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(419.32 KB 3000x2004 1609973677948.jpg)
(189.28 KB 912x674 1609972995334.jpg)
Jan. 6, Capital Hill Anonymous 01/07/2021 (Thu) 00:42:59 No. 38903 [Reply] [Last]
From Jew York Times >A woman who was shot inside the Capitol building after it was overrun by a pro-Trump mob has died, Washington, D.C., police officials said on Wednesday. >The woman has not been identified and no information has been released about who may have shot her. Chief Robert J. Contee of the Metropolitan Police Department said earlier that she was a “civilian” and that his officers were leading the investigation. >The woman was pronounced dead at a local hospital, Dustin Sternbeck, a spokesman for the police department, said in an email. Mr. Sternbeck said he did not yet know who shot her or have any other details. >A video posted to Twitter earlier on Wednesday appeared to show a shooting in the Capitol. >The woman in the video seemed to climb onto a small ledge next to a doorway inside the building immediately before a single loud bang is heard. The woman, draped in a flag, fell to the ground at the top of a stairwell. A man with a helmet and a military-style rifle stood next to her after she fell, and shouts of “police” could be heard as a man in a suit approached the woman and crouched next to her. https://archive.fo/KHOOv
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>>39144 Where the fuck can you still get these shirts. I want one and I can't find them anywhere.
>>39832 Probably need to design one yourself and get it printed up, either online or at a local shop
>>39820 Ghaddafi I'll recognize that bizarre face anywhere. Probably the only person in the last 30 years who gave a shit about actually helping Africa. He did far more good for it than the shitlibs throwing money at it ever did.
>>39830 Surprise, surprise, surprise. Now, when are people going to wake the fuck up to the fact that the same ZOG entities are all in on it.

(41.33 KB 550x390 French Revolution.jpg)
Three laws of Revolution Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 15:34:44 ID:38207f No. 25768 [Reply] [Last]
Revolution is Inevitable 1. Technological advancements and increasingly complex economic structures favour the Revolutionary insurgent. The vast majority of humans are lemmings. They adopt the belief systems and morality of the strong horse and their social peers. If the strong horse happens to be a degenerate and soulless democracy, then they will embrace it and accept that the morality that it imposes must be the supreme good. After all, if liberalism and anti-racism were not the supreme good, why would liberals and anti-racists be in power? This is obviously an incredibly naive and stupid conclusion. Yet it is the way that most people think. The good guys win every war, history is moving towards progress, etcetera. Only a small minority of men are capable of out of the box thinking. Only a minority of our race can question the sacred cows of society. All Revolutions originate from these men, not the great masses of unthinking peasants. This means that historically, whoever was in power generally had a pretty good clamp upon the peasants. War in the past was a contest of armies. And a small minority of thinkers could not hope to defeat an army unless they also possessed the resources to get one. Furthermore, historically it took an army to bring a state to its knees. The economy of Medieval Europe was agricultural based. To destroy the economy (aka ability to wage war) of an enemy, you would need to physically burn hundreds of thousands of acres of wheat or cut down hundreds of thousands of olive trees. And contrary to what you see in Hollywood, this is actually extremely difficult to do. Yet the increase in technology has not made men more equal but drastically increased the influence of Men who act. One man with a sword might kill a dozen men if they were unarmed or he was extremely skilled. But today, a single man with access to certain chemicals could kill hundreds or even thousands of others and live to strike again and again. Combine this change with a change in economic complexity and focus. No longer is the econmy tied to agriculture but industry and financial speculation. And this has focused the entire economy in just a few places. A single man with a grievance can potentially cause billions of dollars in economic damages. What about 10 men? What about 50? It may well be that it would only take about 50 men of reasonable intelligence to completely humble the most powerful empire on earth with nothing but weapons created from things you can buy at walmart and an agricultural store. Technological advances have favoured the Revolutionary insurgent. 2. Mature Regimes make Revolution inevitable. Many imagine the jews to be an omnipotent, unified enemy who do not suffer from factionalism or any other mortal problems which have afflicted ruling elites throughout history. Many imagine that ZOG is really a council of jews who meet every Tuesday in a big room where they all agree on what to do and their willing, eager underlings jump to impose their agenda upon the world. Such a System would be impossible to resist. However, this is not the way governments actually function. Instead, any mature regime inevitably develops parasitic elements which benefit from the power structure and thus, gain power themselves and use their influence within the System to obstruct reform. This is what doomed many monarchies of Europe. Often, the monarch understood very well that reform was necesarry and sought to reform the tax system or the social order. This is what Louis XVI of France attempted to do. Yet he was thwarted by the powerful cliques and factions of noblemen who benefitted from the status quo. It is the nobles who guaranteed the French Revolution by obstructing necesarry reforms. Today, the zionist government is riddled with redundent, parasitical bureaucracies who exist in large part simply to lobby the government for more resources. This is why change within a democracy is even less possible than within a dictatorship. Look at the US power structure and tell me that this is efficient. The older a regime, the more of these cancerous bureaucracies and factions will develop to drag it down and obstruct reform.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>34349 >S-stop thinking ab-bout revolution, g-g-goyim! It's afraid
>>34127 Bumping so others will read. who the fuck made this pdf? Is there a 2020/higher res edition?
>>39783 >who the fuck made this pdf? I assume that is a rhetorical question Evey: Who are you? V: Who? Who is but the form following the function of what, and what I am is a man in a mask. Evey: Well, I can see that. V: Of course you can. I”m not questioning your powers of observation, I”m merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is. >Is there a 2020 edition It was reposted just a month ago >>>/library/586 so I assume that is its final form
>>34127 Why 666 pages?
>>39800 dont fall for numerology. look how intensely fearful the chinks are of the number 4, to the point they dont even label a fourth floor and pay extra for phone numbers and license plates omitting 4.

(59.75 KB 500x500 1608141854746.jpg)
Redpill on Rosecross/Masons Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 22:52:41 No. 39282 [Reply] [Last]
I know its a lot to swallow and im going to sound like a larper, but its true. I want to tell you TLDR the truth so you dont get scammed in joining. You decide to believe me or not. 1. I joined the max heindel rosicrucian fellowship as an online/remote member. It is "real" compared to money scams like AMORC where they just keep asking you for money and telling you "youre illuminati now". The books of Max Heindel at least tought clairvoyance developing exercises and astrology. 2. This fellowship, among with the old R.S.I.A and 99% of freemason lodges were always jewish/church fronts, mostly jewish. The target was to get those who were too smart for normal church to get trapped back into the cult of worshiping the jewish filth larping as a "god". The other goal was to allow....mossad?...or some "cabal" power over every police and businesses in every country and town. 3. These are the exact same guys behind "the great reset", banks, depopulation, "new world order" and so on. For more info read "new world order of the barbarians". Simply explained, really really rich autists who think they are better than you and they should rule and you are cattle to them. As far as i know most of them are probably dead or backstabbing each other in internal wars. They all agree on trying to take all your rights, guns etc, have you chipped, not allowed to leave town etc.
16 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>39756 continued We have an exoteric and esoteric presence. Exoterically (publicly) we teach people how to better themselves and how to start a serious spiritual practice and how to get initiated into white magic. I can't speak about what we do in secret. If anybody's interested: glorian.org This website contains practically all of our exoteric (public) teachings, free for humanity to learn from. "He who has ears, let him hear"
>>39756 If you are gnostic then bless ya, Sophia is the mother of all after all. but if you are fooled into worshiping the jewish demiurge and his "angels" its a grave mistake. I trust that you are developed at least enough to get the random prophetic dream or voice and know things. Well i certainly hope if you have any degree of clairvoyance and open sense you would have seen until now that the jew scum and the angels are your enemies.
>>39388 I’ve taken my meds and no longer have this delusion of gang stalking.
>>39756 Do you have a mystery machine to go along with your mystery school?

(239.38 KB 1366x864 david lane 02.jpg)
awakening pills Anonymous 01/01/2021 (Fri) 17:26:57 No. 38518 [Reply] [Last]
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>>38891 >nothing i didn't already know fuck all of you newfags.
>>39739 really ? and what are you doing about it apart from screeching you fucking retard
Fresh and timely OC
>>39785 geez
>>39785 10/10 Anon

How many lives has rap music ruined? Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 15:29:30 No. 39760 [Reply] [Last]
Has to be in the millions. The negro beast worships and creates a culture of death, violence, gangs, drugs, and rape. They create this culture in their communities and express themselves through their music. It is an expression of their soul, which is naturally lower than a mere beast. This is why the jew promotes the negro and negro music, to poison the souls of the White race, and ruin their lives. I know a White girl who is now in jail for attempted murder, always posting stories on her snap listening to rap, acting black, saying nigga, she was a drug dealer too. She never realized she was simply sewing the seeds of her own destruction, courtesy of the jew and the negro, constantly scheming together.
>>39760 Everyone my age I know is under the influence of this Judaic musical force, be it reggaeton, rap, or other urban styles that promote promiscuity, drug abuse, crime, and degenerate behaviours. It is also of note how these are all centered around opulence and trampling over every value and virtue to get it. Absurd materialistic extreme consumption of overpriced champagne, million-dollar cars, gold chains, teeth and other jewelry, yacht parties, and all sorts of crazy opulent degeneracy. It truly is the cultural spearhead of the destruction of the west.
a lie spoken by a beautiful woman is still a lie. an unpalatable disgrace becomes no less disgraceful sung by a negro.
>>39767 There are three messages that are espoused out via corporate media. 1) Love as the carrot on the stick 2) Wouldn't it be great if you were rich 3) Sex, drugs, rock n' roll
modern pop music is just as bad. at worst it's casual sex and alcoholism and at best it's uninspired garbage. i remember all the shit i heard other kids listening to in school growing up. i hear what my siblings listen to now and somehow it has managed to get even shittier. i remember seeing an excerpt of gucci mane's autobiography circulating years ago talking about jews in record labels. as far as i found out, it is a fake quote (at least not from the autobiography). it's still true obviously. all it takes is ten minutes of looking up the executives of umg, sony music and wmg. all jewish or adjacent to jews. jews demand focus on certain topics from their musicians. just one more way they influence society through media monopoly. cant forget about all the gmo niggers playing childrens ballgames being forced down the kids throats as role models.
(60.97 KB 1701x468 musicaljews.png)
>>39772 Like clockwork, every goddamn piece of degenerate media is produced by kikes. Every reggaeton hit promoting girls to be promiscuous whores and boys drug-addled degenerates is directed and produced by a Jew. It's impossible not to notice, just scroll through the Netflix catalog and realize that everyone is being fed destructive propaganda.

(1.35 MB 800x804 1600252511699.png)
2020 election Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 15:12:06 No. 35348 [Reply] [Last]
If Biden wins the election, will that mean that America will fall into the hands of the Communists/ Muslims under the leadership of the deep state aka Obama?or is this a retarded conspiracy theory spread by the boomers?
136 posts and 83 images omitted.
>>35374 That didn't age well.
Defending the government just gets tougher everyday.
>>35531 > Republicans >(Whites) that's about to change pretty quickly, bucko
One of the problems with tyranny is that it increases. Americans born today think torture, kill lists, groping, and wiretapping are perfectly acceptable. There was a time when you didn't need a driver license. Later driver licenses were required. Driver licenses then needed a photo. Later you needed a written exam. A driving test was then required. Later you needed a medical test. A car inspection was required. Later you needed liability insurance. Driver license fees increased and fingerprints were required. Soon DNA samples, microchip implants, and vaccines will be needed to get a license.
>>39746 Tyranny increases until men stop it.

(77.07 KB 674x428 parler.png)
Parler being taken down off AWS.. Xking 01/10/2021 (Sun) 03:03:43 No. 39315 [Reply] [Last]
Looks like the right having its own platform isn't "allowed"
29 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>39734 Disinfo is kikery 101 What is more likely? It was a Burger, or some Europoor? There is also the possibility that both claims are have some truth. Maybe there was two trannies in some discord server working together. Or both claims could be complete bs.
>>39734 I made the >>39716 >>39718 posts, but have zero first hand knowledge if fact
(33.79 KB 1080x624 photo_2021-01-13_19-17-58.jpg)
(2.11 MB 1125x2194 1610523683473.png)
(443.88 KB 615x696 image_7.png)
(27.94 KB 597x354 y6aaak.png)
(67.48 KB 627x518 IMG_20210114_213620_144.jpg)
(3.04 MB 1478x1109 parler.png)
Paler still shopping for host

BitShit Cucks Anonymous 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:42:57 No. 37617 [Reply] [Last]
Post your favorite channel and where they move to
38 posts and 19 images omitted.
>>37685 so let me get this straight: If I was a corrupt politician/billionaire I can evade taxes, pass laws that fuck you and take your last rights away, steal an election, ban trump from social media, delete whole channels, make a dictatorship and assume complete control over the senate and supreme court. Hell, i could even pay your daughter to be kidnapped and raped by niggers if you get in my way. But if ANYONE DARED to make bitchute video telling people...not to make bombs or murder people....but to at least start cheating taxes, fuck with the government, disobey the laws, graffity, share posters, fuck up someones car, that is inciting violence and you get taken down? Gotcha fam. Tommorow I can have my thugs patrolling on every street taking people to the gulags and if you speak about rising up even by petty vandalism i will mark you as "inciting violence" and delete you. LMAO these cucks caring about pirating movies. bitchute is a cucked joke and will now die.
>>39199 Bless you
>skrewdriver - blood and honour (two different versions) >race war - hail blood and honour these hypocritical faggots have the gall to beg me for money after blocking 3 songs on my channel. fuck 'em.
>>37687 I just use a regular VPN and piratebay. I'm not paying Jews for content. Why would you bother with usenet anymore?

Anonymous 01/12/2021 (Tue) 07:59:08 No. 39561 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone have the full Johnny Rebel collection? I had a torrent link but it's dead now. This is vital history that must be preserved.
10 posts and 25 images omitted.
>>39578 >nigger hating me wow, he's literally me.
>>39561 Great thread OP.
>>39561 There is an (((archive.org))) archive, I can't say if every song is on there. https://archive.org/details/johnny-rebel
>>39676 >>39561 Found this bitshit video >JOHNNY REBEL (ALMOST EVERY SINGLE SONG I COULD FIND UNDER ALL OF HIS ALIASES) https://www.bitchute.com/video/baU4W20kaeuy/ 3:14:12 Runtime Links to https://mega.nz/folder/CFdyhKZD#RX4EmFqX_H2Bby2TLjBIWA that has 80 tracks plus an 1 hour long collection track
>>39676 >(((archive.org))) archive contains link to https://mega.nz/folder/ETYzBQYT#ZBnBSn-TV0K6mZ8FbfrdsQ that had another link leading to https://mega.nz/folder/fksngSAZ#XjdGLy5aMvA-nQM8K_WUjw - MOONMAN DOWNLOAD, 8 GB

(116.39 KB 750x1250 1592727293995.gif)
Just how compromised is 4chan? Anonymous 08/28/2020 (Fri) 06:53:27 No. 34602 [Reply] [Last]
I've been on that honeypot shithole for 2 years now. I know the team there from admins down to their tranny jannies are obviously compromised by kikes and their pet leftists. I'm wondering how much of a percentage of the daily posters are bots and shills. When did that shithole of a board begin to go down the toilet?
127 posts and 35 images omitted.
>>39369 I re-installed zeronet recently to see what it's like. They have video sites now tht seem to work. Found 0chan there. seem to have forgotten 08chan's address. Maybe it went down? 4chan is too fast and shill ridden, and I don't like being where everything is logged. It's beginning to look like having had the wrong opinions might become retroactively illegal. Also the demoralization there keeps it active, but tends to raise the blood pressure. Why would I want that?
(87.44 KB 1100x738 kekchan2.png)
>>39604 > 08chan I found this in my old notes (dated Aug 27, 2019): >>39603 Speaking of usenet, there was an NNTPchan that was still up and running last year, and accessible via Tor. I don't know any nodes that are still up though. And the main clearnet node I was using (2hu-ch.org) now redirects to julay.world. It's weird, and I'm not sure what happened. In any case, the nnptchan codebase is still out there on github, if anyone wants to try again. Not me though, because I'm more interested in simpler stuff like plain old NNTP, Gopher, and telnet/ssh BBS's. And I don't think pic ever existed for real, but this one does: ssh [email protected]
>>39646 Thanks anon. I like the idea of text only. Will look into that.
(5.21 KB 640x368 frog01.ans.png)
>>39646 Heh, that was supposed to be: ssh lowlife (at)
(79.47 KB 434x268 1610509904132.png)
(115.32 KB 800x504 1593705394718.jpg)
My childhood, ruined by gloniggers and trannies. Polite sage


no cookies?