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(1.02 MB 2502x2502 totaleclipse.jpg)
Peace Through Superior Aesthetics Anonymous 10/04/2020 (Sun) 03:39:57 No. 35811 [Reply] [Last]
Be the beautiful fiery consciousness in life. Seize your place as overseer and natural guiding light. Be aesthetic, it shows us as Nature in action. Be. All else follows.
I wrote this for all of you that have a world set against you. Hail! I recently had two ladies over at my place. They saw my art, music and books and I am well-spoken for my caste. They sincerely asked "are you real?" I doubt I will ever to be able answer that question. There is so much doubt, fear and anger in the Weltanschauung now. As the "world" closes around, I rightly protest that the world is in perfect accord because the animals are doing just fine and carrying on their business around me. Cosmically, it is a prodding., Otherwise humanity will fall into a period of non-existence... wake, work, drink, stare at screens, repeat. Put brakes on that cycle! What - as gods, wanted! The role as overseer becomes far more interesting. Aryans are being summarily removed from their natural role as leaders. It has become so absurd the clown world meme and Camus make nihilistic sense. There is too much Aryan beauty to salvage from this life to see it thrown away. The beauty of the Aryan mind is why we arrived here and continue to forge new paths forward. Let us move forward! The uninitiated in awe and questioning if it is real. Whether it is your living a contemplative life or an actionable warrior life, it is you. You. Hail!

(14.44 MB 1280x720 OykFeDHHR8st8jav.mp4)
>>35778 QRD Sep. 5th 2020 Cops respond to call about a stabbing Medics on scene Victim has serious cut on his hand Victim and friends claim some random guy with big ass knife come up on em and just starts stabbing Suspect was Dressed all in black, headed off towards park Cops start search, find random nigger Stop him, cuff him During pat down jogger decides to resist Put to ground, then tossed in car Shit talking ensues between Officer Jogger and the nigger Get call actual suspect may be in park Find knife schizo, Has 12 in. kitchen knife Drop it Drop it Jogger nope.jpg I'ma stab this bitch Officer Whitey decides he doesnt want BLM to come burn his house down

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(254.24 KB 1328x1737 lovecraftart (1) (1).jpg)
A Quote From HP Lovecraft. Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 02:10:58 ID:f19788 No. 29582 [Reply] [Last]
WARNING before reading. If you are the sort of illiterate low IQ Nigger who is utterly and completely unable to read and comprehend a thread more then three sentences long. Fuck off. This is shit is not for you. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Now in the fond sincere hope that the subhumans have left us i would like to expound (to any interested) on some thoughts i've had on the quote i posted which are specifically and inherently of a political nature. In it Lovecraft makes reference to a social phenomenon noticed by in much less poetic terms by Nietzsche in his work "The Mad Man" several decades prior. The phenomenon is in broad terms what some would call "The Death of God" or, perhaps more literally the discovery of the origins of man as a biological organism shaped through the whims of nature without great interference from a creator at any given point. It was Lovecraft's assertion (as well as Nietzsche interestingly) that the ensuing conclusions of such knowledge would either force man into an emotional reasertions of such superstitions as he had been originally disposed to (IE Fascism, Fundamentalism, Theocracy) or the complete and utter abandonment of all values including self preservation towards an end of ultimate insanity and destruction (IE Communism, Anarchism, Nihilism). It is between these two conclusions that the vast majority of the 20th was fought. And while they may SEEM to be the only conclusions given the data i believe there is a third option. IE the Understand of Man as biological organism and the objective and inherent purpose that entails. This has been realized (albeit imperfectly) in the form of National Socialism which, while only briefly attempted in Germany, can and should create an objective morality around which human beings can orient their lives. All things from sex, to murder to breathing can be understood to be objectively good or bad in so far as they either help or hinder the procreation of ones genes as their objectively and undeniably evolutionary creatures in the material world with the objective and express purpose to pass on as much of their genetic material as possible. This is thus the next step in the philosophical journey of western man and that which will give us objective meaning and an objectively true morality to organize our societies on the basis of.
29 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>29775 >However, I believe this Darwinism is only a facet (a fundamental one) of the true purpose of humanity. Which is to ascend to godhood and conquer to the stars. I agree.
>>29582 You're over-intellectualizing everything. Life is meant to be experienced, not understood. Just do what you have to do and stop worrying about it. >Psychologism is not the consequence of a strong spiritual life, but exactly the opposite, a sign of a crippling of soul. Just as a wounded man will again and again feel and look at his wound, so a man sick of soul will examine his inner conditions. -Alfred Rosenberg
>>29775 Thanks for that video. I'd seen it before but lost it when a hard drive crapped out on me. Do you know if the vid's creator made other similar videos and/or content of any kind? It's a great style and presentation, quite inspiring, and it invokes an aura of wonder, hope, defiance, and European righteous rage.
>>29582 After the death of God comes the death of science. The corona virus bullshit seems to presage that.
>>34832 I love it too but have no idea where it comes from. Searching for the text gave me this https://chechar.wordpress.com/2018/01/11/more-greg-audios/ from 2018 which says someone wrote it on /pol/. I assume somebody then recorded and made the video. There's this https://www.bitchute.com/video/K4DScucER2Tj/ from bitchute but I don't know if it's the creator.

(485.22 KB 1280x706 1598464645286.webm)
Kyle Rittenhouse Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 19:46:19 No. 34513 [Reply] [Last]
Still don't have full story, but the (((victims))) are shown attacking Kyle, and he is seen retreating before opening fire. MSM is already portraying him as some kind of neo natzee who was walking around shooting "peaceful protesters"
56 posts and 81 images omitted.
>>34594 never realized how close vader came to getting his head cut off there.
An attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse has released a video he insisted shows the teen acted in self-defense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4dhPM99i4I&bpctr=1600891065
(550.39 KB 720x1333 Acid Reflux.jpg)
(457.60 KB 130x212 Dancing Israeli.gif)
>>34513 Oy Vey Do the shekel shuffle Goyim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVa0NwaQpiM

(3.74 MB 480x270 happening.gif)
The time is now. Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 09:01:34 ID:20ab92 No. 28779 [Reply] [Last]
If you are not actively working to 'alter' the current U.S government in favour of installing a state that supports our ideology then start doing so. The nation's days are numbered and if the wrong group seizes influence then you will see further cuckery take place. This is prime time to be eliminating opposition. Do what must be done. HH
14 posts and 3 images omitted.
I wish we could all unite on buying decisions to cut out our enemies. I have gotten most of my friends off Chrome and stopping the use of g o o g l e. But still they will give money to companies who align with the enemy. Such as n etflix and d isney. not typing their names fully as to not give their bs crawlers a chance to find their own names.
(180.76 KB 500x500 george-lincoln-rockwell.jpg)
I'm just waiting for either the NJP to kick off their activism or for an assignment from Patriot Front.
>>28779 participate in your own volunteer mock government, gather signatures, do the entire thing, but not to participate, to generate people who are familiar with the process who can then proceed to participate
>>35671 > stopping the use of g o o g l e. how? you have to kiss their ass and then sneak around behind their back, the whole thing is fucked.
>>35534 http://teamlaw.net/Government/usmap.htm we were looking at mesh networks and county based voting on bills, that each county would select an officer to put in the vote but the vote would be crowd sourced from all interested parties in the county interacting on a mesh network and reading the bills and voting on them, this way you would save money as it is more reliable to control votes through advertising than through relationships >>35671 >I wish we could all unite on buying decisions to cut out our enemies. you're talking about buyers unions, you collaborate with other buyers and when you reach a target price on a product you save money by collecting the product from a centrally located warehouse, you also save money collectively negotiating price paid

(345.71 KB 3606x1000 Screenshot 2020-09-28 194108 (1).jpg)
Kek Predicts the debates. Anonymous 09/29/2020 (Tue) 02:00:39 No. 35673 [Reply] [Last]
Apprently, if the numbers are to be believed, tomorrow night Joe Biden will walk on stage, shit his pants and say "the nigger-word" at least once during the night... Could you fuckin imagine bros?
16 posts and 10 images omitted.
>all of these fucking trumpnigger jews itt
(103.58 KB 960x960 ima_c63805c.jpeg)
Wallace: "This month your administration decided to end racial sensitivity training, that addresses White privilege or critical race theory. Why did you decide to do that?" Trump: "I ended it because it's racist"
(102.56 KB 1273x706 EjJ4G0WXkAEIXUA.jpg)
>>35674 >Pepe poopoo meme. Pic >>35735 >all of these fucking trumpnigger jews itt jewish population in in US ~6 million Trump support ~100 million >All trump supporters are jews Oh vey, never forget the 94 million
(4.54 MB 640x360 VID_20200930_223011_413.mp4)

(36.34 KB 512x342 evbjpotueaagnjc.jpg)
Anonymous 04/16/2020 (Thu) 14:50:45 ID:b24deb No. 25936 [Reply] [Last]
Trump's Phony "White Nationalist Terrorist" List >by Ahab on Apr 10, 2020 >On Monday, the Trump administration launched a major escalation of the war on white identity and civil liberties by declaring a so-called “white supremacist group” a terrorist organization for the first time in United States history. The “white supremacist group” in question is an obscure Moscow-based formation styled the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM). According to state officials, RIM guilty of providing “paramilitary-style training to neo-Nazis and white supremacists” and playing “a prominent role in trying to rally likeminded Europeans and Americans into a common front against their perceived enemies.” >The selection of an obscure Tsarist group, without name recognition even to most white nationalists, struck observers as an obvious ploy to set an easy precedent intended for use against other groups in the near future. Nathan Sales, counterterrorism coordinator to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, boasted openly about the new precedent being set: “These designations are unprecedented…. This is the first time the United States has ever designated white supremacists terrorists, illustrating how seriously this administration takes the threat. We are taking actions no previous administration has taken to counter this threat.” >Sales credited the move with an Executive Order signed by President Trump in September of last year, “the most significant expansion of federal terrorism sanctions authorities since the aftermath of 9/11,” which allows the State Department to “designate groups and individuals that participate in training to commit acts of terrorism,” as well as “designate the leaders of terrorist groups, without needing to show that they were involved in particular attacks.” In other words, the State Department now can label organizations and individuals as “terrorists” even if they have not been linked to an attack – and their primary target is white nationalist groups. >This move follows months of propaganda from Zionist media ginning up hysteria about the “white supremacist terrorist” threat, including staged hearings in Congress last fall reminiscent of Stalinist show trials. Initiated by Israeli-fifth columnist Max Rose and other enemies of white America, no actual representatives of white nationalist groups were heard. However, ample testimony was given by shadowy Jewish special interest groups such as the ADL. The timing of this designation, in the midst of a historic pandemic shutdown and on the cusp of a major economic downturn in the United States, indicates the Zionists have no intention of letting up on their relentless drive to outlaw free thought and peaceful opposition to their rule. It seems they are determined not to waste the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 public health crisis to implement their unpopular anti-white totalitarian agenda while public attention is distracted. >The fact that this action was carried out by the Trump administration virtually guarantees a softening of the backlash by those Trump voters still paying attention. Reaction of boomers and conservatives on Twitter was as expected: “Good… now do antifa.” “Antifa?” “Excellent… Now do Antifa.” “What about antifa?” “Label ANTIFA as terrorist organization.” This reaction shows the average Trump voter will not object to white Americans patriots being labeled terrorists by the government, so long as the government also labels a couple of token far left groups into the bargain. >This is yet more evidence Trump’s re-election would actually be worse for white nationalists in the United States than the election of Democrat Joe Biden. While Biden would undoubtedly appoint aggressively anti-white officials to his cabinet such as former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, and pursue a more openly anti-white agenda, the same measures coming from Biden would certainly provoke more outrage from mainstream right-wing media. Just as anti-war Democrats from the Bush years melted away during Obama’s wars and crimes against humanity, so has white popular discontent over immigration and other abuses softened into a passive complacency under Trump. Just as Nixon’s right-wing bona fides gave him the political capital to go to China where a more peacenik Democrat would have failed, Trump’s right-wing bona fides allow his administration to pursue a sinister totalitarian crackdown against pro-white dissident groups without raising the ire of conservative media. https://national-justice.com/current-events/trumps-phony-white-nationalist-terrorist-list http://archive.is/YDpAf
28 posts and 22 images omitted.
(277.84 KB 850x850 qidiot.png)
Muh evil Nazis.
(176.60 KB 524x530 1601106491123.png)
>>35530 >antifascist are da real natsees!!!!111 Pathetic. Meanwhile, Zion Don delivers.
>>35687 Don't you people get it already? You don't vote for a candidate in hopes he'll do everything you want. You must elect the candidate you can exploit the most. You can exploit the fact he is probably the only modern president who sticks up for and even mentions whites as a real group. The only one that appeals to a predominately white constituency. That alone makes him a prime conduit to interact with other supporters and the daily happenings around racial topics when he says something controversial, or fairly reasonable to the average person. Electing Biden/Kamala will get daily senile banter about "muh peaceful riots... but also stop rioting" empty coastal ivorytower nonsense ... then going on to fast track criminal nigger scot-free reform (which is already happening with Covid felons running around) and more reparations/welfare for blacks and browns inorder to get reelected 2nd term. Use your fucking heads. You need more time to recruit people. Time isn't a luxury for whites. They are a global minority and it's almost midnight. You can't control the narrative or focus of these topics under Biden as you would Trump. Vote Trump for more time to network and build.
>>35726 >You can exploit the fact he is probably the only modern president who sticks up for and even mentions whites as a real group. He did this once and only once in an election year where his numbers were cratering among White working class voters -- who are more hip to what is happening in this country and who is behind it than they are given credit for.

(615.18 KB 500x600 wut.gif)
Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 11:40:18 No. 34802 [Reply] [Last]
I was out at the park with wife , sister-in-law and brother-in-law as well as a cousin. We’re enjoying our picnic spending time with one another and suddenly , one of these women start spouting off about onlyfans.com. Seems fine, keep my mouth shut. Suddenly, all the women are talking about how nice it would be to do it, use it to make side cash >someone even got paid to send a picture of their leg and a razor blade >it’s not that baaaad I flip my top, yelling about how porn and onlyfans is a jewish contrivance to continually push degenerations >how on Earth are we supposed to show our little ones right from wrong, when their moms are posting on onlyfans >the double standard is laughable, you can onlyfans, I can’t watch porn So we move on >sad strange silence and we move on. Then on the drive home , my wife throws out this >”its the jews, huh? “ I explain I dont want to talk about it she presses and we rant to each other about this shit for an hour. Eventually find common ground and start to calm down. I explain my issue with all of this is that I use the word jew as a proxy for all the controlling masses that shove degeneracy and immorality down people’s throats until it seems “natural”. Not to mention all the shaming, and propaganda and sheer brainwashing they do to women. >need makeup to be beautiful >need empowerment but need a man >need a job but need to be a housewife literally bullshit conflicts for all women and I think that sucks

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

19 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>35462 Most women always start out as leftists (due to higher propensity to empathy) and generally slowly become more conservative as they age (due to kids, taxes and death). Redpilling is a tricky art, and no one has mastered the act that I have seen. Most people simply have to discover the truths on their own, and most attempts to force feed pills end in failure. It does seem that taking it slow is needed for converting most average normies. >"Say, why do you suppose there is such a push these days, to indoctrinate children to lgbT?" Then just drop subject, let them stew in it for few days, before revisiting for follow up.
(1.13 MB 1334x750 iiiiiiii.png)
>>35417 Made it through, it was a decent read although I struggled with a few of its concepts. With that said, it was worth it, I see the "divine consciousness" aspects as you speak but struggle because what he speaks more to is race mixing which isn't my question. >mixing stock bad >some people will never overcome their level of consciousness and will be a base man fine, agreed. But it doesn't speak for those that do overcome, go to the higher path and what then? Must they stay in their own group? if so, how would we start segmenting the curd from the whey of each group and then what? ensure each "tribe" only speak with one another on levels of trade and hope not to war? Or just fuck it, war straight out and genocide - this doesn't seem like a good strategy. >>35469 agreed on leftist women starting as leftists due to empathy. in general, many folks do strive for peace and prosperity, the difference comes to the roadblocks and how to deal with them. Pic related... kek
>>34802 Henry Fords book exposes an international jewish conspiracy. This is how you get credibility when talking to people. If they think you're a nut, they must think Henry Ford was also a nut which fucks with their brain since he's the most loved American Hero. Keep a copy on you at all times and you can wake up people to the jew in about a minute.
>>35514 which one fren - https://b-ok.cc/book/3676932/3d6040 (life and work) or https://b-ok.cc/book/3554882/d3b6c6 (international Jew)
>>34802 You could go the religious route and use satanism as the argument. But that would be just avoiding the obvious. if people can't accept the hard truth then they are too demoralized to care.

(87.25 KB 1280x720 Chimpout.jpg)
(16.75 KB 460x259 chimpout2.jpg)
LIVE CHIMPOUT STREAMS Anonymous 09/23/2020 (Wed) 17:51:21 No. 35478 [Reply] [Last]
Breanna Tailor Riot addition. I'm reading one cop got charged with 3 misdemeanors but the news live streams seem to be delayed or that info is false. This is the best non news stream I have so far. I got new shit and lost all my good streamer links. https://youtu.be/bEuBfnZEiyc
3 posts omitted.
https://www.facebook.com/mathewballard/videos/10164053133625697/UzpfSTExNDA5MzA5Njk5OTQwODoxNzM3MzI3MTc3MDIxMTI/ Probably lefty narrator but at least you wont have to listen to some nigger commentator https://www.facebook.com/riotheartmedia/videos/1059509004507853/ Pro BLM/Antifa https://www.facebook.com/KatrinaHelmerTV/videos/1700281860131501/ Journalist for WDRB livestream (Kinda cute, pro RGB, not /ourgirl/, stated battery starting to get low)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt2Yso0IkK0 After action report 15.8K subscribers Stream sniper and playing some previous highlights from earlier, judging by unmoderated chat, this is /ourstream/ >Monitoring many streams and cutting to where the action is >BLM & antifa protests and sometimes riots and looting nationwide Seattle, La Mesa, Portland, Louisville, Austin, Washington DC, Chicago, Kenosha, Rochester. September 23, 2020. >Follow us elsewhere: https://www.facebook.com/aftertheaction https://twitter.com/after_theaction https://www.twitch.tv/after_theaction https://streamlabs.com/after_theaction

(574.62 KB 1500x1030 blacklivesmattersoccerfags.jpg)
Why Corporations Support Black Lives Matter When They Didn’t Support Occupy Wall Street Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 23:16:55 ID:83084e No. 33403 [Reply] [Last]
Why Corporations Support Black Lives Matter When They Didn’t Support Occupy Wall Street Western corporations are falling over themselves to show their support for Black Lives Matter. Professional sportsmen proudly display BLM logos on their shirts, television shows hold moments of silence for George Floyd, and the FaceBook and Twitter accounts of countless large entities have paid their respects. But no corporation did anything like this for Occupy Wall Street. This essay explains why. The Occupy Wall Street movement began in September 2011 with a campout protest at New York’s Zuccotti Park. The protest was sparked by rising inequality in America, something that had increased sharply after the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08. Bank bailouts had ensured that the wealthy avoided any of the suffering from the crisis, and that the poor took the entire burden. OWS’s most famous chant was “We are the 99%”. This referred to OWS’s belief that the top 1% of Americans were hoarding a grossly disproportionate amount of resources and power. Their fundamental motivation was to express outrage at this state of affairs in the hope of forcing change to a more equitable system. They made demands such as getting corporations and corporate lobbyists out of politics, granting the working class a greater share of production and reforming the banking system to restrict speculation. The movement appealed to an entire generation of young people, who were just then beginning to understand that they were going to have a lower standard of living than their parents did. These young people saw in OWS the potential to arrest the relentless decline of their living standards by enabling them to come together to assert their collective interests. This terrified the American Establishment. If there’s any one single thing that the Establishment fears, it’s poor people coming together on the basis of class. Class solidarity is the only way that the people can form a broad enough front to work against inequality without being divided and conquered into impotence. The formation and expression of class solidarity, then, is a direct threat to the interests of the ruling class. In the wake of Occupy Wall Street, the 1% came together and decided upon a strategy to prevent this from happening again. They realised that they had to pre-emptively divide and conquer the people because, left to their own devices, the people would inevitably organise and demand their right to an equitable share of production. The greatest fear of the Establishment was the coalescence of the 99% under one banner. Having previously observed the degree of animosity that existed on account of racial tension, a plan became apparent: to divide the 99% up along racial lines. This was primarily to be achieved by pushing a racial oppression narrative that claimed that white people owed blacks reparations for past injustices.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

6 posts omitted.
>>33417 >The working classes have always been against each other No. Not in India. It worked for centuries. As for Europe, would you believe it but a good part of the continent was at peace before the convenient political destabilization, sudden wars out of nowhere and then the black death. Hence just kicking Jews out of our countries is not enough. I'd kick them out of Earth if I could.
"Black Lives Matter" is just a smokescreen. That they charged the black African Jaguar driver who mowed down those two Antifa chicks blocking a freeway says that they are just looking for things to destroy. https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-nw-dawit-kelete-seattle-protestors-charged-20200708-qqucu2oopvacvpng6tq3y5p3sy-story.html >The King County Prosecuting Attorney's office charged Dawit Kelete, 27, with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and reckless driving. He's scheduled to be arraigned on July 22 and remains in custody on $1.2 million bail. This is for a man whose only crimes were a slight lacking in situational awareness and a bit of bad luck. Very similar to James Fields. If "Black Lives Matter" then they would have ignored it because he was an innocent man who killed two stupid white women blocking a road.
(134.75 KB 812x960 1594237837929.jpg)
>>33449 Both class and race problems exist everywhere. Multiculturalism was a method for the top 1% to forcefully divide by race as the majority race now is demanded to go down to about as much as everyone else. If the country was 33% black, 33% white and 34% asian then it would be insanity as these 3 groups would be fighting each other for resources anyways. Adding in class difference just makes it a full on mosh pit as the rich white and the poor white are at odds as the rich white and rich black are at odds. In capitalism you have no friends or community and everyone in your field is happy if you fail because there are limited opportunities or jobs. This has benefits of course, but happiness, unity, a lot of friendships based on trust and production and many more things are not intrinsic to this system at all. If we want to improve the system we really have to move beyond just class or just race or just x and focus on building a new theory from the ground up. Having safety nets for the poor and old, having areas where racial groups can express their identity among their peers, having higher wages for the lower class.... All are possible, but not likely because it requires those at the very top, ones we might not even know the names of to either give up power or have it taken from them. To organize against the rich, mostly jewish class of billionaires you would need a lot more than any number of us can gather together right now... Occupy in retrospect was disrespected by those that would have benefited most, the retarded middle class and lower upper class. The heartless ones that figured they made it, so it was working well enough.
It's a push to consolidate total power. BLM is a smoke screen for the final injection of communism. They can simply call you racists and shut your dissent down. We are seeing a repeat of the Bolsheviks and the Weimar Republic, and the Kalergi Plan in motion.


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