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BitShit Cucks Anonymous 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:42:57 No. 37617
Post your favorite channel and where they move to
>>37813 Not to mention it leaks your IP address when you watch a video or leave a comment.
>>37918 Does this mean LBRY has backdoors in it to censor it? I thought it was Opensource, https://github.com/lbryio/lbrytv ? Maybe it is just Jews running the company because they fucking buy everything?
(6.99 KB 225x224 1474451025973.png)
>>37918 >https://www.brighteon.com/ https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-10-29-brighteon-com-declares-video-platform-no-place-for-jew-haters.html >As the founder of Brighteon.com, I watched in horror this last weekend as a deranged lunatic murdered innocent Jewish congregation members on a Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Such acts of hatred against those of Jewish faith are evil beyond description. >As a matter of principle, I have posted a heartfelt video that denounces all Jew haters and “Nazi labelers” – people who wrongfully label others as “Nazis” just because they disagree with their political views. >You can find that video here and I encourage you to watch it: https://www.brighteon.com/5854551733001
The rest fell off my clipboard. Coincidentally the main point. >In that video, I explain that “Jew haters” are simply not welcomed on Brighteon.com. Reasoned criticism is free speech, but calling for the annihilation of people of Jewish faith is not acceptable and we will not allow Brighteon to be used for that purpose. >We honor free speech, but we are not a platform for speech that espouses violence against people based solely on their religious affiliation.
(56.44 KB 560x572 skeptic cat.jpg)
>>37951 >>37952 Actual free speech is only available on underground sites, P2P protocols, and so on. You'll never find any mainstream site on the modern web that allows it. So all these centralized youtube alternatives are a non-starter, even if they initially pretend to be pro free-speech (they'll just change their minds later on, or get pressured to until they cave in). Also beware of sites that require cuckflare. They can easily be made to comply or else get fucked like 8ch.
(334.58 KB 720x450 anglolook.png)
>>37727 Is that from a guc movie night?
>>37918 Peertube has always struck me as the best option
(48.44 KB 968x726 evan.jpg)
>>37979 Voat is officially dead. I hope whatever useful information that was on there was gotten off. Man it sucks that 8chan shitted itself, it was the best place for archiving shit.
>>37727 Thank you. and In b4 some fag "oh but ur using da inanet to post dat! her derr" Use sites like these to accomplish those goals and protect the last bastion of free speech or what ever the fuck is left of it.
If Americans don't mind if states close churches, ban websites, ban protests, arrest reporters, outlaw guns, seize property, wiretap phones, torture, and have kill lists, would Americans care if states legalize slavery?
off topic gookbot spam
>>38165 perhaps we should call you "chinq" ie. chink+"Q"
>>37619 Bitchute doesnt censor the channels in other countries, it is the ISP and it is the law, they are just complying with it, it has nothing to do with what they "want" to do as a company. Use a US web proxy to access whatever is blocked in that cucked country, it isnt hard to circumvent. I would like to see this email they say they sent you before slandering them. You dont seem to really know how things work so I wouldn't be surprised if you legitimately broke their terms of service. If you did legitimately break their terms of service then dont fucking smear them for what you did,
>>38165 Some Americans want small mommy gf with small milky, but we need to make sure the tent is big enough for the mommy gf with biggie milky. And penis.
>>37617 Unfortunately I don't have any favorite channel. I hate them all because they refuse to educate the truths of this world in an efficient enough manner.
>>37617 https://www.bitchute.com/channel/chemplayer/ If there's any chemistry interested anons here have a look at Chemplayer's channel.
Why it's so hard to unite against evil? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzkSInBIKvo
>>37685 so let me get this straight: If I was a corrupt politician/billionaire I can evade taxes, pass laws that fuck you and take your last rights away, steal an election, ban trump from social media, delete whole channels, make a dictatorship and assume complete control over the senate and supreme court. Hell, i could even pay your daughter to be kidnapped and raped by niggers if you get in my way. But if ANYONE DARED to make bitchute video telling people...not to make bombs or murder people....but to at least start cheating taxes, fuck with the government, disobey the laws, graffity, share posters, fuck up someones car, that is inciting violence and you get taken down? Gotcha fam. Tommorow I can have my thugs patrolling on every street taking people to the gulags and if you speak about rising up even by petty vandalism i will mark you as "inciting violence" and delete you. LMAO these cucks caring about pirating movies. bitchute is a cucked joke and will now die.
>>39199 Bless you
>skrewdriver - blood and honour (two different versions) >race war - hail blood and honour these hypocritical faggots have the gall to beg me for money after blocking 3 songs on my channel. fuck 'em.
>>37687 I just use a regular VPN and piratebay. I'm not paying Jews for content. Why would you bother with usenet anymore?


no cookies?