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(142.06 KB 995x664 textbook.jpg)
Textbook Thread Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 01:39:03 No. 15
Textbooks are a fucking scam. I'm making this thread so folks can share any textbooks they come across.
OP here, I'll try to post any textbooks I come across. I've personally been using this one for a class that I am in at the moment. It's kind of boring, but it has some interesting historical analysis of engineering mistakes in it. If you're interested in space stuff, there's a good analysis of the space shuttle disasters from pages 95-102
Ya know, there are places to get them online...
Try loading up startpage and search for IBSN .pdf so the query appears as:

"xxxxxxx.pdf" should yield results. Try that or torrents. Be sure to use proxys vpn or tor.
>>15 >folks can share any textbooks they come across. FOSS textbooks - Open Stax https://openstax.org/subjects Beware of possible (((cultural marxism))) in some subjects
(9.11 KB 220x290 argument cover.jpg)
>>15 I gave Arguments a look and it seem fuckin' great. Found it on libgen.
Can anybody share Fischer Lexikon series?


no cookies?