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Segregation Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 16:57:04 ID:d08ee4 No. 33489 [Reply] [Last]
He have to bring back segregation in order to save america. We won’t have to deal with Nigs because they will be in the back of the bus. Support segregation. And post pics of it from around the world
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(33.35 KB 512x320 555meme.jpg)
>>33524 >>33548 >i'm white
>>33548 While I don't believe water fountains and back of buses will solve issues facing western counties, I take no issue with OP's opinion. There are a 1000 other sites on the internet for you to go shut down speech and humor you don't like faggot, off you go now
(96.82 KB 400x410 back 2reddit.png)
>>33548 Imagine being such a kike that you don’t understand accelerationism and coups
>>33552 Neither am i. That doesn’t mean that its not a racial holy war.

(90.58 KB 510x340 gallery_medium.jpg)
Too many tech-cucked young White men Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 01:49:59 ID:d59161 No. 23651 [Reply] [Last]
Why do we keep working to feed this system? Its young White men in all industries but its particularly those in STEM. Why do we stick around to fix Sandeep's mistakes? And to sit in a corner doing all the work while Becky and some gay guy take the credit? Muh coding, why are we so interested in such specialized stuff anyway, instead of being self-sufficient jacks-of-all-trades?
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>>23651 I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I want to start investing in crypto so I can strike rich and check out of this system. Wage cucking for niggers and jew wars is just soul crushing. To think my country was involved in stopping the only man who went against this Judeo-Masonic system... it's a shame
>>24384 Well the premise is "self-sufficient" jack of all trades and the civilization in question is jew pozzed so you're not really arguing the case properly here.
i think tech is the one way to safeguard against you getting ass fucked by the Jew AI in the future, someone is going to have to work on them robots. >And to sit in a corner doing all the work while Becky and some gay guy take the credit? Who the fuck works for "credit"? You do a job and you are paid for your skill and time. The employers usually know who is efficient and who will be let go within a few months. If you like what you do work hard and stop giving a fuck about everyone else
>>23974 It's funny how people say this and act like there is something to "do", Any suggestions? Kill yourself faggot.
(311.01 KB 652x669 Girls who Code CSTard.png)
>>23805 Yet completely true. I can tell the race of the "person" who wrote the code just by looking at it now.

(474.27 KB 3236x2130 Declaration of Independance.jpg)
HAPPENING- DECLARATION OF REFORMATION Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 17:43:36 ID:ef9a95 No. 33336 [Reply] [Last]
Jhon Mark, a well known Propertarian known for his videos on the logistics of a Second Civil War, has come forward to Declare an Alternative Power Structure to the one we have currently, and separation of the Right and Left in America. It is happening tomorrow in Richmond VA, location has not been announced yet, and will be livestreamed with a well armed security force to make sure the event goes as planned. Is this all one big nothing burger? Is this a second chance for the American Dream our forefathers laid out for us? Will the Feds shoot up the place? Will (((They))) shut it down? We shall find out tomorrow! John's Youtube Channel-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIGlVALFPYRROlXk511Cfhw John's Bitchute- https://www.bitchute.com/channel/johnmark/ Declaration of Reformation Update- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-CuQZ8ewR8 [Embed] Civil War 2- Who Would Win? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJh7Ye1Qvc8 [Embed] Civil War 2 - What comes after? -https://www.bitchute.com/video/vk5Vr2GoVTEQ/
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>>33336 >Propertarianism It's a solid way of governance and eugenics, AFTER whites reclaim their destiny. We need a racial consensus before we even can get to influencing governance. I seen the livestream. In terms of today's planned event I am disappointed with the leadership of Curt Doolittle today. Essentially his community and supporters traveled to Richmond, Virginia to piggyback off a planned rally with rightwingers and present BLM protesters. After some time into the event it was Curt's turn to speak. He frequently relied on his speech paper and spoke of endless platitudes the crowd didn't resonate with or identify. He used a false bravado and screamed often to resonate to the crowd but really just appeared as disingenuous. Eventually he made some controversial essentialist arguments for European sovereignty in layman speak which caused some minor BLM outbursts. Some of heckling messed up the pacing of his speech even more than it currently was, ruining group confidence. At the end of the speech he let attendees sign the reformation document. He immediately got confronted by a black BLM member and had short discourse. Although the audio was weak it appears that Curt settled the counter-protesters down by feeding their egos, describing African and Afro-Americans as "stronger and having bigger dicks". He gives some weird counter points about race. He proceeded to give the megaphone to the first black BLM protester that approached him. The protester started to speak with ignorant confidence. I couldn't watch anymore after that. Mistakes made: 1. Appearance of Weakness Curt made to many concession for no good reason. In his speak, cadence, pauses, and surrender to the first sign of aggression. 2. Incoherent and inauthentic messaging Curt's speech was not tailored to the average white working class man. He spoke in platitudes and not practical layman terms. It does not lay out the benefits of implementing such a system for the average person. This messaging will not become popular. Lessons learned:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>33406 You're one of the few effectively reasonable men here. How can I keep in contact with you after this place is shut down by them? Consider the opsec of course.
Propertarianism and all amnat tinged "right wing" movements are cringey failures with zero vitality. The constitution is a failed document. The model is a failed model.
>>33406 Good AAR. Cant say I was impressed with the speakers at the event either >>33424 In event of a loss of domain, tor address will still work. 47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion (bookmark for safe keeping) Should only take few hours to get a new domain, post new clearnet address, and migrate the backups.

(37.50 KB 256x228 IMG_20191106_141242.jpg)
/Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General /fsg/ 11/06/2019 (Wed) 22:34:06 ID:9d11a6 No. 13674 [Reply] [Last]
/Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General

Thread for discussion of Italian Fascism and other forms of Third Position Politics, Traditionalism, Corporatism, etc. Also for sharing Fascist literature and information.





Be respectful and please try to keep conversations relatively "intellectual".

Fascists and other influential people who lay the foundations of the philosphy of Fascism:

Oswald Mosely
Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Goebbels
Stepan Bandera
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
Ramiro Ledesma Ramos
Ettore Ovazza
Gaetano Mosca
Anton Drexler
Friedrich Nietzsche
Charles Maurras
Enrico Corradini
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Johann Plenge
Alceste De Ambris
Gabriele d'Annunzio
Juan Perón
Giovanni Gentile
Julius Evola
Plínio Salgado
Julius Caesar
Gottfried Feder

Types of Fascism/Third Positonism:

Italian Fascism
British Union of Fascists
Clerical Fascism
Brazilian Integralism
Estado Novo

Ba'athism, Nasserism, The Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and the 4th Political Theory are also allowed to be discussed.

"[Fascism] was an explosion against intolerable conditions, against remediable wrongs which the old world failed to remedy. It was a movement to secure national renaissance by people who felt themselves threatened with decline into decadence and death and were determined to live, and live greatly." ~Oswald Mosely
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(128.86 KB 1002x532 NS economy.png)
>>14192 Simplified basics: 1.All economy is based on productive labour. 2.In return for productive labour you receive a 'receipt' that represents the labour you performed as economic value. In simple terms: perform X amount of work, generate X amount of economic value, get X amount of receipts. 3.These receipt are tokens that can be exchanged for other peoples productive labour ie. goods and services. 4.The name of these receipts/economic value tokens is money 5a.If i print off some money in my shed and spend it i will initially boost the local economy but will increase inflation. 5b.If i destroy all the money in the area i will reduce inflation but harm business by reducing disposable income. 6.By artificially increasing or decreasing the amount of money in the local economy i effectively control it without performing any productive labour myself. I am counter fitting economic value ie.counter fitting Labour. 7.This is exactly what (((central banks))) have been doing for over a century. Pulling the strings of economy and thus labour (jobs, businesses), government (that the (((central bank))) lends our currency to at interest) and through them manipulating society and our Nations. 8.Economic chaos, massive debt and subsequent massive taxation ensues. Dancingjews.wav Solution: 1.Slaughter every single jew without exception and abolish their system of capitalist control. 2.The government issues the Nations currency without borrowing it and issues it without charging interest. 3.The amount of economic value tokens thats money to you, bucko issued is directly related to gross domestic product (GDP) with the sole purpose of enabling the productive labour it represents to be exchanged by your people for other goods and services. https://archive.org/details/federcollectedwritings_201912
>>13762 Faggot. 'This future will be ours, or it will not be at all. Liberalism will die so that Socialism may live. Marxism will die so that Nationalism may live.' The Nazi-Sozi; Germanys freedom, J. Goebbels. To be a Nationalist require you be a socialist. To be a Socialist requires you be a Nationalist. This is because Nationalism & socialism are both the aim of making the existence & betterment of your people pre-eminent. Internationalism is neither nationalist or socialist since other nations are not our own. >>14134 >>14225 >muh normies, muh opdiks Read 'In Hoc Signo Vinces' https://archive.org/details/rockwellwhitepower >>14162 Totalitarianism is the attempt to control every aspect of a nations life. This is not only impossible & self defeating, it is completely unnecessary. Our aim as National Socialists is to create a healthy social ecology that promotes the best & does not tolerate weakness & degeneracy - any action can be done to ensure this.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>14162 Forgot to add pic related.
>>22106 No he wasn't. He was Spanish and Spaniards are Catholic as fuck, give him a break, jeez. One positive comment about Christianity and you go nuts. Not everyone you disagree with slightly is a Jew you fucking tard, he had a different perspective, deal with it. This is why /pol/ never gets anywhere. A lot of it might just be glowniggers trying to divide people as much as possible over every little disagreement, they've done that for a while but at this point I don't even know if they need to since folks here do the work for them anyway, y'all have learned to be super paranoid about anyone that has even slightly different views. The post is a few months old but I thought it warranted a reply anyway.
>>19495 > Hitler wasnt christian

Virginia Gun Grabbing, the boogaloo, and You Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 04:23:40 ID:fe1b27 No. 19085 [Reply] [Last]
Figured this was worthy of a thread for discussion and updates as things unfold. Included pics of VA sanctuary counties and VA ethnic distribution. Link below contains more detailed maps and demographic information for those curious. Below that are a couple more interesting links copied from a reply in QTDDTOT. If you come across information related to the goings-on in VA please post here. Cybernazis rollout! https://statisticalatlas.com/state/Virginia/Race-and-Ethnicity https://www.zerohedge.com/political/virginia-ag-says-2a-sanctuaries-have-no-legal-force-actually-true https://www.theorganicprepper.com/virginia-ag-2a-sanctuaries-legal-force/ Interesting Speeches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo3_ie_Cr94 (Nigger Version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHojVTKGiNw
60 posts and 33 images omitted.
>>22403 Appalachian Republic ceding from the U.S when?
(42.40 KB 600x600 forefathers.jpg)
>>24444 Criminally underchecked didgits. The post is boomer tier though.
>>24444 Washington and his homies would be stacking bodies by now.
>>19085 Gun grabbing is a real deal. A reminder that cops aren't your friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-taU9d26wT4

Make /pol/ Great Again General Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 05:31:07 ID:048402 No. 17346 [Reply] [Last]
Full disclosure, I have been lurking imageboards since the mid-2000s but have only really followed them since 2014. I have watched /pol/ and /b/ in the days when they used to have some interesting content and the culture was decidedly more libertarian. The last five years has seen a major shift in our culture and I don't see it as likely that imageboards will be allowed to stay up after 2020. I think it is most important that anons come together again, to fight against the censorship on the internet, or in the worst case come together on finding an alternative to migrate to when the imageboards go dark. Therefore, I suggest a general thread for uplifting our culture in productive, morale-raising ways. Whitepills, positive stories of connecting with someone and changing their mind on something, moments of victory. I also suggest finding ways to uplift your fellow anons. There isn't a lot of trust on these boards, so we should be finding more effective ways to communicate which build trust. /sig/ focuses on bodybuilding but having a fit body doesn't matter if your mind is in the trash. Hence, we need to focus on raising morale for each other.
40 posts and 6 images omitted.
I dont know if this is a red pill or white pill but i used to basically promote biased, contrived views of women online, via opinions and commenting on these bitches statuses. I used to think they would hate me for it (most of them do) but one in particular i met in real life and at first she was hesitant to be around me but it turns out she loved getting degraded like the whore she was. All that arguing online was a backwards logic way of saying she liked me. Go figure. Its a self serving cycle, you cant believe everything you read online but you can believe most of it.
I don't know if this is whitepilling or blackpilling but I think that more people need the fear of God in them: good people with fear will seek to be better people, and bad people out of fear would hopefully become better people. It can't make a person panic but many modern men and women are too comfortable with a world that should cause them a lot of discomfort. The right fear of God would help bring that in to harmony. The love of God comes after fear of God and that's just as important (more so)
>>17346 Damn, that magnet shit is an excellent idea! We need to try that, smiting the faith in the Gay Jesuses that all those protest-ants are mainlining!
>>17353 Here's an essay about overcoming the black pill: http://vjmpublishing.nz/?p=14110 tl;dr: remember that this life is but the dream of a God

(54.75 KB 1100x619 liberal art.jpg)
Some differences between left and right dissidents Anonymous 06/03/2020 (Wed) 14:22:36 ID:2a80a4 No. 28900 [Reply] [Last]
One of the truly infuriating things about life is watching a people who are being systematically genocided by stated, public policy not fight back. Dr. William Pierce called it "the surreal state of affairs." Compare and contrast how leftists and "right wingers" handle violence. #NotAll, but there are a significant number of so called White Nationalists who claim that they oppose White Genocide and claim that they understand that the illegitimate zionist regime must be physically overthrown IRL and not just on the internet, yet also denounce and condemn every single act of violence taken against the zionist regime. Tarrant's only crime was that he did what any Revolutionary insurgent would do and he killed his enemies. Yet a significant number of his own alleged comrades denounce him and invent insane conspiracy theories in order to discredit his activism and discourage others from acting outside the rigged game of (((election politics))). God I wish this is how leftists behaved. Instead, leftists will martyr anyone. George Floyd was a petty criminal thug. he may have even been on drugs. Trayvon Martin was a wannabie gangster, violent, and was killed trying to assault a man. Michael Brown was a fat, violent thug who was killed while assaulting a cop. These "people" were not insurgents or revolutionaries or even politically engaged at all. They were thug criminals who didn't give a shit about the cause their names have been used to advance. Yet leftists embrace and martyr them all the same. Leftists WANT violence so they can martyr someone and then use their name to advance the cause of eeekwality. When is the last time you ever heard a leftist denounce a leftist terrorist? They almost never do and those who are denouncing the violence now are ruthlessly policed by other leftists. If you denounce a specific act of leftist violence, leftists everywhere will disown you. This is an extremely healthy and effective mentality. They hold violence as a proper and legitimate means of affecting their political domination. How do "right wingers" handle violence? They either denounce it or they invent some insane conspiracy theory to denounce it. This is cuckoldry. When leftists scream THAT IS VIOLENCE HOW DARE YOU, YOU NAZI FASHIST! Conservatives cry; Oh no! I'm so sorry! I denounce it! Stop resisting leftists! or they shriek; d-d-d-that wasn't me! It was a conspiracy! I would never do such a thing! I would never resist you, master, this was mossad! They did it! It was the illuminati! I would never resist you, master! This is why conservatives always lose. Every time someone tries to do something outside of the rigged game of electoral politics, they are stabbed in the back. The difference between leftists and "right wingers" is that leftists view violence as high status while right wingers think it is low status. And yet we live in a world where leftists hold all the institutional power. So if anyone should be in favour of Revolutionary Action, it should be the right wing. Yet they denounce it because they don't actually want change. Conservatives are worse than liberals because they are the ones responsible for betraying all our successes. They care more about looking good for liberals than victory. They denounce violence done against leftists because they ultimately view the left as the arbiter of morality. The ultimate goal of all conservatives is to be praised by liberals. A goal that they will be chasing forever.
14 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>29100 >They have always been a state within a state. We should strive to do the same I agree. However, we need organization to accomplish this. 50 million is probably accurate. But we have a pretty hard time recognizing each other out in the wild. I think that what you propose is good, but we need to alter our behavior in general in order for us to become the new jews.
>>29100 Whites who have a good income, high education, etc, should be empowered to go into key fields such as education, local and mainstream media, law enforcement/government/politics, so on and so forth and push their own secret agenda just as kikes do. Whites who can't (or don't want to) achieve the above should be empowered to take over nearest section 8 apartments or duplexes to hinder access to POC. Start with small towns. Main street > wall street. Don't expect to get back Englewood Chicago if you don't even have control over the low income apts on 3rd Ave in Des Moines. Jews didnt move to the middle of Kansas to push their destructive agenda, they formed close knit communities in NYC & LA, far from their enemy. So take the Pacific Northwest ethnostate plan and apply it to small White towns in general. POC who want to help Whites with this should be supported but definitely not allowed to live in our towns. Maybe promote "black wall street" or something at the same time to make it less of a racist thing and more of a nationalist thing. Or research majority-minority towns and use memes to get blacks/browns to heavily migrate to and invest in them and turn them into their own personal paradises. "White Power. Black Power. Brown Power. Put Your People First. NO RACEMIXING."
this thread is just screaming to go into "two 13 year olds calling each other glow" territory. you may or may not be one bit the reason for this disparity is mostly due to optics. sure most people on the right "condemn police no-nos" or whatever but you are really going to sit here and tell me that most white/right people dont do a silent "whoopie" once a wild nigher attacks and is put down? same in the case of tarrant- the only problem is that he didnt kill more of them, as planned. now, they just can't go on tv/youtube/media and say "horray more niggers are dead! score 1 for the good guys" it looks insensitive, and you will most likely lose respect and cooperation from moderates, or even other neocons. when dealing with the left you need to be them at their own sensitive, emotional, faggy game- because lets face it they essentially create the status quo on various types of media. Most cops, are most likely conservative, even in the democratically nigger infested cities, i know we call them zog bots and are extensions of the state, but i have a feeling most of them are on the right. every few years/months we see "nigger dead by police- bad" in the headlines. this isnt changing any time soon. cops know that and niggers know this and this is why the left has weaponized the fuck out of it.
>>28959 ding ding ding
>>28900 There's no such thing as a left wing dissident.

Combating moralfags Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 07:24:36 ID:19d808 No. 26208 [Reply] [Last]
There are various white nationalist and loosely right wing groups, forums, podcasts, etc. that refuse to acknowledge the utility of violence. They still cling to the system's sense of morality. The Trudeau-tier "if you kill your enemies they win" garbage. Basically, I'm calling on the men here who still have a back bone to bully the shit out of weakling right wingers on the internet who want to weasel their way out of their duties and obligations by being pathetic sacks of shit. Force them to acknowledge the utility of violence. We will come one step closer to the legal and completely state sanctioned executions of horrible people, with due process and whateverthefuck. Strictly for legal reasons I am not advocating violence against any specific group or person. Be good goys and don't hurt the child molesters, usurers, and homos. They dindu nuffin. Also please clean your home and do two hours of exercise to celebrate Uncle Adolf's birthday and spend an hour or two outside to get some sunlight. I know you all have nothing better to do.
39 posts and 15 images omitted.
(4.68 MB 1280x720 Violence.mp4)
Tell them to listen to the Tuck. If he tells them, they'll probably believe. Violence works, bitches. I hope everyone is making their own plans.
>>29387 >The only morality is the morality of nature. >Nature is the manifestation of the principles & truths that the universe is made of. >The name for these truths is Natural Law. >Natural Law is reality itself. >Morality is not sentiment, morality is correct action. >Correct action is to live in accordance with reality & its rules. >Thus, Natural Law is morally correct. He said while sipping unnatural tea on his unnatural armchair in his unnatural home in his unnatural city. Nothing in our lives is natural these days, and we are all the better because of it.
>>29406 >t. dipshit
>>29406 >t.dumbnigger
>>29406 >Commienigger noises Natural Laws are the fundamental truths of the universe. Morality is correct action: HOW to live correctly. Nature is the emergent phenomena that arise from the interaction of Natural Laws. Thus in nature we see truth, purity, morality. This does not require we live in caves or herd mud. It requires that we consciously align ourselves with the principles that animate the universe. Nature is the direct manifestation of those truths. Commieniggers are antilogos & fear nature because it is the antitheses of what they believe. This is why commieniggers are so repugnant. This is why commieniggers always fail.

(49.09 KB 971x546 Dmx4MA0UYAER5Ea.jpg)
Non-Whites are the real NPC's Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 20:02:58 ID:cd2ce4 No. 22702 [Reply] [Last]
They are different. ALL non-whites with the save exception of a few anomalies. Maybe 1%. 2%. But the vast majority of them are like this. I don't know how to describe it. It is a difference not only in looks, but in behavior, and something else. It's like they are lacking something. I don't know exactly what it is, but I can best describe it as a state of being. All Non-whites. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians. Even Japanese in some respects. White people are on a different level, mentally and spiritually. That's as best as I can describe it. This level allows us access to additional faculties that other nonwhites cannot access. I don't think this is just IQ and smarts. It's something else. No, don't go telling me its IQ. There is something more to this. Something spiritual. Non Whites are the real NPC's. I feel an unease around them. I feel that something is off. You do too. And its for all nonwhites. Something is just off with them, something is off center, something is just NOT RIGHT. I don't know how to describe it. But it turns them into NPC-like characters in this clown world that we live in. Only Whites display certain characteristics like independent thought. I think this independent, critical thought is being suppressed by TPTB. But we have it. This critical thought manifests itself in what they describe as "Conservative", "Libertarian" or whatever else they want to label our ideals as. The ideals that are in these realms of thought are primarily "White People" ideals. I fully subscribe to the idea that all civilization has been built by Whites. NO ONE, EXCEPT WHITES have built civilization. And the funny thing is that nonwhites want to be around us. They follow Whites. Wherever we go, they want to go, too. I dont want to be around nonwhites. The only nonwhites I feel safe around are ones that have significant White admixture (some Latin, basically). All others I cannot stand, and want to get away from as soon as possible.
125 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>22707 >There also is the fact that blacks straight up don't have as much empathy for other races like we do. Simple. Very simple. Whites ARE civilization. Civilization is order (and a fine amount of contained chaos). It's in our nature to try to control certain forces, handle them, guide them. When we see other humans, we feel like we could help them get better, we want to ORGANIZE all that surrounds us, even other races. It is hard for us to be selfish. Mind you, we were much more selfish in the past and it suited us well, but repeated guilt trips (hololololocoast, afro-colonialism, extermination of redskins, etc.) are used to make us weak. But we must not be weak and excuse ourselves for being killers as much as we are fantastic builders, literally the best out there. WE are civilization.
>>26372 You've offered nothing constructive and it seems like you were just here to obfuscate the truth. It's not working.
>>22706 True. Most whites are also npc’s (about 90%). That being said we are still better because of our nature and intelligence. A nigger is a violent beast with zero empathy.
>>22991 john mathew etc were all hewbrew names you stupid niggee
>>23343 nigger paganism came from white people.from their evriroment,from their history.to claim that christianity,which came from the middle east,from middle eastern envroments,peoplea and history is completely retarded.

(7.11 MB 728x408 Nurgle laff.gif)
(30.67 KB 233x400 XIV.jpg)
(1.44 MB 400x400 jupiter.gif)
(25.78 KB 400x267 400px-1286933675792.jpg)
Druid/pol/ #VIII - Ætheric Pandemic! Edition Anonymous 04/22/2020 (Wed) 17:33:24 ID:e66b81 No. 26380 [Reply] [Last]
LOYAL LADS I bid you welcome in the manner that has become sacred to our Rite, to our most portentous octo thread. Welcome old bretheren and new! Well lads, surrounded by Grandfather Nurgle's virulent blessings, we now are in the midst of the largest (and at the same time most mind numbingly dull) happening in living memory. I am of the firm belief this is a transitory state we can use to our advantage. An unprecedented amount of etheric energies are being built up and stored as folk languish at home under virtual house arrest & lives are disrupted. Fear. Uncertainly. Anger. Depression. All energies. This energy can be tapped into and harnessed if we go about it the right way. We are, for now, bunkered down and forced to stay indoors most of the time but we can still operate, online, etherically and in meatspace too. I suggest we use this time to focus on personal path development and also redpilling operations. Lots of bums on seats and eyeballs on screens at the moment & we might be getting lurkers who otherwise would have passed over this place. Something to keep in mind. On the Lodgefront, all is going strong as ever. New lads are joining each month, effortposts aplenty and last thread we achieved complete reconvergence, being reunited with one of the founding members of the B.O.N.D. A Brother returns to the fold. Indeed something to celebrate! Punished seems to have turned his back on the B.O.N.D & gone his own way. We wish him well & are here if he ever decides to return to the fold This thread's governing major arcana trump is................. TEMPERANCE (XIV) >Drawn UPRIGHT The Temperance card is the XIVth card of the major arcana & almost invariably depicted as a robed figure pouring liquid from one receptacle into another. In many decks, the person is a winged person/angel, usually female or androgynous, and stands with one foot on water and one foot on land. This card is an indicator that the enquirant should endeavor to bring about balance, patience and moderation into their life. One should take the middle road, avoiding extremes and maintain a sense of calm, balance and equilibrium.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

261 posts and 109 images omitted.
>>29220 We’re only on page 7/15 on a slow board, so it’s not that big of a rush lad. On the other hand a new bread would breath some life back into things. I put forth the motion for one of the Britbongs to have a crack at a quality new op. I just pray 40k and his family are alright and just spending quality time irl tbh. >>29263 The later half is most certainly accurate. Some of the former is questionable.
>>29401 I think I'll put up a bunker thread tomorrow, but rather than just /druid/ I think I'll leave it open to all UK politics/news and any esoteric anons here on 16.
I don't know where 40K's gone nor why nobody says anything here, but it might be time for a new bread, "#BLM: Kneel before your Noggod" edition. There is one thing I could not understand about the right wingers trying to find support from their Christian faith. All the relevant Christian authorities of the world tell you the nigger is your brother and you must love him, accept him and give him all you have. You are not allowed to reject him and, as a matter of fact, you may very well need to get used to the idea of kissing his feet. You could find this insulting, right? Disgusting maybe. But then, could you cut the hypocrisy down when remembering that great angels were asked to bow before a dumb homunculus who knew naught about good or evil, and they refused, so they got [email protected], cast out of Heaven for this "heinous crime"? How does it feel Chriscucks? Do you understand now? Can you sense the burning reality of this massive hypocrisy in condemning White Superiority when you were so quick and zealous in accepting the sanctified condemnation of Angelic Supremacism? Are you so sure of what awaits you in Heaven, or do you even think you will be allowed a spot up there now that you reject God's colored sons and reject this worldly fraternal love? In fact, thinking about it, why would you even want to go to Heaven? Maybe it has never been true Heaven, that it was an already extremely pozzed place and the rebellious angels were based as fuck, that they left this corrupt place on their own accord, but Him had to rewrite history? Oh yes, you might begin to see the Light now. That being an Overman is about returning to Angelhood and be done with the spiritual emasculation. Soon enough, sure enough, as you look back in disbelief at what you and your ancestors had to deal with, you will know and you will say out loud: Lucifer did nothing wrong!
Thread is anchored btw, drops fast. Someone tazz 40K up or shit?


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