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(77.06 KB 955x853 666.jpg)
refugee general Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 23:59:42 ID:025de8 No. 27697
Hi Lads. I found this place from 4chan.org/pol/ and you all seem pretty based and redpilled. Im mainly here to research aboiut Q and Trump without all those fucking normie karens shitposting and SJW tranny jannies censoring me (3 day bans just for fucking TELLING THE TRUTH!) Anyone else here from 4chan.org?
>>27697 btw do you all have a discord server?
>>27698 >Q and trump kys retard no one cares about this Q trash, take it to 8kun
>>27697 welcome fren, q is bullshit concocted by tinyhats to deceive magapedes.you have been warned.
>>27700 literally could not have said it better and in less words.
>>27701 we should welcome other chans refuges, but at the same time be honest about this kind of stuff. if the mods don't censor people, this board survives. Lets not end up like half chan please. they are worse than (((youtube))).
>>27697 Welcome, fren. Q is a bullshit larp to help lazy boomers sleep at night, thinking they can do nothing and just "trust the plan" and things will get better. Q might say some things that are vaguely true on occasion,but it is ultimately a distraction from the harsh truth--jewish subversion of the West. Anything that doesn't name the jew is controlled opposition. Discord is not secure, your data/convos can and will be sent to LEO. Enjoy your RP growth here lad.
>>27697 whats the difference between /pol/ on 4chan 8 chan and 16chan? Fill me in boys t. retard brainlet
>>27965 4chan is modded and jannied by redditors (basically) 8 chan got ovened after brenton tarrant, 16 is carrying the torch from 8 chan
google Q notice how the top results have nothing to do with a startrek character. google is not scrubbing that should tell you everything


no cookies?