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(55.37 KB 463x617 ZomboMeme 26122019104814.jpg)
Best sites for books? Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 23:34:49 No. 323
Aside from libgen and archive.org what are some good sites?
(438.30 KB 849x584 undigitizedbooks5.jpg)
>>323 z-library has some stuff that libgen doesnt have. Ebook.farm was good - the guy would sell amazon ebooks for 10 cents on the dollar for amazon giftcards and then take his earnings and buy more ebooks to sell. I uploaded like 500 of them to libgen and now the guy is shutting the site down which makes me sad because he had tons of good ebooks that had since been banned on amazon and were hard to find. The last source is: buying hardcopy books and borrowing hard copy books and digitizing them and uploading them for other people to read.
>>324 What is the most cost effective way to digitize books with a decent result? What are some of these hard to find books you mention?
(44.29 KB 498x293 diy-book-scanner.jpg)
Look into "diy book scanner". if the book doesn't exist at all on the internet, then anything is better than nothing. just manually scan all 300 pages with a cheap scanner. I've read books that were just manually scanned in by indian dudes with their thumbs in the frame. thanks bros. or just figure out how to stitch a bunch of jpgs from your phone together into some compressed 1-bpp pdf file would probably be the modern way to do that. Once you get the raw scans out there dedicated anons can run OCR scripts to extract the raw .txt so they can make the file very small if deisred.
>>324 >>326 CZUR has good scanning devices that are small and easy to use. They run indiegogo campaigns when they are producing new devices and seem to be very popular. they have software now that will even flatten out the page digitially so that you can flip through quickly while scanning without even having to flatten the pages manually. pretty cool desu.
>>323 Project Gutenberg has gotten better. www.gutenberg.org Archive can go die in a fire. I'd rather stare into fifty laser pointers than try to read those 'extra high quality' texts
>>352 project gutenberg is also a hassle. there isn't that much that is digitized there and they don't have much controversial stuff. plus, i dont have the time to transcribe books to .txt format and don't mind reading scanned books on my kindle DX.
>>323 i downloaded alot of music, books, and magazines from 88nsm. lately all of the music links are for premium users only; i hope the reading downloads are still free
(105.47 KB 500x929 1586418324083.jpg)
(49.46 KB 603x1024 1584545324109.jpg)
Dropping link here for safe keeping (as it dosent really fit in any of others) www.gutenberg.org/files/376/376-h/376-h.htm Tells account of the plague in London, 1665 Published 1772
>>323 >Aside from libgen and archive.org what are some good sites? What's your opinion for private book torrent tracker "Bibliotik"? Do they allow debatable books (on politics, weapon etc)? There's another one for book, "MyAnonMouse''. But I don't know if they care.
>>326 >>351 I ordered one of the czur scanners for $150. Seems like it should be pretty good, comes with a foot pedal and software to automatically remove your fingers from the images so you can just quickly flip through. Plan to digitize a bunch of old books and upload them to libgen, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully the software works under WINE. Will keep you guys posted. K.


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