult times these past two years, and that healing is still ongoing. I urge folks who are otherwise not from the area to please respect the community by reconsidering any plans to travel there and encourage those who might choose to assemble and exercise their First Amendment rights to do so safely and peacefully." >Evers said the 500 members of the Wisconsin National Guard will stand at the ready outside Kenosha and will respond to requests for assistance by local law enforcement if needed. >The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department told WISN-TV in Milwaukee that it hadn't requested the National Guard assistance. >"We have been in contact with local, state and federal law enforcement partners to ensure the safety of our community, but the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department has not yet officially requested the National Guard at this time," the statement said.
>>51975 Exactly
(59.65 KB 1024x683 1636989725793.jpg)
948.60  Possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18. >(1)  In this section, “dangerous weapon" means any firearm, loaded or unloaded; any electric weapon, as defined in s. 941.295 (2)  >(a) Any person under 18 years of age who possesses or goes armed with a dangerous weapon is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. (3)  >(c) This section applies only to a person under 18 years of age who possesses or is armed with a rifle or a shotgun if the person is in violation of s. 941.28 Possession of short-barreled shotgun or short-barreled rifle. Judge: "Is the gun here? We have a tape measure? STATE: We stipulate the gun was in compliance Judge count #6 is DISMISSED THE GUN WAS NOT UNLAWFUL
(1.04 MB 396x216 goebbels laugh.gif)
>>52051 No way, the shills are going to go ballistic over this. They've lost their entire narrative now. KYLE WALKS
(2.00 MB 654x360 WYmOrEj6R_tiZBwB.mp4)
>>52052 While hopeful for acquittal, there still may be some purple haired cunt on the Jury that is going to try say it wasn't self defense. I think he has most of the Jury on his side but a hung jury and mistrial is still very possible.
(3.03 MB 1280x720 Zl2d2p5EWXXv6FOY.mp4)
>Vid from 15 days before Kenosha, leaked by STATE?
>>52061 >two Black men legally open carrying at CVS While I doubt these niggers are carrying legally, pretty sure it is a crime, in and of itself to be armed while committing the felony of looting
>>52061 >>52062 It doesn't matter.
(5.37 MB 1280x720 uTcIUWKDkhYjrGLa.mp4)
(165.22 KB 960x960 ffd1a6b99aa0770.jpg)
(257.47 KB 1041x548 jewtube fact check.png)
>>52051 >Whether Rittenhouse violated Wisconsin law by possessing a firearm underage is the subject of ongoing litigation. But the Facebook post claimed that it was "perfectly legal" for the teenager to carry an assault-style rifle in Kenosha. >At best, that’s unproven. At worst, it’s inaccurate. Either way, we rate the post False. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/aug/28/facebook-posts/did-kyle-rittenhouse-break-law-carrying-assault-st/
(2.00 MB 1059x976 ClipboardImage.png)
(452.72 KB 591x547 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52072 lol just kill this guy send a message and kill him
(323.82 KB 1001x633 ClipboardImage.png)
(742.58 KB 960x988 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52074 > KENOSHA, WI—With closing arguments completed in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the judge is now giving the jury their instructions before they deliberate, reminding them to ignore the angry mob that is currently outside threatening to burn the whole building down. > "Please be fair and impartial," he said to the jurists, who were all wearing Kevlar helmets and body armor. "Just ignore the bloodthirsty mob of communists threatening to terrorize you and your family forever if you don't find Rittenhouse 'guilty'. That should not factor into your decision at all." > "Guilty or we burn it down! Guilty or we burn it down!" replied the mob outside, furious that they were being ignored. > The jurists have asked for a 20-minute head-start to get in their cars and drive to the nearest bomb shelter before the verdict is revealed. They have also asked for 24/7 armed security provided by Kyle Rittenhouse.
>>52075 that would be really funny if someone rolled up and machine-gunned the protestors down. it should be justified when they are threatening to tamper with due process (not that anyone actually cares much about it anyway)
>>52076 >babylon bee
>>51959 >>51962 "HOCUS POCUS OUT of FOCUS" -Richards
>>52076 it needs to happen. a large part of people being afraid to stand up, afraid to speak out, is they don't feel a sufficient level of political street muscle available to back them up in the vein of the IRA.
>>52077 yeah i figured it might not be real, but still think anyone demanding guilty verdict should be shot.
Bingerbros, I don’t feel so good...
>>52079 It really is too bad that 2A fags are so irredeemably cucked. This would be the perfect time to raise absolute hell and prove all their bluster about muh liberty tree to be correct. but waaah some of us might die or sumthin! Trump save us!
>>52008 So let the niggerkikes burn everything again and arrest the defenders. Got it.
(452.72 KB 591x547 ClipboardImage.png)
(614.27 KB 598x551 ClipboardImage.png)
(181.48 KB 591x422 1637022526676.png)
(250.64 KB 800x600 1637021656410.png)
(132.25 KB 700x541 1637020102350.png)
(81.50 KB 267x257 1637021856579.png)
(137.07 KB 591x422 1637027190934.png)
I do some Armed Guard work and we get mandatory trained on what "self defense" means. However, if you step off your private property and are seen as going out "looking for trouble" even if you are "one of the good guys" you can expect to have problems if you shoot someone "in self defense". At least up until two years ago, it was seen as problematic for people to be going around in public "defending property" which they hadn't been asked to defend. You can't claim Self Defense if you started the fight and going to an area where you hadn't been even asked all on your own with a gun could be seen as at least partly "starting a fight". He was clearly going to that area with the gun with the possibility of using it on a certain group that night. Just saying it does open up some doors for the DA, and if you go armed into a situation that is "none of your business" plan on being considered as at least some level of "aggressor" and open to getting charges if you win any gunfights. Yes, you are SUPPOSED to do nothing and let rioters burn down the city.
(1.31 MB 1280x1211 ClipboardImage.png)
Jury of 12 (7women 5 males, including one POC Hispanic) begin deliberations. Word was so far they fist requested another copy of the Self Defense Instructions then they requested 11 more copies of the complete jury instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4fD_apqOHE&ab_channel=MoReeseDelk Pro-Kyle jogger livestream of "Antifa/BLM" protesters and "Patriot" counter-protesters, outside the courthouse
(8.15 MB 1280x720 v_nloJfOWSeOaOFo.mp4)
(246.93 KB 394x253 ClipboardImage.png)
(480.86 KB 677x547 ClipboardImage.png)
(725.03 KB 450x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>Counter-protester outside courthouse
(74.64 KB 756x287 ClipboardImage.png)
(83.20 KB 781x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Jury intimidation in action.
Jury has retired for the evening, they will be back in court at 9AM Another livestream from outside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41I0gdCT86M&ab_channel=SnackSquad
>>52138 Imagine if fights kick off before a verdict is even reached, just skip the outrage foreplay and have a go.
Yall paying attention to Ghislaine Maxwell while all this shit is happening right?
>>52008 Nasty girls are not as trained as police in crowd control. They may get 5 hours in their 8 year contract and only if they are deploying to a country where they may need it for. Their only purpose is to stand around as a deterrent in the same manner the militia stood around to defend Kenosha. Due to what they perceive as the people's gestalt of the US military, they expect no one will fuck with them. They expect antifa and the right alike to "thank them for their service" even in riot conditions. If shit ever went down it would be a mess, they only know how to do battle drills, stand around in formation and shoot down range.
>>52142 They serve as great piss-bottle targets to distract the mob while US Marshalls, FBI, and ATF fags crack skulls and throw people into black vans.
>>52141 if that bitch gets anything other than torture for the rest of her life then America really is the whore of Babylon
>>52150 go be a nigger somewhere else
Clean this nigger up, jannies.
(589.46 KB 1024x1365 kyle.jpg)
>>52157 Fresh stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEZZsmTB8dM&ab_channel=FreedomFlashpoint (pic) Earlier a bunch of the faggots started assaulting Kyle supporters and got themselves arrested
(18.57 MB 1280x708 IIULuw6-rkddkfZc.mp4)
(356.34 KB 481x416 ClipboardImage.png)
(98.28 KB 882x1024 pepekyle.jpg)
>b jury >b aware people want to dox you just for being unlucky enough to be on jury >drag out deliberation close to weekend >prep bug out bag and organize schedule >announce verdict late Friday >disappear off the grid with family until shit storm blows over I'm surprised no one has worked this out yet. They worked out their decision ages ago, and are running down the clock.
>>52199 I know that if I were selected, I'd be telling my nearby family to plan a "vacation". It's either that or they really are arguing back and forth with the most divisive subject being whether they'll get firebombed for their decision. No matter which way the verdict goes, however, that town will see more violence soon.
>>52199 > They worked out their decision ages ago The jury are composed of several niggers and women + some soy swilling White guys. They always are. They are not planning to do something baste. They are screaming at the one conservative guy who accidentally slipped past the screen. Conservatives are too retarded to get onto important juries in large numbers. They stupidly think that it is honorable to tell the truth to the lawyers and admit that they have ideological priors. So they recuse themselves, making way for shitlibs who happily will lie about their flagrant support for black supremacism and their hatred of armed White people.
>>52206 Daily reminder that Chauvin was convicted for literally doing what ZOG trained and told him to do.
First-degree reckless homicide NOT GUILTY First-degree recklessly endangering safety NOT GUILTY First-degree intentional homicide NOT GUILTY Attempted first-degree intentional homicide NOT GUILTY First-degree recklessly endangering safety NOT GUILTY https://www.nxsttv.com/nmw/news/rittenhouse-trial-jury-to-return-for-4th-day-of-deliberations/
>>52211 I needed this Whitepill. Self-defense in America would have been dead otherwise. And now we might even get riot kino in Kenosha
(1.55 MB 1284x707 ClipboardImage.png)
Kyle knows who to thank for his win
Anti-White seething has begun
(290.24 KB 1170x684 ClipboardImage.png)
(279.71 KB 1150x598 ClipboardImage.png)
(273.38 KB 1170x805 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.04 MB 2119x2405 kenoshakyleanalysis.png)
>>52199 (me) Clock runs down. Jury acquits Kyle and bugs out. >>52202 >>52206 Told you so! Party like it's Nov 2016!
(11.04 MB 1280x720 fpVs1pVApJBOLvqV.mp4)
>>52213 Klaus Rittershausen's pronouns are NOT/GUILTY
>>52217 Powerful. das my bro right there
>>52216 Interesting.
(94.30 KB 1080x691 kyle smile.jpg)
>>52217 Lets tuck this thread into a comfy bed and kiss it goodnight.
(7.31 MB 854x480 8.video-xqQ-urRpbLrk.mp4)
>Rittenhouse's attorney, Richards speaks outside courthouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51zG77xxVs0
(9.20 MB 1280x720 WcEHUTxN8vY3Ua9g.mp4)
>>52222 (checked) >Binger Holds Press Conference outside Court House after Not Guilty Verdict
>>52217 his reaction made my day
(779.54 KB 730x610 rittenhouse.png)
>>52225 Just when you thought this day couldn't get any better.... twitter.com/umairh/status/1461778929514160136 https://archive.fo/7yqeO
>>52229 I bet what is more likely is Kyle becomes some kind of Thielnat influencer.
(364.64 KB 651x588 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52229 i wish this hyperbolic prediction would materialize. so many people are broken beyond repair and just need to be put down like rabid dogs. you just know these same people would be jeering about epically btfoing the ebil alt right nazis from footage of kyle being beaten within an inch of his life or flat-out murdered had he not defended himself. i hate to sour the mood, but this personal victory for kyle is a microscopic concession in the grand scheme of western rot. i don't have high hopes that his acquittal will spark any powderkegs that will lead to favorable changes for whites (not that i think his conviction would've either). >>52230 i am glad what remains of this kid's pride and future have been salvaged, but i entertain no illusions of him being a white nationalist. he probably will be groomed into a civnat icon to placate cuckservatives as you say.
(4.98 MB 454x498 kylekylerittenhouse.gif)
>tfw you shoot pedos and get away with it
>>52229 To be fair, Kyle did kill more jews than the holohoax.
(12.87 MB 1280x720 MZF3Zs8oH1-DiS50.mp4)
BREAKING: Tucker Carlson is making Kyle Rittenhouse documentary and has been filming this entire time behind the scenes
(295.78 KB 624x622 FREE AS FUCK.png)
>>52238 Blessed!
>>52238 Here's an Idea, take "ITS OK TO BE WHITE" but make IT'S LEGAL TO DEFEND YOURSELF, with or without stencil style smiling Kyle face.
Random protests Kenosha, Brooklyn, Oakland, Denver https://www.twitch.tv/austinzone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wgp_PdnwFs
>>52214 5th pic >this white boy killed two people and dint make anyone nervous Funny how the rioters themselves felt this way. Who chases after a "active shooter" Yes, Kyle is less of a threat because he is white. Niggers are a threat because they exist.
>>52244 Kyle was likely identified as a soft target earlier in the day, probably even before Rosenbaum's verbal altercation.
(244.65 KB 1024x576 Younger Assange.jpg)
Is he forgotten? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl2_-NYm6yA Are LOIC's even a thing anymore?
>>52244 Never could understand how people are scared of blacks. They look so retarded.
>>52244 >>52094 No he went there with the riffle PER his recorded statement to protect himself From criminally insane terrorists. Blah blah ya gabby snitch, fuck your conjecture Prove his intent
>>52248 Niggers are retarded monkeys with barely enough cognitive function to be able to pull the trigger of a firearm but not enough to be able to examine the greater ramifications of their actions to themselves or society. Of course you should be scared.
(1.77 MB 202x360 Joy Lane.webm)
>>52251 Video related.
Reminder: he's a half spic. I think if he was full spic, I fear that some would make it a deal here.
(186.72 KB 885x595 1637349809674.png)
(61.96 KB 720x720 1613873884620.jpg)
(75.88 KB 600x600 1636433796815.jpg)
(3.21 MB 1400x1084 1636586695489.gif)
(23.77 MB 1280x720 Across State Lines MASHUP.mp4)
>>52259 >He crossed state lines
>>52255 i think people would care less about the verdict. i realize he's a mutt, but it's also good to understand that 99% of people (in america anyway) look at him and see a white man.
>>52260 Are these media kikes really trying to fool people into thinking that it is wrong to cross state lines in your country? Who will fall for it?
>>52263 >Who will fall for it? Millions of golems
>>52263 The 'implied' crime is it is a Federal offense to cross state lines while armed, while also being a fugitive from justice >18 U.S. Code § 922 - Unlawful acts >(g) It shall be unlawful for any person— >(2) who is a fugitive from justice; >to ship or transport in interstate or foreign commerce, or possess in or affecting commerce, any firearm or ammunition; or to receive any firearm or ammunition which has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.
>>52265 pretty retarded for all these faggots to whine about state lines when he lives close enough to kenosha that he could very easily manage a work commute to there. they are just latching onto a flimsy technicality thinking it justifies their desire to see people whom appear white get their lives ruined or ended.
>>52266 >>52264 Pretty funny when you consider that hunters have been doing this very thing since forever.
>Portland last night
>>52214 Makes me wonder, is this actual justice, or did the jews let him off so they could hold this up as an example of "systemic white privilege", then unleash the niggers and other subhumans for another round of rioting. Is this playing the long game in their anti-white agenda?
(56.24 KB 605x600 eagle.jpg)
>>52277 >is this actual justice, or did the jews let him off This doesn't even make sense how did jews "let him off" he was tried by a jury and found not guilty, despite all the media pressure to the contrary. If you are going to put forth a theory at least make a little effort int substantiating its mechanism and plausability.
>>52255 hes being attacked as a white person because the media is attacking white people as a group
(332.39 KB 636x322 paki car lot.png)
Hopefully Kyle learned some hard lessons about sticking his neck out to defend sleazy Pakistani car dealerships. This is why you don't put property or abstract concepts over race. Conservatism and its mental shackles lead to cloudy thinking and poor outcomes.
(50.66 KB 720x728 1598462879523.jpg)
(964.51 KB 820x548 1598655390628.png)
(1.55 MB 960x960 image.png)
(241.71 KB 962x616 1598697516180.jpg)
>>52303 >HURR DURR PROTECTING PRIVATE PROPERTY This is as much of a small brain statement as anything we heard from the left. It doesn't take a genius to know that Kyle had multiple motives for being out there that night. Protecting his community at large from wide spread arson, looting and vandalism. Protecting his close friends, who also had their own multiple reasons for being out there. Being ready to render aid, both to 'fren' and 'foe'. And most likely in large part for the thrill of it. Being self-deputized as militia. There may very well have been other aspects. But given what we know about Kyle's character it is safe to assume the points listed were of far more importance than some sleazy shitskin's carlot, even if it was the reason articulated when he was asked why he was there
>>52306 Hmm, really got your back up, didn't it?
(1.43 MB 1170x1121 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52308 Do you think my points are wrong or logical assumptions are flawed? >really got your back up, didn't it? Perhaps, but there is nothing more honorable than "sticking his neck out" when he is doing it for his kin. The past year was likely hell for him, whether he was innocent or not, there is not many of us that believed he was going to walk away from this unscathed. The kid may be just another burger mutt, but it is hard not to have a soft spot for a kid who had the full weight of zog and their msm propaganda machine come after him looking for blood.
>>52311 This kid killed 3 criminal jews and got away with it. I could not care any less what his private motivations were. The end result was good. Unless we're going to question the reasoning of every Wehrmacht trooper as well. >Durr he didn't do it cause he cared about natsoc, he did it because his grandma died in a British bombing raid. Shut up.
>>34515 >Some on 1/4 chan claim first guy shot had thrown molotov (webm) at Kyle, others claimed it was just the plastic bag of "looter supplies" that were handed out to (((protesters))) That's irrelevant. The jew wasn't shot because he threw something. The jew was shot because he charged at Kyle.
(173.82 KB 690x1200 8218ydasdgua.jpg)
>>52311 The other anon does make a good point though he ultimately shouldn't have been defending some replacement migrant's car lot, but instead some business belonging to an ethnic European. Those pakis threw him under the bus. It's a lesson we can learn from.
>>52321 >he ultimately shouldn't have been defending some replacement migrant's car lot >Those pakis threw him under the bus. Yes, this was the point.
>>52321 Yes, but it's not entirely racial, leftist white people would also have thrown him under the bus.
>>52323 What type of non-White are you?
>>52303 Shitskins at /cuckpol/ would be seething about this. <I'D DEFINITELY DEFEND HIM, THESE GUYS DONT REPRRSENT ALL OF US SHITSKINS Eternal reminder: You help a non-White, they'll backstab you. All that matters is when. Do not trust any non-white claiming to be on your side.
(1.33 MB 974x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
(102.72 KB 827x465 FEwOkzEXMAQcXg2.jpg)
(512.23 KB 746x420 RBMuHxadlreO-Ihq.mp4)
(509.94 KB 720x1280 Wxs61YkdSoHBur4o.mp4)
Intel Point [email protected]·37m >⚠️🇺🇸#URGENT: Mass Causality Incident declared after car plows through parade in downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin #Waukesha l #WI >Dozens of injuries now reported after a suspect reportedly drove through police barricades at the Holiday Parade before opening fire. Updates to follow! >Footage shows red SUV speeding past parade moments before plowing into crowd; 20+ injured >Screams and gunfire heard as new video emerges following attack at Holiday Parade in Wisconsin 🇺🇸#UPDATE: One of three suspects in custody following Wisconsin Holiday Parade attack Suspect information: - 3 suspects - Black males - 1 detained • 2 suspects on the run - Vehicle is a red Ford Escape - License plate begins with ‘ADP - Downtown Waukesha, shelter in place! https://twitter.com/IntelPointAlert/status/1462566324157267969
(127.29 KB 675x900 FEvs8P8X0AEFWhC.jpg)
>Englewood, Florida today Kyle, mom and what appears to be Kimberly Guilfoyle (Don Jr's GF) >TIKI Bar n Grill kek
>>52337 Oh, you trumpniggers camping out here now in advance of 2024?
>>52338 This is the Kyle Thead retard. Its a pic from today of KYLE. I can't help how he happens to be dinning with. He’s likely there for his interview with Tucker Carlson in nearby Boca Grande. It goes without saying the GOP are going to be parading him around for the next month or so
>>52340 >can't help who* he
>>52329 >>52303 Now this situation makes more sense and why they are using at 24/7 news op. Kikes are mad they didn't get to burn down a muslim money laundering ring competing with theirs. That dealership was targeted by antifa ahead of time from cops report an why Rittenhouse was staying around that location having talk to those owners and muslim dealerships have long been used to human traffick people. I'm starting think beyond using this story as a anti-white mass harassment, these riots were really to burn down competing illegal operations or cleaning up their own jewish syndicate child trafficking centers being investigated. The george floyd fuck up worked at a masonic temple turned counterfeit operation than his coworker pulls him over... The first couple days other businesses related to counterfeit money were burned down. Are all these riots about kikes covering their black site money tracks? Don't forget Poway synagogue was under investigation for defrauding millions than gets half assed shot up which made a muslim marine change his target to synagogue after being groomed by the fbi to shoot random White People he gets arrested the day of for changing his target to jews.
(192.88 KB 280x373 ClipboardImage.png)
(209.09 KB 280x373 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.53 MB 592x1280 TWJ9Io6wHv1P4C5O.mp4)
(6.52 MB 360x720 66e774e742.mp4)
>>52336 Multiple deaths reported by FOX
(496.01 KB 637x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(150.79 KB 483x378 crying pepe.png)
>>52336 Fuck, lads, what if that little bouncing kid had been killed... so close..
>>52344 Go back to >>>/x/ you fucking moron. The Kenosha riots were not about Floyd. There were over Jacob Blake, who the media reported at the time "was "unarmed" and shot 7 times in the back" by Police. The protests the night before were outside the Kenosha Courthouse and Civic Center Park, on Sheridan. After protest was declared a riot and unlawful assembly Police began pushing faggots down Sheridan Rd. The Carsource was less than 2 blocks away
Press conference in 30 minutes.
They couldn't let us have a whole weekend. This may be a huge event. Gotta keep the goyim distracted during the Ghislaine Maxwell case. Kikes must have been planning this attack for at least a couple weeks.
>>52349 starting
(140.07 KB 722x557 ClipboardImage.png)
It was said in the press conference that TWELVE people were taken to pediatric facilities, i.e. little kids, and in an 88%+ percent White towm. Niggers are animals. Whites are going to be redpilled en masse
>11 adults >12 children dotr when?
>>52356 It’s getting very close
>>52357 controlled demolition of a once great nation. fuck this gay earth.
>>52358 it wasn't particularly great for very long
Ape confirmed. Tons of children ran over.
>>52353 People like this have to be able to be immediately doxxed and killed.
>>52353 >>52362 Looks like fake (edited) tweet https://twitter.com/MarkLFeinberg/status/1462573707247894533 https://archive.fo/2ydmo The "nitwit" and "poor white people" repies dont seem to exist
>>52364 Either twitter deleted it or the slimy Jew deleted it himself as part of damage control: https://archive.md/3887s
>>52365 Bingo. It's real.
>>52363 verified https://archive.fo/RDcY8 >>52365 >>52366 Stand corrected, thank you
More news. I think this is suspicious though, just look at the videos taken from a higher elevation showing how the vehicle swerves to hit a crowd area of higher density. This seems to be the first dindu nuffin narrative. We’ll see.
>>52368 And to add to this, the nigger did not even honk his horn
>>52368 Not buying it.
>>52370 Entirely speculative on my part but if this was an anti-White attack this nigger could have stabbed Whites with a knife and then continued his attack via the car, making it not an ‘accident’ as Jews are shilling it as currently.
Reddit confirms that the driver was a good boy
>On a recorded police scanner, at 4:39 p.m., a police officer could be heard on the radio saying, “There’s a car going westbound approaching the parade course. A red Escape. Black male. I couldn’t stop him. He’s going westbound blowing his horn.” >A woman wrote to the Heavy web site, “(A relative) lives in Waukesha, a black guy with dreads knocked on her door shortly after the incident at the parade. She wouldn’t let him in and he proceeded to go across the street trying to break into a building. My daughter called 911 with a description and they said they think he was driving the SUV that drove into all the people.” >According to the scanner, police found the suspect’s ID in the vehicle and a Ford key on him. https://heavy.com/news/waukesha-parade-shooting-car/
>>52368 The first vids he is just flying down the side of the road not hitting anyone. Then the crowd gets thicker. It seems he slows a bit and is reluctant to hit people. Then decides there is no way to avoid hitting anyone, at that point he just speeds up and plows through the crowd. In the last vids where the hood is damaged he is just fleeing again. In pic rel, he could just go straight though or plow through the spectators but seems to be trying to thread his way past. The theory that this began with fleeing seems to match the circumstances.
>>52374 i don't buy it. the timing on the back of the rittenhouse verdict is not coincidence. they will try to spin it, but even a nigger wouldn't hesitate and then decide to drive over children and grannies to run from the cops. more like last minute hesitation considering the time he will spend in hell for eternity. it was a terrorist attack on white people celebrating Christmas.
(509.94 KB 720x1280 Wxs61YkdSoHBur4o.mp4)
>>52373 >>On a recorded police scanner, at 4:39 p.m., a police officer could be heard on the radio saying, “There’s a car going westbound approaching the parade course. A red Escape. Black male. I couldn’t stop him. He’s going westbound blowing his horn.” That sounds like the barricade cop that confirmed firing at car
>>52374 That’s literally a denser part of the crowd though, and there are all sorts of people sitting and chairs along the road. It’d probably be harder to drive through. And then there is the fact that this dude kept plowing through kids and grannies for multiple blocks according to reports. Maybe I just overestimate severely how dumb niggers are
(512.23 KB 746x420 RBMuHxadlreO-Ihq.mp4)
>>52375 Not ruling out premeditated attack. Just saying it certainly is possible that it started out as random nig nogging, then jogging away, then turned into attack. It would better explain vids like this
>>52374 spooks out tonight running disinfo in multiple comment sections. trying to push "running from police" narrative as well as trying to spin the niggers as muslims. i think this was a CIA operation. demoralization on the back of the rittenhouse verdict.
>>52378 happened in WISCONSIN. there are no coincidences. you are a faggot.
>>52379 Muslims were a good guess when we had little information.
>>52382 Yeah this shit was a false flag.
>>52383 Absolutely. When is enough, enough? Fuck this shit.
>>52379 Fuckoff you spastic moron. I have been in this thread since its creation and have more memes and posts including posting the trial QRDs, than anyone else here
>>52385 I wish I knew. The important thing is to just keep redpilling. People are more awake than ever due to Covid. I’m definitely going to be looking into this obscure ‘remembrance day’ and redpill as much as I can
>>52386 Posting memes doesn't mean jack shit, faggot. Didn't say you are a fed, or even imply it. That narrative is being pushed in multiple places, and you're pushing it as well. Did you come up with it yourself? It is clear the car plowed through the heaviest part of the crowd. "Wrong place wrong time, running from cops." Fuck right off.
>nig released on bail two days ago (just in time for Rittenhouse verdict) >nig’s MKULTRA activated to carry out attack on the UN ‘holiday’ for traffic victims All coming together now. https://twitter.com/TheQuartering/status/1462628463517609984
>>52390 bingo
>>52388 >Posting memes doesn't mean jack shit Also posted >>52336 >>52345, I didnt make a separate thread because my first instinct was this was Kyle related >Didn't say you are a fed, or even imply it Yeah I kinda misinterpreted that >you're pushing it as well I am not "pushing" it, just saying it is possible > It is clear the car plowed through the heaviest part of the crowd I am not positive of this. If you look at pic 1 there is only about 3 feet between the right side marching line and the small cluster on the side walk. But if you look at pic 5, farther down the street there is no room at at. All Im saying it is possible he thought the right side was blocked, then hit the brakes and clearly slowed. Went to the left side, then tried to squeeze through. He hit couple band members then after that he said fuck it, and just began plowing through the middle. The last attack against the the "Extreme Dancers" girls and "Dancing Grannies" was clearly intentional.
(205.13 KB 750x689 ClipboardImage.png)
(9.58 MB 3187x1948 Screenshot 2021-11-21 203515.png)
>>52393 fair enough. google maps the address of suspect: https://wcca.wicourts.gov/caseDetail.html?caseNo=2021CF004596&countyNo=40&index=0&mode=details 4014 North 19th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209 The vehicle is out front.
>>52395 one appears to be maroon and one is red. strange.
>>52394 This is standard operating procedure with niggers.
(1.08 MB 1146x758 ford.png)
(209.09 KB 280x373 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52396 Thought the same thing, though the google pic seem a bit over saturated in color. If you look at the back of truck where there is shadows cast on it, seems a bit deeper red. Not definitive, but seems to be a match Edit yeah, pretty sure it is a match, same roof racks and ford grill
(997.86 KB 625x600 ClipboardImage.png)
(150.82 KB 265x317 ClipboardImage.png)
Darrel Edward Brooks Jr suspiciously looks like an amateur rapper named MathBoi Fly who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mathboifly/?hl=en 2 Different Twitter Accounts: https://twitter.com/FlyFrmTheMOB https://twitter.com/Flytalk1oo Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mathboi-fly YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUI_NnHGW518kRgeDOTgH3Q MathBoi Fly - Westside Jumpshot (Official Music Video) prod. by Zo Dinero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo7iRO3vSCw MathBoi Fly - Word Of Mouth (prod. by Ice Starr): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AawNaWkuh8M MathBoi Fly - HALF A TIKKET (prod. by DeeMarc): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Sc8VqvGdSk
(382.72 KB 583x457 ClipboardImage.png)
(36.67 KB 598x398 ClipboardImage.png)
(114.10 KB 437x389 Screenshot 2021-11-22.png)
(593.73 KB 899x611 ClipboardImage.png)
(328.40 KB 568x482 darrell brooks.png)
(553.34 KB 989x555 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52407 >>52405 >>52404 >>52403 >>52402 >>52401 >>52400 >>52399 >>52398 >>52395 >>52394 /pol/ was right (again) https://heavy.com/news/darrell-brooks-jr/ https://archive.fo/lF3Lo >The man who was taken into custody in connection with the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy told police that his name was Darrell Brooks Jr. when he was detained, and they found a Ford key on him, according to scanner audio obtained by Heavy. >Police squads were at a Milwaukee address used by Darrell Brooks Jr. after his name was mentioned on the police scanner in connection with the Waukesha parade incident in which at least 40 people, including many children, were injured when a red Ford Escape plowed through the crowd. He complained of shoulder pain when taken into custody. >Heavy confirmed that two Milwaukee police squads were outside the home listed to Brooks on N. 19th St. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Heavy also obtained audio from the scanner indicating Waukesha police obtained an ID in the name Darrell Brooks Jr. inside the red Ford Escape they recovered in connection with the Waukesha parade investigation. He also goes by the name Darrell E. Brooks Jr., and Darrell Edward Brooks, Jr. He is 39-years-old. >The City of Waukesha now says that five people are deceased and over 40 are injured. “However, these numbers may change as we collect additional information. Many people have self-transported to area hospitals. The Police Department has the person of interest in custody,” they wrote, without naming that person. >Darrell Brooks Jr. raps under the name MathBoi Fly. A red SUV can be seen in one music video. >Heavy discovered that a red vehicle similar to the Escape actually shows up on Google Maps for the address listed to Brooks in Wisconsin online court records – the home along 19th Street where the squads were sitting on November 21, 2021, in the hours after the parade tragedy.
(62.38 KB 670x535 ClipboardImage.png)
Brooks has an extremely long criminal history including open cases. Darrell E. Brooks Jr. of 19th Street has open charges filed November 5, 2021, in Milwaukee courts for resisting an officer (misdemeanor), felony bail jumping, second degree recklessly endangering safety (felony) with domestic abuse assessments, disorderly conduct and battery (both misdemeanors, also with domestic abuse assessments.) He posted $1,000 cash bail on November 19, 2021. That’s despite the fact he has another open felony case in Milwaukee County, from 2020. That case is for second-degree recklessly endangering safety – felony with use of a dangerous weapon (two counts) and possessing firearm convicted of a felony (felony charge.) The case was filed in July 2020, but it remains pending. Milwaukee County courts is dealing with a major backlog in cases. In the above case, hearings were repeatedly adjourned. He requested a speedy trial, but the court tolled the time limits for that (this has occurred recently because of a two-year back log, the chief judge has said, which she has attributed to COVID. The backlog also persists with jury trials, she said.) In February 2021, with Judge David Feiss presiding, the court lowered his bail to $500, noting, “Due to reasons stated on the record, the court is unable to honor the speedy trial demand in this case. Defense bail motion argued and GRANTED by the Court. The Court lowered cash bail to $500.00.” In June 2021, the court notes say, “Matter scheduled for Jury Trial. Parties are ready to proceed. Due to court congestion, Court is unable to hear jury trial at this time.” The case continued, with some plea negotiations. “JusticePoint PreTrial Services Supervision/VIOLATION Report dated November 10, 2021; received and filed,” says a recent entry. There was a “further proceedings” on November 11, the last date. He has these prior convictions: Bail jumping (misdemeanor) and marijuana possession (misdemeanor). Marijuana possession second plus offense (felony). 2011. Obstruct an officer (misdemeanor). 2005 and 2003. Marijuana possession (felony). 2002. Substantial battery (felony). 1999. He has a lengthy arrest history. Read it here.
(258.79 KB 498x280 ClipboardImage.png)
>A local resident sent us the picture above of the suspect who plowed through the parade but asked us not to use her name out of fear for her safety. >She said she was standing next to the person who took the photo. “It’s the driver,” she said. “He was feet away from me. I’m in shock.” She also sent Heavy this picture. >Local residents told Heavy that their loved ones were barricaded in stores after a vehicle drove through the crowd; many people believed the suspect was shooting from it as gunfire echoed through the parade route, but the police chief Dan Thompson now says he doesn’t believe shots were fired from the SUV. “An officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect vehicle to try to stop the suspect vehicle,” he said. No people were injured by the gunfire. >Authorities said 11 adults and 12 pediatric patients were transported to six area hospitals. Their conditions are not clear; they said some people died, but they did not have a number of deaths. Then they upped the total to 40 injured with five deceased.
50 page criminal background
(49.81 MB 1280x720 after12.webm)
>>52406 John Chisholm should be put to death.
>>52353 Job? Address?
>>52401 Is there any confirmation of the red underlined section?
>>52420 Not that I've seen. There are some pro BLM, anti cop, posts added to the heavy >>52408 article.
>>52422 >Taking your White children to a Santa Claus Parade equals Christcuck Fuckoff (((faggot)))
(975.40 KB 1167x656 ClipboardImage.png)
>Update Press Conference Police confirm Darrell Brooks Jr. has been charged with 5 counts of Intentional Homicide There was no pursuit before the incident. There was a report of a domestic involving a knife prior to the the carnage, but Police had not even responded to that first call before being redirected to the parade The 5 deaths reported so far are four 70+ females and one 50+ year old male
(2.18 MB 1101x843 ClipboardImage.png)
(820.85 KB 1022x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52430 Chisholm needs to be executed. His family, too.
>>52427 >There was no pursuit before the incident. Shills on suicide watch.
(424.44 KB 597x577 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52211 >NOT GUILTY
>>52427 Is it just me, or did (((they))) whitewashed him?
(741.40 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
(158.68 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
(331.17 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52444 meh, that photo appears a little washed out in every source. There's other older mugshots as well.
>>52444 He's probably at least an octatroon if not quadtroon
>>52434 /pol/ was right again
Negroes need to be exterminated
>>52238 >Kyle Rittenhouse speaks to Tucker Carlson in first TV interview
>>52450 I've met their grandfather.
>>52452 not just negroes. Don't focus on one enemy. It's us or ALL of them.
I don't have any links or memes but apparently the police chief at Waukesha is a BLM supporter and made their force kneel for BLM last year. Maybe someone else can find and post.
>>52465 >faggot shilling for jewish media Die, retard.
>>52533 Doesn't matter what you think of Cucker Carlson, and I doubt anyone here entertains any illusions about whose side he's on. Kinda hard to make a post more on-topic than one attaching media that includes the thread subject.
(36.89 KB 540x618 1638891285203.jpg)
Will Kyle be able to live a normal life or maybe might be able to fade away into the shadows like Zimmerman or is he going to have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.
>>53424 >Will Kyle be able to live a normal life Normal?
(211.29 KB 1200x1200 1639664004552.jpg)
>>53558 I wonder if they're going to tell him that everything he believes including 'Trump' is a lie, and in a normal society not completely controlled by jews would have resulted in him getting a medal instead of jail? Inquiring minds want to know.
>>53560 Kyle is a nigger loving faggot like every other conservative. He'll fit right in at Toilet Paper USA.
>>53558 Time to collect the bounty on those antifa heads.
Would mandatory vaccines create a black market for fake vaccine certificates?