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(382.64 KB 1232x805 nwa.jpg)
/pol/ humor Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 17:09:41 ID:5b3e56 No. 5528 [Reply] [Last]
post them
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(3.77 MB 238x178 judengreta.gif)
>>5925 >a porno about the federal reserve I'd love to fucking see that. And if they were attractive, i'd risk my entire streak to it.
>>6146 Reminds me of when my great grandpa failed to escape Dachau. He tried to hide some dynamite under a pile of reichmarks, but the nazi guard replaced them with a pile of foreskins. >*sniff* my grandpa would end up zipping towards the foreskins and have the dynamite blow up in his face. He got blackface and spiky hair! >*bawls like a bitch*
(3.94 MB 852x480 reddit.webm)
The absolute state of reddit
(11.79 MB 704x480 AnonsBackstoryLowerQuality.mp4)

(392.33 KB 415x413 frame.wojak.png)
Frame Game Radio Archive Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 00:16:12 No. 29009 [Reply] [Last]
mega archive of (((YouTube))) user, Frame Game Radio, jewish attorney living in NYC who exposed the shenanigans in the billion dollar (((Diversity Industry))) scam. I can't recommend these videos highly enough. this is the archive of his censored youtube videos before his channel was nuked. 41.65gb. https://mega.nz/folder/YH5HBTZa#gYNcUTERnXjNsiCpIwTRzw
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Seems sensible, logically and reasonable, I could totally see why he got nigger banned
>>29348 This is not specific to my computer, but to the Firefox browser. I successfully downloaded everything from the archive.org link before you retarded fucks decided to chime in with your worthless "assistance." >>29325 Brave browser is trash and a scam. Fucking niggers on 16pol these days holy shit.
>>29349 I have The end of white civ, TPS#12 and Outlawing Words and Symbols. There us a FGR mirror site still on YT if any Anons want a quick link-to. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCDwBzdpFBhteOuKjQdIXfZQ/videos
>>29364 all good. some of his early videos were getting (((censored))) almost immediately after the ADL took wind of him.. he got to the point of uploading videos with random letter names, and minor edits to get past the censorship.. i'm pretty sure most of them are either in the mega archive or on archive org

Mass migration, Great Replacement, and Censorship Megathread Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 14:40:58 ID:f28e24 No. 24340 [Reply] [Last]
POST GREAT REPLACEMENT / MASS MIGRATION / WHITE GENOCIDE / CENSORSHIP REDPILLS ITT Kind of surprised there isn't a thread yet. If you haven't noticed there is a huge push to censor discussion on the ongoing migrant crisis, great replacement or the negative impact of mass migration being pursued by all major social media sites including cuck-chan (via forumslides and other distractions). On 4chan this takes the form of arbitrary bans, subtle "X not white" posts, muslim shilling, "Its over" posts, and other insidious strategies to essentially get people to stop talking about it. Off 4chan it includes deplatforming by social media, blacklisting by website domain providers like Cloudflare and GoDaddy, the arbitrary deletion of youtube and dailymotion channels documenting large video evidence of the negative effects of mass migration, censorship, word censor bots, Reddit bot armies, major search engines (Google, Youtube) manipulating search results and algorithmic trends, ISPs blocking webpages without your knowledge, newspapers intentionally leaving out migrant connections in news articles or straight up just not publishing stories at all, normie brainwashing through television advertising radio and music to paint any people who voice public resistance to replacement migration and islamisation and, and even criminal sentences in countries like the UK and Germany. If you can think in algebraic terms it's obvious that the number one thing the (((elite))) does NOT want people talking about is mass migration and demographic replacement, in the same way you can note and measure the existence of Dark matter from the lack off matter needed to explain celestial forces, you can also tell mass migration and Great replacement is Numero Uno on what the Elites want silenced by the abnormal lack of discussion proportionate to the huge effects it's having in Western societies worldwide. The single simple solution to this censorship is to circumvent it and to keep talking about it. Luckily we aren't (yet) in a USSR like system where there is functionally no way to get the message out to the masses completely, but we just need to get even more autistic and devilish to jump the Soylent Curtain. The one thing to remember is KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT even if you think everyone already "knows that" about something really elementary regarding Great Replacement islamisation etc, KEEP POSTING THEM, because new people are ALWAYS there waiting to be redpilled on this shit, people are ALWAYS on the edge feeling fed up with lefty politics, etc. KEEP TALKING. Pic related, a 2012 video of Danish students sent to live in muslim/negro ghettoes as a "social experiment" and them saying they feared for their life has been completely scrubbed from Youtube. Great-Replacement.com

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>29356 this is like monkeys dressing silk, they always will be monkeys
(289.91 KB 1200x800 Watchtower.jpg)
>>29363 may Him guide us
(703.30 KB 1600x2000 the attack on the west .jpg)
(729.44 KB 827x768 3628748dsha.png)
(371.39 KB 815x625 1589393926-0a.png)
(347.18 KB 850x633 1589393926-0b.png)
(135.22 KB 830x500 1589444168-0.png)
(288.00 KB 628x417 1589444168-1.png)
(113.76 KB 758x878 1589561847-2.jpg)
(534.65 KB 1300x1400 1591802692-0.jpg)
(466.27 KB 1366x576 cap 2020-06-15 17-01-39b.png)

(165.09 KB 2991x1280 True Glowniggers II.png)
(241.79 KB 3801x453 True Glowniggers.png)
The Final Redpill on Glowniggers Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 02:30:39 No. 29013 [Reply] [Last]
The final redpill on Glowniggers. In reality glowniggers aren't the ones telling you to something, they are the ones telling you to sit back, shitpost, and be ethnically replaced. The feds don't want ZOG to fall. If it did, they'd be hanging from lampposts and not retiring to some gated White community away from the shitskin favelas. They are as low as the mixers; they don't care about White ethnic replacement. Cops and Feds are redpilled, too. They just don't give a shit. To me, that is even worse than being a traitor. Being semi-redpilled lemmings with the 'it doesn't affect me" mentality', they have no qualms stopping or thwarting the actions of White Nationalists. It could either be calling White Nationalists who aren't LARPing faggots behind a keyboard Mossad or calling them CIA. The plan of action behind a glownigger can be summed up like so. >Tarrant or some White who isn't a domesticated nigger shoots and kills a bunch of kikes or non-Whites. >Oh no! ZOG could fall, and I may lose my pension. >Gotta glow fast! >Proceeds to tell Whites that Tarrant was an Israeli agent in order to make it seem like all Whites are domesticated, do-nothing, cucks. >Proceeds to then give out untenable strategies to save the White race, like breeding like rabbits, optics cucking, and many other retarded ideas. You see, if these types of strategies worked, Whites would still be twenty-five percent of the population. Since we, however, are eleven percent and halving soon, this hasn't. It really is the deradicalization shills that are the biggest thorn in our side and the biggest obstacle to White Survival.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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I see POC go on tirades about White People in comments and after being called a nigger or told to go back to Africa they whine that "the CIA trolls as racists to divide the masses" or "FBI agents want a race war!" They label White guys weak while not letting White guys get the oppourtunity to prove otherwise. It's perfect for them. Lmao.
>>29018 He literally put kikes in the same category as other non-Whites. Fuck off you brown skinned loser. You're lucky the internet doesn't DNA test. We all know you GLOWNIGGER! crybabies are about as Aryan as an Alabama housing project.
>>29018 He has removed 50 grubby mouths, and ones looking to up their personal levels of ecological expensiveness to the western norm. As an environmentalism agent, he has put in a dose of serious lifting.
(49.40 KB 900x584 swastikasgonewrong.jpg)
(1.22 MB 1864x2142 NZfifthsuspectfledtoisrael.png)
>>29018 >What has Tarrant achieved besides garnering more support for Non-Whites? That false flag fucker didn't even know the 14 words.
>>29013 > In reality glowniggers aren't the ones telling you to something, they are the ones telling you to sit back, shitpost, and be ethnically replaced. I agree for the most part. We all know what will have to be done eventually and talking about it only invites trouble. Meanwhile, it's completely legal to discuss and act on things like networking, community service and outreach, and purchasing firearms and preps. Doing nothing is not an option but you should still ignore the faggot offering you a van full of fertilizer. There are actual feds out there who will try to entrap you. A sane middle ground is the best option.

(22.03 KB 600x360 Negroidi.png)
Blacks vs. Jews Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 00:26:30 ID:3f471d No. 21651 [Reply] [Last]
How do we turn blacks against jews? Also, is David Sheen a woke kike or just another infiltrator trying to look like niggerfriendly jew? Found a bunch of videos of him explaining about the racial hatred jews have towards migrant niggers in Israel. He even explained how the MSM never talks about the treatment of niggers by Jews in Israel. He sounds pretty woke but I can't really say if he is entirely based though. It seems to me that what was once considered a "conspiracy theory" and a "muh anti semitic statement" seems to fit in the puzzle. Think about it: >Jews run the media, CHECK'd! >Jews run hollywood, CHECK'd! >Jews promote "muh diversity and multiculturalism", CHECK'd! >Jews run the porn industry, CHECK! >Jews run politics, CHECK'd! >Jews exploits black people in order to commit a white genocide, CHECK'd!¨ >Jews kill innocent children, CHECK'd! >Jews engage in child sex trafficking, CHECK'd! >Jews want open borders for europe, CHECK'd! >ISIS never intervened in Israel, not sure but never heard of an ISIS related incident in Israel during the terrorwave so may be "Check'd!". We were right about it all, both so called "conservatives and liberals" are in denial, brainwashed into licking the Jewish rectum. R A C E W A R N O W !

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

50 posts and 33 images omitted.
>>29143 But would it fly? Would the charge stick, stick pretty firmly, and not get fucked around with all that much? Without having to be rammed down people's throats? For instance, if they were strongly concentrated in New York back then, somewhere where such a trade would be expected to have been centered, then there's a big obstacle to that being acknowledged, because they're now present right there and due to be getting extra nosy to local history groups interested in such things.
>>22101 That guys post didn't sum up jack shit other than how the media is gonna "claim" its a WN board doing it. How can they prove the race or beliefs of someone on an anonymous message board... Just claim to be whatever liberal nigger variety you want, and post the image.. Shills do the same shit, and glowies. They "POSE" as one of us. so "POSE" as one of them. I think this is about more than turning blacks against jews. I think our real goal, iif you want to be effective, is to push the narrative that "Rich Jews" having been so prominent in the slave trade, being of a slavers religion that refers ot non jews as cattle/// Push that they should pay black reparations. if you get the blacks to start demanding publicaly that jews hand over some shekels, I am pretty sure their greedy and prideful nature of the jews would be ot tell niggers to go fuck themselves...

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

If only niggers could burn that whore called America, we'd gladly help them. Then we'd beat the shit outta them too.
(156.17 KB 1295x1122 normal person.jpg)
>>29152 >death to america post weak energy. try again pic related sounds like you
>>29152 As the recent riots showed, the most they'll do is loot some free shit. White people were the ones burning stuff down and fighting the state.

American Balkanization Thread Anonymous 06/04/2020 (Thu) 16:41:00 ID:53d2b5 No. 28946 [Reply] [Last]
Post your predictions for the post-balkanization map of America.
12 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>29022 I keep waiting for you technicality spazzes to filter yourselves out of this movement, but it just never ever happens. You're like cockroaches. Only force will work.
>>28946 >>28950 Obviously not these maps, they are too stupid for words. >>28954 That's not the future, it's the now.
>>28964 >same with central and eastern Oregon Western Oregon is leftist? White concentration seems quite high nevertheless. What about gooks flooding the shores? AnCap is so stupid. It's like trying to mix a retard and a poisonous concepts that are mutually exclusive. Capitalism needs structures, vast structures, hierarchies to sell shit to people in vast quantities. Capitalism is not the only acceptable model wherein people could make money and wherein making money wouldn't be frowned upon, but try to explain that to burgers who can't see beyond Cap or Soc. (tards)
(89.45 KB 1200x800 tolkien.jpg)
>>29079 >they are too stupid for words. Well do try anon, The past five thousand years if euro-aryan linguistics was built by your ancestors for the soul purpose of allowing you to communicate your thoughts in a coherent manners so that others may understand their meaning and poniency. If you were a so utterly and completely verbally illiterate that you cant explain why a fucking map is inaccurate it would seem that their struggle was in vain.
>>29134 Read the thread dickhead.

Operation: Divide Anonymous 06/05/2020 (Fri) 09:48:21 ID:4a7531 No. 28983 [Reply] [Last]
It's pride month and the niggers are still rioting. It would be a shame if the niggers and faggots would be pitted against each other anons... No please don't make fake nigger BLM accounts using their hashtags to attack faggots. Also don't make fake faggot accounts to attack niggers. Please don't do shit like this anons regardless of how hilarious it would be. There's already some tension between the groups anons please don't make things worse... Also don't copy and paste this to other places... *Wink wink*
9 posts and 1 image omitted.
(94.00 KB 750x853 1587423785-0.jpg)
>>29024 So we put out angry gay guys that bitch about not getting their parade. This is literally a golden egg. I don't think we'll get another chance like this again for some time. I'm going to need more popcorn if it works tbh.
>>29063 There's other groups that can possibly end up involved. For example, spergs and particular types of self styled world war lesson carriers. The whole pandemic is the golden egg, after all, Huezil is fucking on fire (not literally ... well, okay, literally too) It's not as simple as putting a BLM locomotive on the same track going straight at an LGBT locomotive. Likely the first question to ask is which subset of the queer ... indignation-market you personally happen to know best. Which one to attempt to strike a nerve with, which isn't even the same one you address, I mean, you know what's the normal MO against the LGBT umbrella, right? Standard procedure happens to be addressing faggots while making the true main focal point targetting gender-abberation, it's always been the big, proud tradition.
>>29025 That's fucking backwards, you chanting dumbass. Blackness defenders are the ones actually getting gassed. Not much though. In fact, those sweet, sweet chances of hitting gay parades with tear gas have just ended up tumbling down the gutter.
>>28994 You can definitly find gay/trans killing stats for other blacker countries, especially Brazil. Plus stories. Brazil is definitely the most convetient because we know how that's turning out, whereas we don't entirely know what will happen with Africa, like whether it'll get clobbered by Ebola and who knows what else. This can get astonishingly complicated if you were to tie in potential guilt for black for not carring about Africans. It's such a big prospect, it's better to think of it ahead of time, how is everyone going to react if Africa explodes? Shit, they already have enormous AIDS folklore reported in South Africa! And with that place, BLM has been upping their game, they have been protesting the brutality of the SA police. They've scooped up that as a defence about indiference to black on black violence.

(97.04 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
The largest transfer of wealth in history is happening now Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 18:18:01 No. 28174 [Reply] [Last]
The money masters, Central Banks are all doing the same thing. Printing useless garbage to buy useless garbage debt and assets to 'save the economy' The free market is dead. The stock buy backs have gone on so long the stock market has been rising during the lockdown. It's absurd with the amount un-employed the hand has been played. The cards are on the table. This is unprecedented amount of devaluation and stealing money from the average citizen. The FED balance sheet has surpassed 7 Trillion by now I am sure. They 'printed' more in one month then the whole of the financial crisis. Thought AIG bailout was bad, This is a new level. Yet it always is. Guys, you need to know the banks are hear for you. Just take a loan don't worry about saving because it will not be worth as much in the future. Trust your pension will not get cut. And relax and be a good little Goy and just accept your chains and shackles already while we steal your shekels. Also, you have to work and pay taxes so you can pay off your loan.
5 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>28508 Apparently the accounts exist, whether they have giga-trills is another matter. The story goes that some great king of old entrusted his wealth to various trusts over centuries, ended up as a gold reserve in the Philippines. Somehow this amount of gold was legitimized, liquidated and held in bank accounts there. Until finally ending up in the coffers of the US government. They used that to cut out the federal reserve from their debt protocol. That's my take, I would appreciate any further insights.
>>28174 The U.S. was and is on a gradual downfall ever since woodrow wilson's presidency.
>>28731 A new country must be formed. Let's make the founding fathers finally stop spinning in their graves.
>>28174 >The free market is dead It was a ploy. A free market is a contradiction. It's Jewspeak.
>>28736 >FF >/ourguys/ A very few of them might have believed in a country for Whites but it's doubtful. Knowing very well what happened to once White nations, if they had really wanted to create this kind of racially segregated New Atlantis, this would have been reflected in the official papers and finally in the Constitution, and no democracy would have been allowed.

(634.69 KB 760x1014 Screenshot_20200506-002347.png)
so fucking tired of people buying this globalist narrative Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 04:41:42 ID:e669ef No. 27661 [Reply] [Last]
social media is shit, it always has been but this pandemic had really confirmed it 10 times over. i honestly would stop using it if it wasnt for some random skank adding me every few months/years or so i can get laid. its filled with double standard hypocrit women, who whine bitch and complain aboug trump but litterally offer no points to their arguement. and then people just agreeing with them so they can get laid. nothing but people buying into what ever their gov. says on the news acting like they are "saving lives" by staying home. get the fuck out of here. the virus is just as virulent by people going to "essential" stores, yeah lets gather everyone in a fucking kikemart or home depot, that will be totally safe. if you dare to disagree with this totalitarian practice, you are pretty much labled a terrorist or riduculed with something like "but i wanna get MUH hair cut" fuck you. thats like the loyalists saying "nO TaXaTIoN wItH OUt rEPResENtaTiOn" back durring the american revolution. I cringe every single time i see these people repeating WHO, quoting what they think is fucking science, when its really propaganda pushed by the chinese government. oh and remember that globalist bullshit on social media, people calling out others for being "racist" against chinese, fuck that. these fucking chinks started a global pandemic and honestly, each and every one of them should get a bullet to the head. National #hugachinese yeah fucking right, come near me and i blow your little chicken dick off with my. 45. sorry for ranting but now its its just so apparent that this shit is complete mind control and i find myself hating all types of media on the internet.
7 posts omitted.
you guys have not realised yet that this whole corona thing is not about the pandemic but rather about the reorganization of the rich countries - poor countries system we have had since 1945. the men behind the curtains are trying to do it without bloodshed this time. did you know that eastern european countries registered 1 or 3% economic growth while the west is imploding. 2 or 3 years from now when the dust will have settled the rich - poor countries are going to be entirely different.
>>28233 First of all, it doesn't. I wont say where i work but let be just say this we sell garden gnomes and shit. most of the people there are not buying life saving supplies or doing repairs. >limiting the amount of vectors In tantamount to what? Until we get a vaccine? News flash we are not fucking getting one. There has never been a vaccine for any type of coronavirus, including sars, where the medically community initially was trying to do so. so are we really going to put up with this charade for ever? even if there is a vaccine, how the fuck are we going to get it to 8 billion people? especially when it mutates as you described. I made the number up. but you get what i mean, the fucking flu kills more people. Herd immunity will be the only way, and we are doing all of this reactionary bullshit for nothing. You see, I was never a conspiracy theorist until this. i WANT someone to change my mind. But our society is the equivalent of a burning airplane falling from 20000 feet- the oxygen masks are on but people are still going to die. Some may live but some will die. Thats just how it is and we all need to get the fuck over it. >look like italy yeah well thats because these guineas live on top each other and practically open mouth kiss the old. Not to mention national #hugachinese day.
>>28305 What do you mean "reorganizing" like separating the classes? I also have had a feeling that all this bullshit was a con for something else
FYI GLOWJOGGERS: Forced vaccinations is my red line. I'm well aware of the 1905 case law. try to enforce it and you'll end up staying crunchy in milk. THREAT MATRIX MY BIG HAIRY ASSHOLE
>>27661 Delete all you social media, you dont need it to get laid youve just conditioned yourself to believe you do. I only use snapchat and throw away facebook accounts with throwaway gmail accounts when i want to troll Tinder. Heres how it works: 1: Make a gmail with bogus personal info, they still let you make an account without linking a phone number. 2: make a facebook account with the throwaway gmail account and more fake personal info, and then set your account to private (using a generic profile image if you like). 3: make a tinder account and use your real info. 4: when youre done, delete in the reverse order you created the accounts. Ie: delete tinder, then facebook, then the google account. As for Snapchat, it is absolutely kiked but its a good way to get linked with rando women. Say you troll tinder, try asking if they have a snapchat, before asking for a phone number. Theyll often be open to giving a snapchat because its less commital compared to a phone number, and you can both make sure youre talking to who they say they are. Its also good for connecting with friends of friends. Basically, you can try taking a selfie with them at a party or gathering or whatever, post it to your story and ask to add them if they want to see it or something.


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