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(115.29 KB 720x718 photo_2020-03-09_17-42-32.jpg)
Wotanism - SIG Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 15:48:12 No. 35008
#Lesson 1 The #Wotanism is one of the most practical spiritual systems on the planet. Sometimes referred to as the "Aryan Yoga" it provides many teachings and techniques for personal empowerment, enhanced connection with Spirit, and indeed the fuller embodiment of your full potential into this world. #Wotanism is the fastest path for Aryans to achieve enlightenment because it does not require withdrawal from society, but rather encourages full participation in life and provides tools for working within our modern environment. #Wotan says that we CAN be spiritual and in the world at the same time, in fact, our daily lives are the best training ground for personal growth, mastering the process of creation, and achieving enlightenment. Wotanism will : Appease your rational mind while awakening intuition and creativity. Quiet and reorganize your mind by eliminating mental clutter, helping you accomplish more and perceive more efficiently. Clear out the sub-conscious backlog that keeps you repeating unwanted patterns of the past. Lead you to greater whole-brain processing. Expand your consciousness and awareness. Reestablish & strengthen your contact with Ases. Awaken your gifts that you received from Wotan at birth. Give you tools of empowerment that can be used to make a positive change in this world. Help you become a more masterful creator in your life. Empower you to manifest more of your full potential. And much more. Heil Wotan #Lesson 2 #Yggdrasil - part I The #Wotanism is a practical spiritual system that can explain the origin of our universe as well as the most intimate part of each of us. As referred to in the last article, it is literally our instruction manual for life, which teaches us how to become a co-creator and awaken our inner power to change the world we live in. The Wotanism predates all religion and theology. According to ancient Wises of the North tradition, Wotan gave these teachings to the Aryans after his hanging under Yggdrasil , to ensure their return to the Garden of Odin. At the heart of the Wotanism teachings is the diagram referred to as #Yggdrasil. This glyph is actually a map, and those who how to interpret and apply it’s symbology have the keys to true ascension. As the sacred Tree is activated within your life, it literally awakens your consciousness to full Divinity. The symbology of this map is almost infinite. One of the remarkable things about this map is that is leads to the buried treasures within us, which when found, will enhance and fulfill our lives. Yggdrasil, and the runes, are dual in nature. They tell the story of how the universe was formed and how we arrived here, how the forces of creation manifest within us, as well as instructions for the return trip home : Thule. Yggdrasil is literally our treasure map because it provides the best way for Aryans to discover who we are and to assist us in progressing, evolving spiritually and fight back our ennemys.
>>36093 I've read the OLB and it bears striking resemblance to zoroastrianism. Both are about cults of holy fire, and have one main "positive" deity presiding over things. However it seems to lack the "negative" as in Angra Mainyu/Ahriman. It is definitely questionable, but I do think it is none the less interesting and worth reading through.
>>36110 Garm is the monstrous dog currently chained at the entrance of the Helheim, in the Gnipahellir cave, where he guards the world of the dead. He is covered in blood, prevents the dead from leaving the Hel and the living from entering it. He will be killed by Tyr at Ragnarok, but Tyr will perish soon afterwards from wounds inflicted by Garm. The link to Fenrir is indicated by their common breed (wolf and dog), their enmity toward Tyr, and the fact that they are both chained in a cave. But Garm has a job to do, instead of Fenrir just gnawing at his brakes at the moment. Fenrir and Garm are of the same race, but of different species, so they correspond to two different aspects of the same thing - in this case, Tyranny. Fenrir is the literal aspect: illegitimate power, that is to say the Thirst for Power, the theme or not - He is the appetite that conceives Big Brother, and this makes him the absolute enemy of the Great Wotan - Fenrir is the egregore that all our Joseph Fouché, but also our "wannabes leaders" feed - and the more anti-gifted they are, - the more their appetite for power stems from personal complexes, - the more they communicate strength to Fenrir. As the dog is the domestic wolf, Garm corresponds to tyranny in its common sense: Oppression - he is the excrement of the Warrior's Way (this is shown by the fact that he is "covered with blood", a defilement peculiar to warriors and which leads to a major ritual impurity) : the baton, the Guantanamo scourge, the American "war pig" pouring its white phosphorus, its depleted uranium, its napalm on civilian populations, - Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, - Gaza - all that is degeneration of the Martial Way is the food that gives Garm the strength that will finally allow him to break his chain. Remember: "Ragnarok is absolutely inevitable, but can be postponed indefinitely": this is the basis of our holy religion. Heil Wotan. (The hallmark of Muspelheimer is hatred of the order of things). Heimdall is the Awakened One, the master of the Mystical Way, to whom the Orientals give the name of Bodhisattva (or Buddah, for that matter). He is the Awakened One - just as Wotan is the Initiate, the master of the Magic Way. Wotan is the father of Heimdall - for Magic = ritual magic (ecstasy) + mysticism (instasis). That said, in Ragnarok (and may Ragnarok be postponed to a thousand billion years of our cycle) the fact that Wotan followed only the Magic Way, without balancing it with Mysticism, will be fatal to him against Fenrir - it will be the struggle of Power against Power, when it would have been necessary to oppose Yin to Yang - proof: Fenrir will be killed by Vidar, god of Silence - thus of non-thought, of Emptiness and of "the force of non-action". Loki is, for his part, the definition of the Black Brother, who refuses the annihilation of the ego, and thus remains under the control of the Mind (abyss), which finally drags him into psychosis and the Abyss. No awakening if there is ego, no ego in the awakened one: Heimdall and Loki are the negation of each other, thus doomed to kill each other. Heimdall is the Mystical Way. He stands between earth and sky, between spirit and matter, at the Center, just as the meditator stands in his "hara" - at home, everything is concentration (he watches that no intruder approaches = the meditator who prevents parasitic thoughts from rising in his consciousness), vigilance (he never sleeps), control, power and length of the Breath (the trunk), retreat (his palace is particularly far away from those of the other gods), etc. Heimdall is the Mystical Way. Any disciple of Patanjali, Zen or Mrs. Blavatsky will confirm that all the myths about Heimdall are Yoga instructions, period. Have a good weekend.
>>36125 In the European pre-Cashère custom therefore before before we had 3 modes of "justice" to repair the affronts. Each of these three essential, vital and founding concepts is signed by a God (an archetype) and symbolized by a Rune : The duel is of the domain of Tyr but you can call upon Ull if necessary. The Faide is from the domain of Vali and Justice itself is Forseti's domain. TYR The duel occurs when the dispute concerns 2 members of the same people, the duel is usually carried out the next morning and the choice of weapons goes back to the offended person, no need to dwell on it. Vali The second and most important for the future is the Faide "right of private vengeance" it is a tribal concept. The Faide (was, in Germanic societies (Franks, Burgundians, Lombards, etc.), a system of private vengeance opposing two enemy families, two clans, two tribes, two races etc.), is a tribal concept. Extremely codified after the promulgation of the Mainz Capitulations (1235), the use of faide was often the result of a verdict rendered by local judges and their assessors in public assemblies. The faide thus had a strongly collective dimension. If, for example, a free man had offended another man's family and was found guilty by the courts, the aggrieved family had a faide right over the former. In concrete terms, one murder could lead to another (not necessarily the murderer himself: any member of his family group could be targeted). In this system, it is not the public authorities who punish crimes and misdemeanors, but it is the aggrieved individuals and groups who take justice into their own hands. Personally I have some variations to bring on the thing to adapt it to the ambient racial chaos, I can assure you that in 2 years we would even walk alone in the middle of the N as kings. This practice disappeared little by little under the influence of Roman law, then thanks to the action of the Carolingians: legitimate violence, under their direction, gradually became the monopoly of public power. Fucking Jewish whores. In short, this is why every ethnic community must, as a priority, set up its own courts. Forseti Now let's see Justice in itself, it has nothing to do with the conception that white people have of it, including here. The field of Justice is led by Forseti and is limited to the community members, for example 2 members fight over a common wall and ask the Thing to come together to do justice, Forseti the Thing chief will settle the matter. His role is to maintain unity and joy in the community by dispensing justice, i.e. he maintains the rightfulness of everyone's rights so that happiness, harmony and joy reign in the community. So 3 different concepts: Duel - Faide - Justice. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Roman law of Semitic origin. What we call Justice today is a messed up mixture of the three concepts that has reduced us to the rank of eunuch slaves. If you want to know more about these three concepts, you only have to read the myths about these Gods.
>>36094 this anon here You have refused to answer my questions and you have deleted two posts that contained two very similar pictures based on a somehow sephirotic approach to Odinic domains. I also notice that you post content in French and use French words. I will ask you again to provide your sources please. Otherwise, all your posted content will have to be considered dubious at best and just vaguely inspired by information collected from internet. This, in a large part, will certainly not grant you the authority nor the right to teach true Odinic / Wotanist wisdom as a representative of a legitimate school or order.
>>36139 I don't answer you because you are not interesting.
>>36139 Líf ok Lifþrasir en þau leynask munu í holti Hoddmímis : Lif and Lifthrasir will then take refuge in the forest of Hoddmimir. (Vafþrúðnismál, 45) It is written: < The allies of the Wolf follow the brother of Býleist > (Völuspá, 51) : If it is true that < the creation of virtual realities is an exact science, mastered by the rulers of this world for thousands of years > (Wodenson, Gates of Mind, §2), the culture of the dominant is unquestionably becoming more and more sophisticated every day in the refinement of subliminal control mechanisms - By this I do not mean anything paranoidly paranoid, or even Orwellian: By this I mean nothing paranoid, nor even Orwellian: I just want to reiterate the evidence that, via the press headlines, the sound ads, the television bewilderment - that is, the distortion of language in all its forms - the tragic agony of this world has become, for most people, a reality show. The white man doesn't understand that this is his own story, and that it is therefore he who will be the one to suffer in the last act, if somewhere between here and that last act, he doesn't stand up on his hind limbs and utter a long primal scream! But this is not done by organizing demonstrations - or vegan evenings - or debates of ideas. It is done by withdrawing: by claiming your identity, your vision, your being, your intuition - and by working, without remorse, from the point of view thus claimed. This is what made me respond recently to a young French-American girl (let's call her Valspeak She-Wolf or Fussy She-Wolf) who compared my classes to mental manipulation sessions and accused me of insisting on Study only to encourage "self-conditioning": "That's exactly what it is. When the great Wotan, our master, told Loddfáfnir Inn-Thull, his pupil, twenty times in a row to constantly study Edda, he wanted to tell him in substance: "In order not to be a slave to the subliminal messages of others, create your own subliminal messages : sift your ears and sight of messages that are beneficial to you, so that neither Loki News Network, nor Big Brother Fenrir, nor Jormungand Soros, nor Hel de Sade, nor Garm FBI, nor Sigyn Dion, nor Angrboda Marge Simpson, nor Narfi the Petty, nor Býleist the Millenial, nor Helblindi the Inhibitor can rush into the breach when your mind is at rest! " - In short, to use my tireless formula: You believe CNN, I believe the Edda. »
>>36159 >I don't answer you because you are not interesting. Being interesting or not is not the topic. You possibly being a fraud and having no honesty in citing your sources, alongside trying to shove some form of Semitic esoterism into Wotanism is the real topic here. I already caught you deleting two posts that contained pictures that were pushing for the same absurdity you republished here >>36110, which if you knew a thing or two about the sources you pretend explaining to others, would perfectly demonstrate your crass lack of knowledge thereof. You most certainly have something to hide.
>>36170 I am being told that Wikipedia describes Loki as a "prankster". That's a big exaggeration. In fact, Loki has only one joke - totally muddy - that he plays tirelessly: it consists in turning around each individual, showing him his closed fist, and saying: "You'll never guess what's in my hand...". Then to run away like a madman. Everyone immediately imagines that the closed hand contains exactly what he covets most in the world, and rushes after Laufey's son - spends his life running after him - until finally the hour of death comes, Loki stops, turns around, giggles, opens his hand - which, of course, is completely empty... The world is full of traumatized children running after the hope of self-validation, wasting their earthly existence chasing a redheaded invert and his family of trash . Test - Is happiness for you: 1. an unwelcome sarcasm posted on the internet? A slander that hurts who is better than you? A valorizing lie about you that someone close to you affects to believe for more than ten minutes?... 2. The lukewarm, self-righteous, attentively tele-7-day mediocrity of a housewife under the age of fifty in her house Phoenix (Sigyn)?... 3. inflicting your own emotional wounds on others (Angrboda)?... 4. Passing for "alpha male" in your village, or on Twitter (Fenrir) ?... 5. Obtain unlimited credit in the supermarket where you have your habits (Iormungand)?... 6. Total impunity in the fulfillment of your kinkiest fantasy (Hel)?... Not only does Loki run faster than you, but his hand is empty: thrall pleasures are like water on the harissa: the slave's thirst increases as he drinks - but he keeps on drinking
>>36092 David Eden Lane is a true Hero of the white people. Author of the 14 words and 88 precepts that summarize the whole of Freyr's formula.
(27.08 KB 400x249 rainbow-bridge.jpg)
>>36176 B.I.F.R.O.S.T It is taught, : < the seven survivors are the Bifröst > - that is to say that the perfect divine service - the Way of Leif-Thrasir - consists in : 1. To be, spiritually, as Prometheo-Sagittarian to the end in his Siðr as Viðar of Landvidi in his - and : 2. In the temporal manifestation of this asceticism, as inexorable as Vali of Gladsheim (scorning all logical order, all common sense, all pity, all convention) in the observance of the Siðvenja. 3. To have, like Móði Thorson, as the only reference point for his moral discernment: "energy is Good, inertia is Evil" - and : 4. Synthesizing this ethics of Brute Blonde, taking as a personal motto the Nietzschean aphorism that Magni Thorson applies indifferently to all aspects of his life: "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger". 5. Embellish, adorn, protect the world and make it fertile, if, like Baldr of Breidablik, one is rich and happy - 6. To be only peace, patience and confident serenity if, like Höd, son of Wotan, one goes through a time of trial. 7. Finally, like "the" New Sun, to be always joyful. These are the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven notes of the scale, and the seven days of the week... But beware: Bifröst is an "unstable bridge", and this Siðr that of a high-flying shaman - As true as Ásgard's Bridge burns the Jotunn who risks himself on it, this praxis destroys the apprentice sorcerer who indulges in it without preparation.
>>36173 This is the first post you've made in this thread that is worth anything. Also yes, cite your sources or I will assume you are making everything up like you are. The more firsthand the source the better, as to determine the character of the writer and not the interpreter. Do you want to be respected for what you say here or the people who originally had these thoughts that you are supposedly trying to incite.
(74.96 KB 780x440 téléchargement (29).jpg)
>>36178 You will find the Divine everywhere, even in the most intolerable triviality. Thus, see: is a domestic scene - shouting, broken dishes - anything so vulgar? Yet the example comes from above: the Edda reports the incessant disputes of the great Wotan, our master, and of our august Queen Frigg, and insists that Wotan is systematically underneath it - What can we deduce from this? - Well! that, paradoxically, the supreme sage of Forn Siðr is not Wotan - but his wife. "This is a "myth", that is to say, an arcana, not a dogma. "All dogma comes from the necessity to make people adhere to religious beliefs that have nothing to do with the laws of nature, which are, obviously, the only true Divine Laws. "For example: an agitator who has been given the mission of destroying European religion, goes to the Roman pontiffs and tells them: "I am the envoy of a cosmic zombie who has the power to make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and tell him telepathically that you love him, after which he will remove from your soul an evil force that is there because a rib-woman has been persuaded to eat an apple by a talking snake. » Of all the myths that we know," the Pontiffs reply, "this one is the most badly wanked - but each one has his own religion, and in Rome, all cults are lawful.... - It is not a myth, retorts Paul of Tarsus, it is literal history! And it requires you to give us your lands and your wealth! - Move away please, say the priests. » "So the Apostle goes to see the half-breed off-castes in their slums. "If you believe in my story, you will be pontiffs instead of pontiffs (which, in Christianity, is said: "If Jesus Christ did not die and rise again, then our faith is in vain"). - All right, say the off-castes, the problem is that the rest of the population may find our social promotion a little fast... - No problem," replies the Christian, "we will create the concept of the allegory which is forbidden to believe that it is not proven history. We'll call it: a dogma. » "A "myth" is something much more serious. It is a narrative in which our Sages have recorded the laws of nature, - the only true laws ever promulgated by the Divine, - in a symbolic form in harmony with the collective imagery of our people. The myth allows children to dream, adults to know how to behave, and society to regulate its organization on the natural organization - hence: wisdom, happiness, greatness and prosperity. "We were talking about Frigg's and Wotan's constant disputes, which invariably end in Wotan's confusion - why is this so? Why did our Sages want the woman to have the last word in our homes? - Because the woman has this much superiority over the man: she is always aware of an important part of her theleme: to make strong children. For her, nothing else really matters - religion, philosophy, ethics, virtue, virtue, morality, duty, fatherland, seem to her in petto perfectly silly notions... She is content to adopt the conduct demanded of her, in the interest of domestic harmony, which she knows is a favorable condition for reproduction. Indifferent with all the remainder, it cannot be a Chief (from where the most known article of the Saliaque law). But since the perpetuation of the species is, ultimately, the only thing that matters, it must govern. Being herself the conclusion of the whole affair, that is, the Goal - the Ideal - woman cannot tend towards this same Ideal - logic! - She therefore leaves the role of the Direction to the man, but must have the last word. "Now, to consider that "we cannot erase seventeen centuries of Christianity at once" is equivalent to saying: "A man in perfect health (therefore in his natural state) had an accident which caused many fractures, and he remained in plaster for seventeen months. Now that his bones have healed and he can resume all his normal activities, he still wants to keep his plaster under the pretext that "you can't erase seventeen months of his life at once"! "The real problem, in fact, is that he has developed bad habits of assistance during his long convalescence - the state of being crippled (= the "consciousness of sin") is hyper-comfortable - not to mention the handicapped from birth who, furious that he can regain a state of health that is inaccessible to them, encourage him to stay in bed. "Do you understand? The accident and the fractures (Christianity and the break with natural law) will leave the memory of a parenthesis in the memory of this man (in the collective experience of humanity) - but, since the parenthesis is closed, let him avoid listening to the handicapped from birth, let him remove the worn plaster, and let him go "his way with a light heart".
>>36188 >This is the first post you've made in this thread that is worth anything. Asking for your sources is perfectly fine. Why are you being so defensive? >Also yes, cite your sources or I will assume you are making everything up like you are. You want me to cite my sources about three little messages which essentially ask you to post your sources? Answer: Me. Your turn. >The more firsthand the source the better, as to determine the character of the writer and not the interpreter. So what are you waiting for then? Wotanism is well entrenched in the Anglo-Saxon world and it's a tight community that is aware of what goes in other countries too. >Do you want to be respected for what you say here or the people who originally had these thoughts that you are supposedly trying to incite. Again, stop deflecting and provide the sources.
(17.37 KB 250x320 1016491371596890112.gif.mp4)
>>36209 "Þá gengo regin öll á röcstóla, ginnheilög goð, oc um þat gættuz: nótt oc niðium nöfn um gáfo, morgin héto oc miðian dag, undorn og aptan, árom at telia" The members of the Council, the supreme authorities, sat in the Judgement Hall: they assigned names to the night, the rising moon, morning, noon, dawn and dusk, for the establishment of the hours of the day. (Voluspa, 6) Ptaz! At the time in question, the time had just begun - with it the timetables, deadlines and snooze functions: this verse gives an account of the first session of the Gladsheim Council - before which we will all appear... Temporality also brings - unfortunately! - the solemn moments, the countdowns, and the days marked ... Through Gylfaginning, we know who sits on this Supreme Court, which, like any Thing adjudicating in Criminal cases, has : . A Goði acting, if need be, as Gangráðr ("devil's advocate"): here, Wotan our master, in his dignity as Supreme Pontiff [Fimbulþul (Há, 80; 142)]. . A President: here, Forseti of Glitnir, son of Nanna, well known for his efficiency in Civil matters: < All those who come to him with their disputes return reconciled >, as it is written (Gyl, 32). . A Public Prosecutor, or public accuser: here, Loki, son of Laufey. . Ten Judges: here, 1. Heimdall of Himinbjorg our father, specialist in personal law 2. Frey of Álfheim, son of Nerthus, expert in property law; 3. Hœnir Borrson, known as Vé, brother of our master, specialist in protocol; 4. Thor of Bilskirnir, son of Jörd, expert in social law; 5. Bragi the Elder, a specialist in questions relating to the dissemination of thoughts and opinions; 6. Váli de Gladsheim, Höd's killer, scholar in civil Sidvenja; 7.Víðar of Víðarsland, killer of Fenrir, scholar in religious Sidvenja ; 8. Ull of Ẏdalir, son of Sif, in charge of special courts ; 9. Týr of Ásgard, specialist in military law; and 10. Njörd of Nóatún, specialist in business law. The Edda reports that, curiously, the first assembly of this Council, - Thing of Justice, however, par excellence, you will see!- did not have as its object a criminal trial, but the elaboration of a Rule of Hours, in the monastic, Benedictine sense of the term: the Rule of the Abbey of Cosmic Thelema that is < this valley of tears of joy > (G. Stjarna Dagansonn) that we call: the world. ᛊ - The world is an Abbey? - Yes, my dear, and the strictest of all, since, to defrock, you have to pass the gun to the left. Skrealing, of course, - being spiritually, intellectually and biologically beggars who squat at the foot of the Fence waiting for our leftovers, - are exempt from just about everything, but anyone who has the merit of being born into the Heimdall lineage, if he fulfils the three canonical conditions, is good for the service... Observing the ævisleið, i.e. all the aspects of the Sidvenja related to daily life, requires the worthy "pupil of Wotan" to say the Muno Ósánir (nicknamed "Móa", i.e. : the incipit of verse 62 of the Völuspá, Muno ósánir acrar vaxa böls mun allz batna Baldr mun koma ("A rich harvest will grow in the fallow fields, all evil will be repaired, Baldr will return"], which forms the "profession of faith" of Forn Siðr), upon awakening, as soon as he opens his eyes, and to recite it at least three times - ideally nine - during the twenty-four hours of the day. For the son of Thule, constantly obsessed with Ragnarok's deadline, everything is - everything must be - meditation on the course of time. Everything must be Asceticism, i.e. self-discipline, as it is said < self-discipline is the mark of the superior man > (Precept, 84), i.e. the white man.
(105.49 KB 900x900 not amused.jpg)
This thread is schizophrenic word salad, completely unintelligible nonesense.
>>36231 What is technically "Thor in speech", concretizing an ultra-nietzschean ethic? Answer: Man is equipped, on the "red" plane, i.e. intellectual, i.e. in the hvel of Ior ᛡ (the spiritual center of the heart, i.e. the junction point of energy channels located at the solar plexus, between the lungs), with a discernment function, activated by the two impulses of Ratatosk (love and fear), discernment that has the purpose of sorting out: pushing away what is harmful / welcoming what is beneficial. It is said that, since the victory of the Vanir in the First World War, this function tends to be reversed in man: instinctively, he covets the harmful and repels the profitable (place an Edda and a pizza in front of someone, and ask him to choose, for a practical demonstration of the thing...). Now, our Elders explain that the incantation of prayer, when it is performed with depth and sincerity, has on the brain, in terms of vibration, precisely the effect of thunder (þunraR in proto-Germanic): it therefore logically makes spring up, from the < cruel clouds > of our lambda consciousness, a flash of truth that purifies (litt. "makes child") the heart, i.e. allows it to recover its initial capacity of discernment. How to pray, how to "incant", with "depth and sincerity"? This is the basis of the Huð, of ritual shamanism: exercising one's conscience to expect no reward, or even no practical result: praying exactly in this state of mind that 19th century painters and poets call "Art for Art ". It is a "helping hand" difficult to catch, but terribly efficient once we hold it : when we are "Thor in speech", our cognitive functions become again the Hammer that consecrates the one < about which there is only good to be said > (welcomes the profitable), and massacres the jötnar & the trolls (repels the harmful)
>>36238 The acronym FTW (For The Win!), which I love. Not only because it reminds me of the Hell's Angels' Fuck The World, but also because it sums up the fundamental Wotanist asceticism: Frey, Thor, Wotan. I know that, usually, one puts it the other way around ("Wotan in spirit, Thor in word, Frey in action"), but, in this case, we end up with WTF, or "What The Fuck?", which says well the feelings of the man confronted with the Supernatural, but is nonetheless quite irreverent towards Asgard. "Wotan in Mind" means magical thinking in any case - zero reasoning. For the mutant "citizen" it was "superstition", for our Fathers it was common sense (post hoc ergo propter hoc, in short: if all the Ivankas you knew were dirty bastards, don't marry an Ivanka). "Thor on the social level" requires a certain knowledge of the characteristics of this Ase that we have seen in a technical way before. Let's say, for example, that a black guy, called Daddy Cool, occupies your parking space. Thor is benevolent: you (paternally) ask Daddy Cool to park further away. Daddy Cool refuses. Thor is irascible: you carve a parking meter in Daddy Cool's ass, and destroy his car with a baseball bat. But Thor is generous: you throw Daddy Cool in a coma a few small coins, so that he can go, by bus, to the nearest proctology office - After which, cheerful, - Thor is enthusiastic -, you go to dine at Maxim's - Thor is greedy -, then feast in a can until dawn - Thor is cheerful. "Frey on the material plane" only requires, on the other hand, to know the 88 Precepts and to apply them systematically, as daily difficulties arise.
>>35009 about the jews stifiling spiritual needs remeber not just wontanism but many religions and theologys preach a oneness in consciousness meaning everything has a purpose and everything is divine or more then what it appears to be also even if a computer can walk talk and think it would not percieve you as blood flesh and bone the way you are percieved in sunlight etc it would probably see you as binary code or something unexplainable but it would probably be impossible for a computer to see you the way another human does it would see you in its own way the same thing could be said about this reality maybe we are a simulation and we cant percieve real life nor will we ever be able to in thia state because maybe thats what its about after hours and hours of meditation over the years i come to the conclusion that religion and theology possibly true was still a slap in the face to the world infront of you if you cant appreciate being alive with 5 senses as an individual then this dimension is not for you and either death or religion or wontanism will bring you back to your oneness which in my mind would be hell knowing everything and everyone as thyself cannot be as beautiful and fun as being an individual thats why this experience exists not to be destroyed but transformed or rebirthed to simply exist as it is as we are do as thy will Mr crowley used to say
Everything is metaphysical atheist can understand this from the matrix ideology if an athiest can believe in the matrix then should they believe in angels demons wizards vampires fairys werewolves ghost etc because this is the matrix isnt anything possible in video games? Well leave GOD as the officual title for creator or the ceo of the video game great controversy solved please hold your applause for the end of creation thank you
>>36249 The Roots There are three roots connecting Asgard, Midgard and Nilfheim. Yggdrasil is represented as a huge Ash tree, it is our 3D GPS Map of the universe that the Divine (precept 2) uses to continuously arrange the world. To know how to read it, it's to know how to read the world and no longer be "blind" - this is the role of the Wotanists to enlighten his people in the night of the Muspelheim cashere lie. Yggdrasil has three deeply rooted roots - connecting the three Worlds ( Asgard, Midgard and the three subterranean worlds). The first root in Niflheim comes from the source of Hvergelmir, (hverr (chakra), "hot spring", and -gelmir, "thunder"). Also known as the "screaming cauldron", the twelve Elivágar rivers Fimbul - Fjorm - Gjöll - Gunnthra - Hrith - Leiptr - Slid - Svaul - Sygil - Thulr - Vithr and Yigr are born from the meeting of lava and ice. The water flowing from the antlers of the Eikthymir deer feeds the Hvergelmir spring. The snake Nidhogg (the sad passions and basic desires, source of our fantasy deliriums of our animal/consumerist soul) jealously guards this spring and gnaws at its roots. The second root is born in the Mímir Fountain, located on the Jotunheim where Ginnungagap "Mighty Void" used to be. This fountain contains the source of all wisdom (the mystery of the Runes). It is guarded by a giant and houses the head of the god Mímir who holds the secrets of the entire universe. Finally, the third root comes from the well of Urd, in Asgard, a well guarded by the three Nornes, feared by the Aesir because they weaves the "Wyrd" destiny, to which even the Aesir is subject. (Vol.20) Urd "what has happened" - Verdandi "what is happening" - Skuld "what should happen" The name of this third root: "well's Urd" tells us that it is the preeminent Norne.
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>>36254 ᛋ Übermensch Vibration "If you please, the Fairy Friend, let's take the vísa again, line by line, in the order of the Norse, with a translation as close to the text as possible: Áðr Burs synir biöðum um ypþo First Borr's sons raised up the land þeir er miðgarð mœran scópo created Midgard beautifully shaped sól scein sunnan á salar steina the sun shone from the south on the stone room... þá var grund gróin grœnom lauki from the ground, grew green leeks... "We have here, of course, four lines which describe, in a very immediately readable way, the four Elements at the four planes of existence: our stanza is a classical exposition of the Holy Tetragrammaton, which is self-evident for vísa 4 of the Prophecy, since, among an infinity of other things, the verses of the Völuspá were designed to reveal the Secret Nature of Numbers 1 to 66. "The first three described the respective essence and relationships of the three forces on the supernel plane. The fourth proceeds - and this is the whole subject - to Matter, completing the Balanced Elemental Quaternary, which constitutes the Ineffable Divine Name. "Note that the very wise Vǫlva exposes the Holy Tetragrammaton to her one-eyed pupil in an unusual order: the North (the sons of Borr), the East (Midgard, i.e. man), the South (Sól, the rune of Fire, whose name means "Sun at the Zenith", is expressly mentioned), and the West (the green earth, etc.). ), i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Earth - or Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn - or Night, Morning, Afternoon, Evening - or Gestation, Youth, Maturity, Old Age, etc. "In Kabbalistic terms, - and what are we, if not the students of the Kabbalist scholar Wotan Borrsonn?- the Permutation of the Ineffable Name corresponding to the Order stated by Vǫlva is HWYH , to which the Sign of the Lion ♌️ is attributed: logical, for the vísa representing the Temporal Power proceeding from the Divine (the Great Mystery 86 - Cf. Pr, 2) and corresponding to the Manheim (the Dimension of the Superman, the Übermensch Vibration), i. e. to the Sphere of Cweorth ᛢ on Yggdrasill, Sphere from which the Path of the rune Peorth ᛈ proceeds, rune to which is precisely attributed the sign of Leo. (This Path is, by the way, the one taken by Þórr Burr Jörd to go and break Jötunn - to bring down false idols (cf. Nietzsche)). "The vísa tells us: The whole Siðr (i.e. the Way - the number 4 symbolizing the Crossroads of the Paths) consists in balancing our internal Elements. (Operationally, these elements are represented by the four runes Ul (Water), Ziu (Air), Sól (Fire), and Erda (Earth), which are used to correct imbalances - for example, : No one is debauched by nature, nor forced by his Wyrd to systematically end his evenings under a bridge, snoring in a puddle of vomit: a debauchee is simply someone who has "too much Water" - he just has to work with the rune Sól, rune of Fire, to adjust the thing, and erase his bad inclination. A liar, a slanderer, etc., has "too much Air" and therefore, he will have recourse to Erda, rune of the Earth. An angry person has too much Fire, and will have recourse to Ul. A lazy, sad, melancholic, etc. has too much Earth, and will therefore have recourse to Ziu). "This is the essential principle of Magic: balance your four elements, and the Fifth will arise - the Column will carry the Light of Creation to the ends of the Universe, and all Evil will be destroyed... "This Fifth Element (the Spirit) is attributed to the rune Wolfsangel (whose name means "Wolf Trap", since it has the power to drive out Fenrir, the Absolute Evil ["Alpha Evil", says a Goði humorously], and to rout him). Its traditional symbol is the sandal, the shoe, etc., which represents the virtue of Going, i.e. to go from one Dimension to another, to climb Yggdrasill at will, etc. (This is why Vidar, a specialist in Silence [in Norse Hlióðs, the very first word of the Edda], uses his shoe to kill Fenrir [Gyl, 51]).
>>36257 "Why did he do it? Because taken vertically, and not circularly, the sequence enunciated by the Vǫlva is descending - from the first Purity (Adr Burr Synn can be read "Before the Sons of Borr") to the final excrement (lauki, the leek). (Note, as always, that the first element is in the last, and the last in the first, since it is about "lands" in the line concerning Borr, and a leek, a phallic symbol (thus a specific attribute of Borr cf Mjolnir), in the line concerning the Earth). "It is to our elementary cycle (Sons of Borr -> Midgard -> Southern Sun -> Green Earth) what death is to the sequence Gestation -> Youth -> Maturity -> Old Age, or Sleep to the sequence Night -> Morning -> Afternoon -> Evening. It symbolizes the ultimate gradation of the idea of Original Column - It is to Wolfsangel what the jester is to the king, what the bell cap is to the Crown, what the Jew is to the Wotanist... Here as elsewhere, it is all in the name, and who says lauki said Loki - whom the Edda calls < father of the wolf > (Lo, 10), and thus defines as the antithesis of Wolfsangel. » ᚫ The Father of the Wolf ᛒ. Oh yes!" cried my tiny interlocutor, "Tell me about this Loki Burr Laufey... He's an equivocal character, isn't he?... biscornuous, whimsical... paradoxical.... - Equivocal is the word, yes... The Edda, more categorical, calls him < jinx > (Lo, 41), < evil crow > (Lo, 43), < instigator of deception >, < shameful to all >, < slandererer > (Gyl, 33) < enemy >, and < slandererer > (Ská, 16). She insists on what he was, what he is, or what he will be (according to the principle enunciated by the wise Goði and scalde Hofgarda-Ref Gestsson - son of our matriarch the Gyðja Steinun Sunniva Refsdóttir, daughter of the High Priest Ref the Great, of eternal memory - that < there is no before or after in the Edda >), she insists, I say, on what Loki was < Baldr's murderer > (Ská, 16)... It is not a compliment... Wodenson is, however, of the opinion that his crime - the cause of the < greatest misfortune ever to come > (Gyl, 49) - has the positive aspect that it edifies us: < Even a deceitful being like Loki teaches us a lesson about the dangers of internal corruption > (Wotansvolk, §3) and Weev goes so far as to consider it a meritorious act on the part of Loki, in which he salutes an unjustly misunderstood inventor, opposed to the "son-to-daddy" Baldr: < Loki is the only innovator. By the first and most admirable bio-hacking operation, Loki gave birth to an eight-legged horse, destined for Wotan. It happened that Baldr, Wotan's son, decided that the greatest house and the greatest ships would be given to him, without his having anything to do with it, and by virtue of his birth alone. Baldr forced man to produce, without rights or fair compensation. Loki was the only one to oppose Baldr and gave him a severe lesson of humility > (A Dinner Prayer, §3-4). The nature of this lesson is thus defined by Beth Wodandis: < The lesson that Loki personally gave me is the same one that he continually gives to the Aesir themselves: growth needs suffering. Suffering is its food, the fuel without which it cannot take place. And sometimes the things that are dear and precious to us have to be destroyed, forcibly if necessary, and in pain, to make way for new and better things. Wotan himself knows this; all his Teachings illustrate this principle, and anyone who has become attached to him has felt the anguish he feels at the sight of the suffering we have to endure in order to grow. Now, it sometimes takes no less than Loki to pass on this lesson to others, on behalf of Wotan. > She also points out: < Some people believe that [Loki] is in fact Wotan's true blood brother, whom tradition calls Lodhur (of which Loki is a diminutive). A handful of people have even suggested that there was something more to their relationship - a kind of homoerotic bond... > (Lokis Role in my Life).
>>36258 "On Loki's homosexuality, I echo parts of a lecture given by one of our eminent Goðar in October 2012: < The only Ase to practice homosexuality is Loki. Every homosexual is a priest of Loki. ...] Sexual inversion is the most antinatural act there is: the primordial life force (sexuality) turned against the source of life (father/mother polarity)! It is anti-life in its ultimate expression. On the scale of human depravity, homosexuality is the bottom of the barrel, as we are cabbalistically taught by the word Rag (homosexual in Norse), which is the reverse, therefore the opposite, of Gar ᚸ, the rune at the top of the Initiation symbolizing man who has become God again. Now, Loki is the executor of divine vengeance: when a person is rejected from the Divine, he is delivered to Him in his flesh, in his sexuality, the quintessence of his being, in, if I dare say, the foundations of his physical person - and reaches the stage of affirmed, claimed, definitive homosexuality. If, therefore, a society, not content to promote, encourage, honor homosexuality, gives it a preponderant place (i.e. special rights, as in the case of gay marriage), it is clearly that Loki governs - that he is at the helm, as he will be at those of Naglfar >. "The Goði concluded from this that Loki does indeed rule the Western countries: < Loki is, above all, < the bitter enemy of Heimdall > (Gyl, 33), who is the Ase of Mysticism and the biological father of the white people: our society proscribes everything that favours descent into oneself, i.e. Mysticism (peace, concentration, sobriety, renunciation of one's personal hysteria, silence, posture, etc.), and he exterminates the white people. Loki is the Ase of the Ego - do you know of a single western kid who wouldn't be willing to kill his mother and father if he was promised a big media buzz about himself? The shock is frontal between those who follow the Divine Way and those who < follow Býleist's brother > (Vo, 51) : even Hollywood, which has our father Heimdall interpreted by a skreal...> "
I Hail the Sun , Rise up from the Dark Rise Up in Dag In your Light the Seed shall Grow In your Darkness the Seed shall Die
>>36259 ᚫ The Enemy of the Wolf ᛁ. - Loki is therefore, summed up my fairy, essentially hatred of the "white straight cis", the most perfect example of which is Heimdall - But does Loki hate Heimdall because Heimdall is a perfect example of white straight cis, or does he hate white straight cis because they remind him of Heimdall? And first of all, why does he hate that dirty faggot?! - Why does he hate - that is, why is he? (in French Homophony is more flagrant)... A question older than the world, and which would take us a little far... Let us say, briefly, that the Universe being < the work, and therefore the intention, of GOD > (Pr, 2), the Universe is Perfect; that Perfection implies immobility, which is the negation of life; and that, therefore, a disturbing element of universal harmony is indispensable to life. "See our vísa: without the leeks that appear at the end, it would be of mortal boredom: the Four Elements would be impeccably, that is to say, immovably, that is to say, ineradically, balanced. "Now: Why so much hatred?... Let's take things at the root: < letters, i.e. being > (godic adage): just as the whole tree is contained in the seed, - as Lugnasad is contained in the June Solstice, and the rush of endorphins in the orgasmic peak, - all being is contained in the initial letter (i.e. the rune, from the Norse rún, "Mysteries") of its name. "Loki's (and lauki's) initial is Laguz ᛚ, the rune of Misfortune, of the triumph of matter over spirit, of the blind empire of the dark force, of the hero bound like a slave - in short, of the constrained, or self-sacrificial incarnation... His name means "Water", and the planet Neptune ♆, the herald of our shipwrecks, is attributed to him... < Laguz is the mother of the bitter sea where the soul wanders > (godic adage)... she is life in utero, total sensory deprivation, and waterboarding... she is the inexorable tide, rising on our Midwives chained to the Ring of the Passed Over by the partisans of Christianization... Laguz announces pain, punishment, loss, failure, defeat and death. But to those who suffer injustice and persecution, it confers the power to remain inwardly noble even in irons, hence its nickname "Rune of Hamlet"... There is, moreover, no more accurate illustration of Laguz than Ophelia de Millais... "On his side, Wotan, our master, teacher and Goði, - one of whose nicknames is Bági Ulfs, < the Enemy of the Wolf > (Sonnatorek, 23), - has for initial the rune Wunjō ᚹ, whose name means "Joy": the rune bearing the Invitation to Travel (< ... order and beauty, Luxury, calm and voluptuousness >), which generates harmony, love, beauty, happiness, success, fulfillment, kindness, grace, luxury - and joy, of course. (Badly aspected, it is a warning against debauchery, idleness, waste in general, etc.). "Joy is therefore the signature of Old Goði. >> "In Forn Siðr, it is forbidden to be sad, because Nanna (Gematry 102), Baldr's wife & specialist in Joy, will be the last Æsyne to die before the outbreak of Ragnarok (Gyl, 49). As long as Joy remains, no misfortune can really take place. We have already spoken about it : it is always sunny - it is the vapors of water, - the vapors of Laguz -, rising from the earth like so many leeks, - that form the < cruel clouds > (Grim, 41) : absolute happiness is our normal state. And despair does not exist.>> "Therefore, Joy is neither an adjunct to our Siðr, nor its goal, nor its effect: it is the essential element. "Wunjō is the initial of the master - so whatever you do is right as long as it makes you happy. And anything that saddens you is a transgression of the Divine Law, which will bring you, in this life and in the next, a severe readjustment. "Joy comes from the heart, from the hvel (Chakra) of the heart (as well as the light that forms our aura, etc.) - that is why it is written that Nanna is the wife of Baldr, whose name literally means 'That which belongs to the heart' - Now, Wunjō is the initial of the Old Goði to teach us that the perfect Joy is that which comes from the fulfillment of the raðumk . "Joy is the instrument that makes it possible to connect to the Divine Light that we call Initiation, and to ascend to that Light that we call Siðr. That is why the name Nanna literally means 'the one who gives power'. »


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