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(623.31 KB 1872x1374 crypto.jfif)
Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 21:52:56 No. 1501
can we get a /biz/ board
>>1501 We used to have one and it was taken down due to inactivity. I wish we still had it, though as I am a BTC maxi and would like a place to have more lengthy discussion on financial topics.
>>1501 >>1502 Thank you for the feedback anons. I would most certainly consider having a /biz/ board if there were a greater demand. I would highly suggest starting a /biz/ general on another board for the time being and if things pick up, I would happily re-create the board.
(163.94 KB 500x500 1599339411652.gif)
>>1505 I have toyed around with starting a /pol/ finance general. I think it could be very productive to discuss ways to keep money circulating between whites, and between those on the "far right." We also need to find ways to help eachother navigate through "being cancelled." The spics have already developed their own shadow economy, shopping at spic stores, buying spic ingredients from spic grocers grown in spic or countries, hiring spics to construct buildings for spic families and businesses. If they can do it, we can too. We need to leverage crypto like those in shithole countries. Whitepills and productivity, bros. The time for incessant analysis of current events like those on 4pol and youtube is over. It's time for action. We are at war.
+1 from me. a biz board would be great to have and there is a lot of potential. current finance boards like on 4 are overrun by jews and shills. this would be a great place to talk about finances, business, etc. >1505 BO if you need a helping hand I can help run a tight ship on a biz board. anyone else in favor post here so we can see how much interest there is in 16biz
(52.64 KB 887x560 Apu wins the lottery.png)
>>1501 >tfw IRA is up 20% since opening one up 4 months ago >tfw stock portfolio is up 90% Why haven't you started investing in VTWAX and TSLA yet?
>>1506 Good idea, but access and trust might be more important than money. Money can be build on top of that.


no cookies?