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(821.66 KB 600x600 1585690030653.gif)
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(7.18 MB 640x352 horsemen pepe.webm)
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(1.06 MB 1017x481 4 horsemen coronachan.png)
CORONAVIRUS HAPPENING THREAD Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 02:36:32 ID:1ff214 No. 25345
This was going to be an effortpost but unfortunately I don't have the time. The goal of this thread is to share information on the happening in addition to providing theories and speculation. We are in a different world than we were two months ago. This is bigger than 9/11. Undoubtedly all of you have heard hundreds of theories by this time. It is exhausting just keeping up with it all. At the end of the day, none of us really know what is going on with and large degree of certainty. I trust that many of you are of above average intelligence, so be a good filter and share your best thoughts and ideas. To start >Bans on purchasing guns in some states >Strong crackdown on YouTube (deferral to "AI" for moderation >Bill Gates and his ID2020 shit ("mark of the beast" chip/digital ID accompanied with vaccine) >Money printer go brrrrr >Economic bubble *pop* >Bitcoin tanked but stabilizing The Jews are on overdrive right now. What do you think life will be like in 6 months? 2 years? Personally I've always wanted to be a prepper but am poorfag. I've known something like this was coming for a long time, but I needed 5 more years in my career to prepare. I pray we can find ways to band together during this difficult time so that we may come out on top. Godspeed.
>>26139 Love it! If science wasn't kiked they'd be promoting this very thing instead of the "we are all the same, ignore your eyes, ears, and nose, goy!"
>2009 Surrogates >people scared to go outside >going outside is too dangerous >everyone works from home >people only meet online >people meet up through their avatar >CHAZ-like zone of insurgent rebels plot is Corona lock down life on meth
>>33981 >In the EU the Covid 19 response is even more of an act of over political trickery. The EU response is to spend 750 billion EU to facilitate the shutdown recovery. This will effectively lock in the member states to a 30 year debt, preventing any of them from engaging in their own BREXIT scenario. Absolutely this and other purposes too including a push for greater tyranny through technology, a large scale social-engineering test to see how far people can be beaten into submission while pretending caring about their liberties, and an obvious attempt at making mandatory the next generation of vaccines. >The Franco-German project of Chancellor Helmut Köhl and President François Mitterrand was conceived during the Cold War. It was set out in the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and continues inexorably. The strategic objective is to build a supra-state structure capable of neutralising the divergence of interests between the two countries and of competing economically with the United States, Russia and China. Inexorably, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place one by one, as was the case with the Constitutional Treaty. Side that the EU is a US-Zionist project in fact. This Voltaire source is good and one of the best out there for info about the Middle East and Central/South America but it is stuck on an old anti-nazi record, but this side of their ideological alignment remains tame and they do not write articles that would reveal this in a glaring way, contrary to so many so-called alternative US sources. >Following one of the longest summits of EU Heads of State and Government, a EUR 750 billion plan was adopted by the European Council to facilitate post-Covid economic recovery. It will not be financed by a devaluation of the euro, as only 19 out of 27 Member States are members, but by 30-year loans. It should therefore be, if not impossible, at least very difficult to organise exits from the Union along the lines of the United Kingdom over the next 30 years. The obvious consequence is that this economical shock is a trademark tool of the System to squeeze more excruciating labor out of the White working populations to pay for their own genocide. These populations are weakened but not completely destroyed otherwise the revolt would happen sooner. It's the usual slow boil method with dashes of accelerationism when the ZOG needs them. So much added money vastly expands the inflation, so much that for those who managed to survive the "crisis", times will be harder: people will have to work even more without getting richer in any way, a thievery that started in the 70s in the US and Europe, where wages stopped being substantially increased in proportion to the inflation increase rate. For this, all pseudo anti-capitalist parties are bought, the same goes for all syndicates who pretend fighting for the workers' right but only oppose a superficial resistance, only to push the gullible people into antifa and hardcore communism when these workers show signs of needing venting out. It also remains a complicated game for the Jews because said workers are already stretched thin and the crisis has swallowed many financial assets people had stacked for future times. Whites will frantically work in the vain hope of rebuilding those feeble stashes of money they thought they had accumulated for their own good. Try telling all these lemmings that they should cancel all their amazon-netflix-microsoft subscriptions! >The plan is accompanied by a new EU budget for the next seven years. It reveals the true nature of this union: for example, while the new "European Defence" was being communicated, its defence budget is being halved without explanation. It's obvious, kikes would not want a power that could threaten their best American pup. They also are careful to not make the EU too powerful since it's been the cultural cradle of Whites for thousands of years. They are organizing a Soviet-like centralization of powers in the EU but it won't go beyond that: the security forces will be at the level of what is strictly necessary to curb any revolt until most powerful European nations are so racially destroyed that they will be irrelevant and incapable of turning the tables in favor of Whites anymore. >>33982 >As for being a poor prepper just remember you only need to take out one person with guns to get guns. When the law is lawlessness everything is up for grabs. Right. >>33984 >Breitbart is 100% kosher controlled op. The owner is and has always been a kike iirc.
Wow. The problems of today could be solved by doing what the government did in the past- NOTHING. Americans scream FEMA camps are the only solution for natural disasters, but San Francisco recovered from the 1906 earthquake without government help. Americans insist concentration camps are the only answer to viruses, but the government did nothing about a cholera outbreak in 1832. Americans say the only possible solutions to deal with illegal immigrants are to build a wall, have warrantless searches, DNA databases, license plate scanners, and build concentration camps, but the US used to have open borders. Americans say the only solution to recessions is to give billion dollar bailouts to bankers who commit fraud and give welfare to the lazy, but the US recovered from the Panic of 1893 without government action. The government starts a problem and offers a solution. Why not avoid starting a problem in the first place? If the government starts a trade war that kills the economy and then offers bailouts, why not just avoid starting a trade war in the first place? If the government increases the minimum wage and regulations that kill businesses and raise prices and then offers welfare, why not just reduce the minimum wage and regulations? The government is not a holy god. The government is force. Why not allow the free market to handle problems? The private market and charities cannot provide disaster relief? The free market cannot provide medical care, delivery companies, railroads, airports, schools, fire departments, private mediation, and security companies? Do your shoes come from government shoes factories? Can't churches teach morals? Do you really trust the government to tell you what the truth is? Does the government spend your money better than you do? People don't have any personal responsibility? Can't you move away from people you don't like? Can't you save money to prepare for downturns? Can't Americans boycott products with cheap prices instead of begging for a trade war that kills the economy? Can't Americans quit low paying jobs, learn a skill, move to another city, or start a business instead of thinking a minimum wage will magically make them rich with no unintended consequences? Is tyranny something that only affects others, but not you? Are Americans retarded children? Didn't tyranny kill millions of people in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, and Cambodia? What do we need government for anyway? If a private association like the MPAA can regulate movies, why can't the private market regulate other things? When the TSA fingers your asshole and pulls your cock, is the real purpose to protect you or to make you feel like a degraded slave? When people smoke now, people just call the police on them, but people in the past either took some personal responsibility and ignored smokers, moved away from smokers, or asked smokers to go somewhere else. The problem with a police state is everyone now is either or a slave or a criminal. Who pays the taxes to pay for tyranny? If smoking is dangerous, can't nonprofits raise funds to pay for educational campaigns that warn of the dangers of smoking instead of outlawing smoking? Can't people use the BBB to verify if a business is good or not instead of forcing companies to pay fees to get a government business license? Can't private charities funded by volunteer donations provide homeless shelters and soup kitchens instead of being at forced at the point of a gun by the government to pay taxes that fund welfare? Can't people use to protect themselves instead of relying on the Gestapo? Can't neighborhoods hire private security firms to protect their homes? Can't the free market provide toll roads? Can't the free market provide private airports? Can't the free market provide private schools? Can't the free market provide disaster relief instead of FEMA? Can't the free market run delivery services instead of the USPS? Can't the free market run railroads instead of Amtrack? Think.
>>34007 >boomer bot rampage unironically based
>b Kiwi >in New Zealand Go to gulag goy! Now we know why Ardern passed the legislation for police or an authorized state enforcer to enter anyone's home for COVID related issues, a few months back.
(658.49 KB 768x432 wuhan-pool-party-comrade.png)
(891.14 KB 800x533 wuhan-pool-party-new-normal.png)
(870.33 KB 1024x682 wuhan-pool-party-not-waiting.png)
wuhan pool party totally destroys mainstream wirus narrative
(44.08 KB 299x199 bitch you serious.gif)
>>34328 actual cringe, bluepilled, and schizopilled china has solved covid like 5 months ago, according to their reports. it's not a surprise that some of the billions of people there would actually acknowledge that it's solved (no, not pretend. a conspiracy of 1 billion people wouldnt work). also same shit in the west (maybe different in murica i wouldnt know) - all beaches are open and crowded every day. all restaurants are open and filled every day and they dont even do anything aside from have the server wear a mask (for PR reasons)
>>34334 are you a bot?
>>34334 are you a bot?
>>34344 >>34345 No, just a 50cent army member.
(150.22 KB 640x640 lol.png)
>>34344 >the bot sees a non bot response for once and gets confused and selects the "are you a bot" output >>34345 >gets so mad that it forgot it already posted take your meds
(53.80 KB 800x420 210820sign.jpg)
>>25345 OP here. Chin up, brothers. Have a whitepill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPq_NVi-TC4
>>25365 >. So although cops become like soldiers, their overall budget is bound to shrink. don't forget global private security
>>25345 >none of us really know what is going on with and large degree of certainty. I do, ama >>25360 >Tests which are designed to pop hot. we don't have an accurate test, it's about control
(55.51 KB 599x718 1599570979294.jpg)
(46.33 KB 800x600 wakeup.png)
To justify the lock-down, you have to believe both of these things are true at the same time: 1. the virus "escaped" from a level 5 bio-lab 2. the virus can be stopped by a home-made cloth mask. Wake Up People!
Ladies and Gentlemen, as a celebration of the new wave of quarantine until the vaccination salvation, let's bump this thread.
(5.71 MB The_Yan_Report.pdf)
>>35351 The Yan report is a hoax. Rule of Law Foundation and ties to Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui Dafuq
(608.24 KB US3951134.pdf)
>>33978 Here's some food for thought, courtesy of VIP links.
(3.16 MB 640x640 corona_update.mp4)
Wakanda Today
(60.51 KB 800x730 covidtruth.jpg)
covid truth
>>35559 As you know, if you have covid, and you get hit by a car or have a heart attack, you are counted as covid death by CDC. The US govt last week updated the (estimated) survival rates IF infected for Covid19: 0-19 99.997% 20-49 99.98% 50-69 99.5% 70+ 94.6% https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html
>>25365 >The governments have less and less money, Oh no look its retarded. A Retarded liberterian. No none of your >muh fed garbage is real ! This is not how the world works the totalitarian state will not collapse because of muh economics or muh fiat money crap.
>>35564 Even if you just have ANY coronavirus antibodies or traces it can come back positive. They do not test specifically for the Wuhan Coronavirus.


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