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(189.25 KB 849x960 freemason.jpg)
Do we live in a Freemason controlled society? Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 16:39:44 ID:77f031 No. 21089 [Reply] [Last]
I see the symbols and coding everywhere.
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>>22298 Most of them don't care about mysticism and are just mundies of the worst kind, joining the shabbos branch of the Jewish mafia in order to get some short term benefits while abandoning all that's worthy. I mean, these spiritual niggers don't even recognize zero as a real number kek. G has a deep esoteric meaning though, a dual meaning actually. It stands for Good, but also stands for Goyim. When one ascends to the degree of the Grand Master, it is revealed to him that the essence of Freemasonry is being a good goy. It also has parts about having your wife bred by a black bull and pimping your daughter to your Jewish boss, but those are just symbolic acts that backwards, unenlightened bigots interpret literally without understanding their deeper meaning. >DUDE, GEOMETRY LMAO >>22419 Freemasons who get redpilled on the JQ exhibit the equal amounts of COPE as Christian identitarians do, it's pretty hilarious. They should be made fun of as well.
>>29104 They're egalitarians and submissive, but thinking they're part of a special group they go all lordy on the plebe. At the top, doubtlessly some of them are totally convinced of the need to help the kikes, even top tier kikes, to bring world peace on Earth, no matter the holocost, whatever they expect to get in return.
>>21772 Either there are vortexes at the chakra points or there are not. Enough of this allegory bullshit. Either it's true or not. If you want to talk about reality go ahead, that is not the question though. The "It's all metaphorical" bullshit is absolute fucking poison. Anyone that believes otherwise can get the fuck out.
>>21772 >in the end, the mystery schools of any kind teach widely the same stuff. The Chakra system is just like the Kaballah for example With the small detail that chakra/kundalini related teachings are much older than what the kikes cooked up for their own splash of esoterism. In fact these punks can't invent anything. The name Israel? Stolen. The six-branched star? Stolen. The land they live on today? Stolen and we pay for that. Even good ideas they manage to ruin them once run through their atrocious Semitic-mental meat grinder. What a pathetic race.
>>22054 Chess (and most traditional board games) were meant to help test the mind when it comes to warfare. It is indo-european. The nobles of India, Persia, etc, played it and it eventually spread into Europe. With India being one of the oldest and most well preserved states of the indo-european caste system it's quite clear that it was not made by others and imposed upon them. Video games are the same. They only flourished once Japan was making them. One of the biggest attacks in recent years has been on gamers since they have been in large part rejecting the narratives being pushed. That's what GamerGate was all about. Freemasonry as I know it originated in England as a positive force. It was a club of masons who built buildings. One of the most pure forms of art is that which you live in and is "your world" physically. There is a reason Hitler wanted to be an architect.

(873.84 KB 2623x4000 Emperor Hadrian.jpg)
Why do Jews hate Hadrian more than Hitler? Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 22:47:37 ID:4b3808 No. 24933 [Reply] [Last]
Not only that, they seem despise the Romans in general more than any other White Civilization.
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>>24933 Because he genocided Judea. Rome burned Judea to the ground repeatedly, because the Jews were troublesome subjects to rule.
>>26325 >Greece died culturally It died because the blood of the high quality Whites literally got drowned in the blood of those who were subjugated. Further racial mixing added more nails to this coffin. >>27756 >the crusades Are you going to claim they were done to fight against the Jews now? >plus many of the early popes were openly anti jewish And many were not. Besides, Christian antisemitism is a fraud, it's only to have Jews convert to Christianity. It's nothing more than a disagreement between Jews. These Christians were anti-Jewish on sectarian principles, notably accusing Jews of having killed their precious Jewish rabbi and leader. This whole charade is so laughable that you can find in the Bible signs that the creed as practiced in the Levant was only meant for Jews are first (see Peter vs Saul). And none of that crap would have stuck to the wall without this same incel, (((Saul of Tarsus))), shilling hard for this nonsense. Hadrian made one mistake: he let some Jews survive.
>>24942 You can't squeeze reparations out of a long dead empire. Germans are still right there working dutifully and paying the jews lots of money. So we're still going to be hearing about Hitler for the rest of my life anyway.
Kikes love Hitler. Look at all the power and shekels his legacy has given them. Eternal victims beyond criticism for even hideous war crimes against children. Also, before Shlomo went to camp, world kikery headquartered in Switzerland at the time, was given the offer to pay for all jews to be sent to Madagascar. They said, nah, kill our people, we're holding onto our shekels. Well documented, no 'conspiracy' whatsoever. It's why they call it a, 'Holocaust' now. It was a sacrificial offering. I don't think any regular jews even know who, Hadrian was. Maybe just once or twice they heard the name mentioned at temple? They care about designer goods. Their job title. A bigger or second home. Just consumed by consumption. Filthy, greedy, little rats.
>>29295 He was very meticulous but some always get away.

Neinchan Clearnet Killed by Jews Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 04:03:27 ID:b107a7 No. 23991 [Reply] [Last]
Cloudflare has pulled its coverage for Neinchan after “glorification of white supremacist terrorism”. Only the onion link is working as of now.
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>>24022 "innocent" and "mosque" don't fit together very well.
>>24022 "innocent" and "mosque" don't fit together very well.
>>24002 "Welcome to NeinChan! Weve changed over to Lynx. Ive fixed all the posting errors you guys can have a fast board now. Hope you enjoy." http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/
> 29789 well please god the site will stay up for generations like 4chan
(1.20 MB 600x338 ezgif-7-3ada3157a585.gif)

(55.55 KB 600x400 ANTIFA-2.jpg)
(65.63 KB 750x500 comp-shooter-sm-1.jpg)
Militant Leftist Political Violence Remains Unchecked Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 02:49:24 ID:c405ae No. 26159 [Reply] [Last]
For decades, leftists have intimidated (threatened, fired from job, etc), instigated violence against, criminally stalked/harassed, assaulted, and even killed anyone who they disagreed with. They're usually protected by governments, institutions, and technocrats. The FBI, DOJ and other foreign justice departments rarely investigate and/or charge them for it. The FBI, for example, is more interested in entrapping nationalists and pro-white groups into violent plans created by the FBI than investigating any of these violent communist revolutionary groups like antifa -- let alone recommending charges to the DOJ (the FBI even investigated IOTBW posters for "hate crimes"). When an independent investigative journalist exposes leftist violence, the government turns a blind eye, the media rarely discusses it, and the most that usually happens is the person exposed is forced to resign (if anything at all). There was even the attempted mass murder at the Family Research Council after the SPLC slandered them as a "hate group" (many others have been targeted after SPLC lists them). And banks, financial institutions, and donation sites have no problems financially supporting them while shutting down payments for those labeled/targeted by the SPLC, antifa, and other actual hate groups. Some related links on the subject. >University officials trying to invite antifa to assault students https://national-justice.com/ireland-investigative-journalists-uncover-plot-zionists-and-university-officials-bring-antifa >antifa killed a man's family in fire-bombing and executed a nationalist after raiding their office, fled to Switzerland and is protected by their government https://national-justice.com/victim-anti-fascist-terrorism-mikis-mantakas-commemorated-italian-deputy-speaker-n2122 >Tucker Carlson in 2017 "Far-left violence growing out of control" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI08dR6h8O4 >Democrat sedition/incitement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2SFR9l4HUw >Hillary and other democrats sedition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEJidMzNI1w >Attempted mass murder by sanders supporter at a republican ball game https://www.foxnews.com/us/scalise-critical-shooter-idd-as-james-hodgkinson >Sanders campaign staff talking about violence in 2020 against "fascists" https://pjmedia.com/trending/bombshell-video-shows-bernie-sanders-field-organizer-advocating-for-riots-and-gulags/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>26738 There's a method to turning courts into common law courts and reducing the judicial power of a judge to a high clerk basically, it's on 1215.org and it's worked, but it might still be patchy in times of tumult on politically charged cases.
>>26693 Yeah he's not coming back.
>>26159 https://streamable.com/6223z7 (embed) Antifa admitting "we're" here. https://streamable.com/ad2cln (embed) This huge bitch. https://streamable.com/t8vbcp (embed) Locals notice that the ones burning buildings are unknown and committing senseless acts. https://streamable.com/6zwhky (embed) Antifa agitator throws fireworks at police attempting to bait them to shoot and tries to put black protesters in the crossfire. Crowd confronts him. https://streamable.com/dcwzmq (embed) Black witnesses whites driving through the area smashing windows, gets flipped off for filming them. https://streamable.com/59kdiy (embed) Assessing odd militant behaviors of white agitators. https://streamable.com/2b8yy9 (embed) Pointing out coordinated Antifa clothing and fire strategy. https://streamable.com/d5ch2e (embed) Putting together Antifa burn and run strategy to bait cops. Older Antifa coordinator caught directing a group.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Someone archived a bunch of these riot videos https://mega.nz/folder/PgwzkDgT#HpdDx0nfULKPO1eUXS-edA

(362.42 KB 904x735 pathetic baleen.jpg)
Braindrain is one of the most harmful modern age political memes out there Anonymous 02/10/2020 (Mon) 01:28:48 ID:7bf640 No. 22594 [Reply] [Last]
This rant is just me analyzing from a heuristic point of view from a completely tabula rossa perspective, meaning I'm disregarding factors such as racial biology, work culture disparity, and just looking at the bare facts and morality of this political ideological contagion. And yes, as the subject quite bluntly puts it, I've arrived at the conclusion that any way you slice it, the way it's currently implemented it's harmful and immoral. First phase is to tackle on the spearheads of the "braindrain" myth, Nigerians and Pooh in the Loohs are totally gifted geniuses and TOTALLY our most highly educated immigrants. Nigerians actually underpeform and their overeducation is literally a byproduct of affirmative action, as well as incompetence from their homeland in terms of quantity over quality. The following 2 articles and study show how Nigerian immigrant students are underperforming in the job market and how universities are basically turning into diploma mills to keep the sham going and not have to shutdown their institutions. http://archive.is/wip/YEQMG https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2158244014529780 Not only are Nigerian immigrants underperforming and over represented in their own countries, but it's also the case in the US. http://archive.is/emwtL Nigerian 200IQ immigrant meme, is quite literally a fucking meme, these people are literally being spoonfed success they do not deserve. Pooh in the Looh software engineers are not only becoming grossly over represented in the technical job markets due to how cheap they are to contract, but additionally have to be trained to scratch since most of them are underqualified for the positions. https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/indian-immigrants-united-states http://archive.is/F2lMR http://archive.is/XLUcu The relationship between US workers and India within the TechSector is in fact about to seriously sour as more and more IT related jobs are being exported off shore to india, and more Indians have to be retrained by Americans. http://archive.is/v3MBY

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>25403 > And yes, despite your redneck rant a lot of highly skilled people are obtained this way (mostly from Russia, Asia, Eastern Europe, ...). Redneck rant? Have you worked with people from those places in a white collar environment? I have and I would not call them "highly skilled people", you dick sucking city Jew. Corps use them to drive down wages and Jews love them for the social problems they cause but you know this already you JIDF dog fucking assclown.
>>25403 Who gives a fuck? There need to be borders, and there is no reason other countries can't be developed. The Third Reich helped develop other countries without importing other races like hostile kikes do.
'braindrain' is a jew meme to get us to accept shitskins. Always has been. The vast majority of people who leave their native country, are cunts with little to no family and nothing going on in their life. If you're this programming genius that basic bitch Indians are presented as, you already work for a multibillion dollar corporation like Infosys or have your own business. We get the dumb, desperate bitches. Not their best.
>>22594 Vince McLeod wrote that we're still practicing colonalism just as hard today as we used to, only we're now doing it for human capital instead of physical capital: http://vjmpublishing.nz/?p=14157 This is the new colonialism. You're right, the brain drain is just us raping the poor nations of their most important resources, the cognitive ones.
If immigrants are such an asset, why are they not an asset in their home country?

(256.87 KB 1200x1200 napoleon.jpg)
White Pill on Hitler Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 03:31:31 ID:3bf4f7 No. 33584 [Reply] [Last]
Daily reminder that after the Napoleonic wars Napoleon was widely considered to be the "Anti-Christ" across virtually all of europe and the enlightenment era values he had fought widely portrayed by state backed propaganda as "Demonic." Didnt stop enlightenment era values from eventually being accepted across the continent to even the deepest strongholds of absolutism on the continent such as Germany and Russia. And the defeat of Hitler and the subsequent propaganda that has been levied against him DOES NOT mean National Socialism and or Fascism wont become the dominate political philosophies in the west over a relatively short period of time...
9 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>33757 I agree; the United States was fortunate in having George Washington. He refused to be king. He despised hereditary monarchy. He was a fiercely proud man with great dignity but he was wise enough to turn away from the insane arrogance of power. And despite immense pressure he resisted the Jacobins in America despite the threats they directed at him during the riots across the road from his presidential mansion in Philadelphia.
>>33584 >And the defeat of Hitler and the subsequent propaganda that has been levied against him DOES NOT mean National Socialism and or Fascism wont become the dominate political philosophies in the west over a relatively short period of time... >>33612 >The rise in racial Nationalism & National Socialism in particular is inevitable at this point. How? The exact OPPOSITE is how it's been since the end of Jew War II and the masses are more brainwashed than ever. Seems to me there is a better chance of dinosaurs coming back soon. Seriously, how? >The rise in racial Nationalism & National Socialism in particular is inevitable at this point. Again, doesn't fit reality at all. Reality shows that National Socialism lead to total control of Europe and the USA by hymies who are now in the final push to eliminate or enslave all whites....
>>33815 Thank you for this salutary does of realism.
>>33816 >dose*
(173.01 KB 491x673 1595530545373.jpg)
>>33815 People are less brainwashed than ever. The jew has played it's hand far too early with BLM and people are starting to wake up. The issue right now is media control and the separation of people. A lot of this coronavirus shit is really just to slow the flow of information between people, since most of the internet is locked down and heavily censored at this point.

(36.27 KB 700x531 5acdafb4114b5_Y0N8Eok__700.jpg)
Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:25:08 ID:5d302e No. 25088 [Reply] [Last]
<[Northwest Front] had been organizing on Facebook and attempting to use the platform to recruit potentially sympathetic minds into the neo-Nazi group. <Typically, Fishman explained, most content that violates Facebook’s terms of service is reviewed and taken down as quickly as the company can manage it; the takedowns are accompanied by messages to violators about how they’d breached platform rules. In the case of the recent move against Northwest Front, though, the company instead opted to monitor accounts of individuals associated with the Northwest Front, in the hopes of finding a larger chunk of the network and taking it all down at once, with no explanations given. <“This is different than our normal operations. The reason for doing things like this is to make it more difficult to rebuild a network,” Fishman said. “If you take out one piece or consistently takedown pieces, then they still can try to rebuild.” https://archive.fo/qG8dh
8 posts and 5 images omitted.
>Facebook >For anything non-normie I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
(87.95 KB 799x772 1591943890.jpg)
>>29586 >black text white background >wall of text like lefty memes booger posters are retards
>>25088 Any group calling itself "Neo-Nazi" is led by the enemy. And HC was a fat jew who attacked real White activists like WLP if you were stupid enough to fall for his lame act.
(166.89 KB 1800x1080 kriegsflagge_neue.png)
>>33687 Coventry was no saint, no role model. By most accounts, an unpleasant man. The novels are crudely written, all but The Brigade are barely readable. Even that one is hamfisted and overly optimistic. The Butler plan remains our best, most realistic hope. A 100 year struggle is more realistic, a war of attrition, of farmland, of birthrates, of exclusion, of culture, of genotypes, while Rome crumbles around us. In the broadest of strokes, the message remains true. The Song, not the Singer. Don't join a facebook group, don't join the boomerboard. Come Home, arm up, and fly the flag. Fabric is cheap, glory is forever.
...the 80's

(21.76 KB 300x300 adv-300x300.png)
Anonymous 04/30/2020 (Thu) 01:25:16 No. 26732 [Reply] [Last]
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>>26732 I listen to it on my phone at work. Sack up faggots. If you fear ZOG, they're coming for us outright once they clench complete control anyway. The nature of the jew is always to kill and destroy, but implicitly when it has something to fear from us and explicitly when it sees no plausible reprisal.
>>27703 *subvert, parasitize, then kill and destroy.
(13.78 KB 225x225 back in my day.jpg)
(34.05 KB 324x325 power_of_truth.jpg)

Cuck Cringe Compilations Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 00:53:10 ID:af15c9 No. 33653 [Reply] [Last]
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK0XL-H_uxw >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmOJF21XX14 Saw these earlier today on half chan. Got to be honest, i think this angle might be the best chance we have at memeing our message mainstream. Feminist Compilations basically made internet feminism extinct after 2016 to the point where the group cant even exert any influence what so fucking ever without the help of trannies, niggers and other assorted trash united by lose confederation. This is largely because feminism was mocked so often and so loudly that the term "feminist" itself became something akin to the female version of "incel" If we do the same thing to "cucks"? (IE Whites who simp to niggers and whore their girlfriends out to be PC) I think we have a real chance of gaining youth culture again, smilar to how we did in 2014-17.
3 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>33657 Again I have been watching "the decline" for some time now and I personally believe at this stage our resources are better used elsewhere. These people are gone. Accept the loss and move on. If we do not work towards building white communities that are ONLY for whites, the refugees will have no place to go. It won't matter how many we save. Indeed, our capability to produce powerful memetics still exists, but it pales in comparison to the multi-billion dollar marketing juggernauts we are up against. The last couple years specifically have shown that your idea has not been nearly successful enough, because our opponent has a stranglehold on the internet. We cannot fight a propaganda war when censorship increases every day. I don't mean to discourage, you'll think and do what you want. But you posted a thread to have the idea discussed and to reiterate yet again I personally believe our efforts are best spent elsewhere. It is too late for these people. I thought as you did last November. As things stand now, it is obvious these people and most normies are completely gone. They cannot be saved. Save yourself and your family if you can. It is going to get much worse soon.
(88.16 KB 1280x720 .jpg)
(69.75 KB 1000x563 carl the cuck.jpg)
>>33657 Well, there was already these clowns who got memed 4 years ago, around the same time too, in time for election. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbQSZRrJcdE The *oomer and chad/virgin memes could be used to shame these race traitors too. The soyboy wojack too since that's pretty effective on 4cuck (assuming you're not on one of the boards that bans for soyjacking). I don't know what kind of twitter memes are going around these days, last I used it was when Twitter wasn't even deleting the posts calling for white genocide. Not sure if you could spread an effective anti-racetraitor meme on twitter anyway, with how much they've increased censorship but still worth a try for the Anons who use it.
>>33656 They will go out of their way to attack us, who would save them, and they will go out of their way to defend the enemy, who will kill them. No friends to the right, no enemies to the left, works all the way down from the extremist academics writing their narratives of hate, to the man in the street who lives by that narrative. The metaphors from the Matrix movie apply. We can only save those who reject the enemy's framework entirely, those who can be saved, and generally speaking those are the people who were capable of independent thought to begin with.
(421.29 KB 2000x1970 communistvictorymeme (1) (1) (1).jpg)
>>33658 > I thought as you did last November. Not to pull the old fag card But i thought as YOU do now after Buchanan lost the primary in the 90s. Didnt stop the resurgence of Nationalism from happening in 2015. Black pilling isnt wisdom my dude. If you think preparing for collapse is the best use of your time to secure the survival of our people? Go ahead. But dont act like people are "beyond reaching" just because you dont personally have the propaganda or oratory skills to reach them. I dont either. But that doesnt mean there arent some who can.
>>33682 >i thought as YOU do now after Buchanan lost the primary in the 90s >true statement nigger you've been at this since the 90s and you're just another voice on 16pol? fuck's sake dude

(58.03 KB 1151x740 Untitled.jpg)
WHICH ONE IS RIGHT? Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 20:17:05 ID:a042d0 No. 29160 [Reply] [Last]
I see this as a common problem, just wanna know your opinion, anons.
35 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>29160 test fuck 4cuck jannies
>>33534 Its the entire thing. The pdf is a collection of excerpts by a variety of authors with primary sources given at the end. Its all good stuff, just start reading. If you are triggered by reading 'nahtzzeee propaganda' then it may interest you to know that many of the sources are British etc... As for derailment, the thread is already settled here: >>29161 >>29473 >>33420 No meaningful counter has been made that i can see.
>>33543 Right, might give it a read, so. My original response, though presumptive, was simply because while I know WW2 was not a simple as many make out to be, and there were shady dealings on both sides, my original qualm was only about the ridiculous notion that "Poland invaded Germany"; no more, no less, and if that book is meant to somehow support such a false notion, then I'd seriously question its credibility.
>>29160 according to pic related it's more a matter of which way you approach the problem, or where you construct a solution from. natsoc waters the roots of the tree whereas fascism waters the leaves and branches individually.
>(1) >one liner >pic with guaranteed replies Is this a slide thread?


no cookies?