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(83.59 KB 960x646 the jew works on.jpg)
Anonymous 01/02/2021 (Sat) 23:07:43 No. 1579
I know it's harder to moderate with Tor and VPN posting, but please try to act faster when illegal content is posted. It's disgusting and 16chan culture doesn't support that shit.
>>1579 This. I reported every image more than once and it took too long for them to be taken down. Agents are testing the board.
Apologies That guy was here a month or two ago, spamming 100's of posts >>1537
>>1583 At least with VPN's you can ban easier, I think at least.
>>1585 Ya, but there is still 10 of thousands of them, most vpn's can easily provide you with 100 IP's or so


no cookies?