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11/30/20 Our server migration on 11/29/20 was successful!
08/28/20 Come and join our Matrix/IRC servers, the info can be found here.
02/09/20 /ausneets/ has been added!
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(197.52 KB 1600x1200 starman.png)
Banner Submission 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:18:43 No. 3
Upload custom banner submissions in this thread. They can be global or board specific, so please specify.
(25.84 KB 300x100 16chan banner.jpg)
sup boys!
>site looks good
made a super quick banner for my chan directory. you seem promising enough for my daily chan consumption of memes
i own /c/ on spacechan. saw you mentioned on freech
Hey thanks so much! I'll upload it as a global banner. Thanks so much!

Big news coming soon regarding lynxchan based imageboards, stay tuned!
ill stay tuned.
>feel free to shill at /c/
my nigga (((basedbannergod))) is always looking for work.
>he has to be summoned tho
>he has done the majority of 8ch b banners, spacechan/b and /c/
i dabble too.
i expect a shill thread from you :^)
(19.38 KB 300x100 koalachan.jpg)
heres another one.
heres /c/'s banners so fad
Thank you so much for the new banner!
(12.04 KB 300x100 top smug banner.jpg)
i like to help out when i can.
>ill shill for you on my board
Based spacechan guy
(24.37 KB 300x100 olde english.jpg)
well, thatll do it for today.
>site looks smooth
>little glitchy with video uploads
>good luck
ill be lurking :^)
Best banner so far!
(6.84 KB 300x100 16chan.jpg)
(63.41 KB 1349x431 C2i94RzXUAEiFKK.jpg)
I hope my carl has a place on this site
ok wait i'll do it again, better>>68
You got it, will add thanks
(64.86 KB 1349x431 C2i94RzXUAEiFKK.jpg)
(171.03 KB 1444x886 imageboard us.png)
not board specific
not global
from that pic I would call it broken.chan
thanks anon, just added it
(51.50 KB 300x100 cleaning-banner-300-100.png)
Added! Thanks
(955.66 KB 1009x441 16chan bumper.png)
Here's one I just quickly put together. I hope you like it :)
Thank you!
(3.11 MB 1918x724 16chanbanner.png)
this good?
(277.57 KB 896x433 getfit1.png)
just tryin' some out.
downvoted for soyak. it's a somewhat useful meme but I don't want to see it at the top of the page. Cut apart /sig/ OPs if you want a similar buff-wojak feel
Thanks Anons!
(1.11 MB 2560x898 16chansig.jpg)
I will remake it and leave the soyak out. I thought it might be a good small joke.

OP can decide what he likes better.
I'll add both! Thanks, anon.
(297.90 KB 800x360 16chan banner.png)
(5.26 KB 600x201 16chan banner 2.png)
Here are two I quickly whipped up.
(286.13 KB 896x431 varg meme.png)
Got two straight out of the oven
Here's another one.
Love them, thanks anons
(343.92 KB 1000x400 varg meme.png)
(36.30 KB 300x100 09880-banner-300-100.png)
Added, thank you anon.
No good?
This one is board specific for /pol/
Can the Banners also be gifs?
Yes they can!
You ought to replace the >>640 with the red tie version.
Copy that
Also gotta add the "No Picture Available" to it
(149.96 KB 1710x654 feels guy crying.png)
I can shrink the text so it looks less stretched,
Sure shrink it, thanks
Fixed it
Thank you! Adding it now
(68.56 KB 1200x400 banner_2048.png)
(68.53 KB 828x276 banner_correct.jpg)
(361.54 KB 885x295 banner_Geralt_and_Ciri.png)
general banner
Awesome! I love them
(95.74 KB 678x226 banner_bruce_and_brad.jpg)
(524.66 KB 500x205 spinning_is_a_good_trick.gif)
Those are for /tv/, but the gif doesn't have a proper 3:1 ratio tho.
P.S. that's some nice digits right there, Satan.
(104.81 KB 678x226 banner_bruce_and_brad.jpg)
(374.56 KB 498x166 spinning_is_a_good_trick.gif)
fixed a little
(39.13 KB 582x194 banner_Clinton_painting.jpg)
(29.26 KB 438x194 banner_commies.jpg)
(73.19 KB 1170x390 banner_Julius_salutes.jpg)
those ones are for /pol/
(28.48 KB 417x139 banner_50_cal.jpg)
(245.70 KB 890x324 witcher_logo.png)
One's for /k/, the other one's just a witcher-like logo from the previous post.
cheap work I know, but I'll try something better in the future.
I'll add these with the other ones as soon as I can, thanks so much Anon!
nigger that's a whole fucking image. resize that shit to 300x100 and try again
(169.11 KB 746x248 Banner1.jpg)
(88.08 KB 746x248 Banner2.jpg)
(134.75 KB 742x243 Banner3.jpg)
(113.18 KB 742x243 Banner4.jpg)
I really like banner 2, anon. Keep up the good work. :)
(63.04 KB 460x396 16chan banner 3.jpg)
I made another.
I like it! Thank you!
(15.75 KB 300x100 Banner5.jpg)
(47.51 KB 300x100 Banner6.jpg)
(58.13 KB 300x100 Banner7.jpg)
(16.67 KB 300x100 Banner8.gif)
Thanks! I'll add them shortly.
I really like that first one. Cozy.
Thanks anon :)
(638.22 KB 300x100 16Chandles-banner.gif)
FreedomZine will be happy to make some banners for 16chan, and may take requests too, if time permits. Made a few for other chans. Still seeing what you're all about. Was nice enough not to mention you in my Article about the recent freeze peach attacks involving 8ch, just in case normies happen upon my shit I don't want to direct them toward any growing sites that may possibly provide at least the illusion of freedom of expression -- sites like yours!
Here's my Article, in case you're interested...


And here is FreedomZine's Brighteon video channel, where more videos, including interviews with Jim Watkins, are soon to flow...


Probably wasn't the best idea to force a bunch of redpilled autists out into da normieville interwebz!

I'll post a banner submission for /pol/ here shortly too. This one here is obviously global, and tongue-in-cheek, as it were -- since you faggots'll probably never kiss a girl anyway!
(14.36 KB 300x100 banner-contest-u-say.jpg)
Banner Contest, you say?
Remember what always happens...

I'll still come back and hook you up with some decent ones on the morrow...
Thanks Anon

Looking forward to the OC
Banners are much more of an open mic than a contest
The contest is going to be designing a new symbol and icon for 16chan. Pretty sure I remember BO mentioning he wasn't entirely happy with the leaf
or maybe was just random anon that commented on it
checked out your channel anon, nice intro, daisy impression tooo cute.
Curious why Brighteon over Bitchute?
(2.75 MB 300x100 J-K-I-Mind-Blown.gif)
Whelp! Got caught up in shit yesterday, thanks to you! Decided to give BitChute another try, since it obviously was not ready enough when I first tried in April. It still requires one to open up to fucking Google in order to sign up, and the UI still sucks pretty bad, but I fully support what they're doing, and FreedomZine has a BitChute channel now too, even though I've had a lot of trouble uploading, for some fucking reason it keeps 'Processing' forever.


I'll put up more videos today, but I gotta get started on preparing for an Interview with Jim Watkins soon too, and I'm still writing up a storm, since many of my thoughts are 'unacceptable' to voice aloud nowadays in a world gone mad with conformity for conformity's sake.

I may get around to doing some logo graphics design in Inkscape in the next couple days too, if you have specific design ideas you want incorporated into your logo... let anons know. My first foray into Inkscape was, well, it's another learning curve, and I'm learning a LOT about EVERYTHING right now! I want to create a better FreedimZine logo too, using vector graphics, so I'll be dabbling anyway, and may as well whip one up for 16chan too, since I support Freedom of Speech in ALL it's forms. That's also why I'm going to support both BitChute and Brighteon (although Brighteon feels like swimming in a sea of Q-tards).

Anyway, I'll catch ya tomorrow. Attachment only semi-related, being banner-sized and showing I'm not completely unskilled...
I'm phonefagging at the moment and on the app, so I guess I can only attach one pic per post.
(871.29 KB 2289x2289 Intolerable-Qtards.jpg)
(12.41 KB 300x100 only.4.lulz.OK.jpg)
Alright, I'm done shamelessly plugging my shit and dicking off in Inkscape for today, but want to say I'm really impressed so far, 663; keep up the good work! I know it takes a hell of a lot. I won't fuck up your banner thread with any more non-banner related crap, (and yes, I'll post some good 16chan banners shortly), but I also really want to know more about anonymous hosting and running my own server, if you ever feel like starting a thread like that and sharing...
> as for pic related... it's just for the lulz, and also to show off the shitty logo I made this morning, not to make any racial statement, OK, FBI? Lighten the fuck up!
I'm happy to answer any questions regarding hosting or making an imageboard.
(428.76 KB 300x100 16chan.banner.gif)
Hey, 663, goofy giraffe back again.
Here's another low-effort banner I made for you that is growing on me the more I look at it, but maybe that's just the live resin talkin'!
I know this isn't the place, but I can't reply to a post while phonefagging from the app, gotta manually add the reply post number.
As for hosting, I was thinking of just doing shared hosting on hostinger and paying with bitcoin, but I've never run my own server and wouldn't mind learning. Are there big downsides to shared hosting?
I would really like to get rid of my VPN too, by making my own using vps or something, but again, highly unskilled on server-side shit, but willing and able to learn quickly. Just don't want to wade through too much, so if anyone knows something semi-easy or a good source for knowledge...
Cheers goofy, 663 working today but will point out when I see him next
This is an amazing one but it needs some changes
(9.99 KB 300x100 16chan.jpg)
Still busy myself. Trying to learn 3D video editing and digital music creation besides graphics and web-design. Still haven't gotten any really good ideas for a 16chan logo, but yeah, I need to work on one of those too. All over the map, obviously, but I'll occasionally delivrar.
Not today tho!
>pic related
(15.53 KB 300x100 pope2.png)
I have no idea what board you'd put this on but as I was perusing Amazon for next product to consume I spotted this gem and thought it would make a nice banner.
Format is little off but found these had to save, perhaps some can resize
(17.52 KB 305x100 EFZ8O8nXYAQY4HK163.jpg)
(16.41 KB 300x100 EFZ8O8nXYAQY4HK164.jpg)
(22.01 KB 575x105 16chan.jpg)
(11.17 KB 300x100 bannerdruid.png)
Here you go BOss, courtesy of druid/pol/ Over 9000 hours in MSpaint :^) Thanks for having us.
(53.04 KB 300x100 1579973122930.png)
(68.96 KB 300x100 1579974062337.png)
(65.28 KB 300x100 1579990204412.png)
(55.69 KB 300x100 1579989945901.png)
(50.42 KB 300x100 1579989680428.png)
(64.03 KB 300x100 1579989168267.png)
Few more for today
(18.59 KB 300x100 BOND-16chan-banner01.png)
(25.02 KB 300x100 BOND-16chan-banner02.png)
(11.11 KB 300x100 BOND-16chan-banner03.png)
>>1136 >>1135 >>1133 >>1132 >>1131 These are great. Top work lad. Hopefully BOss sees them soon and we get them as some of our board headers.
Hi, We like these banners for /a
(8.33 KB 300x100 cookausneets.jpg)
and this one for /ausneets/
(9.28 KB 300x100 doctor dan.jpg)
(10.64 KB 300x100 vbanner.jpg)
(8.07 KB 300x100 abowaffen.jpg)
and these ones for /ausneets/
(7.81 KB 300x100 NURO banner.jpg)
>>3 Any chance we can get some of the Druid themed banners up on the /pol/ board please BOss?
>>1181 Added a bunch last night (pruned some stale ones), atm they are all still global. Hit refresh a few times to cycle. Will work on getting them board specific
(937.86 KB 350x200 biggu bossu sarute.gif)
>>1182 Thanks BOss. You are a legend lad
(10.30 KB 300x100 jurrawarra banner.jpg)
(59.33 KB 300x100 banner ausneets3.png)
(72.27 KB 300x100 banner ausneets2.png)
(44.15 KB 300x100 banner ausneets1.png)
Ausneets matey
(60.24 KB 300x100 banner ausneets4.png)
(10.31 KB 300x100 kanga banner.jpg)
Kanga Cricket bat. Aussie kids love it, Nepali youths hate it.
(535.59 KB 926x926 20200312_005250.jpg)
>>1300 Nice, try make one 300x100? This is best I could come up with
>>1301 >>1301 Looks nice. I tried to reduce to the size and I couldn't do it. I am not that good with pictures Anyway, I think your modification will do. Thank you anon
>>1302 Added to rotation
>>1303 Yey. We made it. Thank you
>>1300 Looks weird with the blue eyes
(82.08 KB 665x602 16chan (2).jpg)
heres a thing i made a while back
this is my first post on 16chan hello friends
>>1339 Welcome newfag. (in banner thread) Gas the Furries, Species war Now
(4.42 KB 300x100 banner.png)
>>3 A global banner.
(88.24 KB 150x150 158713078926.png)
>>1339 Hello newfag, please, stop the autism or GOOH and killyourself
(9.41 KB 300x100 Ausneets banner one.jpg)
aus shitposters are serious professionals
(1.47 MB 300x100 ezgif.com-resize.gif)
(36.84 KB 299x100 bannerga.png)
(62.46 KB 300x100 r9kbanner2.png)
(601.50 KB 299x100 ezgif.com-crop.gif)
(34.94 KB 300x100 banner2a.png)
(70.96 KB 300x100 banner3a.png)
(32.40 KB 300x100 banner4a.png)
(50.99 KB 300x100 banner5a.png)
autism alert
(54.96 KB 300x100 banner7d.gif)
(218.58 KB 300x100 bannerpol1.gif)
(67.17 KB 300x100 bannerpol1.png)
(1.64 MB 480x360 (@___anneris___).gif)
(60.94 KB 300x100 wizards1977banner1.png)


no cookies?