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(18.77 MB 1280x720 No Regrets.mp4)
NO REGRETS Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 20:14:30 No. 34816
Brenton Tarrant laughs in the face of survivor >"I did not see any..regret..any shame, in the eyes of this terrorist. And he does not regret anything" https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12499397/christchurch-mosque-brenton-tarrant-laughs-british-survivor/ https://archive.fo/bTGUJ
(341.48 KB 256x256 video_2020-09-25_03-14-43.mp4)
(128.68 KB 1106x628 photo_2020-07-19_18-48-42.jpg)
(19.65 KB 620x349 photo_2020-03-26_23-31-41.jpg)
(19.37 MB 3955x1284 zf4n301b.bmp)
(1.73 MB 848x624 IMG_5279.webm)
I wouldn't expect anything less from him. HAIL BRENTON TARRANT
(165.73 KB 962x719 photo_2020-10-06_21-06-37.jpg)
(70.45 KB 576x1280 photo_2020-09-30_23-00-19.jpg)
(290.74 KB 1280x814 photo_2020-10-06_21-05-43.jpg)
(6.79 MB 688x848 IMG_4917.webm)
(42.42 KB 510x525 1601834934256.jpg)
>>35853 >strawmanning >>35847 >christcuckery you shills got anything better?
>>35922 .02 shekles has been deposited into your account
>>34816 i dont hear any laughing. timestamp?
My favorite Pewdiepie subscriber is a got damn HERO!
>>35952 i dont really understand why he chose NZ. if his plan was to be eventually freed by a rebellion of his people, wouldnt he chose somewhere thats closer to what he wants? hell even france is closer to liberating itself from muslims than NZ is.
(3.59 MB 320x180 1601703857293.gif)
>>35924 ur mom gay
(251.34 KB 1260x534 sdosjfoajfsa.jpg)
(371.45 KB 1186x768 ueryiuw3ya.png)
>>35840 >WHILE NOT EXPOSING JEWS he exposed muslims which is the same
>>35922 >strawmanning False. Not one statement was a strawmanning of your position. If you oppose revolution, then you are by definition a coward or a traitor. This is a fact, not a strawman.
I may not have a final opinion in this, mostly because I don't care, but this >>35979 >exposing Muslims is exposing Jews is setting a new gold standard of chutzpah. I wish yids weren't so blatant. No wonder why this place is literally on life support.
>>36096 It's on life support because of dumbasses like you, and because for some reason everyone chose to remain mainly on cuckchan instead or regrouping in one place after Watcuckins didn't revive 8/pol/
>>34857 >>34855 These boards are all kiked. Nobody believes a racist white supremacist would praise china and the shitskin pakis he ended up killing. Death to all jews. KYS jew shills.
>>36099 >It's on life support because of dumbasses like you Why, this place has a problem to attract people with an IQ above 80 and instead we have to deal with >>35979. Covid finished this board too.
(219.69 KB 579x458 download.png)
>>36141 Tarrant is not a white supremacist, he's an ethnonationalist and ecofascist. You don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. Fuck off back to 4chan. >>36144 Prove those screenshots wrong: pro tip, you can't.
>>36149 There's nothing to prove or disprove here. Make a claim and we'll see what it's worth.
>>36157 Are you just pretending to be retarded, anon?
>>36141 I'd rather praise China than muttistan.
>>34816 Of course the cunt has no shame. Has 1488 on one of his weapons and kills arabs instead of jews. Didn't Mr. 1488 know that Uncle Adolf and our German brothers had an alliance with the arabs? He would have achieved something if he had killed the worthless white hating maoris that act like niggers and call themselves niggers and even replicated the bloods and crips in that once beautiful country. I'm more inclined to believe he's a jew since there are so many in Oz and NZ and they aren't so easy to identify as american kikes. Also I have to mention the bullshit about muslims being responsible for 9/11. Does he believe this? I guess the arabs that run America are behind the coverup and mideast invasion. Of course anybody who admires GAYvik is a demented kike, or a tard that reads daily stormer posts and does zero research and never read the manifesto where GAYvik bashes what he calls nazi's constantly, also GAYvik forgets he's supposed to seig heil when he gives the commie salute instead. Fail.
>>36211 >muh nazis were mudslime lovers >muh 1488 (liar, there was only 14 on his weapons) >muh everyone's a joo (Tarrant's COMPLETELY WHITE ANGLO family tree is literally published on the internet) >muh Breivik bad! Mudslime or mudslime lover detected.
>>36211 >Didn't Mr. 1488 know that Uncle Adolf and our German brothers had an alliance with the arabs? Yeah well arabs weren't exactly raping and looting germany back then, were they?
Praised be the Saint, what's going on with nein? It seems down.
>>36235 Nein shoah thread had guys complaining about outages every couple months. Probably be back in day or two is my guess
>>36237 Not same anon but it's been down then up down then up etc the "outrage" was because one or more mods are lazy and don't look at all reports and just delete all posts that were reported instead of looking at the post's individually and this has happened twice
>>36235 Its' up at the moment but it's quite laggy


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