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(197.52 KB 1600x1200 starman.png)
Banner Submission 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:18:43 No. 3
Upload custom banner submissions in this thread. They can be global or board specific, so please specify.
(937.86 KB 350x200 biggu bossu sarute.gif)
>>1182 Thanks BOss. You are a legend lad
(10.30 KB 300x100 jurrawarra banner.jpg)
(59.33 KB 300x100 banner ausneets3.png)
(72.27 KB 300x100 banner ausneets2.png)
(44.15 KB 300x100 banner ausneets1.png)
Ausneets matey
(60.24 KB 300x100 banner ausneets4.png)
(10.31 KB 300x100 kanga banner.jpg)
Kanga Cricket bat. Aussie kids love it, Nepali youths hate it.
(535.59 KB 926x926 20200312_005250.jpg)
>>1300 Nice, try make one 300x100? This is best I could come up with
>>1301 >>1301 Looks nice. I tried to reduce to the size and I couldn't do it. I am not that good with pictures Anyway, I think your modification will do. Thank you anon
>>1302 Added to rotation
>>1303 Yey. We made it. Thank you
>>1300 Looks weird with the blue eyes
(82.08 KB 665x602 16chan (2).jpg)
heres a thing i made a while back
this is my first post on 16chan hello friends
>>1339 Welcome newfag. (in banner thread) Gas the Furries, Species war Now
(4.42 KB 300x100 banner.png)
>>3 A global banner.
(88.24 KB 150x150 158713078926.png)
>>1339 Hello newfag, please, stop the autism or GOOH and killyourself
(9.41 KB 300x100 Ausneets banner one.jpg)
aus shitposters are serious professionals
(1.47 MB 300x100 ezgif.com-resize.gif)
(36.84 KB 299x100 bannerga.png)
(62.46 KB 300x100 r9kbanner2.png)
(601.50 KB 299x100 ezgif.com-crop.gif)
(34.94 KB 300x100 banner2a.png)
(70.96 KB 300x100 banner3a.png)
(32.40 KB 300x100 banner4a.png)
(50.99 KB 300x100 banner5a.png)
autism alert
(54.96 KB 300x100 banner7d.gif)
(218.58 KB 300x100 bannerpol1.gif)
(67.17 KB 300x100 bannerpol1.png)
(1.64 MB 480x360 (@___anneris___).gif)
(60.94 KB 300x100 wizards1977banner1.png)


no cookies?