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Press “F” for Pentti Linkola, King of the Ecofascists Anonymous 04/05/2020 (Sun) 13:18:41 ID:ad02d1 No. 25518
It’s over, ecofascist bros, Pentti has died. Don’t be too sad though, he died as useless normalfags were dying left and right and pollution levels have begub to fall as a result of Coronavirus. He died with a smile on his face. https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11293151 http://www.penttilinkola.com/pentti_linkola/ecofascism/
(114.36 KB 981x600 491px-Pentti_Linkola_2.jpg)
Sad day
Did he write anything about corona?
Big F. Din't have time to read his books yet, but I will do in a near future. I had opinions close to his before learning about him. Great guy
>>25518 I didn't know im, but of all ways. F
==Remembering Pentti Linkola December 7, 1932 — April 5, 2020== >Like other Nordic countries, Finland has a strong conformist mentality. The Law of Jante is in force to keep too headstrong or conflict-seeking individuals in leash. In this respect, it is strange that one of the modern Finnish cultural icons is a character as extreme as Pentti Linkola. Throughout his career as a public intellectual, Linkola, who died on April 5th, aged 87, said things that would have made anyone else a social outcast or even a criminal. He described German National Socialism as ”a magnificent philosophy,” openly rejoiced the 9/11 attacks, praised the Baader-Meinhof Group, and said that the global human population should be reduced by means of bacteriological warfare. >Still, many of even those who thought Linkola was a madman or a brutal fascist esteemed his ascetic way of life and masterful literary style, considering him a remarkable personality. Every year, some major newspaper or periodical published an extensive interview of him. In 2017, Riitta Kylänpää’s biography of Linkola won the Finlandia literary prize for non-fiction. Appreciation of Linkola often crossed traditional political frontlines. >It is not very difficult to understand why the Dissident Right appreciated Linkola. He criticized modernization, humanism, and globalism in a way that was charming even in its most extreme and provocative forms. Like many luminous figures of all eras, Linkola was a son of an impoverished upper-class family, and his hatred towards the vulgarity of the modern age stemmed from his family background. He was no politician and had no mass movement behind him, so he was immune to all forms of political correctness. Unlike most other thinkers of the Green Movement, he always recognized the ecologically and culturally disastrous effects of mass immigration. He said to the author Eero Alén: ”Helsinki has become a Negro city. Everywhere you go, you see Negroes. That kind of Helsinki is no true Helsinki for me.” >Linkola’s pessimistic and heroic attitude is also something that men of the Right understand instinctively. The Dissident Right is constantly looking for those who are pure in spirit and fight for their cause till the end even if it is hopelessly lost. Linkola thought that stopping the ecocatastrophe was extremely unlikely and that his own impact on the course of events was virtually nonexistent. Still, he never stopped fighting, because effort, even a futile one, makes life meaningful. Throwing in the towel is the deed of an honorless man. >For Linkola, environmental disasters were not abstract administrative problems but personal catastrophes. He was a passionate biophile, for whom the frail bond between man and Earth was a deeply intimate and tragic thing. Unlike so many others, he refused to abandon his most genuine source of joy. This refusal led him to the fringes of society and made his life a one-man demonstration. It also made Linkola a more interesting figure than most of his admirers and enemies. https://www.counter-currents.com/2020/04/remembering-pentti-linkola/ I’ll say it again, RIP. Linkola’s ideas will certainly not die with him, that is for sure. Also I didn’t know that he advocated for population reduction through bacteriological warfare before, it really goes to show how much Finnish stuff we can’t access right now that he has put out there. I excluded chunks of the article but it was all good.
I disagree (or disagreed now?) with Linkola on alot of stuff; >We shouldn't reduce the pouplation of white people, we should instead expand our living space and reduce the pouplation of other races. >Protecting Nature doesn't mean we have to be self-flaglating; I agree with his demand control and such but destroying our current agaranian food supply and industry could do nothing but hurt. Instead we should close down redundant or uneeded industries if our resources are being wastes to that level and oppose demand inflation and engineered failing. We can do alot of things to control our impact on the enviorment, most can be done eaisly and without preventing white birth rates or destroying the quality of life for white nations.
>>25572 >>We shouldn't reduce the pouplation of white people, we should instead expand our living space and reduce the pouplation of other races. The third world is the biggest problem, I think even Linkola would realize this, however even with our own kind QUALITY trumps quantity at almost all times. Right now since we are threatened as a people it really is a numbers game, but the living standards in the West right now are unsustainable in the long run and it would be smart, assuming we get in control of our countries again, to pursue economic degrowth and some basic population control measures (eugenics, sterilizations of the mentally ill, selective abortion of low-tier, deformed or retarded children, etc) Also, Linkola does advocate for the closure of unessential or redundant businesses and their kike practices like planned obsolescence. His most controversial position here probably though is that all business should be put in the hands of the state so as to tightly control output
(3.67 MB 1614x2994 Copy.png)
>>25581 Frankly if one wanted to save the environment from mankind then clearly the African, Indian, and Chinese populations are the ones who need reducing, not the white populations. Whites are a minority worldwide and frankly the only people who have actually DONE ANYTHING to help save any species or environment.
(93.66 KB 887x585 1582769570492.jpg)
(194.58 KB 344x469 333666666999999999.png)
(165.58 KB 640x840 blood and soil.jpg)
>>25604 TRVE
>>25581 >>The third world is the biggest problem, I think even Linkola would realize this He did. Enjoy this funny pentti video with a very soft and faggy interviewer. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CCd6qisIFKo Sorry for the kike tube.
>>25581 Quality trumps quanity to a certain extent, past a certain point of pouplation decline we are simply stunting our own growth and leaving us open for attack. See Rhodesia, no matter how good those Rhodies were they were trumped by the sheer amount of negros and even had to rely on Negros for simple labour and some military application. It takes alot of men to sow a field and even more to win a war. Sure our one thousand is better than their ten-hundred but if they have a million the point is moot as it is. We should adopt social and state eugenics to strengthen our racial stock and cleanse impure elements for the greater good; but at the current time we should not even be looking at heavy handed pouplation control or reduction. The third world massively out numbers us, White people make up 15% of the world pouplation at most. We can't afford to lower this number even further, nor should we until we have significantly gotten the other race's numbers under control. And economic degrowth is never needed, we just need to ensure that the economy is geared to meet a demand not generate one through materalism. >All buisnesses in the hands of the state There is no reason to adopt a command economy, the state can reduce production for redudant industries from a state directed economy just fine, while avoiding the impossibility that is a command economy and it's WASTE of resources to fit a demand it can not possibly guess.


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