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(76.11 KB 899x735 der fuhrer.jpeg)
Happy Birthday, Hitler! Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 01:04:14 No. 26145 [Reply] [Last]
I miss him so much, anons. May he return soon to set the world right, and may we work tirelessly towards what he worked for
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>>26245 blessed
(256.98 KB 640x788 ClipboardImage.png)
too early but bumping to keep it from sliding

(3.22 MB 404x680 Antifa.webm)
Antifa felony Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 12:43:39 No. 34936 [Reply] [Last]
Faggot hits drunk guy in face with skateboard for saying "nigger".
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>>34936 So since this is a fascist board, shouldn't we be supporting antifa considering they're one of the most fascist groups in existence today?
>>39493 why would we? they are fascists of the current regime. anybody with two brain cells to rub together hates the current regime.
(78.36 KB 500x499 low-quality-bait.png)
>>39498 its as if you posted nothing at all
>>39499 Nobody could be this >>39493 stupid Only a leftist faggot or cuckservative nigger believes the definition of fascist is synonymous with authoritarian or totalitarian. He's is either trolling or being subversive. Considering the threads and posts deleted last night, it is more likely the latter.

(113.90 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Nootropics, Asians, and Jews Anonymous 06/14/2020 (Sun) 04:15:15 No. 29318 [Reply] [Last]
So an anon posted a thread on 4chins about snooping into Asian and Jews' medicine cabinets at rentals he owned or some such. He discussed nootropics and posted the below list claiming Asians and Jews don't have high IQs but are using supplements and drugs to boost their cognitive abilities. Anyone know anything about the below? I'm doing some rudimentary digging now but thought other anons might know more than me. >Coffee Fruit/cherry extract @ 100mg >Turmeric supplement @ 400 to 450mg >Ginger supplement @ 50mg >Vitamin E @ 200mg >Phosphatidylserine @ 100mg >Folate/folic acid @ 600 to 800 mcg >Amino acid complex (L-Theanine usually main) >Fish oil/omega 3 @ 1800 mg >sun flower lecithin @ 2400 mg >Resveratrol @ 250mg >Acetyl-L-Carnitine (beside amino complex) @ 800 mg >Alpha lipoic acid @ 400 mg >Rhodiola Rosea @ 500 mg >S-Adenosyl Methionine @ 200 mg >Ginseng complex

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>38441 what is SAD mutation?
>>38466 He's talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder.
>>29318 are you people autistic? The described stack does not even have adderal or anything similar, let alone piracetams and stronger stuff. this is a simple herbal supplement list that any bodybuilder autist hass. 90% of these stuff dont even really have an effect on the brain. Ive taken grape seed, l carnitine, aminos etc i would have told you if they made me smarter or more focused. the only stuff with a noticable effect would be ..fuck i forgot...it was a cooking spice that gave you focus. fuck off with this herbal stuff man. Herbs do work and can be pretty powerful but all of these stuff in the list are barely noticeable effect scams. Thats like trying to cure your depression with saint johns wort "oh wow i wont suicide now bros" while taking the hemp oil extract would actually change you and make you happier. listen, black tea works just how coffee works, but fuck of with this placebo tier list man.
>>29340 The best argument against asian intelligence is the state of Asia. Japanese are highly intelligent though
>>29340 The best argument against asian intelligence is the state of Asia. Japanese are highly intelligent though

(218.26 KB 600x579 1606229637462.png)
Women and morals (this is political) Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 12:25:44 No. 38434 [Reply] [Last]
be me, dropped out of society because the narrative of the collective is utterly fake and it has become unbearable, recently started a relationship with a woman, found out she is fully progressive not by choice because she doesn't understand politics so she was just conditioned that way probably by the MSM and the school system. I have a constant feeling that I cannot trust her because: thought about being an escort, got analed at a party once and blacked out so no recollection of what happened after, doesn't want kids and thinks marriage is oppressive for the women, etc. Yes I know, I thought I would dump her instantly too. Anyways I started a process of ideological subversion so she would come back to some form of dignity and it seems it's working, took 5g of shrooms with her as a start to get rid of her corrupt ego which led to her starting using my vocabulary, my speech patterns and the little mannerism of my speech so that's big progress but I find that strange. How is it possible that women, or the being you trust to take care of your children isn't even worthy of trust when it comes to basic shit like having a mental boundary with a random man you go out with, we haven't even fucked yet and she is already absorbing aspects of my identity is that even respectable I don't know, don't have enough experience in romantic relationships that go outside of just sex. Tl;dr: Got out into the world, started dating a woman that I cannot trust because of the norms she internalized, societal norms btw, Do any of you know why this is happening to our women? For men it isn't that hard to think why some are weak: lack of idealized father figure makes them irresponsable but what the fuck is wrong with our women anons??
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>>38602 >women are capable of love >Kek you anons have much to learn about life. They will read this and write you off as some jaded old man, buying into the >Who hurt u anon narrative But this is the truth. Women are not capable of Love, at least not in the way that you think they are. Women can love a man no more than a small child can love their parent. They might even adore their parent, but they have no real concept of sacrifice or selflessness, even though at points it seems they are acting out aspects of each of those. >God >Demigods i.e. - angels, whatever you want to call it >Man >Dogs >Women >Children That is the order of the power and capacity of Love. Also, if you haven't read Rollo Tomassi's book The Rational Male you should get yourself a copy and start page by page it can sometimes unplug young weak beta faggots like a few anons in this thread.
>>38434 Hel....this kind of misfortune is evoked in the Havamal - the great Wotan, after having described the feminine nature (Ha 81-95), tells, blow by blow, two of his loves : First, Billing's daughter, whose demands and reticence he respected - and from whose efforts he obtained nothing but scorn and ridicule (Ha 96-102). Secondly, Gunnlod, whose door he forced open to honour her for three days and three nights, and then to steal her Poetic Mead (Ha 103-110). What the great Wotan teaches us here is that there are only TWO types of lovers: Billing's daughters and the Gunnlods - only TWO types of liaisons : 1. those where the man has been domesticated and is, in the eyes of the woman, reduced to the rank of beta-male: he becomes - god that he is! - the mercilessly scorned transient lover. 2. Those in which he imposes his will at all costs (Wotan drilling, with a spin, the wall that separates him from Gunnlod), gives the woman what she actually expects, whatever she pretends (three days and three nights of non-stop sex), makes her his inspiration (Poetic Mead), without worrying about his hysterical vapors and his attempts to domesticate him (abandons him in tears). There are NO other types of relationship. It is one OR the other - and if it is not one, it is the other. No exceptions. Clear? Natural law imposes to give a woman what she wants - to "fill" her in every sense of the word: natura abhorret vacuum. But this certainly does NOT mean submitting to it! On the contrary! Reread carefully what Wodenson says about it.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>38434 Op 1) You shouldn't be spending that MUCH time and resources on a woman you haven't even slept with. Do you know how valuable your time and care is? Ask if she wants to fuck and if she doesnt...stop wasting your time. Im serious about this. You are wasting a lot of resources on a girl that has not even "Tasted you" yet. And there is quite a big chance that she will betray you. Most women just cant stop failing and betraying you. And by that i mean "Decided to get the vaccine" "cheat" "divorce rape" WAnna know what woman you NEED? One that if you get assaulted on the street tomorrow and you kill the attacker, she will keep her mouth shut and not tell the police on you.
>>38434 and keep in mind that giving shrooms to the girl doesnt guarantee she will "change and become super cool redpilled trinity". Most people are trash. If you give them a redpill like shrooms, you will find out that they are still trash, ready to betray you. Its like trying to...make wine from spoiled grapes or whatever.
>>38599 >Women be like, fuck men. Show the sequel 20 years later with the empty apartment, boxed wine, cats and vibrating dildos. That is the better one IMO. Gives closure to the story arc.

Druid/pol/ the B.O.N.D. bunker Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 20:17:30 ID:f7badb No. 29430 [Reply] [Last]
Greetings one and all the last druid/pol/ thread has gone far beyond its bump limit and sinks towards its natural end. The cycle continues with our June 20th rite due this Saturday. All anons are welcome to discuss British news and politics in this thread alongside our usual esoteric discussions. Hope you're all well lads.
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they'd rather have us fighting among silly ethnic divisions, cause that keeps us weak. avast! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ1qm2gRG5Y
>>39195 >>39196 >>39197 Yeah, good to leave the filth of ethnic bickering behind us, may it never return. It's always vital to assert that we are all examining these spiritual matters from a point of view fundamentally detached from Traditional, historical practitioners. We poke and prod at religious matters in a sterile, scholarly fashion, like a scientist dissecting a frog. Spirituality is a lived experience, it was not intended to be analyzed in this fashion. Of course, we can see the unbalanced reaction against this tendency in the forest congregating LARPers who desperately yet futilely attempt 'rituals'. A balance must be found between scholarly sterility, and fever brained LARPing. However, it could be that we, as inherently modern folk, must simply accept our tendencies, and not desperately seek to copy the actions of our ancestors in an inorganic fashion... Oh well, I've drifted off topic. As for the Gothic-Jotunn lineage, I think it is referenced many times throughout the Sagas. However, this is nowhere near a concrete statement, as one can surely find references drawing such connections between various other groups. What I have heard, but I can't remember where, is that the idea of any connection in lineage between Aesir and the various Germanic peoples, is a later misinterpretation of more ancient Traditions. I am no expert on any of these matters, so take it with a grain of salt. Anywayts, the 'Saga of Hergor and Heithrek' reads, "It is said that in the days of old the northern part of Finnmark was called Jötunheimar, and that there was a country called Ymisland to the south between it and Halogaland. These lands were then the home of many giants and half-giants; for there was a great intermixture of races at that time, because the giants took wives from among the people of Ymisland". As far as I know this reference of land generally denotes one of the many 'Gothic' hotspots. and 'Giants' clearly denote the Jotunn. These Goths who are the descendants of Giants, then of course gave rise, or at least contributed significantly, to the current cultural and ethnic makeup of the Germanic peoples. As for the Asura connection, it is important to again emphasize that any potential link between the Aesir, the Asuras, and the Abrahamic spirits, are not concretely defined. We have already explained that isolated cultural developments in the respective regions of these mythical entities, inevitably resulted in differentiation occurring. Even 'IF' they all share a common primordial 'root', they evolved into markedly different archetypes over time, under the oversight of Indians, Nordics, or Semites.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

cont. Regarding Jews, I reaffirm that the majority of their history is a complete fabrication, there is so very little archeological or cross-cultural evidence to validate any of their nonsense. There was indeed a nucleus of proto-Jews to be found in the Levant, the likes of which were encountered and conquered by the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and so on, and we have already associated this group with the expelled 'Akhenaton' and his Hyksos contingent, whose descendants surely influenced Persians and Phoenicians. However, this patchwork coalition of Egyptian exiles dwelling in the Levant, were not even a remotely cohesive force, in political, religious, or ethnic terms. They constantly fought each other, borrowed and stole their traditions from the neighboring groups, etc, it was and is a complete mess. We can see hints of this strong division when Moses descends from the mountain, only to find his followers worshipping idols. This story is a simple allegory for the true reality of doctrinal differences manifesting, culminating in the equally allegorical separation of the 'tribes of Israel'. The majority of the ethnic, historical and religious traditions and claims of Judaic writings, originates solely in the demented minds and scribblings of Pontic-Steppe dwelling 'Rabbis', who some way or another inherited the spiritual tendencies of what we now call 'Judaism'. The idea that Judaism (both its religious and ethnic content), is the result of a direct continuation of tradition and people from Middle Eastern 'Semites', is a complete lie. Much of the Judaic mythos, in its consciously understood, doctrinal and written form, is barely 1000 years old. But sure, the Abrahamic archetype is indeed primordial, and we can maybe see traces of it in the likes of Gobekli Tepe and Baalbek, and perhaps the later appearing proto-Zoroastrian Vedic Indian expatriates who you have mentioned. All -different and separate groups who latched onto a similar, primordial archetype. In regards to the direct connection between the Hyksos expulsion from Egypt and European royalty, it's not something I have explored in depth, due to the veracity, or lack thereof, and general mania, of many of the sources involved in this narrative. As for the association of European royal houses with the Hebrew traditions in general, many have peddled this narrative, and not just European royals, but entire peoples, from the Pashtuns of Afghanistan, to the Black Israelites of America. I view it as a simple method of empowerment and validation with little historicity involved. Whether it be the Merovingian-Frankish royalty claiming 'divine descent from David', or the poverty stricken African American claiming the same thing. When the Germanic tribes entered Roman land and converted to Christianity, they were eager to correlate this new faith with their own rulers for prestige, likewise, when the Pashtuns converted to Islam, they tried the same thing, so did the African American slave descendants, and so on, and so on. I view much of it as purely symbolic accusations, born from these people's forceful reconciliation of themselves and their own identity, with a new, alien faith. All that said, there is certainly some truth to it all, once we cut out the insane narratives peddled by certain forces out there. You might be aware of the potential correlation between the mythical Egyptian Queen Scota, the Milesian-Gaels of Spain, and their settling of the eponymously named 'Scotaland' or Scotland. However, these myths all have a medieval origin, and it's impossible to see any clear cut correlation with earlier traditions, let alone any other supporting tangible evidence. Therefore, it could simply fit into the previously described paradigm, where these legends of 'Scriptural descent', spring up in peoples trying to correlate themselves and their own ethnogenesis, with the foreign religion of Christianity, the myths of which all play out in far away Egypt and the Levant. It is a powerful thing indeed when a populace believes their kings to be descended from the figures of their Holy Books, very politically potent.
(614.59 KB 856x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>39308 Thank you for that introduction to the Goth-Jotunn connection and I will be reading into it. I agree with your point regarding archetypes being filtered through racial and cultured perspectives, it does make sense. However I once again must state I'm still not of the opinion that there is a link, and this is coming from somebody who has done all kinds of magic, from group rituals to redirect a psychic attack aimed at creating a psyop, to my own type of sex magic performed with my lady which resulted in the manifestation of my desires much faster than expected, to working with "demons". I've also worked with Germanic spirits, and from my personal gnosis there is no link between Abrahamic spirits and Germanic spirits. The demons and angels themselves I suspect were designated as such based on the usefulness of the Daimons to the Jewish practitioner. Daimons as you know were considered generally "good" in Greek and Roman times, though there were exceptions. The purpose of a Daimon was generally as a teaching spirit that was tasked by Zeus to teach men, supposedly Daimons were the "men of the golden age" according to Orphic interpretation. However the term seems to be somewhat ambiguous since sometimes gods like Apollo and Dionysus were also referred to as Daimons, and in ritual Daimons were also used as intermediaries between humans and gods, and not just teachers, which is kind of similar to how the Shugendo practitioners of Japan practice. The Shugendo priest prays to a buddha to deliver a message to the Kami, once again in an intermediary role. There's also the fact that Daimon was considered the immortal soul, and is connected to the term and esoteric concept of the Genius, which is found throughout Greek polytheism. My point is that the term Daimon can be considered to mean multiple things, even lesser gods, and when I mean lesser I mean both weaker than the gods, as with most Daimons, and younger, as is the case with Apollo for example. And yet today we use the term with a decidedly negative connotation, this is simply one example of how twisted and warped our perspectives have become. The similarities between the Jewish god and any European god is thus to me explained by understanding that they coopt characteristics of the cultures which they conquer in order to trigger a sort of instinct that we have, "blood memory", which says to us that a concept and archetype sounds familiar, which is why it was so hard to break away from a foreign religion for such a long time, since it went around adopting characteristics of pagan gods, Odin and Zeus chief among them. It is interesting to note that a similar method was used by Buddhists when they went around destroying and mixing with the native religions. The Tibetan Buddhist practices absorbed from the Bon, Shingon Buddhism absorbed from the Shinto and original Shugendo mountain priests, in each instance the esoteric Buddhist practices adopt and corrupt indigenous practices, which is why I believe there's an interesting link between Buddhism and the kikes. I acknowledge as with my previous post that you are correct that Semite was a broad classification which did not denote a certain race, as previously stated the Akkadians were absolutely not related to the tribe, here and there the tribe lifted some cultural aspects though.
>>39310 Continuing with my previous line of thought, it's interesting to note that in Japan it seems to have been less successful, which resulted in the Buddhist destruction period, similar periods occurred in India, so they must have realized that this was a parasitic takeover, though one not as violent and militaristic as the Christian one in Europe. It is interesting to note though, that while I personally also disregard the notion that royal bloodlines are descended from the Hyksos, as well as the Ceasars, they do have a very ample explanation for what is termed the "lost years" of Jewsus, since that particular theory claims that he was studying Buddhism in the East, and there seem to be accounts of a similar individual. That fact alone is what made me believe that there is at least one thing it gets correct. I agree with your analysis of the tribe's modern history being mostly based on historical fabrications or perversions, and that their true origin is connected to the fate of the Hyksos in Egypt and their expulsion into the Levant. I also agree that they're not necessarily cohesive in the traditional sense, as stated I am convinced Zoroastrian (especially the proto-Zoroastrian outcasts from the Vedic lands) and Buddhist doctrines to be emanations of the same source from which Judaism (which I also concur is not a continuation of some pure Semitic cult from the Levant) springs, therefore they had to split up at some stage to accomplish this. It is also interesting to note that I've for a while thought that there were different factions who fight among each other, but when a foreign threat threatens one arm, they all pull together. The recent Epstein debacle was a good example of this, where groups of Jews were willing to expose the operations of another group of Jews, as some sort of internal power struggle. The idea that they are different groups all together though unlikely, has merit, perhaps the proto-Buddhists are not related to the proto-Zoroastrians, however they did originate in the same general region, and both represented some form of opposition to the Vedic practices in what we today know as India. The Zoroastrians were anti-Vedic, and while the Buddhists aren't necessarily anti-Hindu they were very much seen as such during the Indian Buddhist destruction periods. And I understand that the Hindus aren't entirely Vedic today as explained in a previous post, but as the Kalash people indicate, there were for a long time Hindu cults that were true to Vedic tradition, that were probably more numerous at the time, and this is what I suspect Buddhism was trying to obliterate, similar to what they did to the pre-Bon traditions in Tibet, which are also said to be Aryan. I myself am not completely sure what their source is, what seems to underlie their vile being. While I agree with you that there is absolutely a lot of fabrication and misinformation, I do believe that there was some kind of pact or covenant with the force that stand behind them for them to have come this far. Whatever it is, it is probably the closest thing to what I perceive as an objective evil.

(24.85 KB 690x388 termination.jpg)
How banning works in social media Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 05:48:55 No. 36187 [Reply] [Last]
This is a rare glimpse behind the scene of a major social network: http://web.archive.org/web/20200819175216/https://moultano.wordpress.com/2019/10/02/why-do-companies-with-huge-resources-still-have-terrible-moderation/ The author is a highly paid machine learning professional, likely with superior IQ and good education. He uses his sharp mind for evil, working for (((Page))) and (((Brin))) to train automatic classifiers that detect and ban our free speech. His thoughts are thoughts of a self-deluding superior IQ white race-traitor who has to use multiple mindtricks to make himself thinking he is on the righteous side. Read it, this is a learning opportunity. He clearly has a hard time, working against our linguistic ingenuity. Some excerpts: >So now, as you rewrite the guidelines, you’re providing a lot of links to urban dictionary and knowyourmeme. You’re explaining what 4chan is. You’re explaining what 8chan is. Your guidelines are becoming less and less general and more and more extremely online. You realize that they’ll all be obsolete in 6 months. 4chan finds new ways to be racist way faster than your legal department can approve new documents, likely faster than you can write them or the raters can read them. Rival communities are now weaponizing your “Report Abuse” button, so you can’t even get any indirect signal from what your users think in aggregate without becoming somebody’s tool. >On the next round you realize that they haven’t quite figured out what antisemitism looks like, and you need to explain the difference between “Jews have infiltrated the government” and “Russians have infiltrated the Trump campaign,” that one is a justification for mass murder, and the other is something that kinda, maybe, happened. So you update the guidelines. Legal and policy are all increasingly concerned that if any of the contractors leak the guidelines that you’re going to be hauled before congress. PR is worried about angry presidential tweets. You try again. >But there’s still a lot of stuff they’re getting wrong, so you try to explain the difference between “flashing an OK sign upside down at a gun range” vs “flashing an OK sign right-side up on a ski slope,” that one might be a white supremacist showing a “white power” sign, maybe, and the other is a guy enjoying his hobby. Most of your raters have never been to a gun range or to a ski slope, and may have never seen the OK sign. Now PR is sure that if any of this leaks not only will you get hauled before congress, but the general public will think you’re a bunch of loons. >This process can go on literally forever, and the ratings may never materially improve. The world of racism is full of euphemism specifically designed to fool onlookers, to allow people to be racist in public without detection, to be joking and not joking at the same time for plausible deniability. Racists have already inoculated their movement against exactly the type of social/technical system you are trying to design. My conclusions:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>36187 >We can create SJW-like accounts (use sms-reg or other services via crypto to get anon phone numbers, and use a VPN to avoid getting caught) and provoke outrage at slightest failures these media platforms do in their moderation policy. Bros what VOIP services accept payment with crypto?
>>36190 No matter what, a traitor that gets a dose of lead asprin has their IQ instantly equalized to zero so it's all eeeekwal just like they wanted. Don't take that shit literally though. The average is always literally 100 no matter how much fucking Clown World Idiocracy shit ZOG actually is because it is calculated that way. They already weight mens' and womens' to both be 100 average. They would rate it by race too if they could make race stats accurately (so they won't because they have to hide the genocide). tl;dr don't be a tool and believe made up shit.
>>36190 At that point I think it becomes a point of choosing material pleasure over morality, but its up to you which one a more intelligent person would choose, if it matters.
>>36187 not following the rules there, fixed for you
>>36187 its simple OP. ALWAYS use their tactics and mannerism and twist them slightly to sabotage them, incite discord amongst them. They are too stupid to detect who is one of them and who is pretending to be just to fuck with them.t You can easily convince them to fight between themselves

(2.64 MB 960x720 checkmate.bmp)
Fourth Generation Warfare Anonymous 01/02/2021 (Sat) 23:42:57 No. 38715 [Reply] [Last]
>Originally started a thread for this topic in /library/ but I have determined it was the wrong place because I will be updating this thread with more than books. Please forgive me in advance for my poor and confusing wording as I attach information about this topic as I have spent most of my time for the last few years reading, absorbing and sifting through information and am out of practice in digesting and regurgitating it into a form more easily consumed by others (ie. I haven't talked or written a lot in this fashion for quite some time and need to get back into practice). I've heard this topic mentioned a couple times recently through my search for the truth and while the term "Fourth Generation Warfare" was interesting on its own, I became much more interested when I learned more about it in context with our movement. We are moving into an era of Whites being totally repressed, harassed and targeted in their homelands. Whites are now second class citizens in western nations. These are things we know, but this process is accelerating and worsening, making it apparent even to the densest normies. I have noticed the advertising on many websites no longer prioritizes niggers, but in fact doesn't feature Whites at all. I've seen several websites that reserve the "lesser ad placements" for asians and assorted native mutts. All summer in the United States we witnessed random attacks on innocent Whites, and these have continued into the winter. Furthermore, we are experiencing a weakening of the nation-state and the growth of global technocratic totalitarianism. This is occurring throughout the world, not just western nations. The global populace has lost faith in their government. Now, if we are not moving into a one world government and potentially the Christian end times tribulation, we are moving into an interesting period where power is seized by a wide range of different groups. Some may take the form of mega corporations, some may be religious factions, some may be ethnic factions. We are going to see a global fragmenting. This opens the path for me towards white consolidation and white insurgencies. I'm still unsure how to put my visions down into writing, but I intend to share some books, links, videos, and images in this thread to further contextualize what I think is happening and what we can to do move forward as a people.
21 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>38967 Fair enough. You have read both books, I have read neither. I will take your word for it until I'm able to read them. Unfortunate but unsurprising the book is full of christcuckery. >what D&C is going on here? For whatever reason, this board reacts particularly strongly to the topic of Christianity and often the mere mention of it leads to thread derailment and significant infighting. No worries though, I'm satisfied with your response. Unfortunately I have been working some overtime this week and have been unable to contribute to the active conversation around American politics nor add more to this thread.
>>39060 No worries. When you do read it, you'll see what I mean. The entire book is a series of major problems which the extremely unimaginative protagonist proceeds to. 1. Call up a fellow former marine who happens to exist in exactly the right spot for convenience 2. Form a plan 3. The plan goes flawlessly without even the slightest hiccup. Then everything is resolved, the incident is forgotten, and another problem arises to be solved in the same way.
>>38715 hey op, remember "new world order of the barbarians"? Never seen such an eye opening leak that predicted what would happen today 30 years ago. Its obvious that "They" as in the rich in power want people to be constantly divided and fighting each other. If we all got along then we cant be controlled and enslaved. If we are unified its really easy to rise up against a corrupt government. But if we are busy getting angry about muslims and niggers....then we keep wasting our time. Its divide and conquer 101.
>>39265 Sound like the swill the retarded boomer swine feasted on to make them forfeit their posterity in favor of filthy, useless niggers and parasitic kikes. Go fuck yourself.
The very same Americans who scream Biden is controlled by China then turn around and say Biden will start a war with China. WTF?
gookbot copypasta

(90.58 KB 510x340 gallery_medium.jpg)
Too many tech-cucked young White men Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 01:49:59 ID:d59161 No. 23651 [Reply] [Last]
Why do we keep working to feed this system? Its young White men in all industries but its particularly those in STEM. Why do we stick around to fix Sandeep's mistakes? And to sit in a corner doing all the work while Becky and some gay guy take the credit? Muh coding, why are we so interested in such specialized stuff anyway, instead of being self-sufficient jacks-of-all-trades?
46 posts and 6 images omitted.
(787.34 KB 683x1024 1515519847974.jpg)
>>23651 we should use your knowledge and permissions to crash the system. do as much damage as you can. wreck the whole thing remember remember the fith of november. this year
(164.11 KB 1080x1349 tumblr_ogaty1d0e71rsezm9o1_1280.jpg)
>>23651 Because something something excuse me while I bang your girl.
>>36650 There are always alternatives for every product, usually cheaper and better for you anyway. I've been using this list for years to avoid proctor and gamble products. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Procter_%26_Gamble_brands
>>23651 I can give you first hand experience. In my backwards country obviously to "Become an IT guy" (programmer/designer) was the big thing...you were gonna get hired by a western company and make $ and mom would be proud! Its how chinese want their kids to become doctor. And its still an awesome job, compared to what i could have been doing. But most positions have started to really become too annoying. Im a designer now, i make banners that are already made, i dont even have to do the design. I dont have to think, stress and get people to like it. On my last job though it had become too annoyng to deal with. Senior designer cunt...weekly meetups, inspecting your work, trying to push you to work more every month, trying to find flaws to keep you down etc. The purpose of a job is to do something that doesnt stress or tire you too much, and more importantly not having to deal with cunts who make you angry. So working with customers and having to take shit and attitude would be the absolute hell for me. You can still be a jack of all trades. On the weekends i go play in the villa. I collect fallen branches, I chop them for firewood. I play gardener, i paint my stone slabs, etc. You can be anything you want nowadays. There are guides for everything. Learn to lockpick. Learn gardening. Learn preserving food, self defense, traps, welding, building, painting etc.
>>38468 and to answer your question: You dont have to keep feeding the system as soon as you get an ok car and a house (even a fucking shack). Really. I ordered some pads to raise my car so i can haul stuff, and i dont have any desire to buy a "newer german car" or a SUV. Its just not worth spending 10k for a "oh this is slightly nicer interior i guess" When you get a chill place and a car, the only thing you get to spend your money from now on is...tools..that give you even more freedom. Normies feed the system because they keep upgrading their phone, pc and car every 2 years.

(561.26 KB 867x590 The Phoenix Project.png)
Asha Logos' new video, The Phoenix Project Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 05:31:23 ID:0d3ba9 No. 23993 [Reply] [Last]
Asha Logos has uploaded a new video, "The Phoenix Project". If you haven't watched it yet, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiSXX00X4NE Also highly recommend his "Our Subverted History" playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOM2fT6tBFE&list=PLru9zi8j7G3Nsz03pkBzFdv_1tRxdCMJo
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>>38191 Yah I have my own riot server, I figured it out by going to the jewtube video. There weren't any of the links under the bitchute one so I wasnt sure what I was looking at. Ty
(270.05 KB 450x360 texan2.png)
>This is an (overly) ambitious video. I attempt to explain the broad strokes of a philosophy and worldview, paint contrasts between an 'is' and 'could be', and most importantly, encourage unconventional broad-picture thinking of the type we so need right this moment. I'd ask you to try to part with labels (republican, conservative, socialist, capitalist..) as you listen, and consider that most of these are antiquated, constraining, narrow and unhelpful.. and that ideal solutions might be found elsewhere. >I've purposefully gone to some 'extremes', mentioning (without elaboration!) things like centrally planned economies or meritocratic councils of judges to help eliminate vices and guide the cultural development path, in an attempt to break away from current thought-forms and conceptions and encourage unconventional thinking on the broadest level. >Things are moving very quickly now, with so many variables at play.. and though I do have a good feeling about the general 'inertia', I can't be certain what might occur in D.C. on the 6th, or 20th. For these reasons and others, I think speaking to specific solutions or paths forward is less valuable than finding core conceptions we might agree upon and rally around - and begin creating 'idea pathways' accordingly. The envisioning of new frameworks and fleshing out of such concepts takes time.. and the clock is ticking. >To summarize the key points, I believe we need.. 1. ..true 'nations' - which aren't like hotels, airports, or shopping malls, but rather a *home* to a *family*: 'Philia' is key. 2. ..to simplify, and to learn to need and want *less*, with a renewed focus on what truly matters. 3. ..to studiously develop any new structure (political, economic, spiritual, philosophical) from the ground up with an eye towards staving off even the most creative attempts at subversion, parasitism, corruption foremost in mind. 4. ..to cultivate something of a new human type, an 'Overman' that bends the knee only to God - immune to petty temptations and distractions, fostering a relationship with the divine in their place - everywhere seeking to manifest greater strength, health, and beauty 5. ..to be willing to fight not merely to better our own lot, but that of others.. with a recognition that a failure here essentially guarantees the international domination of an enemy ideology/culture - which would then proceed to place us foremost in the crosshairs, with unlimited money and manpower at their disposal - making it both the right thing to do, and an absolute *necessity*. >We may be nearing a point at which those that refuse to accept the worldview pushed by the media and their handlers will be 'locked out', accordingly.. economically, socially/culturally, politically. The 'virus' may be this trigger. The ideal preparation for this would be to reach a place where nothing is *needed* from this corrupt system and its willing collaborators, and to be in a position to help like-minds in similar positions around the world.

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>>24014 This. So tired of people believing trump is still anti-establishment. How retarded can you be, he has freaking Jewish grand children, all his children are married to Jews. His freaking senate was choke full of Jews, he has the tree of life award, ect, ect. It’s all so tiresome. Hopefully the Trump niggers disappear now that Biden is in

(485.22 KB 1280x706 1598464645286.webm)
Kyle Rittenhouse Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 19:46:19 No. 34513 [Reply] [Last]
Still don't have full story, but the (((victims))) are shown attacking Kyle, and he is seen retreating before opening fire. MSM is already portraying him as some kind of neo natzee who was walking around shooting "peaceful protesters"
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(457.60 KB 130x212 Dancing Israeli.gif)
>>34513 Oy Vey Do the shekel shuffle Goyim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVa0NwaQpiM
(128.73 KB 1242x734 1610201433746 - Copy.jpg)
(69.01 KB 480x887 ErPbOmFXAAEwxhf.jpg)
(34.56 KB 828x460 ErPbNFVW4AA3FIb.jpg)
Free as Fuck
>>39208 >Rittenhouse -- who just turned 18 -- hit up a bar in Mt. Pleasant, WI earlier this week with his parents and enjoyed a beer ... according to our sources. As you can see ... he was sporting a shirt with the phrase, "Free as F***." >If you're wondering how he was allowed to drink alcohol, you're not alone ... but it's actually allowed per Wisconsin law if a person under 21 is with a parent, guardian or spouse of legal drinking age


no cookies?