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(9.19 KB 410x230 Interesting He Thereby.jpg)
A 2020 US election simulation just ended with 32 dead and 200 injured Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 15:22:20 No. 15791
tl;dr Literal Israeli terrorists are training the FBI, DHS, and USSS to subvert their own elections.
Democracy is a lie.

>A team of hackers last week squared off against the US Secret Service, the FBI, agents from the Department of Homeland Security, and officers from the Arlington, Virginia police department in a simulated 2020 national election. According to a debriefing document shared with Quartz, the imaginary 16-hour day ended in abject chaos.
>Among other things, a series of vehicle attacks killed dozens of people, hundreds were injured, and authorities were ultimately forced to cancel the vote.

>Dubbed Operation Blackout, the simulation was hosted in Washington, DC by (((Cybereason))), a Boston-based cybersecurity firm. The pretend election took place in a fictitious swing-state city called Adversaria. A group of ethical “white hat” hackers—the Red Team—took on a group of federal agents and local cops who comprised the Blue Team. Unlike most simulations like this, the Red Team was explicitly prohibited from hacking into election equipment, forcing them to focus instead on manipulating and interfering in other aspects of the electoral process.
>Cybereason co-founder Yonatan Striem-Amit, a former member of Unit 8200, the Israeli military’s elite cyber warfare team, told Quartz, “In a country as fragmented as the US, the number of people needed to influence an election is surprisingly small. We attempted to create havoc and show law enforcement that protecting the electoral process is much more than the machine.”

>In the first round of the simulation, the Red Team, which was led by Striem-Amit, developed a strategy to launch audio and video deep-fake attacks. They took control of the Fox News website and CNN’s Twitter account, as well as the Facebook and Twitter accounts for city hall and the mayor, using them to spread disinformation about voting machines being hacked. Law enforcement—the Blue Team—responded by deploying officers and K9 units throughout the city, after the FBI informed them that a hacking attempt had occurred.
>The Red Team then took control of 50 autonomous cars and five driverless buses—a move that may be more likely rooted in a future reality—and deployed a cell-site simulator that allowed them to track people’s locations and intercept their phone calls. They seized control of Adversaria’s traffic lights, causing accidents, and distributed a deep-fake video of the Democratic candidate engaging in racial and domestic violence.
Autom-Cars are a terrorists wetdream tbh.
>A protest erupted outside the International Monetary Fund, to which the Blue Team deployed officers and agents. The National Guard was put on standby while the Blue Team informed the public that there was actually no evidence of a hack on voting machines.
How this is determined in red-ream planning, I have no idea.
>The Red Team responded by hacking into telecommunications networks, initiating a round of DDoS attacks. They used their deep-fake capabilities to mimic the voices of polling station supervisors, convincing poll workers to reset all electronic voting machines. The Blue Team set up portable traffic lights, and sent 100 plainclothes cops to polling locations, and a chopper into the air.
>The Red Team managed to take control of five additional autonomous buses, which began slamming into people waiting to vote at polling stations. Riots began. Cars were abandoned and hospitals began to fill up. Rumors of anti-Democrat bias among police spread on social media. The National Guard was called in.
>Impersonating police commanders, the Red Team informed the law enforcement community that digital voting systems had been compromised. Meanwhile, the police responded to a hoax bomb threat on the north side of town. The Red Team leaked video footage of the vehicle attacks, and posed as ISIS to claim responsibility.
>Amid all this, the election was canceled and people were told to go home. The government declared a state of emergency and martial law. The leaders of the group that attacked the election, a fictitious anarchist cell, were eventually identified and arrested.
>In the aftermath, fear about the threat of terrorism grew. Rumors spread about US government collusion, although an investigation did not turn up evidence of that. More conspirators were arrested, and trials began.
>The final tally: 32 dead, 200 wounded.

>In a similar exercise during the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, the Red Team “dominated” the Blue Team, according to Cybereason’s post-simulation assessment. This time, the Red Team actually failed its primary mission, which was to undermine the election as planned, the analysis said...

>Of course, the outcome would likely please most groups trying to subvert a US election.

From Quartz
Author; Justin Rohrlich

Red-Team planner simulations always
...always have such excellent terrorists.
Way more competent than IRL terrorists.
>>15792 Many such cases. Have a bump OP
US is getting its shit kicked in all over the planet, but it doesn't have any other rackets so it has no choice but to set them up domestically. Terminal decline, glad to see it. Death to israel. Death to trump.
(21.75 KB 804x743 1468562291883.png)
>Democracy is a lie. no shit nigger. If you let Sheldon Adelson elect your president (cheeto jesus was funded by this kike), then you dont have a democracy. USA is an oligarchy, no amount of buzzwords will change that. >muh chicoms >muh soros >muh mainstream media >muh liberal elites all products of capitalism
>>15791 >Israeli simulation worried about IMF The kikes just can't stop kiking.
Sounds fake and gay. Nothing ever happens.
>>15934 Ashes and echoes, right boys? Kill yourself.
>>15802 of course democracy is a lie and our system is fucked, but the things you mentioned are a direct result of jewish bolshevism. Adelson is just a kike that runs the controlled op to their main scheme of globohomo etc. But Trump and neocohens are still not their preferred means of operation, it's the fallback ensuring they still get some of what they want if their main plans fail.
>>15815 >The kikes just can't stop kiking. lel, it's in their genes
typical jewish projection
>>15802 Hi /leftypol/ Still salty after killing your other board?
>>17323 How is that /lefty pol/ PFF also /lefty pol/ has a bunker you tard and their pretty ethnophobic
>>17336 His language screams lefty, and leftypol always likes to infect other boards with their cancer. They never stay on their own turf.
Democracy does not exist.
>>17323 Get the fuck back to 4cuck faggot Trump nigger
(79.63 KB 1024x1024 1567403863297.jpg)
>>17336 Everywhere you go as you try to infect other places around the world and the web we will cure it to make sure you phase out during the new decade. Don't forget to make your Soy Latte mongrel.
>>15791 This all sounds so inane and fake. The only thing to take away from this article is that zog is finding new and exciting ways to give kikes free money by paying them to play ridiculous games with law enforcement.
(297.89 KB 612x612 communism and capitalism.png)
(139.07 KB 600x600 kike.png)
(261.71 KB 615x798 Joseph Goebbels.png)
(44.90 KB 500x240 Joseph Goebbels2.png)
>>18576 >we Kill yourself immediately, you dumb namefagging nigger. The jewish bankers are the reason why the bolsheviks took over Eastern Europe. Both capitalism and communism are retarded economic systems, which are only there to exploitate aryans. >>17342 Nothing lefty about calling out talmudic fuckery.
>>15791 Looks more like fearmongering in order to get them to buy backdoor'd (((law enforcement software))) from the kikes at inflated prices. >>15815 It's one of their greatest assets. Trilateral commission too.
(11.93 KB 246x205 1575421414214.jpg)
>>15791 Nuke Amerika! Fuck Niggers! You deserve worse!
Fuck imageboards, and fuck mods above all else. Those fungalrimjobs ban all that is good while protecting scum. The average surface web mods are less biased and more rightwing than the fucks on the chans. kohl bans for saying truth about south european, anglokikes and germ "man" astro/spam is modded by literal leftypool, hence why they love trannies and hate pedos, you get banned if you post the owner's waifu, Grace 16 and onee ban you for "inciting vioolence" 8chan bans you for complaining about the tumblr porn that is everywhere, got permabanned from all boards for mentioning 64chan once (said it was down" fuck 64 too, is full of weebs. god I hate those cumskins even more than trannies, pedos/antis, poltards, ancucks, etc they are always spamming gay shit everywhere an dacting like women Fuck IB users too, almost every channer looks like a crystalcafe, tumblr or /leftypol/ user. I'm so fucking angry, there is no one in the street to fight, my punching bag broke, i'm eating peper and raw onions and meat now and i'm still fucking angfry. i miss my fan on 8tv, my friends on 8int, my brothers from anciantt r9k, my disciples from 8k, fuck this gay eart image boards are dead and the jews won. nothing left to do but go on a rampage and fuck americans/;anglos, those evil snownioggers done nothing but serve the jews, ruined this entire world in their name and still think they are the good guys
>>18627 Feel better brother?
They do the the same thing with Tinder. Over here trying to get pussy and goddamn natsec is generating AI deepfake profiles. Kek.
Oh nvm turns out its identities for little women to jump into. Sad.
Are the elections just a Remote Neural Monitoring(RNM) paper confirmation of the remote brain scans the elites do on people? They just get the data remotely, study peoples views and then puppet someone into office according to mass control. I.E. scanning a certain populous subset for "Do you support xxx funding?" This can be dome in the individuals sleep for plausible deniability.
>>15815 To jew is the nature of the jew.
>>18595 I’d say that there is no argument against capitalism because the term itself is almost completely meaningless. The word isn’t descriptive of an institution but is a construction of kikes created for the purpose of fucking with western civilization. Capitalism is just a term applied to a bunch of behaviors which accrue “capital”, this does not have to be just hard currency or the financial assets the kikes hold so dear. It’s interesting that despite their central position within Marxist dogma kikes(and liberals as well) are allergic to the means of production. Farms, land, skilled labor, factories, ect are all anathema to them and were abandoned in favor of faggots, pozz, and “vocations” which don’t produce material products. These vocations can be used to rent-seek off of the public dole without any tangible means to assess whether or not the kikes, women, and muds who hold these positions produce anything of benefit to society. The leftist whether jew, pussy, or mudman loves the idea that he cannot be measured by the produce of his labor, hence their gravitation toward the service industry and media and aversion towards STEM, agriculture, manufacturing, or resource extraction. White nationalism and for that matter all traditional white political/social behavior is about accruing capital. But being whites what they considered “capital” differed vastly from what rootless kike parasites consider capital. And since kikes control academic and thus get to define what terms mean it is any surprise that they define capitalism in kikey terms whether they claim to support or oppose it? Children are useful, land is useful, mineral resources are useful, a state which facilitates the survival of your family line is useful, a military to defend your nation’s interests is useful, accrued knowledge is useful, socially conservative institutions which support adaptive behavior are useful, laws which preference your people over others and make you strong at their expense are useful, common interests which compels a minimal amount of cooperation among the population even if there is no touchy-feely volk are useful. All these things should be considered “capital” because really what this is all about is survival and propagation over all else. The nation and the race are means by which your family line interbreed with good stock to produce further generations of fit organisms who then produce yet more indefinitely. That is what this is really all about. That is why the white race really matters, not only are few races intelligent and capable of maintaining civilization but only your race is good breeding stock(happas have shitty health). And the nation which supports your race and family is a vehicle for the perpetuation of your blood. Those who are naturally predisposed toward adaptive behavior(white conservatives) are vastly outbreeding liberal whites, kikes, and shitskins born in industrial nations. Hence their need to constantly import more muds, but why not also enforce a religion which enhances those adaptive behaviors through indoctrination and a promise of an afterlife only for those who are adaptive. Same thing with secular society and politics, the weak are to be despised and shunned and the strong indoctrinated to make them still stronger. And pretty much everything the left holds dear is maladaptive or useless; their ideals are a parasite which kills the host society because they are not interested into survival. They are in fact opposed to survival; it is a cult of slow suicide. It demands pleasure today and celebrates the destruction of tomorrow while ironically claiming it holds the keys to some undefined future utopia. The base philosophical tenet of all traditional/rightist though is “survival at all costs”. I spit in the face of happiness. I piss on the grave of “fulfillment”. Those are goals of weak, the leftist, and the diseased. Fill your hearts with hate, place children and survival over all else and see things within that context. Once you do everything becomes clear black and white, good for you and bad for you, nothing else matters.
(108.60 KB 1920x1080 904813.jpg)
>>19425 The religion you're looking for is Odinism. I highly recommend reading Odinia. Regarding fitness, only Whites can take life off this planet to the stars. Without the evolution of any other life form (we're up to insects, then lizards, then mammals, with the approximate time span for ten more rolls before the Earth's core fails) the evolution of all life on this planet will be another failure. This is near the beginning of the probability window for intelligent life in the observable universe based on the atomic composition of stars which determines this variable. We are probably one of the first intelligent life forms in the entire fucking universe. It seems like the last great filter is having kikes on your planet. Out of billions of closed oceanic moons around gas giants where life will begin and end and never even look at the stars, we are the one shot. It is bigger and there is more at stake than almost anyone can possibly imagine. Furthermore, if we gassed the kikes and went interstellar now, we would have a decent shot at being the masters of the universe forever due to technological superiority. >>15802 Have you ever asked yourself (((who))) created (((capitalism)))?
>>19484 >Have you ever asked yourself (((who))) created (((capitalism)))? Karl Marx
(23.72 KB 353x334 1549021525344.jpg)
>>19484 >Odinism
>>15791 The elections have been rigged for a long time and the electronic voting machines are controlled by Soros, the CIA, the British Empire, by the Crown Banking Cartel. Politicians are selected, not elected. There are no legitimate elections. The entire thing is a sham. If you need proof I can show you our research on this.
>>19857 Going to need some sauce on that one.
Posting on a troll chan. Sadly.


no cookies?