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Druid/pol/ the B.O.N.D. bunker Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 20:17:30 ID:f7badb No. 29430
Greetings one and all the last druid/pol/ thread has gone far beyond its bump limit and sinks towards its natural end. The cycle continues with our June 20th rite due this Saturday. All anons are welcome to discuss British news and politics in this thread alongside our usual esoteric discussions. Hope you're all well lads.
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(634.12 KB 1200x1920 Screenshot_20201020-105213.png)
(612.71 KB 1200x1920 Screenshot_20201020-105410.png)
This excerpt is good, about how the Progressive core of fascism alienated it's intellectual founders
(23.84 KB 207x498 magician.gif)
(145.30 KB 196x471 672.gif)
Does Druid /pol/ do tarot
>>36138 >the guy is shown with yet a strong Christian bent to his faith and beliefs. I can't say I've ever detected that from him but I know he's always been a perennialist since I first discovered him. He was married in a cathedral. I don't doubt his commitment to paganism though because no real Christian would disavow Christianity like I've seen him do in the past. I count myself A pagan but even I will attend church on occaision with family. >>36152 While it's true that the Reformation stripped Christianity of its Pagan trappings I'm more in agreement with Stephen Flowers that the Reformation was a true expression of the Germanic spirit. Not that it really matters to people today trying to revive our old ways. >>36153 Evening lad. My ritual went well even if it was a little basic. Just my usual prayer ritual but I noticed I'm getting better at articulation. I'm thinking of doing something a little more esoteric for All Hallows but don't know what yet. Open to suggestion. How did yours go lad? >>36156 Yes 40k used to do a tarot draw at the start of every thread but he's not around anymore. Are you a tarot user?
>>36153 Fine lad how was yours?
>>36162 Yes I do a tarot drawing almost everyday for myself. Very insightful
>>36153 Quite alright. I had to do mine last night. Had work today. I ended up not really changing anything in my rite. Decided to keep it consistent. Only addition was to use the SOP banishment some lad posted earlier, since it's something established. I'm now getting mixed feelings about the near future. The Aetheric ripples I've been perceiving seem to be mostly negative now. Not quite entirely sure what to make of things. It feels as though things could move in either direction right now. Not sure if any other lads have been perceiving such things. Felt a substantial negative Aetheric disturbance today, lasting most of the day. It doesn't seem to be personally related, though it may be geographically localized. Any other lads feel anything? I tend to perceive such things coming from the future though, so it may be no one else has perceived it, and may be as time passes that it is avoided, but I'll remain cautious myself.
>>36177 >77 get Fuck me. I know to meme responsibly and look what I go and do.
>>36167 Perhaps if you're still around for when we make a new thread you could draw a card for us? >>36177 (observed) >Any other lads feel anything? Can't say I did or have since. I shall try and be atuned though. I suspect there will be some happenings in the near future though given present circumstances. Keep us updated if you sense anything else lad.
>>36177 Where are you located lad? I'm in blighty and got strong positive vibes from my ritual
(647.88 KB 1200x1920 Screenshot_20201022-091951.png)
(498.39 KB 1200x1920 Screenshot_20201022-091940.png)
(1.08 MB 800x600 dobrovinski_06.png)
(390.03 KB 480x360 328657.png)
(245.96 KB 384x326 unknown.png)
(609.59 KB 550x493 Pymo78H.png)
Some sexy pics for you lads
>>36196 >Perhaps if you're still around for when we make a new thread you could draw a card for us? Absolutely!
(103.09 KB 596x650 Blushing Druid.png)
>>36205 laaaaaaaaaaaad......
>>36206 Thank you
Reminder to check this place out, lots of free ebooks, links and stuff https://hravan.com/
Haven't really lurked these threads so I don't know if its been discussed before. Does anyone here ever get foresights in their dreams? I get short bits of what will happen in my life occasionally, but never enough to see it coming before I am right in the moment. All the scenes have a blue tint to them as well. My mom gets foresights as well, hers being much more vivid and detailed so I think its inherited. Anyway if anyone has foresights have you found a better way of connecting with whatever the mind is tapping into and seeing more? Thanks in advance.
>>36267 I'd like to know this too. I have foresights in dreams but like you mine are always short and also they're always really mundane stuff. There must be a way to cultivate it.
>>36267 A little, like >>36270 it's often mundane stuff like drive safely or brush your teeth more been having more since I got more into self improvement.
(473.81 KB 903x1279 caste.png)
(69.70 KB 1089x597 ElQRvSKXgAA-Ftb.png)
This is interesting. I wonder what happened to the Germanic priestly caste to make it disappear. My first thought was Christianity but thinking about it I don't recall anything recorded about the Germanic preist class during the Migration era or even after the first century C.E, unless I'm just ignorant of the sources. I don't recall anything about an Anglo-Saxon pagan priest class for instance. Perhaps the sheer militarism of those tribal societies had the effect of folding the priestly function into the King's role. Likewise every farmer was also a warrior if need be. Then later in more settled conditions the castes could separate out again with influence from the Celts. This could also be instructive on how a caste system could be revived. Note how it is the King who re-defines the classes of his realm, perhaps a divine King. Alfred was never called Great in his lifetime but he was certainly one of our greastest Kings.
>>36273 Tripartition is just the magic rule appllication to politique plan.
>>36280 As with native language skills, this assimilation has its own pace. The best, longest-lasting results have been produced when students spend no less than three days incorporating each card – each meme, or transmissible unit of consciousness – into their brains You need to learn certain core definitions, and need to establish them in right relationship to each other in your subconscious mind After this initial nine months, a further 78-week pass through the cards is advised (one week for each card). These primary and secondary passes, thus, take about 27 months, at the end of which your mind will be perceiving, thinking, and speaking in the hidden language of Tarot which has never been written… because it does not exist in the words of any spoken language
>>36281 Interesting choice, you are familiar with thlemism''s background?
>>36282 Very interesting thank you
>>36283 yes. 93


no cookies?